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Chapter 992: GossipsTranslator: Lonelytree

Perhaps it was because An Xiaohuis parents kept hearing about their daughters good results that they felt a little guilty.

Perhaps someone heard about what they had done and scoffed at them.

Later on, they gave An Xiaohui some living expenses.

When An Xiaohui took the college entrance exam, she faced some challenges from her parents.

However, she did not disappoint.

She got a good result and was the top scholar in the countys liberal arts.

She took the national key university entrance exam.

After she was admitted to the university, her parents were unwilling to send her to school, but with her results, many people or companies were willing to support her.

However, An Xiaohui refused them.

She was the top scorer in the county.

There was a reward given by the school, and then she worked part-time to earn the tuition fees for the first semester.

After that, after she went to university, she continued to work part-time.

She finally finished four years of university.

During this period, her parents did help her somewhat.

They paid half of her tuition fees and didnt support her t living expenses.

That was because their money was given to another person.

That person was An Yang.

He wanted to go to high school and university.

The tuition fees, living expenses, and various other expenses were all paid by An Xiaohuis parents.

After An Xiaohui found out, she felt sad, wronged, and helpless.

Fortunately, she had finally made something of herself.

The villagers of An Family village were sitting under the trees and discussing animatedly.

“The daughter of An Dachuns family is really getting married Didnt they say that they will be getting a live-in son-in-law” A villager asked doubtfully.

“Didnt An Dachun come back a few days ago The moment he came back, he told everyone that the main reason he came back this time was to arrange his daughters marriage and get the dowry.

I asked around, and he said that they werent going to have a live-in son-in-law.

He will marry off Xiaohui gloriously.”

“Then, its not true that they dont need An Yang to continue their family lineage anymore”

“No, its true.

However, I heard from Dachun that his familys Xiaohui is getting married.

The man agreed to let their first son have the surname An.

In the future, the child will continue the family line for Dachun.

The other children will have the mans surname.”

“What” When some villagers heard this, they were shocked.

“Is this true or fake How is the man so open-minded”

“Mm, seeing the smile on Dachuns face when he said it, its probably true! Otherwise, why would they be so happy”

They were from the same village, so there was no need for them to lie about this matter.

“So, its true that An Danian said that his big brother isnt willing to pay for An Yang to marry a wife”

“Then it should be true,” someone said, “Dachun now has a grandson to rely on, so they dont need a nephew anymore.

In that case, why should they keep feeding An Yang”

“Ever since the An Danian couple gave birth to their son, they pushed the son to be raised by their elder brother.

Even the money for the child to go to university was given by their elder brother and sister-in-law, so they basically didnt contribute much money to raise their son.

Originally, they were still hoping that their elder brother and sister-in-law would help An Yang get a wife.

Now that An Dachun and his wife have pulled this trick, Im afraid that the person who should be the angriest should be An Danian.”

“Previously, An Danian had even said that his son was a university student and that he would definitely get a wife in the city in the future.

I heard that the betrothal gifts for marrying city wives are very expensive.

They even need a house and a car.”

“With this, An Danian and his wife will have a headache.”

“Why should they worry Although An Yang was their son, An Yang had always been supported by his elder brother and sister-in-law since he was young.

They did not contribute much money.

Therefore, after so many years, they must have saved a lot of money.

Moreover, when their parents passed away, everything in the family went to Danian.

Who would believe that they were poor”

“Thats true.

After so many years, they didnt use any money.

They must have saved all of it.

Even if its not a lot, there must be around 100,000.”

“But, didnt Danian say that Xiaohui worked in a hotel Did she find some old man to be her husband”

To them, working in a hotel was not a proper job.

What kind of good man could she find

“Danian is lying.

Actually, An Xiaohui works in a big city, but she doesnt work in a hotel.

Instead, she works in a big company and works as a manager in the company.”

“Thats what Dachun said, right But Danian said that they went to An Xiaohuis place of work, which is in a hotel.

She was wearing revealing clothes, and it was obvious that she was not a proper person.”

“Thats not what happened at all.

Danian was lying.”

“Then how do you know that Dachun wasnt lying”

“Dachun showed us where An Xiaohui is working.”

“Showed you” Some people were confused.


“An Dachun had a cell phone.

I heard that it was very expensive.

Xiaohui bought it for him.

It cost more than six thousand.

That cell phone can take photos and even record videos.

Dachun took photos of Xiaohuis workplace and showed them to us.”

“But that can also be faked, right” Someone asked suspiciously.

“Nonsense!” Someone immediately retorted, “Dachun called her daughter on the spot.

We could see what Xiaohui was doing.

At that time, we saw Xiaohui dressed very neatly and sitting in a very large and beautiful room.

Xiaohui told us that it was her office.

We also saw that there was a bookcase in that office, and it was filled with books.

Dachun also said that his daughter did not work in a hotel but was working for a large company called the Green Fresh Group.

The Green Fresh Group has been on TV before, so it can be found online.”

Although An Family village was backward and closed, with the development of modern communications and the young people going out, gradually, even the older ones knew what the internet was.

“We can get the young people to search for this!” Some villagers did not quite believe in An Dachun, but they believed in An Danian more.

Because they felt that it was impossible for a girl to find a good job in a big city.

This was the narrow-mindedness caused by their long-standing preference for boys over girls.

Just as this group of people was discussing, they saw a young man walking over while playing with his phone.

The villagers immediately called out to him, “Dabao, come over.”

An Dabao walked over and asked, “Uncle, whats wrong”

“Dabao, go online and look up the name of the company called Green… Green Fresh Group.”

An Dabao suddenly asked, “Uncle, why are you suddenly looking into this company”

As he asked in puzzlement, he began to look into it.

The villagers said, “Your uncle Dachun said that his Xiaohui is working there, and this is a big company.

It can be found online, so we want to take a look.”

A moment later, information about the green fresh group came out.

An Dabao said, “Green fresh group is indeed a very big company.

The information on it says that its a big company worth tens of billions.

Wait, why do I see Sister Xiaohuis introduction on it”

“Xiaohui Which Xiaohui It cant be An Xiaohui, right “The villager immediately asked curiously.

“Ah, its really sister Xiaohui.

An Xiaohui, the human resources manager.

Look, theres a photo of Sister Xiaohui on it,” An Dabao said excitedly.

The villagers, “…”

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