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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 78 - Who Said Im Promoting MT?

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Although he might have told a tall tale, Chen Mo didnt plan to honour that.

His daily routine consisted of playing I Am MT, looking at player reviews, watching movies or catching up on drama.

There were comments from haters on his Weibo everyday, but he disregarded them.

Living the life of a salted fish with no aspirations.

What disappointed him the most was the fact that he spent money to get himself to V12 to do whatever he wanted in game.

Su Jinyu was speechless, “Manager, cant you just give yourself the credits Why did you spend actual money on that”

Chen Mo shook his head, “You wouldnt understand. If I gave myself the credits, Id be cheating myself. But if I pay for it, Im a player. Its difficult to explain.”

Su Jinyu facepalmed, “I dont understand why youre being so stubborn. Arent you taking out money from your left pocket and putting it in your right…”

Chen Mo replied, “You wouldnt understand.”

Su Jinyu was speechless.

Jia Peng was checking out the official appstore on his phone, “Manager, theres now three games that are based on Plants vs Zombies this month. You really plan on doing nothing”

Wen Lingwei was speechless, “What His new game is already live, why are there people out there still copying Plants vs Zombies”

Su Jinyu said, “Its because Emperor Dynasty Entertainments Guardian of the Holy Spring generated another hype wave.”

Chen Mo gave it a quick look, “Oh, are there any large companies”

Jia Peng shook his head, “Nope, just some small ones.”

Chen Mo replied, “Oh, then it doesnt matter.”

“Why do you care about Emperor Dynasty Entertainment but not these ones” asked Jia Peng.

Chen Mo replied, “What promotional spaces can these companies offer me in return Arguing with them is just a waste of my time.”

Jia Peng was speechless, “Huh The whole fiasco with Emperor Dynasty Entertainment was just for a promotional space”

Chen Mo nodded, “Yeah, why would I go through all that if it werent for the promotional space”

Jia Peng had nothing to say.

Chen Mo reassured, “Dont worry, just keep your eyes on it. Let me know if you discover a company such as Zen Entertainment copying Plants vs Zombies, and Ill head straight to Weibo for extortion. Promotional spaces is something I cant have enough of.”

“…Manager, Ive once again overestimated your morality,” replied Jia Peng.

Chen Mo replied with a smile, “Dont worry, youll get used to it.”

Su Jinyu said, “Give it up, manager. All the chairmen and CEOs have an eye on you on Weibo, would anyone still dare have a bet with you.”

Chen Mo sighed, “All of these guys are more wary than the last, making my trapping efforts so troublesome.”

Wen Lingwei laughed, “You just destroyed Emperor Dynasty Entertainment, along with a promotional space for a month. Youre still trying to use this trick on other companies You must be dreaming! The CEOs of the other comapnies arent stupid.”

Chen Mo let out another sigh, “How unfortunate to have no one willing to go against me. Being the best sure is lonely.”

“Alright, youre now known in the industry as someone whos willing to hustle Emperor Dynasty Entertainment, its no surprise nobody is willing to chance getting into a scuffle with you,” replied Su Jinyu.

Chen Mo said, “That cant be. Let me try.”

Chen Mo logged into Weibo on his account, and randomly got to Liu Yuanfeng, the chairman of Zen Entertainments Weibo account, commenting: “You interested in a bet”

It didnt take long before Liu Yuanfeng replied with three hand waving emojis.

Chen Mo then reached out to the chairman of Fantasy Gaming Platform, Ding Xing, “You interested in a bet”

It didnt take long for Ding Xing to reply either, “We have no beef, please let us be!”

Chen Mo then got to the Weibo of chairman of hengyang.com, Qiu Hengyang, “How about we make a bet, old Qiu.”

Qiu Hengyang replied, “What the! Im your ally!”

Chen Mo went through a list of chairmen of different companies big and small, not one of them were willing to make a bet.

Chen Mo sighed, “Why are they so careful Im just trying to get a promotional spot or two. Sigh, human emotions are difficult.”

Su Jinyu and Wen Lingwei were completely shocked. How should there be someone so shameless Did you think it was easy profiting from promotional spaces

“I was planning to get a few more promotional spaces. Whatever, I guess it just wasnt meant to be. This one I got from Emperor Dynasty Entertainment is quite big anyways, able to bring in many players,” Chen Mo muttered.

Su Jinyu said, “Yeah, stop being so greedy. Do you know how many video game designers have turned themselves inside out to try and get promotional spaces and failing to do so This is a promotional spot that only the A and S-grade videogame designers in Emperor Dynasty Entertainment have access to!”

Wen Lingwei said, “By the way, isnt it kind of a waste to use it to advertise I Am MT… That space is usually reserved for huge VR games.”

Jia Peng added, “But in doing that, the manager rakes in so much more money. Im so jealous…”

As they were chattering along, Chen Mos phone went off.

Chen Mo took a glance and picked up the phone as he saw an unrecognised number, “Hello”

A man replied, “Greetings. Is this the chairman of Thunderbolt Entertainment Mr. Chen Mo”

Chen Mo cleared his throat, “Yep, it is I.”

The person on the phone was speechless.

After two seconds of silence, the person on the call replied, “I am a representative of Emperor Dynasty Entertainments advertising department, Xu Xiaojun. Im calling regarding the promotional spot.”

“Yep, thats great,” replied Chen Mo.

Xu Xiaojun said, “So Mr. Lin has already ordered that theThis months recommended spot in the front page of the Emperor Dynasty gaming platform will be available to you at any time. Well advertise I Am MT for a month, anytime you want.”

Chen Mo nodded, “I appreciate your work efficiency, however… Who said I was going to promote I Am MT”

Xu Xiaojun was shocked, “Huh”

Chen Mo said, “At the time, I saidPromote my game for a month for free. I didnt say I was promoting I Am MT.”

Xu Xiaojun stayed silent for a bit, then replying, “Could you clarify”

“Promote my next game. Ill let you know when Im done with it,” replied Chen Mo.

Xu Xiaojun took another few moments to reply, “Ill need to confirm this with Mr. Lin.”

Chen Mo nodded, “Alright, Im not in a hurry.”

Upon hearing their conversation, Su Jinyu and Jia Peng were shocked, but also could barely hold back their laughter.

They could only imagine how difficult of a situation the other person from Emperor Dynasty Entertainment was put in after receiving the news.

The manager isnt holding back at all!

Cant you be more honest and less tricky

Chen Mo received a reply five minutes later.

Xiu Xiaojun said, “Mr. Lin agreed. Then well use that spot for other games for now. When youve developed your next game, let me know. Then well put your game onto the promotional spot instead.”

Chen Mo replied, “Alright! Thanks so much.”

Xu Xiaojun replied, “…No problem. Goodbye.”

The line was cut before Chen Mo could even mutter the wordsGoodbye, and was left with the beeping of the dial tone.

Jia Peng was laughing hysterically, “Manager, you sure are brave. Arent you afraid that theyd poach you with five million RMB Hahahaha!”

Chen Mo said with a stern voice, “What do you mean. Emperor Dynasty Entertainment is a proper, big company. They wouldnt do such a thing.”

“Besides, its just five million, I can do that too!”-

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