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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 14

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At dawn the next day, Chen Mo started moving his stuff into the experience store after getting out of the van and paying the driver.

From today on, Chen Mo would be living in the experience store.

The experience store was fully decorated to Chen Mos specifications. The first floor was basically a more spacious internet cafe equipped with a computer, massage chairs, sofa, snacks, drinks dispenser, and so on.

After moving his stuff upstairs and unpacking, Chen Mo went online to order more basic necessities.

After settling down, Chen Mo walked around to check out the place, which felt pretty good. From today on this experience store belonged to him. Although it was just the usage rights, it was much better than his previous house!

1When noon came around, Chen Mo received a message from the staffer from the competition.

“Hi, Mr. Chen Mo! The decorations for the experience store were completed last night, could you confirm that everythings in place Be assured that daily maintenance and cleaning will be periodically done by professionals. Please contact me again after you confirm the name of your company, we will make the appropriate signage for the store. Moreover, the three hundred thousand RMB has been transferred, could you confirm that, too

Chen Mo looked at the texts on his phone; the three hundred thousand was now in his bank account. The organizers were indeed quite professional, there wasnt much to nitpick.

After replying to the message, Chen Mo tried out the equipment on the first floor.

Chen Mo randomly tried out a few of the computers, massage chairs, and tablets, none of which had problems. All of them were new and were quite highly specced, and could easily run the vast majority of games on the market.

This setup was more than enough for Chen Mo. Limited by his abilities, there was no way he could produce games that required high specced machines to run.

Chen Mo locked the door and retreated upstairs to his office.

The first floor was under surveillance, so Chen Mo could monitor the situation from the second floor. However, his experience store wasnt officially open. There werent any games for gamers to play, even if they were to come over. Therefore before Chen Mo developed a game, the experience store would remain closed.


Chen Mo turned on the work computer inside his office and launched the game engine.

This work computer was more highly specced than the laptop he had. In theory he could produce a high end VR game, but as before, he couldnt fully utilize the power of the machines.

Following the production of FlappyBird, his designer stats were changed.

[Chen Mo: Video game designer (D-grade)]

[Creativity: 16]

[System: 8]


[Level Design: 5]

[Story: 10]

[Original art: 9]

[3D art: 1]

[Monthly quota: 300MB/800MB]

Chen Mo had been automatically promoted to a D-grade video game designer. Several of his stats had also been increased.

The stats shown in the game engine werent Chen Mos actual abilities, but were representative of his skills based on the games he had produced.

Following the release of Flappybird, Chen Mis creativity had dramatically increased to 16. System, coding, and level design also increased slightly. Even original art was increased because of the bird in FlappyBird.

2Chen Mos actual skill level couldnt be shown by the video game engine. The scoring was based on the games that had already been produced, not straight from the brain of the designer.

1If given the opportunity to estimate his own stats, creativity was probably a hundred based on his experience with classics in his previous world. Recreating any one of them would make waves in this world.

3Systems would probably be seventy, storyboarding sixty, level design thirty, coding twenty. This was all experience Chen Mo had gathered in his previous life. However, the video game engine wasnt able to produce the numbers he had in mind.

Fortunately, after becoming a D-grade video game designer his monthly resources quota had been increased from 300MB to 800MB. That was good news to him!

He could also consider starting his own company after becoming a D-grade video game designer. Of course, video game companies werent exactly the same compared to his previous world.

Video game companies were quite different than other companies. There wasnt a need for deposits, or even an office space, and there certainly wasnt a need for a string of complicated procedures.

The video game companies in this world could be seen as an extension of the identity of a videogame designer. The only thing required to start a video game company was the title of a D-grade video game designer.

2Then what was the point of starting a company In theory, any game that was produced by a designer was required to be released by a company. A company logo was required during loading, or else it wouldnt be accepted into the market.

If a video game designer didnt have their own company, they would need to release it under another company! The income generated by the game would go through the companys account, therefore a cut would be taken.

1If the designer had a dispute with other companies because of infringement, it would also go through the account of the company.

Therefore, video game companies could be described as tiny, easy to register using the identity of the video game designer as security, and the first step for a D-grade video game designer into the video game market.

1Chen Mo found the registration for a company within Illusion Game Engine.

Registration was simple, After filling in information regarding his identity and the company, and deciding on a name and company logo, it was ready to be reviewed.

After giving it some thought, Chen Mo typed in the company name: Thunderbolt Entertainment!

5It passed through the checks; there werent any other companies using the same name.

The reason for the name was simple, in his eyes the games he released needed to shock the video game industry, surprising designers and gamers.

12Moreover, Chen Mo thought that the games should also move like lightning; video game companies that had low impact, worried too much about the future, and were unable to make decisive decisions were unable to survive in such a competitive industry.

After deciding on the company name, Chen Mo started to hand-draw his logo.

1The work computer also had a drawing tablet, along with a lot of software used in a professional environment, all easily accessible to him.

Chen Mos original art was rated at nine. Although low, it shouldnt be a problem when it came to designing a simple logo. Moreover, Chen Mo had seen many logos in his previous life, including video game companies and professional gaming teams, all of which could be taken as inspiration.

In the end, Chen Mos company logo had a unique art of a lightning bolt, with Thunderbolt Games written on it in word art.

6After confirming the information provided, Chen Mo submitted the form for review, which should be done in two to five working days.

After deciding on the company name and logo, Chen Mo could now contact the staffer to make the signs for the experience store. However, Chen Mo wasnt in a hurry to do that, as his eyes were set on considering what type of game to produce next.


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