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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 501 - New VR connection mode

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Chapter 501: New VR connection mode

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Chen Mos comments about handheld phones caused quite a stir, but Chen Mo was very calm despite the internet being in an uproar.

He didnt need to refute anything. He just needed to wait for the handheld device to be made and let the players play the game. That would be enough to explain everything.

By then, the players would know why Chen Mo was so sure that the handheld game would have a place in the future.

However, the development of the mobile phone could not be completed in a day.

Just like cell phone research and development, the speed of research and development often depended on many factors. Different manufacturers had different speeds.

Some manufacturers developed one in a year, some in half a year, and some faster manufacturers produced one in a month or two. Of course, the quality was often not guaranteed.

It was not that the manufacturers that updated their cell phones once a year were slow. It was just that the technology was not up to standard. The new cell phones that they produced did not have any obvious advantages, so there was no need to be so fast.

Parallel worlds related technology was more advanced, and the time needed to build it was also shortened. However, considering that many of the components of the handheld device needed to be specially made, the time needed to build it would be extended accordingly.

According to Zhou Jiangpings estimation, the first prototype would take at least two and a half months to complete. As for whether it could meet Chen Mos requirements, it was hard to say. If it couldnt, it might have to be adjusted.

Chen Zhao could accept the timing. Super Mali Odyssey also took time to produce. Although it wasnt a vr game, it had a lot of content, and some details had to be tested repeatedly. It would be fine as long as the two were completed at the same time.


In the experience store, Chen Mo was chatting with zou Zhuo in the VR experience area.

“Why do I feel like the players in the two game pods have already played for more than five hours is it really okay for them to still not come out” Chen Zhao was confused.

“Manager, have you not been paying attention to the news” asked zou Zhuo.

Chen Mo nodded,”yeah, Ive been busy with the new game and didnt pay much attention to the news.” Whats wrong”

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“I heard that theres been a new update on VR gaming pods recently,” zou Zhuo said.”On one hand, its to reduce the mental fatigue of players when playing VR games, and on the other hand, theres a new VR connection mode called soothing connection mode.”

“Slow connection mode”

Chen Zhao was stunned. What kind of black technology was this

Zou Zhuo explained,”its said that this kind of relaxing connection mode is for immersive experience, and its a new way to connect VR gaming chambers.” With this connection, the playersconsciousness would not be as focused, and they might even be a little relaxed. For example, if the immersive connection mode is a nightmare, then the soothing connection mode is a light sleep. ”

“Of course, the players consciousness is still clear, but they are in a very relaxed state. In this mode, the player will be in a special scene and soothing background music.”

“In such an environment, the players will be able to rest. After an hour in the soothing mode, the playersspirits will be greatly relieved, and they will be able to experience the immersed mode again.

“However, even with this slow connection mode, the players can not spend more than seven hours in the game cabin every day. In other words, after four hours in the immersion mode, one hour in the soothing mode, and two hours in the immersion mode. Any higher and it wont work. ”

“This kind of soothing mode can also be used as a way to reduce stress. For example, when the players are tired from work, they can experience this soothing mode in the VR gaming pod to relieve their mental fatigue.”

“I see.” Chen Mo nodded.

Recently, he had been busy making handheld devices and the new game, Odyssey, so he had not paid attention to these things. He did not expect such black technology to appear.

Obviously, the biggest significance of this soothing mode was that it extended the time players spent in the VR gaming pods and relieved the mental fatigue of players to a certain extent.

What Chen Mo was more interested in was if he could create some simple games for the players.

Recently, the speed at which he obtained happiness and resentment points had greatly decreased ...

Chen Mo took out his phone and looked through the chat history of the top designers.

The messages in the group were always 99 , everyone was too good at spamming ... Chen Mo was too busy to join in the chat, so he didnt pay attention to what everyone was talking about.

After opening the chat history and flipping through a few pages, Chen Mo found the discussion on this soothing mode.

There were also some introductions on the internet regarding this kind of soothing mode, but they were definitely not as reliable as the conclusions made by these professional video game designers.

Chen Mo looked through it. Obviously, the other independent video game designers in the chat group were very interested in this soothing mode, thinking that this was a very important opportunity.

In soothing mode, the VR gaming pod would play some soothing and melodious background music. In addition, there was a default blue sky, white clouds, and grassland scene.

The setting and background music were to allow players to relax their minds.

However, players could still play the game in the soothing mode.

Of course, a game in soothing mode would be completely different from a normal game. In such a mode, it could only be a very simple and casual game. The system would automatically detect the playersbrain waves when playing these games, and only games that could soothe the mind could pass the review and be included in the game store under this mode.

That was when the opportunity came.

Because soothing mode was a brand new VR connected mode, there werent any good games in this mode. Players could only play in the systems default scene. Although it could relieve their spirits, it was inevitably boring.

These independent video game designers were considering if they could create a casual game that was more suitable for this mode, they would be able to take over the market.

After all, there were no other games in this connected mode. Players would play any game that was made.

Many video game designers had already started to come up with games that were suitable for a more comfortable mode.

“Soothing mode This is interesting. ”

Chen Zhaos interest was piqued.

The happiness points and resentment points he had gained during this period of time had decreased a lot because of the [human: Ruined and normal adventures had been released for quite some time now, and the players who were interested in them had already played them. They had basically experienced the core fun of the game, so they didnt have much of an impact on the game.

But for Chen Mo, the happiness and resentment points directly determined how many times he could draw, so the more the better.

There was still some time before super Mali Odyssey was completed, and Chen Mo didnt plan on waiting around during this time.

Since the VR gaming pods had a new and relaxing connection mode, Chen Mo had also thought of a game that was very suitable for it.-

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