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Wang Shijing ignored the pain of his scalp being pulled as he held the back of Shao Yunan’s head and kissed him again.

Shao Yunan let go and then Wang Shijing’s fingers reached towards Shao Yunan’s back.

“Well…” Shao Yunan pulled Wang Shijing’s hair as their long hair tangled together in the water.


Once again his body felt the dull pain, but this time the dull pain was particularly long.

Shao Yunan put his arms around Wang Shijing’s neck and gave his body to him completely.

He only felt that the process of being entered was unusually long.

These five taels of meat were really hard to ‘swallow.’

“Umm, Um… Wife.”

“Slow down.”

“Wife… Wife.”

Wang Shijing bit Shao Yunan’s lips, the tip of his tongue intruded into his mouth, sucking wildly.

Then he pried open the body of the person in his arms little by little, savoring the soft warm honey trail, this was his wife, it was his Yunan.

Clatter, clatter, the calm water made waves.

“Ah!” Shao Yunan’s cry resounded throughout the space and Wang Shijing, who buried himself all the way in, no longer wanted to restrain his eagerness that he had held back for too long.

He wanted to enjoy possessing this person, so he could say from the bottom of his heart that he was the wife of Wang Shijing.

He knew he didn’t deserve his wife and now, he was even more flustered.

“Shijing, Shijing… slow down, slow down…” Wang Shijing carried Shao Yunan out of the pool and let him go.

During this period, he still locked Shao Yunan’s body in a firm grip, wrapping Shao Yunan’s legs around his waist.

While Wang Shijing’s own waist moved violently like an out-of-control motor.

Shao Yunan had no time to think about whether he had brought this on himself or asked for his own death.

He only felt that he was about to be pierced by Wang Shijing.

But the paradox was that he wrapped his limbs around Wang Shijing so hard and his emotional cries provoked another wave of desires in Wang Shijing, that was about to overwhelm him.

They finally become married in the real sense.

Vaguely he heard someone talking, but he couldn’t hear properly, so Shao Yunan struggled to turn over in the quilt, pulled the quilt over his head, and then went to sleep.

After a while, he seemed to be pushed, but he still ignored it due to his exhaustion.

Then someone came to him, pulled down the quilt, wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead with his hands, and after wrapping him back in the quilt, he picked him up.

“Honey, drink some water.” Shao Yunan opened his mouth subconsciously and sweet warm water entered his mouth, moistening his dry throat.

“Wife, are you hungry”


“Eat something before you rest.” With a big yawn, the man in Wang Shijing’s arms did not want to move and just mumbled, “Your ex-wife must not be able to stand it and ran away.” A chuckle passed to him through Wang Shijing’s vibrating chest.

“I made porridge, have some porridge before you go to sleep.”

“I want to eat noodles.”

“I’ll cook it, just like last night”


Shao Yunan was placed back on the bed and the person who made him so tired went out.

After two yawns, Shao Yunan still had no intention to get up.

This coquettish man, even he was not sure how many times they did it in the space yesterday.

He even pressed him down twice after leaving the space.

If it wasn’t for his spiritual spring water, he wondered if he would have already been reincarnated by now. 

This coquettish man, had supposedly been afraid of hurting his body and had refused to eat it thoroughly.

Now knowing of the existence of the spiritual spring water and essence, he had completely revealed his appetite and was no longer afraid of hurting him.

Shao Yunan licked his lips, but there was no denying that the process of doing the ‘complete set’ was very enjoyable.

The man who looked so honest was not dull at all in bed and had so many tricks, he suspected he had learned from his good brothers.

With a sigh of relief, Shao Yunan stretched his taut body, as he became much more relaxed.

Finally, he had someone responsible for the land in the space.

The pile of supplies and the things he had stored that needed to be organized and which gave him a headache was also taken care of.

But the main thing was that with his secret out, many things became much easier to do.

Wang Shijing came back with a bowl of fragrant egg noodles in clear soup, with spiritual milk and spiritual spring water.

Shao Yunan did not have to pay special attention to his diet after the night;s activities and just wanted to eat the simple noodles made by Wang Shijing.

Wang Shijing cut the noodles finely and cooked them just right, so Shao Yunan liked them very much. 

There were not many men in the Wang family who could cook like Wang Shijing.

People like Wang Tianyan and Wang Zhisong simply never entered the kitchen, but Wang Shijing’s skills in making noodles were ‘trained’ by old lady Wang.

Shao Yunan sat up and Wang Shijing hurriedly put a pillow behind him, dragged the kang table over with one hand, and put the bowl on it.

“What else do you want to eat”

“Noodles will be enough, what time is it How is Qing”

“It’s the morning after.

Qing is fine.

His throat doesn’t hurt and his chest isn’t stuffy.

Earlier this morning, old master Sun came and said that Qing was recovering well, but since he is in shock, he should stay at home for a few days to recuperate.

The children asked what happened to you and I said you slept late last night.”

Shao Yunan glared at the culprit.

“How dare you say I slept late The sun came up before I could go to sleep! Your ex-wife absolutely couldn’t stand your stamina!” Wang Shijing’s one eye was filled with satisfaction as he came closer and reached into the quilt to run his hand along Shao Yunan’s waist.

“My wife is too seductive.

I can’t help it.”

“Get lost, obviously you are a beast! You say if you had any good brothers in the army! You seem very used to spending nights with a man!” Wang Shijing immediately said, “I really didn’t.

Even if I saw people doing it, I didn’t do it and just followed what I learned.” Then it’s all used on me, right Shao Yunan grunted twice and lowered his head to eat the noodles.

Wang Shijing knew that his wife had suffered, but did not regret it.

When he held his wife, he really felt like this person was his, that he completely belonged to him.

Halfway through the meal, when his stomach no longer felt empty, Shao Yunan asked, “What’s going on in the village” Wang Shijing’s expression immediately became a little cold.

“The patriarch opened an ancestral hall and the concerned people knelt all night, while the four children each received three cane hits.

Their houses are also not allowed to participate in the clan rituals for a year.”

Shao Yunan raised his eyebrows.

“Including Wang Zhisong”


Brother Shuping and brother Yuande told me when they came to see Qing.

But I didn’t ask about the rest.” Wang Shijing clearly did not want to mention the people from that house.

“Old lady Wang was beaten with thirty boards, what do you plan to do”

“I took twenty taels of silver and asked Brother Shuping to send it over, so I won’t need to go over.

It is also up to them whether they want it or not.

I asked Brother Shuping to convey to them that they should not look for me in the future and that the twenty taels of silver is my last act of filial respect.”

Shao Yunan nodded.

“If they are smart, they probably won’t come to us again in the future.

Luckily you didn’t let Qing and Nizi enter the family tree.

Let’s see if we will have a chance to get you out of there as well, in the future.”


After eating the noodles, Shao Yunan went to the toilet, took a bath, and went back to sleep.

Today, many people came to their house to visit Wang Qing, but Wang Shijing did not disturb Shao Yunan.

Yesterday’s incident could be said to have shaken the entire village.

Wang Shijing’s family clearly had the county magistrate as a backer, so the families that previously bullied Wang Shijing were now afraid. 

Looking at old lady Wang’s family situation was enough to keep them on their toes.

Especially Wang Dafu’s family that wanted to take advantage of Wang Shijing.

On seeing him, they now went straight to hide, in fear that Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan would come to settle scores with them.

Many families that previously were not close to Wang Shijing’s family, tried to take the opportunity of checking on Wang Qing to get closer to them.

However, they were sent off by Wang Shijing on the grounds that their children were frightened, so only those with a good relationship with their family could come.

Wang Shijing sent some chrysanthemum tea to Uncle Zhou and Aunt Zhou’s family, and also took ten taels of silver to thank them.

The couple refused to accept any money, but were forced to do so by Wang Shijing.

If Zhou Tianbao hadn’t rescued Wang Qing in time, Shao Yunan would not have been able to help.

Not to mention that it was not easy for Zhou Tianbao to have such a response at that time. 

Wang Shijing also let Zhao Yuande send five taels of silver to Tang Genshu’s side as thanks.

Since Tang Genshu’s mother was a widow, it was inconvenient for Wang Shijing to visit them in person.

Tang Genshu also refused to accept it, but Zhao Yuande said it would help him with his brother’s studies.

Then Tang Genshu thanked him several times and finally accepted.


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