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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 27

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The food arrived half an hour later.

“The foods here. Ill be eating then,” Chen Mo called out.

Wen Lingwei waved him away with a shooing motion. “Go ahead, Ill beat this level soon.”

Chen Mo brought the food into the meeting room and checked out the newly published games on the market on his phone as he ate.

The official market was different from the other, smaller channels. The smaller channels allowed promotional spaces that were available for purchase. In contrast, the official market didnt accept any payments that could affect the ordering of the games. The ordering of the games relied on proper statistics such as release date and sales, making it very difficult to inflate the numbers to artificially improve your position.

Chen Mo wanted to see if Emperor Dynasty Entertainment and Zen Entertainment had released any games recently. As these companies were massive and had huge user bases, whenever they released a game, they would be at the top of the leaderboards, because they captured the attention of many gamers.

Although Chen Mo was confident in the quality of Plants vs Zombies, he wasnt going to go head to head with the two companies for now.

Luckily, the games on the newly published list were from smaller companies. Chen Mo downloaded a few of them and tried them out. He concluded that the best of them were similar to Adventures of the Storm Rider and were likely not competition for Plants vs Zombies.

As Chen Mo continued eating, Wen Lingwei slammed the door to the meeting room open and finished the burger in a few bites. It was like strong winds meeting clouds, gone in a flash.

Afterwards she hastily finished her fries before finally shaking her Coke at Chen Mo, “Surely I can drink at my seat”

Chen Mo, “…Thats fine.”

Wen Lingwei left the meeting room with the Coke in her hand, five minutes after she came in.

Chen Mo was only halfway through his burger.

“Are you really that into it Im starting to wonder if I hired you for publicity[1]…”


After Chen Mo finished his meal, he cleaned out the meeting room table, then took the trash out.

There was still only him and Wen Lingwei in the experience store. Chen Mo sat at the bar trying to figure out the release date of the game. Wen Lingwei was immersed in her own battle, the room had only the sound of clicking.


Three hours later…

Chen Mo stood up and walked around the store. What surprised him was that Wen Lingwei was still totally focused on the game. Moreover she was almost through the third stage, meaning she was more than halfway through the first playthrough.

-Thats pretty fast.-

It was evident that Wen Lingwei was pretty fast, given that she was a new player and managed to figure the game out. At this point, finishing the game was only a matter of time.

At this point, Wen Lingweis phone rang.

Wen Lingwei reluctantly picked up the phone after it rang a few more times.

“Hello” Wen Lingwei picked up the phone with an unfocused tone, as her attention was still entirely on the screen, staring at the few Ducky Tube Zombies that required her attention.

The speaker on the phone was a guy, “Senior, where are you We have been waiting here for five minutes.”

Wen Lingwei was shocked, “Waiting for five minutes What for”

The man on the phone said, “The regular meeting for the Publicity Department, today at 4 PM. It was you who decided the time.”

Wen Lingwei slapped her forehead after giving it some thought, “Oh, right! Was it this afternoon Is it 4 PM already”


Wen Lingwei asked, “Are you guys all in the meeting room”

The guy on the phone said, “Yep, everyones here, just waiting for you to start the meeting.”

Wen Lingwei looked at the screen sadly. Although she could save the game, she really didnt want to leave at this moment.

Wen Lingwei replied after a pause, “How about you guys come to me for the meeting Theres a sofa and a meeting room, and drinks too. After we finish with the meeting, we could grab some food too. Hows that sound”

The guy on the phone replied, “Huh Alright then, since youre the head of department. Where are you”

Wen Lingwei said, “Im in the small town near school. You guys know Fates Internet Cafe No, not there, but at the new experience store across the street. Right, just come directly here.”

After describing the location of the experience store in detail, she hung up and continued with her game.

After ten or so minutes, a group of people arrived in front of the experience store.

There were four men and six women, totaling ten people. It seemed like they were all university students from the nearby university.

The leader of the group was a skinny, tanned man. After looking around at the doors of the experience store he said, “Yep, should be this one.”

A few cutely dressed girls that werent even 160cm tall walked into the store and proclaimed in dainty voices, “Senior, were here!”

Wen Lingwei looked at them and said, “Oh, youre here! Jia Peng, Chang Xiuya, you guys enter the meeting room first, Ill be right there.”

The skinny, tanned Jia Peng commented as he walked up behind her, “Senior, please dont tell me that the reason you didnt show up was because you were too busy playing video games…”

Wen Lingwei scowled and replied, “What Do you have something to say!”

Jia Peng hurriedly shook his head, “No, not at all!”

The others, including the cute girl Chang Xiuya, were trying hard to hold back their laughter, and obediently entered the meeting room.

Chen Mo didnt care, as the experience store was open to the public. Even if the others werent here for the game, they were free to come in and sit.

Wen Lingwei paused the game and entered the meeting room, sitting down in the middle.

“Alright, lets start,” Wen Lingwei said, looking at Jia Peng and Chang Xiuya.

Although the atmosphere was a bit odd, the participants slowly grew accustomed to it under the presence of Wen Lingwei.

Jia Peng opened his notebook and stated, “For todays regular meeting, I have three things i wanted to talk about. First was the poster for next week…”

Jia Peng and Chang Xiuya were the deupties of the department, so many of the jobs were handled by them. As for Wen Lingwei, although she was the head, she only had to make the decisions. All she normally had to do during the regular meeting was to sit around and listen.

Jia Peng and Chang Xiuya said a few things which were quickly assigned to different people, leaving a few decisions that needed to be made for Wen Lingwei. The meeting finished after half an hour.

Wen Lingwei stood up and said, “Alright, is that all If thats all Ill be going.”

Wen Lingwei left the meeting room and went back to her seat to continue playing.

Jia Peng and the bunch came out of the meeting room and stood behind Wen Lingwei curiously.

“Senior, what is this game Why are you so into it” Jia Peng asked curiously.

Wen Lingwei was the head of the department, so in the eyes of her juniors, she had a halo on her head. The younger ones among them were especially infatuated, basically viewing her as their end goal.

However, their beloved senior was now completely into the game. How great could this game be


T/L Note: The raws used a word that described hiring a bunch of people to create hype around a certain topic. Say you opened a store; youd invite a bunch of people there to make your store seem really popular, attracting the attention of passersby.-

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