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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 77 - "Love" From the Fans

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Of course Chen Mo didnt know what happened within Emperor Dynasty Entertainment. Even if he knew, he wouldnt pay too much attention to it, as he had bigger fish to try.

–In the experience store–

Chen Mo walked into the experience store wearing sunglasses and a mask, only relaxing after making sure there wasnt anyone following.

Su Jinyu was disdained, “Manager, do you really have to do this”

Chen Mo took off his sunglasses and mask, and grabbed a can of drink from the fridge, “Geez, what do you mean if I have to do this. Im just worried about my safety.”

Wen Lingwei said while playing I Am MT, “Alright, you think youre someone famous now”

Chen Mo replied, “What do you mean Im famous. Im basically a public enemy.”

Chan Xiuya laughed, “Manager, stop being a drama queen. Youre a videogame designer, there cant be that many people thinking about you every day.”

Chen Mo said, “I dont want to hear that. I Am MT has nearly three million players, my Weibo now has more than two hundred thousand followers. Im at least a little bit famous by any metric right”

Wen Lingwei facepalmed, “You still think youre famous”

Chen Mo said, “What do you mean, think. I am famous. Just look at my Weibo, there are hundreds of people tagging me expressing their love towards me.”

Wen Lingwei had a “youre kidding me” expression on her face, “Those are the ones asking for your address to send razor blades!”

Chen Mo said, “These players cant help but send me gifts, if that isnt love, what is it”

Wen Lingwei was shocked, but three seconds later, she decided to ignore this shameless person and continued grinding in game.”

Su Jinyu said, “By the way, manager, some did send you a razor blade. I placed it at your bedside table.”

Chen Mo was shocked, “What! And you put it by my bed Take it away, and give it to the garbage collectors.”

Su Jinyu said, “No kidding, if we gather up all these razor blades we could probably get a few ice-creams worth of money.”

Chen Mo said, “Thats why Im taking extra precautions for my own safety. What if I get ganked by a bunch of my fans”

Su Jinyu shocked, “Ganked Whats that”

Chen Mo was also shocked, and replied, “Oh thats a word in my dialect. It has a similar meaning tocaught.”

Jia Peng said, “But I Am MT is quite popular right now, I saw five other people playing when I was on the train yesterday.”

Chang Xiuya saidm “There are also many other students playing in school.”

Wen Lingwei said, “Just take a look at the Weibo and see how many others are flaming the manager to get a sense of how popular the game is.”

Jia Peng said, “That trending topic is quite funny, something along the lines ofRefund my hard-earned money Chen Mo'”

Chang Xiuya snicked, “Yeah, there arent many other video game designers who have a trending topic flaming them.”

Chen Mo let out another sigh, “I havent been on Weibo for a few days now. Everytime I log in I get greeted with so many messages, all of them tagging me or are comments on my Weibo, I cant go through it at all.”

Jia Peng said, “And youre not happy There are so many video game designers who dream of having the popularity you have.”

Su Jinyu shook her head, “I think the manager doesnt wish to be popular like this. If it were me, I hope that Id be trending because of love from the fans. To be honest I still think the game is weird, although the manager did prove that its quite profitable.”

Chen Mo said, “Youre thinking too deep into it. I dont care about all this attention, all that matters is making money. The best would be making money without any attention.”

“…We overestimated your morality!”

Su Jinyu asked, “By the way, whats the next game going to be Im going to quit if you make another I Am MT.”

“Yeah, I think that the animation is worth pursuing, but you should probably avoid games like these,” added Jia Peng.

Wen Lingwei said, “Someone as unlucky as you doesnt fair well with games like these after all.”

Jia Peng was speechless.

Chen Mo waved his hand, “The next game wont be like this. I need some time to recover. Ill die young if I keep making these types of games.”

Wen Lingwei said, “Huh I couldnt tell that youd be superstitious”

Chen Mo sighed, “Im not superstitious. If I make another game like this and angered a few unlucky people, and they send someone after me, arent I going to die young”

Wen Lingwei was speechless, “Of course youd think that way!”

Su Jinyu asked, “So what are you planning”

Chen Mo said, “Oh, Im taking a week off.”

Everyone was shocked.

Chen Mo was surprised by the reaction, “Whats wrong. I just made a game that brings in twenty million RMB every month. Isnt it normal and reasonable to take a week off”

Weng Lingwei said, “Youre not working hard enough!”

Su Jinyu added, “No aspirations!”

Jia Peng also added, “Stop bein-

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