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Chapter 988: StopTranslator: Lonelytree

In the middle of the night, Xiao Lingyu received a call from Bruce.

“President Xiao, my family is threatened and needs help!” Bruce went straight to the point and asked for help.

Bruce knew very well that if he did not want to betray Xiao Lingyu, he could only report to Xiao Lingyu directly.

With Xiao Lingyus powerful background, it would not be difficult to save his family.

Thus, Bruce did not hesitate to call Xiao Lingyu.

Xiao Lingyu listened to Bruces anxious tone and comforted him, “Please calm down, Bruce.

Where is your home I will immediately arrange for someone to bring your family here!”

Bruce then gave an address, his expression slightly calm.

But very soon, his anger rose again, and he scolded loudly, “That bastard Macon, how despicable and shameless…”

Xiao Lingyu,”…” His Chinese has gotten so much better.

He can even curse like a native now.

However, she could understand Bruces feelings.

If his family was threatened by someone, not to mention scolding them, she might even bring a knife to their door.

Xiao Lingyu sighed softly and comforted him, “Bruce, dont be anxious.

Try to stall Macon.

Ill arrange for someone to bring your family to Taoyuan Village temporarily.”

It would take a certain amount of time to fly from Country F to China.

Moreover, due to the countrys regional problems, they would need to apply for permission to take off.

Therefore, it would take a certain amount of time.

However, they could charter a flight.

After Xiao Lingyu hung up, she immediately called Gong Tianhao.

Right now, Gong Tianhao was the one who could arrange the matter more quickly.

“Is there no one left in Royal Forest Group Theyre keeping an eye on Bruce and even playing dirty tricks!” When Gong Tianhao heard this, he was also very angry.

Xiao Lingyu said, “Recently, Green Fresh group has been snatching many of their big orders and poaching a few of their people.

I think they are getting anxious.”

Gong Tianhao laughed coldly.

“If they arent capable, who can they blame”

Then, Gong Tianhao comforted her, “Dont worry, honey.

I will make arrangements now and bring Bruces family over as soon as possible.”

“Okay, thank you, Honey!” Xiao Lingyu said.

“Silly, why are you thanking me for Youre my wife, and Im your husband.

Were husband and wife, so your business is my business,” Gong Tianhao said with a smile.

But then, Gong Tianhao thought of another question, and his expression immediately became serious, “Although I dont know why Macon wants to find Bruce, it cant be anything good.

But, weve brought Bruces family away this time.

What if Macon finds Ians family instead”

Xiao Lingyu frowned slightly and nodded, “Yes, thats a problem.

In a while, Ill get Bruce to give them a call and ask them if they should take their family away or send bodyguards to protect his family.”

Gong Tianhao nodded and said, “Okay.”

After the couple hung up the phone, they immediately went to make arrangements.

As they had to cross international boundaries and use helicopters, it would obviously take a longer time.

Therefore, Gong Tianhao used his power and means to charter a civil aircraft from an international airline that night, and he immediately flew to Country F.

On this side, Xiao Lingyu first contacted Bruce and let him communicate with Ian and the others.

Bruce heard Xiao Lingyus worry and immediately smiled and said, “President Xiao, dont worry.

I dont know what Ian and the others have on Macon, but they do.

So Macon doesnt dare to touch Ians family for the time being.”

Ian and the others used leverage to get Macon to agree to their departure, and they even waived the compensation of a few hundred million.

They seemed to have something huge on Macon.

Bruce rolled his eyes.

Why didnt Ian share that secret with him

Macon was a despicable and shameless person.

If he could use his family to threaten him, then he shouldnt blame him for being unrighteous.

No matter what, he had to find out more.

Xiao Lingyu learned from Bruce that Ian and the others had something on Macon, so they wouldnt touch them for the time being.

Her heart was temporarily relieved.

However, Xiao Lingyu guessed that while Macon wouldnt touch them, he would probably bribe them with benefits.

Xiao Lingyu thought for a moment and called Bruce to remind him.

“Okay, I got it.

President Xiao, dont worry.

They wont be so easily bribed and tempted!” Bruce said.

The way to bribe them was nothing more than money and beautiful women.

However, his friends characters were very similar to his.

They were all loyal to their wives and wouldnt be easily tempted by a woman.

As for money, they already had a lot of money and could create a good life for their families.

Of course, Bruce could not guarantee that his friends would not be bribed successfully.

Bruce thought for a moment.

Just in case, he still gave Ian and the others a warning.

After Macon got Bruces reply, he sat in his office and waited for Bruce to come directly to his door.

Bruce was abroad.

It would definitely take some time for him to fly back, so Macon was not in a hurry.

However, just in case, Macon still sent people to monitor Bruces family.

Bruce was a cunning guy.

If his family moved, then he would have almost no bargaining chips to negotiate with Bruce.

Obviously, it was not good for him.

“Not good, Boss!”

His subordinate rushed in.

“Whats wrong Why are you so anxious” Macon frowned and said with slight dissatisfaction.

“Boss, the people monitoring the Bruces family reported that Mrs.

Bruce and her daughter, as well as their parents, disappeared overnight,” the man in black reported hurriedly.

“What did you say” Macon suddenly stood up, his eyes showing anger.

He grabbed his subordinates collar and asked loudly, “Say it again.

What do you mean by the Bruce family disappearing overnight”

The black-clothed man looked at his boss who was about to fly into a rage, and his expression revealed some panic.

He stuttered, “Its because they suddenly disappeared.

We cant find them in the hundreds of thousands of miles.”

In his fury, Macon directly gave his subordinate a fierce slap and then cursed loudly, “Bastard, you cant even keep an eye on a person.

Whats the use of having you!”

The black-clothed man lowered his head and didnt dare to speak.

Then Macon asked again, “How did they disappear Where are the people watching Did they die”

The black-clothed man said, “The people watching reported that he was knocked unconscious by someone.

Then, when he woke up, Bruces family seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

They disappeared overnight.”

Macon was very irritable and gave his subordinate a hard slap.

He said angrily, “Useless things.

You cant even do such a small thing well.

Whats the use of having you”

The man in black did not dare to make a sound.

He lowered his head.

After Macon let go of his subordinates collar, he frowned tightly.

Suddenly, his eyes widened, and he suddenly shouted, “Bruce, it must be Bruce!”

The man in black said in confusion, “But Boss, how could Bruce have such ability to take away his family without anyone knowing Also, where would he take his family”

Macon snorted, “He doesnt have much ability, but he follows a very capable master.”

Macon was also smart.

He immediately thought it through.

Bruce, under the threat of his family, turned to the boss of Green Fresh, Xiao Lingyu.

Xiao Lingyu was not very capable, but her husband, Gong Tianhao, had a lot of abilities.

Therefore, if it were him, he would definitely have the ability to take all of them away without anyone knowing.

Bruces family had already been transferred away.

Macon lost his bargaining chip in an instant, and the anger and fury in his heart immediately surged.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Bruce, just you wait!”

He would definitely teach that fellow a lesson one day!

The problems that had appeared in the Royal forest group were all thanks to him.

He definitely had to remember this grudge in his heart and take revenge.

The man in black lowered his head and did not say a word.

Macon thought for a moment and then ordered, “Immediately arrange a few people to thoroughly investigate the green fresh group.

Also, investigate the boss background as well.

Be careful!”

“Yes, Boss!” The man in black immediately replied.

Since they could not find a breakthrough from Bruce, they could only stop it at the source.

At this moment, Macon had a strong feeling that the Green Fresh group would be the biggest rival to the Royal Forest Group.

Therefore, he planned to strangle it in its cradle before it grew.

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