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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 12

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The emcee also noticed the intent behind the words. Being afraid of confrontation, the emcee quickly said, “Alright, thank you, Mr. Shi for your recommendations. Im sure competitor Chen Mo will take the important lesson passed down by his predecessor. Up next…”

Before the emcee could finish, Chen Mo was speaking into the mic, “I disagree.”

The emcee was shocked, while Shi Huazhe was stunned!

Qiu Hengyang and Lin Hai were also surprised.

Whats going on Was a competitor going to confront one of the judges

The emcee panicked slightly, but it was too late to stop Chen Mo from speaking. The emcee could only allow Chen Mo to have his way and continue.

“Mind your words, this is being live-streamed!” the emcee whispered to Chen Mo, reminding him of the circumstances.

1Ignoring the emcee, Chen Mo continued while holding the mic, “Everyone, when you guys were playing FlappyBird, did you guys have fun when you beat your high score Raise your hand if you had fun.”

After a few moments, a majority of the audience put up their hands.

“When you climbed up the leaderboards, did you have fun Raise your hand if you had fun.”

Again, a majority of them raised their hands, albeit less than before, but still quite similar.

“When you beat your friends high score when playing together, did you have fun Raise your hand if you had fun.”

There were even more who had their hands up, this time a large majority of them agreed.

“After failing, did you guys choose to give up or try again If you gave up, please put up your hand.”

Hardly anyone raised their hands.

“After trying so many times, raise your hand if you think that was meaningless.”

A few of the audience members put up their hands. However, after noticing nobody doing the same, they put them back down.

Chen Mo continued, “Obviously, the audience thinks that my game has brought them happiness.

“The purpose of the game is to control the players emotions. Sometimes the negative emotions may deceive you, but think about it. If a game only gave you negative emotions, would you continue playing it”

Many of the audience members shook their heads.

Chen Mo continued, “As long as a game keeps you playing, it brings you happiness… unless you are just a plain masochist.”

2The audience laughed in agreement.

Chen Mo looked at Shi Huazhe. “Just because you dont enjoy a game, doesnt mean theres nothing to enjoy. Its quite the opposite! My players think its a good game, it doesnt abuse negative emotions by trapping players.”

The corners of Shi Huazhes mouth were twitching.

Chen Mo continued, “I think the most important trait to have as a video game designer is objectivity. Being able to look at games objectively, regardless of liking the game or not… thats a trait that qualified video game designers should have.

“A food reviewer who doesnt like spicy food. Every time he has Szechuanese food, he gives them the lowest rating. Would that make him a qualified food reviewer

“Similarly, if you dont like a game, you think its garbo. Whats the difference between you and the food reviewer

“Thats all I have to say, thank you.”

Chen Mo shoved the mic into the hands of the emcee, and turned around to get off the stage.

He didnt want to put in the time and effort to get into a full blown debate with Shi Huazhe.

“You…” Shi Huazhes eyes were filled with rage, so angry he almost stood up and slammed the table.

Lin Hai, who was sitting next to him, quickly tried to calm the situation. “What would a kid like him know Dont bother with him.”

2Shu Huazhe was pent up with rage, but remained in control. It was not that he didnt want to let his anger out, but he couldnt think of anything to say in retaliation.

Getting the audience to raise their hands and a food reviewer metaphor, all without stuttering. There wasnt much he could do other than make up some nonsense.

Qiu He couldnt help but laugh. He didnt think he could silence Shi Huazhe as thoroughly without any hesitation

2Chen Mos performance on stage just now wasnt typical of an entry-level video game designer. Straightforward, good delivery, clear speech. It was better than some seniors who had been to many press conferences!

Moreover, Shi Huazhe had also noticed Chen Mos eyes. It might be too much to describe it as “looking at an idiot”, but it was basically like an adult looking at a rowdy, troublesome child.

This was shocking to Qiu Hengyang. He came to realize that this guy might be more of a thinker than he had imagined.

Qiu Hengyang stood up and followed Chen Mo down the stage.


Chen Mo left the mess for the emcee to clean up. All that mattered was that he got first place, and got what he wanted.

As he got off the stage, Qiu Hengyang came up to him.

Qiu Hengyang stepped in front of him. “Mr Chen Mo!”

Chen Mo was a bit surprised. “Hi, is there something you need”

Qiu Hengyang said, “I really admire your work. I was just wondering if you were interested in joining hengyang.com and becoming my assistant. The pay will be as generous as can be.

Chen Mo shook his head, “I appreciate the gesture, but I have my own plans.”

Qiu Hengyang nodded, understanding the meaning behind it. Obviously he didnt want to work for someone; he must be looking to start his own company, and make his own games!

“Alright, I wish you good luck and I hope that we will have opportunities to work together in the future,” said Qiu Hengyang.

Chen Mo nodded, “Alright, I hope we meet again in the future.”

The two of them shook hands. Qiu Hengyang didnt want to speak too much, leaving after exchanging contacts.

To others it might seem like an irresistible temptation, but it was completely unattractive in Chen Mos eyes.

Even if the CEO of a big company, such as Emperor Dynasty Entertainment, invited him personally to be their main designer, it would be a no deal. There would always be constraints when working for someone, and Chen Mo didnt like being constrained during the design process.


Soon thereafter, Chen Mo found the staffers he was looking for.

The man said, ” We have your bank account information, and the three hundred thousand RMB will be transferred to your account within two or three business days. Please look for it.

4“Also, heres the keys to the experience store; write down this address. When the time comes, there will be professionals coming to help you decorate. If you have any problems, please call me. You can decorate however you want, but there is a budget. We can discuss that in detail near the end of the fulfilment period.

2Chem Mo nodded, ” Alright, thanks.”

Everything after that went according to the formalities. After the hand-over was complete, Chen Mo left the site of the competition by taxi.

3It was quite warm and Chen Mo still had a suit on. Just the thought of being crammed into public transport made him shudder. Moreover, he just won three hundred thousand RMB, may as well treat himself!

As there wasnt much traffic on the roads, Chen Mo arrived at his hotel after half an hour.

Back in his room, Chen Mo changed out of his suit into shorts and a T-shirt, then packed his luggage.

Chen Mo lived on the outskirts of the Imperial Capital some distance away, requiring nearly an hour by train. Not much could be done, as the rent was quite high closer to the Imperial Capital. He couldnt afford to rent houses in the third ring.

However, after winning the experience store, Chen Mo could cancel the lease on his previous rental home!

There wasnt much to pack. Everything could fit in one luggage bag, including his laptop. Chen Mo checked out with his luggage in hand, taking a taxi to the experience store right away to check out the state of the store.


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