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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 4

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Translated by Coldtaco

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A few numbers flickered inside Chen Mos mind, becoming part of his memory. He could feel that his coding skills did improve a tiny bit.

“Thats not so bad! Wouldnt consuming a hundred of these books mean that my coding skills would be maxed out A hundred of those just adds up to a hundred thousand RMB, what a great deal… of rubbish! Thats just plain robbery!

2“Ten thousand to buy one point of Attribute! What am I, stupid

1“Relax, relax…

“Its just small money. If I make a hot trendy game, it could be raking in millions a month. Enough for me to be spinning this wheel for a while.

Chen Mo consoled himself, continuously pressing the “spin” button at the same time.

Clack, green.

Clack, green!

Clack, green!!

Chen Mo was ready to throw a fit.

Four spins, four hundred thousand credits, 4 Designer Skill Books!

2That was equivalent to four hundred thousand cash!

1With only a hundred and ninety thousand credits left, he had enough for one last spin.

Of course, next to the wheel was a thoughtful “top up” web portal. Chen Mo opened it and closed it after looking at it for half a second.

Cash to credit ratio was 1:10. There werent any discounts, not even a first time double credit bonus!

1“Just my luck, huh. Even QQ games[1] have better luck.”

If Chen Mo wanted to spend all his points, hed have to top-up another three thousand points, meaning three hundred RMB. Currently, he was struggling to fill his stomach for another few days. Chen Mo was struggling to justify the three hundred RMB.

“Last time, Im giving up if nothing comes up. Worst case scenario, Ill just opt out of this competition, and design another one next month. Ill still get my D-grade certification…”

Gritting his teeth, Chen Mo hitspin one last time.

Though he kept saying no, his body behaved otherwise. He could feel his heart jumping out of his chest and his hands trembling.

1At this moment he understood what went through the hearts of men with gambling addictions. If it happened to be another green book, he was ready to jump off the balcony.

2Clack, the wheel had stopped once again.

Purple area! Special Equipment!

Chen Mo was shocked. Finally, hed been given a lifeline!

A chest had appeared on the screen. Chen Mo tried tapping it with his finger. The chest opened with a click, rays of golden light coming out of it.

Chen Mo glanced at the screen, which read Special Equipment: Super Focuser.

It even had a description!

“Super Focuser, one time use. Duration: 10 minutes. After using, gather the attention of 500 people to any local. The effect starts immediately after use and cannot be moved.”

3Chen Mo scratched his head, not quite understanding the current circumstances, reading the description again.

-I kind of understand, but this thing doesnt seem to have anything to do with video games-

Chen Mo thought for half a day, scratching his chin. The only use he had for this was during the competition, attracting the audience and the judges attention to his game.

But… then what

The effect only lasts for ten minutes. Furthermore, it only attracted attention, it didnt change their opinions on his game.

1Forcing others to play his game, especially when its not good, might make the situation worse!

“Keep thinking, there has to be some way.”

Chen Mo wasnt giving up. Wouldnt it be a great prank if he couldnt use his purple equipment after trying so hard to get it

Chen Mo now required a game like this:

Not too complicated.

Resources are within 6MB.

The audience will love it after playing it for ten minutes.

Even if they dont love it, it should at least make a long-lasting impression.

There has to be something special to get people to talk about. It was the only way to win first place in the video game design competition!

“It seems like this impossible task wasnt so impossible for me after all. Luckily, Ive had a lot of experience in my previous life, and seen all types of games.

“Alright, lets get to work!”


With a new target in mind, Chen Mo once again sat in front of his laptop and launched the video game engine.

Originally an impossible task, but now with the “Super Focuser”, this task now had a sliver of hope. Furthermore, it was a rather big sliver.

Of course, before starting, Chen Mo consumed the rest of the green tech books first: three Coding books and one Level Design book.

It probably wasnt doing much, but better have it than not!

The video game engine wasnt hard to use at all. It took Chen Mo no time to get used to it.

After downloading the remaining 6MB of resources, Chen Mo started writing the design document. As the game wasnt big, the document only required a few hundred words.

Resource usage was minimal, mostly utilizing the free shared resources on the engine, which were usable after a few small tweaks.

The foundation of the game was finished within the night. The next day, after he woke up, Chen Mo added some simple networking and leaderboards to the game, and considered it done.

5After finishing, Chen Mo did some testing. The game felt similar to his work in his previous life.

After making an installation package, Chen Mo submitted the game to the competition officials. As to whether the game would gain any recognition, hed only find out on the day of the competition.


On the day of the competition…

Chen Mo put on his only suit, readying himself to attend the video game design competition

The Imperial Capital was usually quite hot in August. Chen Mo felt stupid in formal wear. Fortunately the venue was air-conditioned, cooling him down after a short time.

Under the guidance of the officials, the judges, competitors, and audience were led to their seats in an orderly manner. The preparations for the competition were underway, all that was left was for the competition to start.

It wasnt a small audience, with at least six hundred people.

1This competition was no ordinary competition: not only was there a live broadcast and full recording of the event, but they had also managed to invite three fairly famous video game designers as the judges.

The prizes for the competition werent small, either. The first place would receive three hundred thousand RMB for video game research and development, a D-grade video game designer certificate, and a personal video game experience store.

Not much needed to be said about the three hundred thousand RMB. The most attractive part was the last prize, a personal video game experience store!

Video game experience stores were places where video game designers displayed their works: a gallery. Video game experience stores came in various sizes; SSS-grade video game designers had entire towers for their video game experience store. Sometimes it became a Mecca of gamers, somewhere they must visit once in their lives.

4In terms of layout, video game experience stores were like internet cafes, but served a different function.

Experience stores werent for profit. First, they mainly served as a workplace for designers. Second, they were a platform for the game designers to interact with the gamers..

Gamers who come to experience stores have opportunities to speak with the designers, to give suggestions and test out their latest creations. Once the designer thinks the game is about done, the game will then be released.

1Of course, testing can be done online in the form of alphas, but the designers in this world preferred using experience stores. As everyone in their store was a tangible, personable human, it filled the designers with ideas.

As such, experience stores had slowly become the symbols of a video game designer. A video game designer without their own experience store was a designer that was looked down on.

Chen Mo also knew the value of an experience store. If he wanted to open a store on his own, the money he would spend on rent wouldnt be small, not to mention equipment, none of which he could afford as of now.

Therefore, Chen Mo had to grab hold of the opportunity when it came!


[1] QQ games are known for freemium, pay to win, or gacha heavy games.-

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