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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 64

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“What the Theres such an expansive world behind it. Theres also artwork for it.”

“Too long; didnt read.”

“Huh, it seems like a full fledged Western fantasy world.”

There was varying reactions from the audience. Some of them who werent quite as patient spent a few moments on the site before leaving, but the others who were more interested in it and would spend more time looking into the settings and story behind the world.

Just like his previous world, there werent many people who liked Western fantasy worlds. However, even if there werent many who were into it, at least they didnt dislike it.

Universe of Azeroth was assembled by Chen Mo based on the lore of World of Warcraft. It also included some artworks, which were mainly concept art for important races, areas, and equipment. Although the art were quite simple, it was much better at conveyed meaning than pure text.

In the end, I Am MT recieved 1.3 millino views in twenty-four hours!

Chen Mo didnt sleep too well that night as animations were a completely new territory, so he didnt know what to expect.

However, Chen Mo was relieved after seeing the numbers.

The numbers for the first day werent high, but it wasnt bad. Compared to other Chinese animations, this number was considered alright. Of course, it didnt come close to the ones that got super popular.

At this point, there had been more than ten million copies of Plants vs Zombies sold, all of which would be looking out for Chen Mos next game.

In addition, with Dazzling Aurora Studios reputation, promotional spaces on various strreaming website, the bets from before, as well as the reports from various gaming media allowed I Am MT to be the center of attention from its release. It should recieve another wave of attention in the next week.

Compared to the number of views, Chen Mo was more concerned at the discussion of the audience.

All in all, there were very few bad reviews, and most of them were focused on it being too short or the lack of explanation of the background. The good reviews mianly focused on the fresh theme, the cool setting and the humour of it.

The next two episodes had slightly reduced views, but that was expected.

Moreover, as the number of views of I Am MT increases, the animations gained more and more traction on the various streaming sites. According to Guo Fengs expectations, it could probably reach the key recommended sapces on the streaming sites within a week!

When that time comes, there will probably be even more viewers.

Qiu Bin was also paying attention to the matter.

He had watched through the first three episodes of I Am MT, and his eyebrows were in a knot.

Qiu was confused, what was the meaning of that There hadnt been any news of Chen Mos new game, and he released an animation

Although I Am MT was getting a decent amount of attention, but Qiu Bin wasnt convinced. Even if the game was based on the animation, how many viewers would actually convert into players

After all, there werent many gamers within animation lovers. Moreover, gamers wouldnt start forking out money just because of it was an animation turned game, it still would depend on the quality of the game.

In this world, the more popular IPs are quite expensive, but they are usually used as TV or movie adaptations. The few IPs that were sold to video game companies are usually used for VR games.

How long had Chen Mo been in the industry He was only a C-grade video game designer, and he was already planning to do animated series adaptations Thats too naive!

No matter how Qiu Bin looked at it, Chen Mos strategy would no work. He was slightly concerned at first, but the confidnece in him was gaining.

As days went by, I Am MT continued to gain popularity, and the production of the video game progressed streadily too.

The number of views the series got continued to grow after release, as it got recommendations on the front page of many streaming sites, as well as becoming a trending topic on Weibo.

The first episode recieved 3.29 million views in the first week, and two months after its release, the first season had recieved more than fifty million views!

Chen Mo was still deciding if he should release a second season, but Guo Feng had already made the decision for him. Under the strong recommendation of Guo Feng, Chen Mo used another Super Accelerator to produce the script and storyboarding.

The animation got some attention, but didnt get close to what the original recieved. However, Chen Mo was content with that he had.

Moreoever, Chen Mo was very surpised at how many people were interested in Universe of Azeroth. There were many players discussing about the background of the story on in the comments of the videos as well as on the Universe of Azeroth website itself. There had even been some fanart.

Therefore Chen Mo had been working overtime to add a discussion forum on the Universe of Azeroth. He decided to give it the same name as the one in the previous life, “National Geographic Azeroth forums” (NGA). The players would be able to use their Thunderbolt Game Pass to log in and would be able to submit their original content, including fan fiction and artwork.

There was only a month left until the agreed release date, and the content for the mobile game I Am MT was finished, and the graphical resources were already done. Chen Mo will be using this time to do some testing, installing it onto the computers and tablets in the experience store.

“Phew, finally done.”

Chen Mo let out a long sigh.

Chen Mo felt that the game was already complete and had reached a good enough level to be released. Next would be making minor adjustments according to the experiences of the players.

The changes would need to be main in three main areas, game length, level difficulty, and pricing. Although Chen Mo had plently of experience of these from his previous life, he wasnt too sure about the players in this world.

Chen Mo went downstairs where the projector was playing the second episode of the second season for I Am MT.

In the second season, each episode had been extended to twenty four minutes, and each of them was more content rich. Of course, the price was also doubled accordingly.

Chen Mo poured in nearly two months of income from Plants vs Zombies into the making of the second season.

Plants vs Zombies was a standalone game afterall, so the profit would d-

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