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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 43

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Translated by Coldtaco

Edited by Aelryinth

After only ten minutes, a huge group of people came into the store, one after another. Wen Lingwei was the first to arrive, and her eyes set on Su Jinyu, who was sitting at the bar table.

“The new receptionist” Wen Lingwei said as she leaned on the bar table.

Su Jinyu nodded, “Yup, Im Su Jinyu, nice to meet you.”

Wen Lingwei said, “Wen Lingwei. Dont worry, Ill protect you. If the boss bullies you, tell me and Ill sort it out with him.”

The others behind Wen Lingwei also took the opportunity to cop a look of Su Jinyu as they swiped their IDs.

It really was a cute girl!

She wasnt the type that would shock you at first sight, but one that you wouldnt mind staring at. There was an active aura underneath all the cuteness, enticing a few of the guys.

“Uhh, senior…” a guy said to Wen Lingwei, wanting to join in the conversation.

Wen Lingwei gave him a cold stare, “Back off.”

“Alright…” the guy hesitantly retreated.

Jia Peng was speechless. “Damn, had I known this would happen, I never wouldve told you guys!”

Wen Lingwei, Chang Xiuya and a few other girls surrounded Su Jinyu and started chatting.

A few of the guys only dared look from afar as they didnt dare to join in.

“Damn, how could the senior do this to us!”

“Yeah, the cute girl belongs to all of us!”

“I object!”

Of course, they could only say that under their breath. They wouldnt dare speak out against Wen Lingwei.

“Geez, why are you guys all here.”

Chen Mo was speechless when he saw what was going on after he came down from the second floor.

In the midst of working on the design document for Plants vs Zombies, he had heard a lot of chatter coming from the first floor. When he got down, there were ten or so people. It had been over a week since there were many people at his store.

Wen Lingwei looked at Chen Mo and asked, “Manager, can I buy this cute girl from you”

The corner of Chen Mos lips twitched. “Employees are not for sale.”


Chen Mo was speechless. -Please, human trafficking is illegal!- “If you guys want to get to know each other, chat when shes off work. Dont bother her while shes working,” he said.

Wen Lingwei shot back, “Whats her job”

Chen Mo replied, “Uhh, greeting customers at the front desk”

Wen Lingwei asked slowly, “Isnt she greeting customers now Im the customer.”

Chen Mo was once again speechless. –Good point, theres nothing I can say!-

Su Jinyu laughed, “Maybe you guys should let me work. I can feel your love, but it is still working hours after all.

“How about we start an experience store group” suggested Jia Peng.

Chang Xiuya was shocked, “Experience store group”

Jia Peng nodded, “Yeah, we can add the regulars of the experience store into the group, including the manager and the cute girl.”

Chen Mo said, “Friendly reminder, pay some respect to her. Shes in her fourth year, so shes a senior to all of you.”

Wen Lingwei said, “And youre trying to say”

Chen Mo said, “Alright then, pretend I didnt say anything.”

Evidently this group of people were way more interested in Su Jinyu than Chen Mo or his games!

Soon after, the experience store group was created. Jia Peng added everyone into the group and gave Chen Mo, Wen Lingwei, and Su Jinyu moderator roles.

Of course, this was also an easy way to get the contact number of the girl…

Although Chen Mo felt a bit left out, he was still relieved because Su Jinyu was so popular, meaning that his definition of beauty was quite normal.

After making sure nobody, especially Wen Lingwei, would kidnap his new receptionist, Chen Mo retreated upstairs.

The foundations of the design document for Plants vs Zombies were already there. After giving it some thought, Chen Mo decided to hand over interconnectivity and multiplayer features to Su Jinyu, and do the developer tools himself.

The interconnectivity and multiplayer features were definitive and the requirements were also clear cut, so Chen Mo wanted to use this opportunity to test out her design skills.

At noon, Chen Mo temporarily closed the experience store as he took Su Jinyu, Wen Lingwei, and the others to a nearby restaurant for lunch, not only to celebrate the huge sales made by Plants vs Zombies, but also as a welcoming meal for Su Jinyu.

As these people were the earliest players at the experience store, they had become quite good friends with Chen Mo as they watched the success of Plants vs Zombies together.

As the afternoon came, Chen Mo sent the design document to Su Jinyu.

“I sent you the whole design document folder; just refine these two design documents and send it to me when youre done.

“This is the design document for the upcoming update for Plants vs Zombies. The main point of it is to allow players to better communicate with one another in game and allow them to meet other Plants vs Zombies fans in the community.

“Ive already finished the basics of multiplayer, so read through it and refine it a bit.

“I dont have any requests for the design document, so just do it your way, with emphasis onyour way. Try to make changes and not stick to my design too much. Ill need a first draft in three days, is that alright”

Su Jinyu nodded confidently, “Alright, not a problem!”

Chen Mo thought about giving her a few more words of advice, but after considering that it might restrict her train of thought, he decided against it.

Different people often had different views on game design. Restricting someones thoughts might result in a botched result.

As for Chen Mo, he needed to finish the developer tools for Plants vs Zombies, allowing players to make their own mods.

As his workload had been cut in half all of a sudden, he wasnt quite used to it.

Three days later, Su Jinyu sent her first draft of the design document to Chen Mo.

“Mm… not bad.”

As Chen Mo looked through the design document Su Jinyu submitted, he didnt seem all that happy, despite saying it was alright.

At the same time, Su Jinyu nervously twiddled her thumbs.

Although she had written design documents before, it was for very simple mini-games. It wasnt surprising that she was nervous, as this was a design document for Plants vs Zombies.

Even since Plants vs Zombies had risen to the top of the casual puzzle game charts, it had gathered a large user base. Su Jinyu wouldnt be able to live it down if the players werent happy about the changes she made.

It didnt take long for Chen Mo to look through her design document.

“The logic is very clear and all the details have been covered. There arent any major mistakes, either. You have quite a good grasp on the basics,” said Chen Mo.

Su Jinyu blinked and said, “Tha-thank you.”

“But, youll need to rewrite it.” Chen Mo smiled.

“Huh” Su Jinyu was dumbfounded. -The logic and the details were fine, why do I need to rewrite it- “What even!”-

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