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Chapter 499: A game craze similar to “Overwatch”

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Chen Mo was afraid that everyone would not understand, so he explained.

“Regarding this, you must remember one thing: Different platforms have completely different effects on the game. ”

“Compared to PC and VR gaming pods, mobile games like mobile phones are more portable. This is also the advantage of handheld games.

“On the other hand, traditional games are good at immersive experiences. They use top-tier graphics, music, and scripts to create top-tier stories to achieve top-tier experience. Theres a division between mobile games and traditional games.

“For example, some large scale VR games give off a Grand feeling. What was Grand All sizes were relative. When we were sighing at the magnificence of the scene, we were actually using the size of the character in the shot as a reference. ”

“The scene is huge, and the enemy is huge. This is because our main character is of a normal size. The magnificence can only be felt when there is a contrast.”

“If these games are transplanted to mobile or mobile phone platforms, it will be difficult to establish such a comparison. No matter how big the monster is, it will only fill the entire screen. Even if you can barely recognize the very small protagonists on the screen, Im afraid it will be difficult for you to create a Grand feeling. Because the screen is only this big. ”

“If it loses this Grand feeling and multi-channel music and sound effects, the games atmosphere and appeal will definitely be greatly reduced.

“What were doing now is a handheld game, so well try not to make those grand games. We can consider migrating games like League of Legends and Overwatch which have a large player base, but we have to consider the special features of the platform. ”

“The most suitable game for this mobile phone is a game like super Mali Odyssey. They didnt pursue the Grand scene, but the feeling of small and delicate. A relatively small character was freely searching in a small area. It gives people the feeling of a Suzhou garden, small but complete. ”

“In the future, when we develop games on this platform, well also give priority to this type of game because its the most compatible with this platform.”

After Chen Mo explained the details of the design, everyone started working on it.

Chen Mo wasnt too worried about the game.

This was because the current team was already capable of handling such a game. With such rich settings, they should be able to come up with it in the short term. It was just that some details needed to be adjusted over and over again to achieve the best state.

Chen Mo was more worried about what the Switch would look like. Could the performance meet his requirements

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However, there was no point in worrying. He would only know after testing the prototype.


While Chen Mo was working on super Mali Odyssey, something happened in the gaming industry.

After the new year, large gaming companies led by Emperor dynasty entertainment and ZEN Entertainment started to put Overwatch-like VR games on their development schedules.

During this period of time, Overwatch was in the limelight. Although it was not as dominant as League of Legends on the PC side, it had already shown its edge on the VR platform.

Especially after it won the honor of game of the year, Overwatchs popularity rose sharply. With the games high quality and innovative playstyle, it captured a large number of players.

On the streaming platform, League of Legends and Overwatch had become two key gaming sections, and many VR game streamers had even started to ride on Overwatchs popularity.

Chen Mo never announced the revenue from the game. However, there should be a lot of guesses, because there were people everywhere who were posting all kinds of jokes about 328.

According to the personal experience of some streamers and players, there were indeed many players who had fallen into the trap for free and had started to buy skins.

Some girls even had the tendency to play Overwatch as a costume changing game.

Everyone knew that Chen Mo wasnt making Overwatch for short-term profit, even if it lost money in the early stages, as long as the game continued to run and there were more players, its income would definitely increase.

These video game companies were all racing against time, trying to develop a VR game that could surpass Overwatch.

Emperor dynasty Entertainments game project was called gunfire. This game was related to Emperor dynasty Entertainments previous games.

The games basic content and playstyle were based on Wolf Soul, and the heros features and skills were based on the already-dead project, ancient catastrophe.

These two were ready-made projects, so it was not difficult to make use of them. Lin chaoxu had always felt that “the ancient catastrophe” was a pity.

Lin chaoxu felt that “ancient catastrophe” was an excellent piece of work, be it in terms of art, music, or playstyle.

However, it was inexplicably cold ...

Maybe it was just a deviation in some small tricks Triggered some kind of chain reaction

Now, with the popularity of Overwatch, Lin chaoxu felt that the scraps of the ancient catastrophe could be saved.

The entire background of gunfire history was the coexistence of myth and technology. High-tech soldiers who could use firearms obtained the power of the ancient gods through special DNA, and they could use some special skills while shooting.

For example, Ymir, the Father of the frost Giants. This heros original image was a tall and strong human from Northern Europe. Under normal circumstances, he would use a freeze gun to shoot. After awakening his power, he could turn into a Frost Giant and attack the enemy with a wide range of frost attacks.

Of course, the design was based on the hero design of the Overwatch in some ways, but it also added many unique elements. In fact, it was very different from the way the Overwatch played.

This time, although Jin jieguang wasnt fully in charge of all the work in gunfire, he still participated in some of the design.

Although the failure of “ancient catastrophe” had greatly reduced Jin jieguangs image in Lin chaoxus heart, he was a typical representative of hard work after all. Lin chaoxu couldnt completely throw him into the cold Palace because of this matter.

Jin jieguang was also holding his breath this time. He still didnt know why the ancient catastrophe failed last time, but after a long time of comparison and reflection, he basically had an idea.

In the end, it was because he didnt copy League of Legends well!

He had clearly been tricked by Chen Zhao ...

Jin jieguang secretly made up his mind that this years gunfight must strictly follow the Overwatch. As long as the arena mode was added and a few new heroes were produced, even if it couldnt reach the popularity of Overwatch, it shouldnt be bad, right-

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