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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 70

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Soon, reviews for I Am MT on the official app store started to come in.

“What is this I wanted to see huge clashes between the Alliance and Horde. Whats the meaning of a couple of cards like these!”

“This turned out to be a card game Moreover, a type of card game that weve never seen.”

“What should games like these be called Card battling game”

“Seriously differs from expectation! Refund!”

“To the previous poster, this game doesnt cost anything, its free to play…”

“I was planning on giving a one star review, but after giving it some more time, Ill be giving a three star review for now. Ill update this in a few days.”

“Is it just me who thinks that the game is pretty fun I think the cards are very cute. Five stars.”

“Is the previous poster a girl Guessing youve never played a proper game.”

“Hehe, Im the previous poster. Would you believe me if I said I was bigger than you”

“Its so funny that people are giving this a bad review. Chen Mo is a C-grade video game designer. Moreover, its a card game. No matter what he did, it was impossible for the whole world to be recreated. Being able to represent the characters like this is a job well done in my opinion.”

“Yeah, I think its not bad for a mobile game.”

“Dont you guys think this game is great Free to play without any ads, as well as giving out all these free runes. In the end, Chen Mo is still betting on the income of the first month.”

“I think Im giving this a five star for now, on the premise of the free runes.”

“Was it that easy to buy your votes”

“Whats wrong I support Chen Mo. Id like to seeGuardian of the Holy Spring made to be a free to play game!”

So far, I Am MT had a score of 7.6. Very few of these were one star reviews, most of them were four stars, with a few three and five stars sprinkled within.

Chen Mo guessed that in two days time when the players finally caught onto how much the game actually costs, the reviews would plummet even more, possibly 7.4 or lower.

However the scoring wasnt a big deal to Chen Mo. As this was a free to play game, players would continue playing as long as the score isnt completely horrible.

On the other hand, Qiu Bin was also looking into I Am MT.

“Thats it Isnt this a bit too simple The combat system is monotonous, and the difficulty of the levels have no progression as you roll through all of them. Not only is the game free, but the game gives away so much free resources, allowing anyone to continue playing the game without any difficulty.”

“Who would spend money on this The game relies entirely on in app purchases, and these purchases would be spent on buying more cards or making your team stronger Would players be buying this”

“Is he just trying to give away money, using this to draw in players Youre betting on the income of the first month! If you lose by a landslide because of how low your income was, it would make the win meaningless!”

Qiu Bin played the game for nearly an hour.

The dungeons were still monotonous, the free resources kept coming in. He even managed to do a draw ten, and got a rare purple card out of it.

“This game was a huge letdown. Id forgive being unable to recreate the world. But making the game free, and giving out so much free resources at the same time, the players would have no incentive to make in-app purchases.”

“It seems like collecting cards may be a way to make money, but how many players are actually willing to spend that money Moreover, based on how generous you are with giving away resources, Id have saved up enough to get more cards in two days. Isnt it a matter of time before the players collect all the cards”

“Theres no point in continuing to look into this game, this game is hopeless.”

“Qiu Bin deleted I Am MT off his phone. From his perspective, so what if the game has higher sales The players arent required to spend money, so the number of sales arent representative of anything!”

It was now twenty-four hours since the games were released.

Guardian of the Holy Spring achieved thirty eight thousand, nine-hundred and thirty eight sales at the twenty-four hour mark, maintaining about double what Plants vs Zombies achieved.

Plants vs Zombies was definitely a late bloomer as it slowly climbed up the ladder of the official app store, significantly increasing down the line.

On the other hand, a large portion of the sales in the first day for Guardian of the Holy Spring depended on the promotions from the Emperor Dynasty gaming platform, so it might not keep this momentum.

However, Qiu Bin wasnt worried. Even if the sales decrease down the line, the number of sales in the first month should be no less that eight hundred thousand, meaning that the income of the first month would be at least eight million, with hopes of breaking ten million.

Qiu Bin had no idea on how much money I Am MT would bring in, as I Am MT didnt rely on the number of sales, and the revenue from in app purchases is only known by the developer themselves.

However, Qiu Bin wasnt worried. In his eyes, Chem Mos game had no chance of breaking ten million RMB, and this bet may well be decided.

Inside the experience store.

Chen Mo had his eyes on the various numbers on his screen.

Jia Peng and the others were behind him, all staring at the numbers on his screen. No matter how long they looked at the numbers, they couldnt make any sense of it.

“Manager, do you mind explaining what these numbers mean”

“Yeah, the revenue for Guardian of the Holy Spring is already out. What about I Am MT”

“Say something already!”

Everyone started to chatter.

Chen Mo looked at the numbers for a few more moneys and said, “Dont worry, this beats Guardian of the Holy Spring by a landslide.”

Wen Lingwei didnt buy it, “Hmm Really Youre not saying that because youre too afraid to admit defeat right How can you tell just by looking at these numbers Wheres the revenue Honestly, if you wanna escape somewhere, I know a few people…”

Chen Mo was speechless, “Stop talking about the people you know…”

Chang Xiuya asked, “Well then, could you at least tell us how its winning by a landslide”

Jia Peng nodded, “Yeah, you could go over the current situation briefly right”

Su Jinyu squinted, trying hard to figure out the relationship between the numbers, but was still unable to get anything out of it.

Chen Mo said, “Lets put it this way, the revenue for the first month will not be any less than twenty million”

Jia Peng almost choked on his own saliva, “W-what How much Twenty million”

Su Jinyu was also shocked, “Isnt twenty million too far out there This is a mobile game!”

Wen Lingwei did some mental arithmetics, “If the game gets twenty million every month, that means youll get over one million every month!”

Everyone was shocked.

Twenty million! This may well double the monthly revenue of Guardian of the Holy Spring Chen Mo must be inflating this number!

Chen Mo stood up and said, “When the revenue of the first month is released and if Im not right, Ill reveal the meaning behind the numbers.”

Su Jinyu asked, “Huh Whats the point of telling us if you get it wrong”

Chen Mo laughed, “If I get it right that gives me more of a reason to not tell you!”

These numbers referred to a few statistics regarding I Am MT. “DAU”, “LTV”, and the others might seem alien, but they were just english acronyms.

DAU: Daily Active Users.-

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