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Chapter 989: Constant PoachingTranslator: Lonelytree

Just when Macon asked people to investigate the green fresh group and Xiao Lingyu, Bruce also began to take action.

Royal Forest group can develop into the industrys first international brand due to its talents.

Green Fresh Group is now in urgent need of all kinds of talent, so Bruce did not hesitate to poach Royal Forest Group.

If Macon didnt threaten his family first, Bruce wouldnt have done this.

Of course, not all people from the Royal Forest group were worth poaching.

Apart from some people who Bruce had good relationships within the company, there were also some people who he was not familiar with or understood.

He would get people to investigate them.

Then, he would gradually break through the character of those people.

However, he was currently busy with work.

He had hired a Headhunter company to do the poaching.

It didnt matter if it worked as long as it could annoy Macon.

Originally, Bruce and Macon did not have any grudges.

Earlier, Macon had fired him indiscriminately and even banned him from the world.

Bruce had nothing to complain about.

However, this time, Macon had crossed his bottom line and touched his family.

He was forced to retaliate.

Therefore, poaching talents from the Royal Forest group was what he decided to do.

After Xiao Lingyu learned of Bruces actions, she shook her head in amusement.

When Bruce did this, she could not casually comment on whether it was right or not.

It was just that everything had a reason.

Previously, when she asked Bruce to poach people, Bruce still felt that it was not good.

Now, Macon had touched Bruces bottom line.

Of course, it would stir up his anger and resentment.

Therefore, as the boss of the competitor, the green fresh group, she would definitely be happy that Bruce kept poaching people from the Royal Forest group.

It would be best if they could poach all the talents from the royal Forest Group.

Of course, that was just a thought.

Poaching all the talents and elites would be impossible.

Xiao Lingyu smiled at Bruce and said, “Bruce, well done! How about this I will reward you with one million for every elite talent you poach for me.

How about that”

Bruces eyes lit up, and he looked a little excited, “President Xiao, are you joking with me”

Xiao Lingyu asked very seriously, “Do I look like I would joke with you”

Bruce said very straightforwardly, “Thats fine.

Ill just wait for your reward.”

Xiao Lingyu said again, “Tell your partners that not only will you be rewarded with a million for poaching an elite, but any of them will be rewarded the same way!” At this point, Xiao Lingyu paused and said very seriously, “However, I would like to remind you that after someone is poached and comes to my company, they must be loyal to me and serve my company well.

As for those who are not, I will definitely punish them harshly.”

This point had to be made clear.

Otherwise, her business rivals would use this opportunity to send some business spies over.

Then her company would become a battlefield for business spies.

That wouldnt do!

However, it was a good thing that she had a golden finger.

She could identify whether those people were loyal or not.

Therefore, she was actually not afraid of these corporate spies at all.

Now, she looked forward to how many elites Bruce would be able to poach over.

Bruce was not courteous to Royal Forest Group at all.

He directly hired the worlds largest Headhunter Company.

Although he spent a high price, he could make the Royal Forest group pay hugely.

He felt that he had vented his anger.

Plus, how was it his fault that the talents were willing to leave the company to come to Green Fresh

In Royal Forest Groups presidents office, Macon looked at the resignation letters on the table.

His face was livid with anger.

A moment later, he called the Human Resources Department and asked the human resources department manager to come over.

A moment later, the human resources department manager came over.

As soon as he entered the CEOs office, he saw the resignation letters on the table, and a panicked expression flashed across his face.


Macon!” The human resources manager called out carefully.

Macon did not answer him.

His sharp eyes stared at him.

His expression was gloomy and very ugly as if he was holding back his anger.

A moment later, Macon pointed at the resignation letters and asked sternly, “Whats going on”

The manager wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and stammered, “I… I dont know either!”

“You dont know” Macon asked coldly, “How could you not know Arent you the manager of the Human Resources Department Havent you investigated this”

The manager said, “A few of them have employment contracts that are about to expire.

There are also some people who have various reasons and want to resign, so I have to approve it!”

“Oh, the employment contracts are about to expire” Macon said coldly, “So soon, they dont need to pay compensation to the company And those people who resigned for other reasons, dont they need to pay compensation to the company

“Also, why are there so many people resigning at the same time”

Hearing Macons question, the manager muttered in his heart,Its just that recently, there have been rumors that the companys performance has been rapidly declining, and the companys development is getting worse and worse.

In addition, many headhunters have constantly been surveying the company.

Many talents want to go to a company with better benefits.

How is this my fault Im only in charge of human resources distribution, but the companys business and the companys benefits are not up to me.

Of course, the manager definitely could not say these words directly.

He deliberated for a while before saying, “Mr.

Macon, recently, there have been a few headhunters that specifically targeted our company to poach people.

I reckon that these people were poached by them.”

“Oh, so youre saying that the companys salary and benefits are not good enough” Macon asked sharply.

The manager was silent, not knowing how to answer.

After all, people always wanted better.

They went to other companies.

Their salary and benefits were better than the current company, so it was inevitable that they were tempted.

If another company offered him a better job, he would abandon Royal Forest too.

However, not one headhunter found him.

Looking at the silent personnel manager, Macons face turned even darker.

He then asked, “Why are there so many headhunters coming to our company to poach people recently”

Headhunters were not good.

They only knew how to take advantage of opportunities.

The HR manager thought for a moment and said, “Im afraid that its because there are rumors in the outside world that Royal Forest group has encountered a strong enemy in business.

Many businesses of our branch companies have been snatched away, so its said that our company may not be able to hold on for long.”

In fact, many in the company already knew that as a fact.

They could clearly feel that the higher-ups faces were getting more and more serious and ugly because the big businesses of the branch companies had been snatched away by others.

Also, a few elite executives who had resigned and left a while ago knew the inside story of the company.

They felt that if they stayed in the Royal Forest group any longer, they might be implicated.

Of course, there were all kinds of rumors regarding the departure of those top executives and elites.

Even their good friends didnt know why they had suddenly resigned.

“Bastard!” Upon hearing the managers report, Macon immediately flew into a rage, “Where did this rumor come from How dare they slander our company.

Find out who spread this.

After finding out, I will definitely pursue legal responsibility!”

It might seem like a rumor now, but it might very well become a fact soon.

But now, Macon and everyone else refused to admit this fact.

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