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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 49

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Translated by Coldtaco

Edited by Aelryinth

Anger Interferer: used against someone other than the user. After activation, the target will enter a state of anger, having a higher chance of making bad choices. Lasted for fifteen minutes.

Super Accelerator: affects the user. Upon activation, work efficiency is increased to triple normal, lasts for eight hours. After use, the user will need to sleep for ten hours to relieve fatigue. Should be used at most once every three days, otherwise there might be consequences!

“Super Accelerator Not bad. I could probably use it when Im behind on work. But what use does this Anger Interferer have Can I make someone beat me up by making them angry, then extort them for money…

“Whatever, Ill save it for now…”

Chen Mo didnt have any current need for these special items, but drawing a bunch of Memory Playback Potions was a lifesaver. He wouldnt need to strain himself like he did last time in the future.

He didnt want to bother with the Designer Skill Books, and consumed them one after another.

After consuming them, Chen Mo estimated that his coding and level design skills that were quite weak before were now around seventy, and his system skills were probably around ninety.

His plot writing skills were even higher, and probably almost maxed!

Of course, these numbers were Chen Mos assessment of himself, there werent any concrete numbers.

As he consumed his last Plot Writing book, there was a pop-up on the screen! The system detects that your Plot Writing skills are maxed out. Would you like to enter the next level

Chen Mo was shocked. -What is this-

He clicked on the confirm button. Another pop up appeared: Entered the second level, now ready.

There was another line of small print at the bottom: Maxing out the first level of Plot Writing means that you still need to satisfy the needs of plot writing in games. Please continue to work hard!

Chen Mo read over the sentence three times and finally got a vague idea of what it meant.

“I think the one responsible for the writing in the system mustve been drunk…” he muttered.

This sentence actually meant that Chen Mos Story Writing skills were full for the first level, which was only enough for the plots of simpler games.

For example, Chen Mo might want to make a visual novel. If he already had the vocabulary and the script, he could better fill in the dialogue between characters, and set the scenes better. However, it would be impossible if he wanted to write out the story for a classic game!

The second level of Plot Writing focused on that point.

Chen Mo put his hand to his forehead. “It seems that I was quite naive. The road is much longer than I thought. To think that I believed I could max out all my Stats with ten million RMB…”

After regaining his composure, Chen Mo consumed the rest of the Special Skill Books.

Chen Mos Original Art, 3D Art, and Music and Sound Effects States had now been raised considerably.

As soon as he was done, another pop-up appeared on the virtual screen.

The system detects that you have entered the second level for one or more Stats. You can now view your actual abilities.

Chen Mo was shocked. “Hmm Did I unlock new functionalities”

Chen Mos various Stats now appeared on the virtual screen. Previously, these Stats werent visible, so Chen Mo had to guess what they were. Now he finally had access to the actual numbers!

Systems: 93

Coding: 72

Level Design: 71

Plot Writing: 100 (Entered Level 2)

Original Art: 53

3D Art: 35

Animation: 10

Music and Audio Effects: 20

Storyboarding: 13

These numbers were Chen Mos true abilities, including what Chen Mo learned in his previous life, and the growth from the books he had consumed from the bracelet.

The stats from the Game Engine on Chen Mo were as so:

Chen Mo: Videogame Designer (C-grade)

Creativity: 49

Systems: 30

Coding: 48

Level Designer: 53

Plot Writing: 15

Original Art: 36

3D Art: 1

Monthly Resources Quota: 0/1.6GB

These stats were analyzed by the video game engine, which meant the skills that Chen Mo had shown from his work so far.

After releasing Plants vs Zombies, Chen Mos ratings had increased. His Creativity, Coding, and Level Design had all been increased substantially!

Moreover, following the explosive growth of Plants vs Zombies, Chen Mo had been upgraded to a C-grade video game designer.

As for the monthly quota, it was something that didnt matter anymore to him, as he now scorned the free resources included. However, they were still alright as placeholders.

Chen Mo felt quite relaxed after spending so much money on his top-ups.

Chen Mo now had many choices for his next game, even some Chinese Pay To Win games were now on the list.

However, when there were so many choices it became a burden. Chen Mo couldnt make up his mind that late at night, so he decided to take a rest.

At 8:30 AM the second day, Chen Mo was woken up by the ringing of his phone.

As Chen Mo opened his heavy eyelids, he saw that the phone call was from Su Jinyu.

“Hello Whats up Do you need some leave” asked Chen Mo.

Su Jinyu said in a worried voice, “No, not at all. You should go online right now. Emperor Dynasty Entertainment are making a game called Guardian of the Holy Spring, and it seems like they copied Plants vs Zombies!”

Chen Mo shuffled around in bed into a more comfortable position, “Yep, I know. Wasnt there a playtest video released two days ago I saw it yesterday.”

Su Jinyu said, “Not just that, the Weibo of the designer of Guardian of the Holy Spring is being attacked by our players. Many fans of Emperor Dynasty Entertainment retaliated, bringing you into the mix! You probably should check your Weibo now.”

“Huh” Chen Mo finally sat up. -How could something like that happen-

Chen Mo washed himself and went on his computer.

Indeed, his Weibo had been attacked by the fans of Emperor Dynasty Entertainment. He had a few thousand comments under his newest Weibo, with two people in particular having a heated argument.

Chen Mo spent a good twenty minutes trying to understand the gist of the situation.

It had all started from the video Chen Mo saw yesterday.

A player secretly recorded that video when he was playing in the Emperor Dynasty experience store and uploaded it to the internet.

The video had been out for three days, and was discovered by a few diehard fans of Plants vs Zombies. As they had a strong sense of righteousness, they went straight to Qiu Bin, the designer of Guardian of the Holy Springs Weibo, and started going at him with some intense wording.


“Hehe, how could Emperor Dynasty Entertainment miss out on following trends and copying games. Dogs will continue to eat **.”

“Sure enough, a Plants vs Zombies bootleg was released in no time. Im impressed by the work efficiency of Your Highness.”

“Plagiarizing dog. A B-grade video game designer nonetheless. He really is focused on making money in exchange for his dignity!”


These comments received a lot of responses, and gained popularity soon after.

Qiu Bin didnt say anything, but as a B-grade videogame designer and one who was working within Emperor Dynasty Entertainment, he had a huge amount of fans behind him, with plenty of brain-dead fans.

Upon seeing that Qiu Bin was being attacked, they retaliated without hesitation!-

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