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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 33

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by Coldtaco

Edited by Aelryinth

During the afternoon, Wen Lingwei and Chang Xiuya brought a few of their own friends to the store.

The store that was normally half-full was now quite lively. Some of them went to the computers while others sat on the massage chairs to play on their phone, but they all were playing Plants vs Zombies.

1Wen Lingwei and Chang Xiuya came to the front of the bar and asked, “I heard the game went online today. How did it go”

Jia Peng said, “Too well. Just take a look; it reached the top of the new games leaderboards in the first leaderboards update, completely destroying the other games!”

Chang Xiuya said, “Wow! The managers so good!”

Wen Lingwei clicked her tongue, “Yo yo yo! Thats good luck if Ive ever seen it. So, is the game going viral”

Chen Mo replied, “For now, not necessarily. It depends on the next round of recommendations, and theres also the statistics that happen after that…”

Wen Lingwei shot a glance at Chen Mo and said, “Can you speak like a normal person”

Chen Mo replied, “Yup, its going viral.”

Jia Peng and Chang Xiuya both let out a snicker and barely held back their laughter.

Wen Lingwei said, “Alright, since its going viral, theres no need to keep looking at the app store. It doesnt make you seem confident.”

Chen Mo said, ” Ill just check out the player discussions, I have nothing else to do for now anyways.”

Wen Lingwei pointed at her screen and demanded, “Teach me how to go beyond level one hundred on endless mode.”

Chen Mo was speechless.

Jia Peng cried out, “Senior, you cant do that, thats cheating!”

Chang Xiuya was also protesting, “Yeah, youre already in first place anyways!”

Wen Lingwei rolled her eyes and said, “You guys dont know jack. This game is about to get a bunch of players. Its just a matter of time! In two days, some genius-level player is going to surpass me in endless mode. Im just preparing for the inevitable, understand”

Another guy who stood beside Jia Peng poked him and whispered, “Are you stupid Any secrets that the manager gives to Senior Wen will be passed down to us eventually.”

Jia Peng and Chang Xiuya were stunned and realized, “Oh, yeah!”

“Manager, secret to beating the levels, please!”

The students in the experience store banded together soon after, urging Chen Mo to leak some tips for getting through Endless Mode.

Wen Lingwe waved her hand to present the crowd, “Do you see this, manager This is what the people want.”

Chen Mo was speechless. “If this is what the people want, you must be the dictator…”

Wen Lingwei said, “Hurry up! I came all the way here to support you today, cant you just give us a hint”

Chen Mo said, “If I remember correctly, it takes less than ten minutes for you guys to get here from the University…”

Chang Xiuya said, “Yeah, manager. We are basically your most loyal fans, cant you give us a tiny edge over the others”

Everyone started joining in…

Taking turns to voice their support…


Chen Mo had nothing to say. He didnt want to give out any strategies, as a big part of puzzle games like these was finding out your own solution. He could spoil it, but wouldnt that ruin it It would also inhibit the exploration processes of the others.

However, if he doesnt let out anything today, these people likely wouldnt give up.

“Alright, Ill demonstrate the hint. Itll depend on you guys as to how much you can get out of it,”

Chen Mo said as he turned on his laptop.

“Yay! It worked!” Chang Xiuya quickly moved closer to Chen Mo. The others dropped their games and surrounded the bar table, wanting to find out what Chen Mo was about to show.

Was there a strategy that was able to clear endless mode infinitely Or as Chen Mo said, the real game started beyond level one hundred! What strategy would be used to get past the hundredth level

Soon after, the bar table was completely surrounded.

Wen Lingwei let out a cough, and two of the guys gave her some space seemingly naturally.

“Alright, lets start,” said Wen Lingwei.

Chen Mo rolled his eyes. Was it you or me who is the owner

Ten or so people had their eyes wide, staring at Chen Mos screen.

Chen Mo launched Plants vs Zombies and then launched another program window, typing in some code, and changed a number to 2012.

The audience were curious about what had happened.

“Manager, what are you doing right now”

“Uhh… cheating”

“Manager, youre the designer. Is that still cheating Thats just changing the game.”

“Bull**! You cant do that, manager!”…

A few of the guys protested.

Wen Lingwei snapped coldly, “Stop talking, the manager was just adjusting the level.”

The audience looked closer. It appeared that Chen Mo had entered the two thousand and twelfth level in endless mode.

“What the Two thousand and twelve Are you crazy, manager How difficult is that”

“I was already struggling at eighty-something, and youre gonna start from two thousand and twelve”

“If you beat this level is the record going to be two thousand and twelve”

“I think yourif is a bit hard to achieve!”

“Is this actually playable Are you sure you didnt make it too difficult”

“Is the manager that guy Sigh, it seems like he is that guy.”

The corner of Chen Mos mouth started twitching. After entering endless mode, he placed a bunch of plants using the game engine.

If it was a normal playthrough, this step would be done in the previous levels. However, Chen Mo didnt have the time, so he did it using the game engine.

Chen Mo was on the pool level, placing four Cob Cannons in the pool, four Twin Sunflowers, and six Gloom Shrooms.

From left to right, the first row had Winter-melon, Gloom Shroom, two Winter-melons, Cob Cannon, Spikeweed. The second row had an Umbrella Lead, Gloom Shroom, Winter-melon, Umbrella leaf, Cob Cannon, Spikeweed.

The top and bottom lanes of the pool were reflected, and any plants that could fit a Pumpkin had one.

The others whispered amongst themselves.

“This strategy by the manager seems quite comprehensive. It feels like something is about to go down.”

“Indeed, the positioning of the Umbrella Leafs and Gloom Shroom seem quite intentional.”

“However, arent there too many Cob Cannons” Theres one, two, three, four… eight of them!”

“It is quite a lot. I dont think the Cob Cannon is that great. I think its too squishy, and you cant put it in a Pumpkin; its gone after a few nibbles from the zombies.”

“But this layout that the manager has… theres no way the zombies can get to it, right”

“Shhh… Stop talking, lets watch. Its about to start!”

Chen Mo gave himself three thousand suns and started picking his plants.

Ice-shroom, Cherry Bomb, Mimic Cherry Bomb, Doom-shroom, Chilly Pepper, Squash, Pumpkin, Puff-shroom, Sun-shroom, and Coffee Bean.

The others were trying hard to memorize it, and a few of the girls even brought out their notebooks.

“I think I understand what the manager is trying to do. Start with plants that do higher damage and keep them into the later levels, only bringing one-time use explosive-type plants.

“Thats a plan alright.”

“But… this feels extremely risky!”

Moreover, why would you mimic the Cherry Bomb, but not the Ice-shroom or Doom-shroom As one reduces speed and the other does huge damage, those two should make better choices”

“Dont know, lets see how the manager plays this.”

Everyone in the store was holding their breath as they looked forward to seeing how Chen Mo would play it out.-

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