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Chapter 4 You Really Want to Fucking Kill Me

September 22nd, 2022

In the bamboo cottage, all the furniture was unsurprisingly made of snow bamboos.

Xie Zhuo and I sat across from each other at the bamboo table.

The fire burning in the snow bamboo oil lamp was reflected on our faces.

I looked at him and asked seriously, “First, I have a question.

When is it exactly 500 years ago”

Xie Zhuo replied expressionlessly, “May 18th.”

I raised my hand and began to calculate the days.

Xie Zhou and I met for the first time on February 12th 500 years ago.

If it was now May 18th, about three months had passed since we met.

At this time, Xie Zhuo should be…

I turned to look at the snow bamboo forest outside.

It had begun to snow again.

I said, “At this time, you seemed to be… You should be recuperating from your injuries somewhere in this bamboo forest!”

Xie Zhuo remained noncommittal.

He drank the water melted from the snow from the cup carved from the snow bamboo.

I looked at Xie Zhuo’s face that was illuminated by the fire.

His face which had hardly changed even after 500 years slowly brought out memories from the past that had been buried by daily trivialities.

Xie Zhuo and I met for the first time in Kunlun in the mid of February.

That month, the world outside the barrier of Kunlun had begun to warm up, but it was still snowing heavily in Kunlun.

The snow bamboo forest was located in the hinterland of Kunlun.

It was deserted and lonely.

The spiritual energy here was thin as well.

At ordinary times, immortals from Kunlun hardly came to this place.

However, I liked the silence in the snow bamboo forest.

February was the time for the snow bamboos to germinate.

I wanted to dig up the bamboo shoots and blanch them in hot water.

After they cooled down, I would mix them with Meng Meng’s own spices and chili peppers.

They were so delicious, spicy, and crispy.

I would come to look for bamboo shoots every year.

Who knew that on that fateful day, I would find Xie Zhuo drenched in blood in the snow bamboo forest

At that time, I had yet to experience the tribulation before ascending to become an immortal.

I was just an ordinary immortal who did not have a high rank.

Although Xie Zhuo was severely injured at that time, the murderous aura that shrouded his body was enough to make me shudder.

At that time, I turned around, intending to run away.

However, Xie Zhuo suddenly reached out and grabbed my hand.

I really felt like my heart was going to leap out of my chest at that time.

When I turned back to look at him, I instinctively brought out the dagger hidden in my sleeve to fight him.

However, the moment I turned around, I saw a streak of silver light brushing past my ear and brushing past Xie Zhuo’s cheek before it hit the snow bamboo he was leaning against.

It pierced through the bamboo before it finally landed on the snow on the ground.

I did not know how deep it penetrated the ground, but the snow around it melted immediately.

If he did not grab me, I might have been pierced by the silver light.

When I realized that the demon in front of me had saved me, I moved to put the dagger back into my sleeve.

Perhaps, I moved too quickly, and when I reacted, it was too late for me to stabilize my body.

As such, I fell into Xie Zhuo’s arms.

Xie Zhuo’s embrace was wet with blood.

It felt dangerous and tempting at the same time.

I was stunned.

I was a little immortal in Kunlun.

I had never been in a man’s arms before.

Xie Zhuo did not do anything.

The wind roared and the snow fell.

It took a long time before I recovered my senses and moved away.

When I sat up, I discovered that Xie Zhuo had fallen unconscious.

I looked down at my spirit robe.

It was stained with blood and could no longer see the light of day.

Then, I looked at him before looking in the direction from which the silver light came.

At that time, I wondered what kind of big trouble this demon of unknown origin had gotten himself into.

He was beaten to this state, and the enemy even followed him all the way to Kunlun.

Perhaps, I should not have been nosy.

All I needed to do was carry him, who was unconscious, and hand him over to the Queen Mother of the West.

Let those immortals decide what to do with him.

However, when I looked at his hand and recalled how he had grabbed my wrist earlier, I hesitated for a long time.

I finally carried him, but I did not hand him over to the Queen Mother of the West.

Instead, I took him to a cave I found when digging for bamboo shoots.

The cave was crude.

However, after I start a fire, at least this place could keep him warm.

It was definitely better than freezing outside.

I tended to his injuries as best as I could and planned to send him out of Kunlun when he regained consciousness.

After all, how could a demon live in a place like Kunlun that was teeming with immortals

However, in the end, Xie Zhuo remained unconscious for half a month.

When he woke up, it was almost March.

However, I still could not send him away because he could not walk.

Moreover, he looked like he was unable to fend for himself.

I could not help it and took care of him for more than two months.

I snapped out of my reverie.

As of now, the past Xie Zhuo had been staying in the cave in the snow bamboo forest for three months now.

No wonder Xie Zhuo leaped off Mount Kunlun so decisively earlier.

He did not even look back as he walked in this direction.

I thought that he did not fly out of consideration for me earlier, but as it turned out, he already had a destination in mind.

Finally, I asked Xie Zhuo, “It’s been such a long time.

I don’t remember where the cave is located anymore.

Do you”

Xie Zhuo took another sip of water.

I said, feeling slightly anxious, “If you remember, we can start taking action tomorrow!”

When he raised his head to look at me, I stroked my chin and came up with an idea.

“Well, I remember that during the period you were recuperating here, I came to see you every day.

Three months have passed since we first met.

If I remember correctly, I already liked you a little at this time.

I don’t understand you, but I understand myself.

Let me make a move tomorrow!”

Xie Zhuo rested his hands on the table and looked at me with a contemptuous expression that seemed to say, “Let me hear what useful nonsense you’re going to say.”

I did not care about his disrespectful attitude.

Instead, I said confidently, “I used to be a very pragmatic person in the past.

I’ll go look for me tomorrow…”

Upon hearing this, Xie Zhuo raised an eyebrow slightly and looked at me with an inscrutable expression and smile.

I did not understand the meaning behind his expression and smile so I continued to plan.

“I will reveal my identity at that time and tell her..

me… about the outcome of our marriage.

I’ll tell her to stop seeing you.

With this, you’ll be able to destroy our marriage at its source.

This plan is easy, fast, and effective!”

Xie Zhuo stared at me silently for a long time before he finally said, “Okay.

You go then.”

‘Go! Of course, I’ll go!’

After the plan was finalized, I was too lazy to speak to Xie Zhuo anymore and went straight to the small room he prepared for me.

I had to admit, he did not mistreat me in regard to the bedroom.

Before going to bed, I looked at the snow bamboo forest outside the window, feeling very happy and grateful that I was so smart.

I solved the problem so easily.

Early the next morning.

I got up, feeling excited.

After sleeping, my body, which was ripped through time and space, was no longer as weak as before.

Although I still could not use any Immortal Techniques, it was not a problem to walk, run, and jump at least.

After waiting for Xie Zhuo to draw me an approximate location of the cave all those years ago, I set out, feeling complacent.

How could I not know myself How could I fail to convince myself

I felt extremely confident.

However, when I arrived in the vicinity of the cave, I clutched my chest.

‘It hurts… It really hurts…’

The closer I got to the cave, the more painful it was.

This pain was a little different from the pain of being ripped through time and space.

My heart was beating wildly in my chest, my face was ashen, and my hands and legs were weak.

The more I moved forward, the weaker I became.

It felt… It felt like I was going to disappear…

After I fell to the ground, I did not hesitate and returned to the cottage.

After drinking several cups of warm water, I finally calmed down.

Then, I looked at Xie Zhuo with a pale face and asked, “What happened to me”

He sat in a leisurely manner as he spat out four words, “Two emperors can’t meet.”

“Can you speak the human language”

“There can’t be two of you at the same place and at the same time.”

I was stunned.

I looked at him in a daze and asked, “What happens if I meet my other self”


“Who will disappear”

“The weaker one.”

I looked down at my body.

I knew what kind of state I was in now.

My body which had been ripped through time and space was useless.

I was naturally not as strong as my past self.

In other words, if I met my other self, I would undoubtedly disappear.

I patted my chest as I comforted myself.

“Fortunately, I felt something was wrong and came back here.

Well, we’ll just wait a little while.

Once my body recovers and adapts to this time and space, I’ll go and persuade my other self again… I…”

I suddenly realized something was wrong.

I was weak now so I could not see my past self.

Otherwise, I would disappear.

However, I could feel my body adapting as well, and it should not be long before I recovered my powers.

At that time, my past self, who had yet to ascend, would be weaker than me.

If we met at that time, I would not disappear.


If my past self disappeared, what would happen to me

At this moment, realization dawned on me.

Whether I disappeared or my past self disappeared, it was the same!

I turned to look at Xie Zhuo in shock.

“You actually didn’t stop me You let me leave so easily”

My emotions were complicated at this moment.

After the shock faded, the legendary flames of fury of an old wife rose in my heart.

I smacked the table and rose to my feet.

I leaned over and grabbed Xie Zhuo’s collar to pull him over before I pushed him down on the bamboo table, causing a loud noise to ring in the air.

I asked, “You really want to **ing kill me”

Xie Zhuo was very calm as he looked at me.

Just like an old husband who was unafraid and used to his old wife’s wrath.

Then, he smiled faintly and slowly said, “If you want to help, then help.

Otherwise, you can go.”

In other words, it did not matter if I died or not.

It had nothing to do with him.

I looked at him and gritted my teeth.

A thousand words of hatred were finally condensed into a few words as I said mockingly, “Xie Zhuo, you’re a really good person.

I’ll remember this.”


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