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Chapter 2335: Just Wait And See

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The chief patted Lu Xingzhi on the shoulder.

He knew what Lu Xingzhi had not said.

If he had known that Jiang Yao had not suffered, he would not have looked for her.

It would have been better to let her return after the matter of the passenger ship had passed.

However, since Jiang Yao was back, it was equivalent to saying that she had just left the wolfs den and was about to enter the tigers den.

“When your wife has rested enough, bring her to my office,” the Chief said.

“The matter of the cruise ship being held hostage has been delayed for so long.

It has become more and more intense.

The news of your wifes return will be reported everywhere tomorrow.

Therefore, she wont be able to hide.

Sometimes, the higher a persons ability, the heavier the responsibility they shoulder.”

Who would send their wife to the front lines unless absolutely necessary

The people who were supposed to go to the front lines, on the other hand, were useless.

They had done nothing but fart up until that point.

Even if those in positions of power were not mentioned, the sheer number of commoners would drive Jiang Yao forward.

Lu Xingzhi returned to the bedroom as soon as the chief left.

He touched Jiang Yaos stomach without saying anything.

He wondered if it was an illusion that her stomach had grown larger after not seeing her for a few days.

After Jiang Yao came back, she washed her face.

His wife, who was lying on the bed with the quilt wrapped around her, was blushing.

It was obvious that she looked perfect, and her little face was flushed.

Madam Cheng seemed to have fed her a lot of good food.

“Xingzhi, since I cant hide from it, I think we should get more benefits for ourselves,” Jiang Yao said.

“Before we go, we have to get them to send Qiaoyu and the others back.

When we reach their place, we will ask them to hand over Qian Yunen before I treat their patient.

Even though we are forced to go there, I am a doctor.

I can take the initiative.

If it werent for the fact that they couldnt find another doctor, they wouldnt have gone to such trouble to find me.

So, how to treat them and to what extent is up to me.

This time, I will bring Big Ke and Ah Lu.

In addition to you and Moe, we have quite many people.

With Moe around, it is more convenient for us to do many things.”

Humans would be cautious of other humans.

They would not be wary of a pet cat the size of a palm.

Furthermore, Moe was fast.

Ordinary humans would not be able to catch him with their naked eye.

Therefore, it was easy for Moe to do some things.

He could use his eyes and ears to find out where those 300 hostages were held.

It would be a piece of cake for Moe to let those people out.

There was no lock in that world that Moes claws could not open.

Moe was also very intelligent.

Jiang Yao and the others communication tools would undoubtedly be taken away.

She could, however, steal a random persons phone and send a text message to Liang Yueze and the others, asking Moe to keep in touch with them and send messages to them at any time.

If possible, it would be best to hide a phone for Mo.

Jiang Yao was once again convinced that Moe was omnipotent.

It was as if she had an extra powerful team with Moe around.

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“Okay,” Lu Xingzhi said, “It will be very difficult to find your roommates before you appear, and no one is willing to get them.

But when we get there, it shouldnt be difficult to find and save them and the hostages.”

Jiang Yao nodded happily, then pursed her lips and snorted, “Who doesnt have a temper Who is a little princess Let them make things difficult for us.

Lets just wait and see..

Theyll get their dues when I get to their territory

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