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Chapter 46.1

Wang Shijing took out a long list of orders written by Shao Yunan to buy goods, before leaving the county town’s Yamen.

Shao Yunan wanted the tea tray to be made according to the pattern he drew himself, so Wang Shijing went to the same store where he ordered the wine barrel before.

When the shopkeeper saw the pattern, he was very impressed and begged Wang Shijing not to go to another shop. 

Wang Shijing, who had learned a little about business from Shao Yunan, ordered 30 tea sets and requested that the tea bowls be made from white porcelain.

The shopkeeper gave the cheapest price and also came with two sets.

Wang Shijing then said that if they still need more in the future, he would definitely come back to the shopkeeper to order more.

But before his family could make use of these tea sets, the  shopkeeper was not allowed to present it to any other families, otherwise their order would be void.

Most shopkeepers wouldn’t know the use of the tea sets or the other things ordered by Wang Shijing, especially the decanter.

Wang Shijing didn’t say it was a decanter.

He only said that it had a special purpose.

Although the shopkeeper did not know the origin of the tea sets, he could see that Wang Shijing would definitely want them in large quantities later, so he signed the contract at once.

The new style of wine barrel allowed him to earn a lot of money.

He didn’t know the use of the tea set for now, but he was sure that it would allow him to earn a lot of money later and would also sell well.

It could be said that this shopkeeper had a very economic mind.

After taking care of business, Wang Shijing bought the meat and glutinous rice that Shao Yunan ordered before going back.

Just as he returned and entered the door, he smelled a strong smell of meat as someone dared to test him.

“Shijing, what kind of delicious food did your wife make We have been craving it for half a day.”

Wang Shijing, who had returned the cart, was carrying the meat with one hand and the rice bag with the other, as he replied.

“It must be meat, my Yunan said he would make something delicious for Qing and Nizi today.”

“Qing and Nizi are lucky to have such a little father.

Shijing, you are also a very lucky man.”

“Well, my Yunan is the best.

Qing and Nizi are also close to their little father.” Wang Shijing’s response made many of the villagers around him less afraid of him.

If they were afraid of the scars on Wang Shijing’s face before, now they were afraid of the mountain behind Wang Shijing.

As soon as he entered the courtyard, Wang Shijing called, “Yunan I am back! What are you cooking” The two children come out of the kitchen, the corners of their mouths dripping with gravy.

Their eyes shone as Wang Nizi shouted, “Father, little father stewed meat! It’s especially fragrant.”

“Well daddy can smell it.” Carrying the meat and rice into the kitchen, before Wang Shijing could ask, a piece of meat was fed to his mouth, making him hastily open his mouth.

“Mmm! So good!” Shao Yunan said, “It has to be stewed more, until it is soft and tender.

But I scooped some to make braised meat rice.

The rice also needs to be steamed, so wash your hands and rest for a while.”

“I’m not tired.

What else needs to be done”

“Nothing more.

I want you to make bread tonight.”

“Okay.” The two children didn’t lift their heads while they were eating, but Shao Yunan just shook his head when he saw them..

They had already eaten it a few times, so how come they still loved it so much

Wang Shijing didn’t say anything about going to the county town and just also took a big mouthful of food.

The rice Shao Yunan cooked was the one from the space, so it was very fragrant.

This made the two children think that the rice today was particularly delicious, but could not think of the reason why the rice tasted so different.

When the two children went to take a nap after their meal, Wang Shijing repeated what Jiang Kangning told him to Shao Yunan.

Shao Yunan finally said, “It’s okay to do evil, but you can’t live long by doing it yourself.”

In the afternoon, Wang Shijing went to their new house, instead of going to the space.

Since Wang Qing’s accident, everyone understood why he hadn’t shown up for the past few days, so as soon as they saw him, they all asked him about Wang Qing’s situation.

Wang Shijing told everyone that the child was well and thanked them for thinking about him.

Wang Shijing did not cover his workers’ food and housing, but he still bought a large piece of meat over, so they could add it to their evening meal.

Since the days were getting colder, it could be considered a thank you to these people who worked without delay.

After strolling around the new house, picking out a few problems, and chatting with Father Wang and Uncle Zhou about the new house for a while, Wang Shijing finally went up the mountain and found the tea tree forest that he and Shao Yunan spent 600 taels of silver to buy.

Jiang Kangning directly asked about this matter, since the Yamen division who came over to measure the land told him that Shao Yunan had directly signed the land deed on the same day.

Although the village head also had to registrate the deed, he didn’t spread it to the public and the Yamen also didn’t spread it, so no one in the village knew that Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing had spent 600 taels of silver to buy a large piece of the mountain.

From now on, the western mountain near the village belonged to Shao Yunan, since the land deed was written in Shao Yunan’s name.

Wang Shijing took out a large gourd of spiritual spring water from his back basket and began to water the trees.

He brought a total of four large gourds, so each tree was watered once before he cut five branches from each tree.

He then picked up the back basket and left.

These old tea trees have grown here for a hundred years or even a thousand years, so Shao Yunan didn’t intend to move them.

As long as he has some branches, the seeds will be sown in the space to sprout.

If nothing else, the old tea branches in the space should grow into large trees in a year.

When passing by the withered goat’s milk fruits forest, Wang Shijing also dug up a dozen of them.

These dozen goat’s milk fruit trees can be grown into hundreds of trees.

Shao Yunan patted his chest to guarantee the quality of his tea, but the best wine would also be produced in his space.

When he got home, Shao Yunan planted the cut branches in the space, while Wang Shijing was busy making bread.

Wang Shijing kneaded the bread under Shao Yunan’s guidance and baked it on the side of a large iron pot.

After baking, it was placed on the stove top to stay warm.

After the first batch was made, Shao Yunan scooped out a spoonful of meat and chopped it on the counter.

Cutting the buns from the side, he put the meat inside and then poured a little soup over it, making Wang Shijing swallow his saliva.

“Nizi, Qing come.”

“Coming.” Wang Qing and Wang Nizi ran out from their room and Shao Yunan handed the meat sandwich to Wang Nizi.

“Try it, be careful and don’t drip the grease on your clothes.” Wang Nizi opened her mouth to take a bite and instantly, her eyes went wide open.

“Uh-huh!” Yummy!

Shao Yunan quickly made the second one and handed it to Wang Qing, who was already gulping on the side.

Then Wang Qing opened his mouth to take a big bite.

Wang Shijing looked at his wife with his one eye, but Shao Yunan made the third one for himself as he squinted his eyes in satisfaction… “Delicious.”


“Heh.” Bullying people felt good, Shao Yunan teased, “If this bread is baked well, I will reward you with a bite.” Wang Shijing’s mouth opened and half of the sandwich was gone, but he had a very satisfied expression in his eyes.

“Little father, it’s so delicious!”

“Little father is not delicious.”

“…” Wang Nizi blushed and Wang Qing laughed.

The two children finished eating, licking the gravy running down their fingers.

Shao Yunan, who only ate one bite, fed the rest to Wang Shijing, then asked, “How about this Can we give this to fourth aunt’s family and others to sell”


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