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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 503 - Growing vegetables in VR mode

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Chapter 503: Growing vegetables in VR mode

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Zou Zhuo opened the newspaper and was surprised to find that it was a game manual.

“After planting crops on the ground, we can harvest them”

“After harvesting, can I sell the crops for money”

“We can also buy all kinds of props, including fertilizer seeds for decoration and so on”

The gameplay of the farm wasnt complicated, and one newspaper was enough to write it down. Chen Mo purposely included the relevant gameplay in the newspaper so that it would fit the environment better and the players wouldnt feel like it was too much of a show.

Of course, players could still do the same thing in the game without reading the newspaper, but that would require some exploration.

Following the directions in the newspaper, zou Zhuo first went to the thatched house to get some seeds, then went to the back of the house to get some farm equipment.

The farm tools were very simple, just a hoe, shovel, kettle, and spray can. According to the games instructions, the hoe was used to weed, the shovel was used to uproot withered crops, the kettle was used to water, and the spray bottle was used to spray medicine.

As for planting and picking fruits, he could do it with his hands and didnt need any farm equipment.

Zou Zhuo came to the field with the seeds and farm equipment.

At this time, four pieces of land in the farmland had already been cultivated, while the rest were not. Zou Zhuo spread the seeds on the four plots of land. The holes on the ground indicated that the seeds had been planted.

It was completed just like that.

Zou Zhuo was a little surprised. The procedure was so simple. All he had to do was to go to the side of the field and plant the seeds. He didnt need to dig or water the seeds.

However, on second thought, he felt that it made sense. After all, this was the soothing mode, which was meant to let the players relax. It was definitely necessary to simplify the related operations as much as possible.

All they had to do was scatter the seeds and collect the vegetables. The mental pressure on the players was basically negligible.

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After spreading the seeds, zou Zhuo walked around the house.

There was a small warehouse next to the thatched house, which was obviously used to store crops. However, the game guide in the newspaper said that there would be shops and other buildings, but they had not been unlocked yet.

Zou Zhuo went back to his rocking chair, picked a soothing song, and closed his eyes.

In this kind of atmosphere, it really felt like they had returned to the countryside. The sun was warm and the brightness was just right under the shade of the parasol. He didnt find it glaring at all.

With the gentle breeze and the soothing melody, zou Zhuo felt like he was in a real farm. He could touch the grass and smell the green grass.

Of course, a part of it was just an illusion. Chen Mo had created the image of a farm, so when the players were relaxed, they would naturally imagine other elements that werent there.

Zou Zhuo opened his eyes after a while and realized that the crops on the ground had already sprouted.

“Eh Thats fast. ”

Zou Zhuo was surprised that the crops were growing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

However, he quickly thought it through. After all, this was a game. If it was really like the real world where crops only ripened in half a year, then there was no point in playing.

Zou Zhuo estimated that the seeds would mature and be harvested in a few hours. However, he wasnt sure exactly how many hours it had been. He couldnt tell just by looking at the growth state of the bud.

At this moment, weeds grew on one of the lands, while the other had dried up and cracked, which was obviously different from the other lands.

“Yes, its time to work!”

Zou Zhuo stood up and picked up the watering can and the hoe. First, they watered the dry land and then removed the weeds on the other land.

It was a simple operation, but zou Zhuo felt like he was weeding a field, and he was filled with a sense of achievement.

Zou Zhuo felt a strange sense of satisfaction as he looked at the growing crops. He wished that the crops would mature soon, he couldnt wait for the harvest.

At this moment, a line of small words appeared in an unremarkable place in his field of vision: [Congratulations, you have completed your first weeding. The system will gift you four bags of fertilizer.]

“Eh And fertilizer”

Zou Zhuo came to the thatched house and found four extra bags of fertilizer under the shed behind the thatched house.

The plastic bag of fertilizer was very small, about the size of a bag of salt. Zou Zhuo held the fertilizer in his hand and looked at the name on it.

Two bags of black fertilizer and two bags of gray fertilizer.

Zou Zhuo suddenly had a bad feeling when he saw the name of the fertilizer.

However, he didnt think too much about it. He took the four bags of fertilizer to the side of the farmland.

The newspaper wrote about how to use the fertilizer. All they had to do was to sprinkle the fertilizer on the land.

The two bags of fertilizer had different effects on different crops. For some low-grade crops, the time could be shortened. As for some high-grade crops, the time could be shortened by a lot.

When the time came, they would have to use high-grade fertilizer.

Zou Zhuo was currently growing basic crops like carrots and white radishes. The gray fertilizer could reduce the growth time of these crops by three hours, while the black fertilizer could reduce the growth time by six hours.

Zou Zhuo spread the four bags of fertilizer on the four pieces of land. The crops that had been sprayed with gray fertilizer had entered a state of near maturity, but they could not be picked yet. As for the crops that were sprinkled with the black fertilizer, they directly entered a state of maturity, and huge white radishes and carrots were almost emerging from the ground.

“Hmm ... So the time it takes to ripen is between three to six hours”

Zou Zhuo made a rough deduction. Carrots and white radishes were both primary crops, so they ripened at the same time. The only difference was that the seeds of carrots were expensive and sold at a higher price, while the White radishes were cheaper.

“So ... The maturity time of these two types of radishes should be longer than three hours and less than six hours.”

Zou Zhuo came to the two plots of carrot land, squatted down and pulled the carrot out.

Every plot of land had many carrots planted neatly. Zou Zhuo was very fast and finished in a short while.

The carrot was originally covered with some soil, and it looked very realistic. However, after zou Zhuo threw them into the warehouse, the mud on the carrots disappeared and were piled up neatly.

Zou Zhuo dug out the remains of the crops on the two plots of land and planted new ones.

At this moment, there was another line of system prompt that was not very obvious. It has been detected that you have harvested your crops. Do you wish to sell them at the store

“So you mean you can sell it for money Sell it decisively. ” Zou Zhuo said without hesitation.

A brand new building was instantly built on the empty space next to it. It looked like a simple convenience store, but the architectural style matched the scene very well.

There were no NPCs inside, everything was automated. Zou Zhuo placed the Bunch of Carrots in the shop and exchanged them for system currency.

There was a simple ATM machine next to the store, it showed the amount of money zou Zhuo had, and he could also check the transaction records.

He could also check the prices of different items in the store, but of course, most of them were not affordable for zou Zhuo.

However, zou Zhuo was surprised to find that the ATM had an interface that allowed the exchange of game currency for real items.

Zou Zhuo was shocked. Most games only did top-ups, which meant exchanging real money for in-game currency. He had never heard of in-game currency for real items.

Among them were some prizes of lower value, such as top-up cards. There were also some more valuable prizes, such as computers and VR gaming pods. Of course, these high-valued items were sky-high in value when converted to game coins. Zou Zhuo didnt even dare to think about it.

However, it was already very shocking to be able to exchange in-game currency for physical items.

Zou Zhuo realized that the game was not as simple as it seemed.-

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