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Jia Peng was very happy.

Although he felt that this game was not as difficult as Warcraft, he was satisfied as long as he killed.

It was very easy.

Killing people felt good.

He could even show off in front of his friends.

It was simply perfect!

Wen Lingwei glanced at him.”Enough, stop being so happy about your results. Lets have another round. It was a little weird just now, and you got the kill.”

“Alright,” he said. Jia Peng invited the two of them again, and they lined up again.

Chang xiuya was still a little scared, thinking that she couldnt play the game well, but seeing how good Jia Peng was, she felt that it didnt matter if she didnt play well, at least she could lie down with him.

The feeling of winning while lying down was pretty good.

As for Jia Peng, he was even happier. He couldnt wait to experience the thrill of Master Yis crazy killing again.

He entered the game selection interface again.

This time, everyone chose a different champion.

Jia Pengs fear of choosing was acting up again. He turned to Chen Zhao and asked,””Manager, which hero is the best”

“Theyre all powerful,”Chen Zhao said indifferently.

Jia Peng didnt believe him,”manager, dont lie to me. How can they all be good There are definitely some who are powerful and some who arent. ”

Chen Mo rolled his eyes,”I feel like youre questioning my ability to balance the numbers.” These heroes are really powerful, but they have different positions and responsibilities. ”

“Alright,” he said. Jia Peng thought for a moment and changed his way of putting it,”then, are there any other heroes that are similar to the sword Saint”

Chen Zhao thought for a moment.

Because it was the first version, there were not many assassin heroes that could be shown. The popular childrens Zed and torsos had not been developed yet.

“You can try the Barbarian King or the clown.” Chen Zhao said.

Jia Peng took a look and saw that someone had already locked Teemo down, leaving him with only a jungler position.

“Then Ill pick the clown as the jungler.” As Jia Peng spoke, he chose the demon clown sakke.

In terms of the heros image, he was a very cool hero, very similar to some perverted murderers in American dramas. In terms of image, he was like a childs nightmare.

“Manager, how do we play this champion” Jia Peng asked after looking at the clowns skills.

In terms of skills, the clown was the same as the sword Master, an assassin-type hero. His Q-skill was displacement and invisibility, his W-skill was to place a box on the ground, his E-skill was to slow down, and his R-SKILL was to clone himself.

However, Jia Peng couldnt think of a better combo just by looking at the skill description.

Chen Zhao explained,”the box can be used in jungles. It can also be thrown into the grass to trick people.” He used his Q-skill, invisible wall, and E-skill to slow his opponent down. Big moves can be used to escape or to heal damage. ”

“…Sure, manager, your teaching is very clear.”

This was another advantage of League of Legendss simplified routines, which made it very easy to teach between players.

A champion like the demonic clown should be considered a difficult champion, but its basic playstyle and routine could still be explained clearly in a few simple words.

Especially after Jia Peng had played the Wuji Bladesman, he had a basic understanding of how assassin-type heroes were played, and it was even easier to understand the characteristics of the clown hero.

The second Battle between humans and machines met with a slight setback, mainly because Teemo at the top lane was a little too aggressive, giving away four heads in less than ten minutes.

Fortunately, Jia Peng carried the game with his life and grabbed the two computers on the top lane a few times, so he didnt lose the game.

“Phew, that scared me to death. It would be too embarrassing if I lost. So the biggest threat in this game is your teammates. ” Jia Peng said as he wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

Chen Zhao couldnt help but laugh. This was the truth.

After all, one should not be afraid of a god-like opponent, but of a pig-like teammate.

Chen Mo patted Jia Pengs shoulder.”You guys have fun. Ill go check on the others.”

In the entire PC experience area of the experience store, about 80% of the players were playing League of Legends.

However, there were also a small number of players who didnt like this kind of confrontational game, or they didnt understand the game, so they closed the game after experiencing it for a while.

Chen Mo wasnt surprised, because these types of competitive games could only be fun when youre really in it, and itd be best if you had good friends to play with.

Most people were still stuck in the stage of the battle between humans and machines, and the true charm of League of Legends had not been fully revealed.

Everyone was playing in a daze. The bright, cheeky style and simple game controls made it difficult for people to realize how powerful a PC game it would become.

Some players would ask Chen Mo questions from time to time.

Manager, How do I play hero can you help me”

“Manager, what level do I have to be to hit people Im tired of playing on the computer!”

“Manager, Im super godly! Dont you think Im gifted”

“Manager, how do you play Teemo can you teach him”


Chen Mo walked around and gave some advice whenever players asked questions, as well as their feedback on the game.

So far, the players didnt have much opinion about the game, but they didnt boast about it either.

Many people thought it was just a normal PvP game. Those who hadnt played Warcrafts PvP maps thought the game was too simple and monotonous, while those who had played Warcrafts PvP maps thought it was too simple.

After all, the core players of Warcraft were more or less used to forming teams, but this game didnt even have that, which made them very uncomfortable.

Moreover, the mixed and matched style of the heroes made many old players feel that the game was not so solemn and the sense of immersion was less.

Like Warcraft and Diablo, the game environment was perfect. The art styles, sound effects, and environment were all very attractive to hardcore players.

However, League of Legends gave the players a sense of surrealism, as if they were children playing house.

There were cute heroes like Timo, Annie, and Lulu in the game, and the overall style was more Q-like.

The shape and special attack effects of the defense tower, the crystal hub, the minions … These elements in the map also seemed unreal, like toys.

The appearance of the soldiers was too simple, and there was almost no sound effect. They were like rows of ants, and they didnt even scream when they died.

Furthermore, in the game, heroes would not feel too much frustration after they died. They would just fall to the ground and scream, and then the screen would turn black and white. However, they only needed to wait for more than ten seconds before they were resurrected, and they could jump back to the front line again.

These hardcore players felt that Chen Mos new game was not as good as Warcraft or Diablo.

Of course, they were too embarrassed to say it out loud, and only vaguely asked Chen Mo if he could make the entire battlefield more realistic, at least to let the players feel more immersed.

Chen Mo smiled but didnt say anything.-

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