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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 50

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Translated by Coldtaco

Edited by Aelryinth

“Where did this drama queen come from Dont talk smack if you havent played it. Its so obvious that its two different games. Whos your copying Plants vs Zombies**

“You should see an optometrist, even your perspective on the world is not normal. How is this plagiarism”

“Hah, its plagiarism when the playstyle has a tiny bit in common Then wouldnt Plants vs Zombies be copying Emperor Dynasty Entertainments Fantasy Tower Defense* They are both tower defense games, after all.”*

“Whats good about a rabid dog biting others Did your owner make you a promise”

“What level is Emperor Dynasty Entertainment on What level are the developers of your Plants vs Zombies* Emperor Dynasty Entertainment copying you Youre just trying to leech of Emperor Dynastys popularity!”*

“Hehe, sure Plants vs Zombies is a good game, but you cant be so illogical about this. Can nobody else make a game of a similar genre”


Soon, the arguments between the two of them got more and more intense. People were gathering others from their community to fight for their side, and it became a war between two sides.

The arguments got more and more intense as the two of them argued throughout the night. When dawn came along, Chen Mo was dragged into it.

Both sides were really into it. Many fans of Emperor Dynasty Entertainment who had lost their sense of logic were also insulting Chen Mo. His Weibo had plenty of comments now!


“A few hundred people looking for trouble in a few hours. I refuse to believe there wasnt someone behind them. So whos that scheming dog”

“Brother, just focus on designing games, stop trying to make everything you do viral.”

“Stop trying to create all this drama about you. Youve only made one game, so you better pay your seniors more respect, understood”

“Brother, you should probably say something soon. You still have time to distance yourself from the others. If you keep your mouth shut, you dont have anyone to blame for being in the crossfire.”


Chen Mo scowled. –What does this mean Why can you call my players idiots-

Before this, Chen Mo was quite open to this type of copying, as he had seen this many times in his previous life. Furthermore, Chen Mo wasnt a special snowflake, and was already mentally prepared.

-Being targeted That was nothing. But there are guys taking advantage of the situation and insulting my players! How can I continue holding back

-Just because Ive been nice, doesnt mean Im not going to do anything!-

Chen Mo sent out a Weibo: I didnt want to pay attention to this, and you guys thought you could just walk all over me The video game designers havent said anything, so what are you guys arguing about @Qiu Bin, say something!

The discussions underneath the post exploded as soon as it was sent.

The players of Plants vs Zombies were all quite tired after fighting throughout the night, so most of them didnt have a good nights sleep. This Weibo was undoubtedly a stimulant for his fans.

If the players had been fighting hard for Plants vs Zombies, but the designer just wanted to settle things the peaceful way, how disappointing would that be Luckily Chen Mo wasnt a sissy. So what if its Emperor Dynasty Entertainment

The fans of Emperor Dynasty Entertainment were also shocked; hot-headed people like him still existed

They even forgot to retaliate immediately!

The Weibo was all over the place as soon as it was posted. Many video game industry professionals were starting to notice.

Within an hour, Chen Mo received DMs from other video game designers, one of whom was from Qiu Hengyang: Emperor Dynasty Entertainment is the biggest channel and the biggest developer. Theres no point trying to go head to head against them. Delete the Weibo and give it a rest, no need to be so stubborn.

It was very clear what Qiu Hengyang meant.

Why would he explicitly mention that Emperor Dynasty Entertainment was the biggest channel In the video game industry, channels like these held the most power! Even if your game was terrible, as long as the channels are willing to promote your game, you would probably still make money. Even if your game was good and the channels had you boycotted, you would only be able to have your game on the official app store, and might only get a tenth of the sales possible.

Emperor Dynasty Entertainment was the biggest gaming platform in China; what kind of video game designer would want to offend them

Therefore, Qiu Hengyangs reminder only meant well.

Chen Mo replied: Can I ask you something Youre not brothers with that Qiu Bin guy, right

Qiu Hengyang answered: Nonsense! We just happen to have the same last name!

Chen Mo replied: Thats great, now just watch how Ill get at him.

Qiu Hengyang responded: … Maybe you have your own plans, but I still have to say, keep calm!

The other DMs were similar in spirit, advising Chen Mo to not be so stubborn and go head to head with Emperor Dynasty Entertainment.

Of course, there were plenty others in Chen Mos DMs attacking him, but Chen Mo had filtered all of it out of his vision.

Another half an hour passed, Qiu Bins Weibo was still the same.

Maybe he was still asleep That was impossible; even if he wasnt awake, someone mustve called him.

It was clear that by not saying anything, Qiu Bin didnt want to respond.

In reality, everyone in the industry could tell that Guardian of the Holy Spring took inspiration from Plants vs Zombies. But this kind of referencing wasnt even close to plagiarizing. He would probably get some flak, which would be quite normal.

However, if Qiu Bin came out and said that he wasnt copying, he would just become a laughingstock.

Therefore, the best move was to not say anything and keep quiet until all this was over so he could sell his game and make money.

It was fine as long as it didnt affect the sales. So what if the players were attacking him Qiu Bin and Emperor Dynasty Entertainment werent losing anything!

“Tsk, youre quite good at playing dead.”

If it was some newbie on the receiving end, they probably wouldve cracked. But evidently Qiu Bin had experience under his belt and was quite composed.

“Dont be like that, if you dont say anything, how can I lead you into my trap”

Chen Mo was going to seize this opportunity, baiting Qiu Bin into having an argument, and leading Emperor Dynasty Entertainment into his trap as well, paving the way for the next games. However, Qiu Bin didnt take the bait, and kept it all under control.

It would be easier to mess with someone with a simple mind, like Shi Huazhe, but Qiu Bin and Emperor Dynasty Entertainment wouldnt be manipulated that easily. Furthermore, they were on completely different levels than Chen Mo. Even if they wanted to start something, it wouldnt look good.

“I have to try and make him say something.”

Chen Mo wasnt saying it because he could; he was taking the opportunity to get what he wanted through a “friendly bet with good intentions”.

If Qiu Bin didnt want to say anything, there was nothing Chen Mo could do.

Chen Mo took out the Anger Interferer from his bracelet and used it on Qiu Bin.

“Come on, play along with me and say something.”

Anger Interferer consumed.

Chen Mo still hadnt receivef a reply from Qiu Bin after one minute.

“Did it fail Impossible. Maybe I just lack firepower.”

Chen Mo sent another Weibo: @Qiu Bin. Brother, youre from Emperor Dynasty Entertainment, you cant just admit defeat.-

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