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After having dinner in the restaurant, Zhang Han hurried to the Thunder Yang Tree to refine the rest of the spiritual weapons.

Mengmeng caught Tiny Tot, Dahei, and Little Hei and played with them in the magic paradise for quite a while.

After that, she went back to the castle to do her homework and play online games.

When it was a little past 11 oclock in the evening, Mengmeng ran to the balcony.

Seeing that Zhang Han was still outside doing his work, she leaped off the balcony, landed steadily on the ground, and ran up to him.

“Daddy, why havent you turned in Youve been working so long.

Arent you tired Do you want me to get you a glass of water or juice”


Zhang Han laughed happily and said, “Daddy is not tired.

I only need a few more minutes.

You can go to sleep first.

Dont forget you have to wake up early tomorrow morning to attend school.”

“No, Daddy, Ill wait for you until youre done and go upstairs with you,” Mengmeng muttered.

After 10 seconds of silence, she began to pose a series of questions.

“Daddy, are you forging weapons”

“Whose weapons are these Is any of those for me”

“Daddy, what kind of weapon do you think I should use Should it be a whip”


If it were an ordinary weapon-refining craftsman, being bombarded with all those questions by a child while working, even if the child was his own, he would have yelled, “Get lost!”

Because refining pellets and weapons required ones constant focus.

However, Zhang Han was an exception.

Although he was not proficient in refining weapons, it was still a piece of cake for him to strengthen the weapons at hand.

Moreover, his beloved daughter was there chatting with him.

Even if the furnace was blown up, Zhang Han would not turn a hair.

Thus, while controlling the fire, Zhang Han answered,

“These are your Uncle Hus and other members weapons.

They placed the weapons here at noon.”

“How could there be a weapon for you Mengmeng, uh… actually, you should have some weapons.

Wait, let me think about it.”

“A whip I think its okay.

Coupled with your Fire Whip Skill, its power will be multiplied.”


After they were done with this subject, several minutes had passed.

“Whiz, whiz, whiz!”

Five weapons that had already been transformed into sixth-tier spirit treasures were placed aside.

There was already a small pile of completed weapons.

From this, it could be seen that Zhang Han did have treated Zhao Feng, Mu Xue, and Jiang Yanlan with extra care.

“Come on, lets go back to sleep.”

Zhang Han took Mengmengs little hand and flew straight back to the third floor.

“Mummy, youre still up” Mengmeng climbed onto the king-sized bed, leaned her head toward Zi Yan, fixing her eyes on the mobile phone screen Zi Yan was looking at.

“Eh Didnt you say that we would go shopping this Saturday Why are you doing online shopping now”

“Im just checking this years popular styles.

Little girl, why are you still so energetic in the middle of the night Arent you afraid that you wont be able to get up tomorrow Go back to your room.

Chop, chop.”

“You drove me away as soon as I came here.

Am I really your daughter” Mengmeng snorted.

“Have you finished your homework”

Zi Yans one question made Mengmeng look a little aggrieved again.

“You always ask me this same question!”


Go to sleep.

Its almost 12 oclock.” Zi Yan couldnt help laughing and patted Mengmengs little butt.


Mengmeng got out of bed, put on her shoes, and bounced back to her bedroom.

The next day, Zhang Han sent Mengmeng to school as always.

Then, Zhang Han spent the whole day refining the rest of the weapons.

Quickly, the power of the weapons of the people on Mount New Moon increased several times, which would also greatly improve their strength.

Many people who were in the Innateness Realm were cultivating round the clock.

They were ceaselessly absorbing the frosty crystal stones while running their cultivation methods and comprehending the secret skills they had learned.

On the third day, they obtained the Energy-gathering Magical Pellets from Zhang Han, which greatly boosted their cultivation speed.

Zhang Mu was stunned by Zhang Hans achievement that day.

“Ive never seen anyone refining pellets so effortlessly, have I”

Zhang Han put a load of spiritual herbs into six pellet-refining furnaces in batches.

In less than half an hour, six batches of pellets were ready.

Each of the pellets had a white halo swirling around it, which proved that those were all top-grade pellets.

It only took Zhang Han one day to produce all the pellets that the people on Mount New Moon needed in the next period.

The speed and efficiency of his work were startlingly amazing.

The most incredulous part was… his success rate was 100 percent!

“Is he really that powerful” he wondered.

But in the evening, when it was past 11 oclock, Zhang Hans 100 percent success rate was shattered.

“Daddy, are you refining pellets What flavors do these pellets have”


It was the first time that Zhang Han had heard somebody ask about the flavors of pellets.

He was distracted for a second and failed to adjust the fire in time.

At once, muffled blasts came from the six pellet-refining furnaces.

“Well, these are flavorless.”

Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He took out the burnt dregs from the furnaces with a stir of his mind and started over.

“Did you just blow it up

“Does any of those have a fruit flavor

“Or a banana flavor Strawberry Chocolate Do you have any with an ice cream flavor

“Daddy, would my talking distract you”

Zhang Han said, “Not at all.”

“Well, are there any delicious medicinal pellets I havent had any medicinal pellets yet.”

“Delicious ones You wanna some pellets that taste good Well, let me think…”

“Boom, boom, boom…”

As soon as Zhang Han began to consider other things, the furnaces exploded again.

Zhang Han rubbed his forehead and said in amusement, “Pellets never taste good.

But I think I can make some candy beans for you.

There happens to be an All-fragrance Herb in the herb garden.

What flavor do you want There are six pill furnaces, so I can make six different flavors, which can be strawberry, banana, apple, sugar cane, milk, and watermelon.

What do you think”

“Really Hee-hee, Daddy is the best!” Mengmeng whooped, sounding a little surprised.

“Hahaha,” Zhang Han laughed heartily.

At this time, Zhang Guangyou, who happened to be on a short break from his cultivation, walked over.

Under his stunned gaze, Zhang Han uprooted the six-tier All-fragrance Herb from the herb garden and some more spiritual herbs.

Then, with his mental power, he summoned watermelons, bananas, apples, and many other fruits over.

All of them flew directly into the furnaces.

The whole process only took five minutes.


Piles of small candy beans began to take shape in each furnace, which were about the same size as soybeans.

Their colors varied.

The apple-flavored were light green.

The banana-flavored were light yellow.

The milk-flavored were milky white.

The sugar-cane-flavored were crystal clear…

“Ill put those in a jar for you.

Those are enough for you to enjoy for a couple of days.

Dont eat too many at a time, or youre likely to burp.” Zhang Han put the candy beans into a big jar.

“Daddy, I love you!” Mengmeng gave him several kisses in a roll.

Then, the little girl picked out two candy beans and tossed them into her mouth.

She first felt a refreshing coolness on her tongue.

Soon, the taste of fruits was released, which eventually developed into fragrant sweetness.

“Wow! These beans taste good!”

Mengmengs eyes lit up.

“Daddy, have some.”

While speaking, Mengmeng picked up a bean with a watermelon flavor and delivered it to Zhang Hans mouth.

Zhang Han bent over and swallowed the candy bean.

He nodded and said, “Not bad.”

“Its super delicious.

Ill go and share with mom.” Mengmengs pupils swiveled shrewdly, then she ran to the castle.

“Dont have too many of those, or you will burp.

Do not eat more than 20 at a time,” Zhang Han called after her.

Seeing Mengmeng running into the castle, Zhang Han shook his head in amusement.

“Han, you made snacks for Mengmeng with a sixth-tier treasure.

If Sixth Elder saw this, he would be heartbroken!” Zhang Guangyou approached him and said in a dry voice.

“No one would say anything even if I made Mengmeng snacks with seventh-tier or ninth-tier treasures, not to mention this sixth-tier herb,” Zhang Han replied casually.

“All right.”

The corner of Zhang Guangyous mouth trembled at his answer.

Then, he asked, “Han, Ive gained more insights from the Red Broadsword Flash you taught me last time.


He had come to ask for Zhang Hans advice.

Zhang Han didnt want to continue with the pellet refining anyway.

Thus, he elaborated on the parts of the secret skill that could be further improved and the corresponding methods.

Having obtained the instruction, Zhang Guangyou soon hurried back to his villa.

“Now Im going to sleep.”

Zhang Han shook his head and flew straight to the third floor.

When he was by the window, he heard some faint, suppressed peals of laughter coming from Mengmengs bedroom.

Then he went back to his bedroom.

“Hic… honey, hic, whats wrong… with me Why am I hiccupping…” Zi Yan looked a little bemused.

“Cough, cough, cough.”

Zhang Han coughed hard several times, and his face became a little stiff.

He smiled awkwardly and said, “Well, is there something wrong with what you ate tonight”

“Now, Mengmeng not only knows how to set me up but also knows how to trick her Mommy!”

“Thats weird, hic…”

Zi Yan thought about it doubtfully.

“Ill give you a massage.”

Striving to hold back his laughter, Zhang Han massaged Zi Yan for a few minutes.

As expected, she stopped burping.

“We had dinner together.

Why was only I burping Why didnt you and Mengmeng have the condition as well” With skepticism in her eyes, Zi Yan looked Zhang Han up and down.

Seeing his expression, Zi Yan suddenly snorted and said, “Is it because of the candy beans Mengmeng gave me just now Are those something you refined You two worked together to trick me, didnt you”

“No, no, its not…”

However, at breakfast the next morning…

Zi Yan demanded with a straight face, “Mengmeng, where are those candy beans”


Seeing this, Mengmeng knew that her Mummy had found out the truth.

She decided to play dumb.

“Those candy beans are in my bedroom.

Do you want some more, Mummy”

“Looks like a certain little girl is in the need of some discipline.

You knew one would burp if one ate too many at a time, but you still gave me that many.”

“Well, I was a little careless at that time.”


Mengmeng talked and laughed with Zi Yan for a moment.

After breakfast, the family of three got in the car and went to the First Middle School.

When Zhang Han and Zi Yan came back to the castle after dropping Mengmeng off at school, it was already nine oclock.

“Honey, I have to cultivate in seclusion,” Zhang Han said.

“Where” Zi Yan said, somewhat taken aback.

“Its in the training room.

Maybe some aura would gush out.

But that room has been reinforced, so it wouldnt be a problem.”

“Oh, sure.

Ill watch TV then.”

“Well, take this.

Call me by crushing it at five oclock this afternoon.” Zhang Han took out a small bead, which was soft like jelly.

“If you are busy, I can pick up Mengmeng myself.

Anyway, Ive become powerful as well,” Zi Yan said.

“No need.

Maybe I can finish comprehending the powers sooner than I planned.”

Zhang Han smiled.

He came to the training room, sat cross-legged at the center of the floor, and slowly closed his eyes.

Several years ago, he had only been absorbing and refining energy.

His cultivation went on day and night.

Now that he had condensed the Immortal Body, he needed to figure out the plausible possibilities for the next part of his cultivation.

When he condensed the immortal body, Zhang Han already had some ideas in mind.

He had picked the way relatively familiar to him—to refine the five elements and turn them into Yin and Yang and eventually condense them into some kind of powerful body.

Both his supernatural powers and physical strength had made a great leap since then.

If he followed this path, when the divine thunder over the sky befell on him, he might be able to smash it with one hand.

“To earn the Immortal Body, there are five steps, which are to refine ones skin, muscles, tendons, bones, and blood.

I gained a supernatural power at each of those steps.

The first one is the Air-shattering Hand.

The second one is the Heavenly Devil Punch.

The third one is the Ghost Soldier.

The fourth one is the Overlapped Mountain.

And the fifth one is the Dark Blood Seal.

“The five kinds of supernatural powers are equally mighty.

And they all have great potentials.

Now, if Im going to adopt the plan of the five elements, I can converge the five kinds of source energy on my five supernatural powers.

This way, I may extract the essence of those powers to condense the Immortal Body of Five Elements!

“Those cultivators who had practiced the Athanasia Demon Gong didnt take this process before.

They directly got down on the body-refining phase.

But Im not proficient in body refining.

I suspect that they actually did more than passing the ninth-tier tribulation.

The Athanasia Demon Gong is not cut and dried.

It changes unpredictably.

And that stone tablet may not necessarily come from the Cultivation World.”

Zhang Han carefully organized his thoughts.

There was a problem.

“If I were to condense the Immortal Body of Five Elements, how should my five kinds of supernatural powers match the five elements”

Zhang Han was again lost in thought.

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