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Almighty Video Game Designer Chapter 82 - Interview

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“Thats because they discovered their passion for the game. They felt the sincerity I was trying to communicate through the game, which is why they are so willing to pay for in-app purchases in order to support me. I hope I can make more, better games in the future. Therefore, I will never forget the love given to me from the fans and I will not be complacent with this for a single moment. I will make more better games in the future to repay all the love from the fans.”

Wen Lingwei read out Chen Mos interview inside the experience store.

“I cant believe Im seeing this,” exclaimed Su Jinyu.

Jia Peng said, “Manager, arent the fans going to kill you for this”

Wen Lingwei said, “Maybe you should come to the university for a few days until it cools off.

“Whats wrong Isnt it quite well written Just take a look, every single word they released represents my true feelings towards the fans,” said Chen Mo.

“Manager, arent you afraid of being struck by lightning if you continue talking like that” asked Su Jinyu.

“Manager, do you have a lightning rod for this building” asked Jia Peng.

“Alright, thats enough guys. I have an interview today, dont scare the interviewee away,” said Chen Mo.

Jia Peng asked, “Interview Youre hiring”

Chen Mo nodded, “Yep, I might still need to hire a story writer and a numbers person. Otherwise, its going to be difficult to make larger games. Goldfish and I wont be able to do everything by overselves.”

“Tsk, does that mean theres going to be another cute girl soon” questioned Wen Lingwei.

“Really” Jia Pengs interest was piqued.

“What are you guys thinking about Its a guy,” explained Chen Mo.

Wen Lingwei said, “A guy Whats the point of hiring a guy Get him out of here.”

Chen Mo was speechless, “Do you guys plan to turn my experience store into a women only place”

Wen Lingwei rolled her eyes, “Dont tell me that wasnt what you were planning.”

“…Whatever, Im calling it quits. The interviewee should be here soon, ” said Chen Mo.

Not long after, Zheng Hongxi arrived.

He looked quite young. He was tall and skinny, and looked like the quiet, polite type. Chen Mo shook his hand and brought him to the meeting room.

“Yep, Ive changed my mind, his handsome guy isnt half bad,” said Wen Lingwei to Su Jinyu.

“Can you get yourself together It still depends if he matches the requirements of the manager right” said Su Jinyu.

—Inside the meeting room.—

Chen Mo poured Zheng Hongxi a glass of water, “This isnt some large company, so the interview will be more like a chat, dont be nervous.”

Zheng Hongxi nodded, “Yeah, Im not nervous. But Im kinda surprised, youre much younger than I thought.”

Chen Mo laughed, “Its been a year or so since I graduated from university.”

Zheng Hongxi replied, “Then youve graduated a year before I did. It hasnt even been a year since I graduated.”

Chen Mo had already looked over Zheng Hongxis resume.

Zheng Hongxi, twenty-four years old. Recently graduated from a certain university from Magic City in languages. Worked in a media company after he graduated and quit because he didnt like the job. Wants to switch careers, but still havent fully made up their mind.

Chen Mo briefly looked over his previous work as well. Most of them were short stories. Other than western fantasy, he had dealt with Wuxia, Xianxia as well as eastern fantasy.

Although they werent particularly outstanding, the writing as well as the story logics were good enough. Most importantly no matter what themes they were, there wasnt anything completely out of line which Chen Mo was particularly satisfied with.

Chen Mo asked, “Have you planned which career path you are going for”

Zheng Hongxi said, “I havent fully thought it through. I personally dont like the interpersonal relationships in traditional workplaces. Ive thought about writing webnovels full time, but its still too unstable to commit, it would give my family more pressure too.”

“Have you thought about making games” asked Chen Mo.

“Ive thought about it, but from what I can tell, Chinese games dont put too much effort into the story, whereas my interest is in the story.”

Chen Mo nodded, “Alright. So Ive prepared a test, so just answer these however you like.”

As Chen Mo finished his sentence, he took out a set of questions he printed out beforehand.

Zheng Hongxi had a look. There were just five questions.

The first was designing the story and two jobs for an MMORPG Wuxia game, explaining the features of the jobs.

Second was to give the names and descriptions of five Three Kingdoms equipment, from common to rare equipment.

The third question was based on the World of Azeroth, asking for a brief description of the relationship between Draenor and Azeroth.

The fourth question was to pick a small event from the World of Azeroth and briefly outline a quest line for it.

The fifth was to write a complete quest line, including the dialogue between the NPC and the player. The synopsis of the quest is as followed: “Fordring wants you to find him Taelans hammer.” Design the characters according to the settings of World of Azeroth. Changes can be made if the characters were remastered as well.

Chen Mo said, “Dont worry, take your time. One hour should be more than enough.”

Zheng Hongxi nodded, “Yep, thats enough.”

“Let me know when youre done,” said Chen Mo as he left the meeting room.

As Chen Mo walked out, everyone was whispering, “How did it go, manager.”

Chen Mo said, “Feels alright. I gave him a few questions to test his skills. If there isnt anything major from that it should be OK.”

Su Jinyu asked, “Hmm What kind of questions.”

“Do you guys want to do it too Im afraid that you guys wont be able to take it,” replied Chen Mo.

Wen Lingwei said, “Goldfish is a monster in school, youre underestimating her.”

“Alright, you can try it too if you like. Just do whichever ones youre interested in.”

As Chen Mo finished, he brought up the questions on Su Jinyus computer.

Upon reading the questions, everyone silently walked away before attempting it.

Su Jinyu looked at Chen Mo with a surprised look on her face, “What is this, manager. Arent these too hard You might be able to make up some stuff for the first two questions, but what are the ones after”

“Of course you find it hard, you dont usually pay attention to these things anyways. Alright, now everyone go home, clearly you guys arent suited for the role of a writer.”

“Can we have a moment of silence for the story bro,” said Wen Lingwei.

Su Jinyu said, “We dont have to be that negative, what if he managed to answer them”

The questions Chen Mo decided on were actually on the easy side as he only planned to test some basic qualities of a writer.

Equipment names, equipment descriptions, world setting, jobs, quest line, quest dialogue were all in the job description of a writer.

As a writer, a big part of it is to package the game well, allowing the player to feel that the world they are playing in is a complete world. It should at the very least not leave a bad taste, affecting the quality of the gameplay.

More advanced writing skills would include tying in the setting of the world with the scenes to make the setting and the gameplay as one cohesive entity, possibly even driving players to feel certain emotions through special missions.

Chen Mo only asked the first point of Zheng Hongxi for now, the latter points can be learnt at a later point.-

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