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Huh Wasn’t the plot not right Shouldn’t he be asked immediately what the bottle and the liquid were all about Shao Yunan was confused, but Wang Shijing savagely ripped open his clothes and put his hand into his pants.

“Uhhhh!” Shao Yunan, who was gripped by his weak point, gasped.

“You, why don’t you ask” How come he didn’t follow the script “I’ll wait for you to tell me.” Tearing off Shao Yunan’s pants, Wang Shijing turned him over, then wrapped one hand strongly around his waist and put him in a lying position.

“Ah!” Shao Yunan felt dizzy due to Wang Shijing’s unorthodox approach, as his soft, hot tongue licked his jewels, not giving him a chance to react.

After f0ndling them with his lips and tongue, he went straight up and licked the small bvd that had opened and closed slightly under his tongue.

“Ah!” Tears came out of Shao Yunan’s eyes.

His neck tensed and his upper body suddenly lost its support and fell on the bed, as a pair of hot palms held his hips.

While the sliding tongue made a rhythmic gesture to forcefully probe into the place where he had been longing to be vi0lated, Shao Yunan burst into tears.

“Shijing… ah… um.” Why did he suddenly have the impression that this guy was getting back at him “Shijing… don’t, don’t… well… I must.” Wang Shijing was unmoved as his tongue continued to work.

A stream of hot liquid poured out and the five taels of flesh on Wang Shijing’s lower body became purple and black.

“You come in, I want you to come in! Ah!” Shao Yunan screamed.

He wanted it.

His body, his whole person was eager for this person to come in.

Wang Shijing straightened up his body, wrapped one hand around Shao Yunan’s waist, lifted his lower body, and held his purple-black


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