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Chapter 990: An Xiaohuis MarriageTranslator: Lonelytree

While Bruce was actively poaching from Royal Forest, An Xiaohui and Xiao Wangs marriage was quickly settled.

An Xiaohui did the work of the company well and handed it over.

After Xiao Lingyu approved the half-month marriage leave, she began to happily prepare to be a bride.

In the past, because her parents valued sons over daughters, she did not know what kind of man she would find in the future to be able to accept her family.

However, she did not expect her luck to be so good that she actually found a simple and generous man like Xiao Wang.

In fact, at first glance, she had been attracted by Xiao Wangs masculinity.

After all, he was a soldier.

His temperament was very different, making women feel safe just by looking at him.

That was why she found all kinds of excuses and reasons to approach Xiao Wang.

However, Xiao Wang, this blockhead, didnt know what she meant at the beginning.

However, when Xiao Wang reciprocated her interest, she became a coward again.

Because of her family, she was afraid that Xiao Wang would look down on her family or be scared away.

She was really grateful to the Xiao family and elder Gong.

It was their constant matchmaking and encouragement that didnt make her back down.

In the end, she confirmed her relationship with Xiao Wang.

She felt that she was the happiest person right now.

Her parents decades-long preference for sons over daughters had undergone a huge change.

They began to ask her about her well-being and began to love and care for her daughter, whom they had never placed in their eyes and hearts before.

During this period of time, it seemed that they were going to pour the love that they had lost for more than twenty years back onto her.

She really felt very happy.

Her parents and Xiao Wang promised second uncle An that they would soon set a wedding date.

Because second uncle An kept spreading rumors about their daughter, who went to university but was useless.

She couldnt find a good job in a big city, so she could only work in a big hotel, wearing revealing clothes, and receiving chubby bosses…

For rural people, it was acceptable for a boy to work in a hotel, but for a girl to work in a big hotel, it was not a proper job.

That was because, in a hotel, there were few decent people.

Later on, they said that An Yang wanted to marry a wife.

Their family did not ask for a single cent and went to look for An Xiaohuis parents, but they were directly kicked out by them.

Second uncle An even told the village that he used to feel sorry for his eldest brother and sister-in-law because they did not have a son, so he let his only son continue the family line for them.

He did not expect that they would turn against him.

Now that they had found a live-in son-in-law, they abandoned An Yang.

In short, second uncle Ans family spread all kinds of nasty rumors about An Xiaohui and her parents.

In the An Family village, which was backward, many people prioritized sons over daughters.

Generally, sons would be preferred because they would continue the family line.

However, very few villagers would choose to let their daughters find a live-in son-in-law.

This was because the entire family would be looked down upon by others.

Therefore, for the sake of face, almost no one in the village would choose a live-in son-in-law.

Therefore, when they heard that An Xiaohuis parents chose a live-in son-in-law instead, they scoffed at them.

They thought that An Xiaohuis parents were very shameful.

Therefore, the moment second uncle An returned to An family and the rumors spread, the villagers who were close to An Xiaohuis parents immediately sent back the news.

This made An Xiaohuis parents so angry that they wanted to fly back and give An Xiaohuis second uncle and aunt a beating.

In the past, they had raised An Yang and spoiled their second brothers family.

Who would have thought that they would become so greedy They even reversed the truth.

They were so angry.

Never mind.

We would show them.

We would marry off our daughter in a glorious manner.

Lets see how you can arrange it and make a joke out of it.

Besides, my daughter is very capable.

She found a large company with an annual salary of several million.

Therefore, after father and mother An calmed down, they couldnt wait to find Xiao Wang and discuss with him their daughters marriage.

On the day of their wedding, they must show off and let everyone in An family village know that they did give birth to a daughter, but this daughter was more promising than all the boys in An Family village.

The most promising boy in An Family village was just a workshop supervisor in a factory.

He was paid more than 10,000 per month, but his daughter was paid two million a year.

If you counted it, it was more than 100,000 a month.

We will show off our daughter!

This was what father and mother An thought.

It had to be said that they had lived in Taoyuan Village for a period of time.

This change in thinking was really big.

This was because in the An family village, everyone valued sons over daughters.

These people who had always lived in the An family village were influenced by the villages atmosphere.

Of course, they also valued sons over daughters, especially because they were influenced by feudal ideology.

They thought that having a son to continue the family line was the most important thing.

However, after they arrived at Taoyuan village, they were immediately influenced by the atmosphere of the villagers and the Xiao family.

They gradually developed a preference for daughters over sons.

Naturally, they began to value their only daughter, An Xiaohui, especially since their daughter was a promising one.

As parents, they were respected in Taoyuan village, so they were very proud.

However, they were still stubborn about having a male descendant continue the family line.

With Xiao Lingyus reminder, she had thought of a way to achieve both.

In fact, this method was very common in big cities.

For example, when an only child got married and had two children, one of them would have the surname of the woman and the other of the man.

It seemed to have become a common occurrence in big cities.

However, it was somewhat incomprehensible to the people in the countryside.

Therefore, when parents An knew that their daughter could get married and that their child could take the surname of An, they were so happy and excited that they cried.

After all, they had An Xiaohui as their only daughter.

In their hometown, she had always been looked down upon.

Later on, when they moved to the county town, she had also been looked down upon by relatives and friends.

Now, this arrangement not only gave them comfort but also gave them a sense of pride.

Because the company was expanding, father and mother An hoped that the two of them would get married as soon as possible.

Naturally, Xiao Lingyu did not give An Xiaohui much time off.

It was only a short fifteen days.

Within these fifteen days, they were going to have two weddings.

These two weddings could be said to be in different parts of the world.

Naturally, the time seemed to be a little rushed.

After father and mother An set the wedding date, they went back to their hometown.

An Xiaohui gave them 300,000 to prepare for the wedding, and Xiao Wang gave them 300,000 as well.

Since they wanted to prepare for a grand wedding, they naturally had to use a lot of money.

Only with money could they prepare for a grand wedding.

Father and mother An initially rejected the two sums of money, but with the little money they had, it was not enough for a grand wedding.

So, they accepted the money and used the dowry to let An Xiaohui get married!

Of course, since An Xiaohui was getting married, then Xiao Wang would definitely follow the marriage custom of the An family village and marry An Xiaohui.

The marriage custom of the An family village was mainly about the dowry.

Xiao Wang had been by Old Master Gongs side all these years.

With his salary and allowance, plus his usual expenses, his savings had already reached one to two million.

Xiao Wang directly gave 999,900 RMB as a betrothal gift.

Such a high betrothal gift made Father and mother An extremely happy.

This amount of money was enough to marry all the girls in the An family village.

This meant that Xiao Wang really liked his daughter.

As far as he knew, the highest betrothal gift the An family village could get from marrying a daughter was only 88,000.

This 88,000 was enough to make that girls parents burst with joy.

They kept showing off in the village, saying that their daughter was very valuable.

With the money from her betrothal gift, their son would not have to worry about money at all for his daughters marriage.

But now, An Xiaohui was getting a betrothal gift of 999,000 RMB.

This was enough for him to show off for a long time.

Of course, they had thought it through now, so they definitely wouldnt squander this one million.

They planned to return the money to the young people.

In the future, they would all live together.

The young couple needed the money more than they did.

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