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Chapter 504: What a fraudulent fertilizer name!

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After selling the carrot, zou Zhuo received some in-game currency. It wasnt much, but he still had some left after buying the necessary seeds.

Zou Zhuo started to think about what he should buy.

All the decorations were generally more expensive, such as the design of a new house, a new shop, a new fence, etc. Zou Zhuo also realized that he could buy a dog and a private kennel, but he wasnt sure what they were for, and he couldnt afford one yet.

Zou Zhuo finally decided to buy a bag of fertilizer. This was because fertilizer could reduce the growth time of crops, which was equivalent to buying time with money. It was obviously a good choice in this game.

Zou Zhuo opened the chemical fertilizer section and was shocked.

There are so many types

The lowest grade was the gray fertilizer and black fertilizer that zou Zhuo used before. Zou Zhuos current money was only enough to buy a bag of the most ordinary gray fertilizer.

There was a wide variety of other fertilizers in the store, but when zou Zhuo saw the names of the fertilizers, he was dumbfounded.

The black fertilizer and the black fertilizer.

Volatile gray fertilizer and volatile black fertilizer.

The gray fertilizer and the black fertilizer were easy to develop.

Volatile black fertilizer, volatile black fertilizer.

Easy to develop black fertilizer, easy to develop black fertilizer.

Are you F * cking playing tongue twisters

Zou Zhuo was speechless, but then he thought about it and realized that it was probably just a little prank that Chen Mo had placed in the store. He didnt think too much about it.

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Zou Zhuo chose to buy a bag of gray fertilizer.

However, his money was not immediately deducted. Instead, a system prompt popped up.

[Please use the voice function of the VR gaming pod to read the name of the product you want to purchase and complete the purchase.]

Zou Zhuo was dumbfounded.

“Gray fertilizer,” he tried to say.

[System notification: purchase successful!]

Zou Zhuo was speechless. So this was what he was waiting for

“I was wondering why the manager made the names of these fertilizers so long, like a tongue twister. Its just to cheat us!”

“If I want to buy high-grade fertilizer in the future, Ill have to shout to the system: Give me a bag of black fertilizer that can be easily used. ”

F * ck, just thinking about it makes me feel good ...

He felt that the system was targeting Hu Jian people.

“Resentment 10!”

However, there was a small prompt next to the fertilizer store. If the player read it wrong ten times in a row, the purchase would be automatically completed.

Zou Zhuo heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed like Chen Mo still had some conscience.


Zou Zhuo walked around the farm and found a path that led into the distance.

“Hmm, Whats this“

Zou Zhuo walked to the side of the road and saw a sign. As he got closer, a system list appeared in front of him. On it were all of zou Zhuos Thunderbolt Game Pass friends.

He tried to click on one of the friends.

[Your friend has not unlocked Leisure Farm yet. Do you want to remind him to open it and plant vegetables with you]

“Oh, its not open”

Zou Zhuo then noticed the special symbol behind the friends name, indicating that he had yet to open Leisure Farm.

Zou Zhuo tapped on the reminder button. How could he let me enjoy such a fun game all to myself

He clicked on another friend.

[The friend is at home. You can visit but can not steal vegetables. Do you want to go to the friends farm]

“Hmm, whats the meaning of this”

Zou Zhuo pondered over the meaning of the hint. In other words, this friend was currently on his farm. He could visit him, but he couldnt steal vegetables.

What if he wasnt at home could she go and steal vegetables

Zou Zhuo continued scrolling through his friend list.

More than half of the players hadnt launched Leisure Farm yet. After all, it was a new game and it wasnt popular yet.

Zou Zhuo invited them one by one.

Some of them were in the farm, and like zou Zhuo, they were tired from playing the game and were trying to relax.

Zou Zhuo, who was in his own farm, decided not to look at them since they would only be chatting anyway.

Zou Zhuo was dying to know how the thief stole the vegetables.

One had to know that stolen vegetables could be exchanged for money!

He also found a few friends who were not at home, but the radishes in these friendsfields were not ripe yet, so he could not steal them.

Zou Zhuo roughly estimated the time his friends “radishes would ripen and decided to come back when they were ready. He was just thinking about it ...

He scrolled up and found Chen Mos account at first place.

“Manager, youre playing on the farm too!”

Zou Zhuo thought about it,”oh yeah, the manager definitely plays it, he made it!” Maybe theres something good in the managers farm”

Zou Zhuo entered Chen Mos farm without hesitation.

Since the resources were all the same, the scene changed very quickly. Zou Zhuo didnt even notice the change.

Zou Zhuo was still at the side of the path, and the farm was in sight.

To his shock, Chen Zhaos farm was completely different from his!

Chen Zhaos farm looked like a traditional garden. It had a stone wall, a tall tree, and a beautiful rock garden in the middle of the pond. The house was no longer a shabby thatched house. It was a stone house with a Chinese style. It was very neat.

There was a beautiful doghouse next to the house, and a Husky was napping in the doghouse.

Chen Mos farm was filled with crops that zou Zhuo had never seen before.

Jade cabbage, Jade grape, God of Fortune, starry flower, fragrant Sparrow ...

“F * ck, what kind of plants are these Fantasy crops”

Obviously, these were all high-level crops in the farm, and just the seeds alone would cost thousands of gold coins.

Also, Chen Mos fields were different from zou Zhuos. They were all shining with a golden light. Was this the legendary Golden Land

These crops had all ripened, and there were many fruits hanging on them that made people drool. Zou Zhuo couldnt stay calm anymore, these fruits were money!

Manager, you have so many high-level fruits in your field. Its not too much to give me a few to help the poor, right”

Zou Zhuo mumbled to himself as he sneaked to the side of the field to steal some vegetables.

Zou Zhuo was overjoyed when he saw the high-grade fruits being picked one by one. If he sold all these fruits, he would be able to buy so many bags of black fertilizer.

However, just as zou Zhuo was enjoying himself, he heard a dog bark.

Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

Zou Zhuo was shocked. He turned around and realized that the Husky that had been napping in the doghouse had rushed out and was behind him. It bit zou Zhuos heel!-

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