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If the first style “Air-shattering Hand” paired up with the fire element, its power would multiply.

But if with the wood element, its endurance would be longer.

And there were all the other kinds of advantages to match it with the gold element, the water element, or the earth element.

This choice was really difficult to make.

If it were someone with allodoxaphobia, he might not be able to make a choice even if he was given half a month.

“The gist of the Air-shattering Hand is to trap enemies in a trembling space and catch him with a palm.

Its a style useful in suppressing opponents.

I figure this supernatural power should be integrated with the water element so that it would last longer.

Then, its ability to shake the space would increase considerably.

“The Heavenly Devil Punch is a supernatural power used in fights at close quarters.

Its the most offensive one.

I will merge it with the fire element to enhance its power.

“The Ghost Soldier can kill people without a trace.

Its the most peculiar style.

But it has one defect, which is that it cant be cast when the enemy is far away.

Ill integrate it with the wood element to extend its shooting range.

“As for the Overlapped Mountain, its a large-scale offensive method.

Im gonna merge it with the gold element to make it more stable.

The mountains would be indestructible and able to crush anything.

“The Dark Blood Seal will pair up with the earth element, which can make it more solid and firm.

That seems acceptable.”

“Well, according to this order, Ill start with the Air-shattering Hand.

“I need water…”

With a stir of his thought, the water element condensed into one drop of water.

Then, he performed a palm-sized Air-shattering Hand.

Truthfully, it was extremely difficult to integrate the water element into this style at its source.

Although Zhang Han had a deep understanding of the five elements, it was not easy for him to change the attributes of the supernatural powers.

Two hours later.

Zhang Han opened his eyes and heaved with a sigh.

“If I only rely on this kind of comprehension, Im afraid it would take me decades to succeed.

“In the Cultivation World, the speed is already very fast But considering the situation Im facing, its too slow.

“Looks like I still need some help from the Source Attributes.”

Not all treasures had a Source, but the treasures with a Source must be extraordinary.

Take the Thunder Yang Tree as an example.

There were tens of thousands of Thunder Yang Trees in the world, but very few of them had the Thunder Yang Source.

Source Energy was the most precious cultivation resource in the Cultivation World.

Even in the Tribulation Stage, some people would still come to blows over some pure Source Energy.

The so-called Source referred to the source of the energy with various attributes at the different tiers in the Cultivation World.

Some of the best talented cultivators could gain Source Energy by meditation.

It did not happen to everyone.

However, if a cultivator absorbed and refined the Source of other things, there was a high chance that he would be able to gain Source Energy by mediation.

“As the saying goes, a long journey can be covered only by taking one step at a time.

Just take it slow.

If there is a chance, Ill absorb the Source of other treasures.

Even the low-level Source of Fiery Flames will do.

The Source can be purchased with crystal stones after all.”

Zhang Han inhaled deeply and began to meditate on the essence of combining the Air-shattering Hand with the water element.

This was not something that could be achieved in one day.

The long accumulation of time was necessary.

After collecting his thoughts, Zhang Han started another round of cultivation.

“Air-shattering Hand coupled with water.”

He repeatedly broke this style down and reorganized it until he comprehended the Source Energy of the water element and integrated it into the Air-shattering Hand.

Zhang Han stayed in the training room for the whole day.

He didnt even come out to have lunch.

Zi Yan merely had some snacks while watching TV.

She didnt want to have lunch alone.

It was not until four oclock that Zhang Han finally exited the training room.

As soon as he came out, he saw Zi Yan lying indolently on the sofa, with her slender legs fully exposed.

Her fair-skinned feet were casually placed on the tea table.

There were a lot of snacks on the left side of the sofa and some fruits on the tea table.

The trash can on the right side was already filled to the brim.

At a glance, Zhang Han knew that his wife had watched TV for a whole day and had had a lot of snacks.

“Youre done now”

Zi Yan withdrew her long legs, put on her slippers, and ran over to him.

She wrapped her hands around Zhang Hans neck and gave him a sweet kiss.

Then she muttered, “I didnt get to see you for a whole day.

I got bored.”

“Do you think everyone cultivates as easily as you Like we can all wake up and find ourselves one of the strongest cultivators,” Zhang Han said with amusement.

“Most peoples cultivation road is quite challenging and bumpy.

Now, I also need a long time of cultivation to achieve something.

But my speed of overcoming the small phases is relatively fast.

It wouldnt take long for me to reach the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage.”

“Hee-hee, youre such a lemon!” Zi Yan drew forth her right finger, slid it across Zhang Hans cheek and lips, and teased, “Youre still on the way to the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage.

But Im already in the Yuan Ying Realm.

When can you ever catch up with me”

“Youre quite naughty.” Zhang Han grinned.

He then cupped Zi Yans butt with his hands, lifted her to his chest, and kissed her.

Two minutes later.

“What are you doing Its almost five oclock.”

“Well then, Ill deal with you vamp tonight.”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “Go change.

We are picking up Mengmeng in minutes.”


Zi Yan happily went to the closet.

She put on a white dress, stepped on crystal-strapped sandals, and went out with Zhang Han.

Mount New Moon was much quieter than usual.

Because everyone was seizing every second to cultivate, so that they could go to the Kunlun Immortal World and make it to the Elixir Realm as soon as possible.

What was kind of interesting was that at noon, Dong Chen summoned a group of more than 40 talented disciples of the Heavenly Knights Sect and led them to Mount New Moon to mooch resources from Zhang Han.

Originally, his biggest ambition was to be a half-step to the Elixir Realm as Brother Mu did.

Yet, after meeting Zhang Han, he suddenly found that those who were a half-step to the Elixir Realm were not that impressive at all.

Han could kill those cultivators with a flick of his wrist.

After he was really a half-step to the Elixir Realm, he began to wonder when he could make it to the Elixir Realm.

But today, the Elixir Realm Early-Stage seemed just so-so to him.

Those at the Middle-Stage and the Last-Stage were backbone forces.

Only those at the Peak Stage were the really powerful ones.

And the Grand Masters in the Yuan Ying Realm were the top ones standing on the tip of the pyramid.

Dong Chens horizon had been expanding.

He thought that he must be among the first ones to break through to the Elixir Realm.

He reckoned that Zhang Han had plenty of resources, which was more than enough to share with him and the talented disciples of the Heavenly Knights Sect, so he brought them here to get some benefits from the “landlord”.

Just like that, almost all the martial artists on Mount New Moon were cultivating.

Only the newly recruited ones with Obvious Strength and Qi Strength were relatively free, for they didnt have need much time to cultivate.

After picking up Mengmeng, the family of the three got into the car.

The little girl chatted with Zhang Han and Zi Yan along the way.

The hour-long drive might seem boring, but in fact, it was a fun and lovely time.

Time passed slowly.

One day, two days…

A week later.

“Master, I think Im almost there.

Just a little bit away from the Elixir Realm.”

While Zhang Han was refining pellets, Mu Xue came over to report the good news.

“Well, good for you.”

“Master, Im ready, too.” Zhao Feng was the second one to come to him.

“Youre pretty fast.

After breaking into the Elixir Realm, you gotta calm down and reflect upon this breakthrough for some time,” Zhang Han said, nodding.

As for Jiang Yanlan, she didnt come to him at all.

Instructor Liu had taken her somewhere for fun.

She and Instructor Liu disappeared from 10 oclock in the morning and didnt show up until two oclock in the afternoon.

Zhang Mu came to the back mountain and made a list of people who were ready to go to the Kunlun Immortal World.

On the list, there were Zhang Guangyou, Mu Xue, Zhao Feng, Jiang Yanlan, Dong Chen, the First Elder, the Third Elder, Sect Leader Mu, Sect Leader Jiang, and many others.

There were nearly 20 people in total.

To everyones surprise, the Five-Tiger Generals and Leng Yue of the security group were also on the list.

Their cultivation speed was also very fast, especially Leng Yue.

She had always been sort of invisible in the group.

Since Mu Xue came, when Zi Yan went out, Mu Xue would protect her closely.

Leng Yue, who was left behind to handle menial work, felt a little jealous.

Thus, she worked harder in cultivation, so her progress was relatively fast.

The other members of the security group also showed their talents.

More than half of them were at the Heaven Last Stage.

Some of them were at the Heaven Peak Stage, while a few were at the Heaven Middle Stage.

“Master, Maam, were going to the Kunlun Immortal World to make our breakthroughs.

When we come back, we will all be in the Elixir stage.

Haha, Master, when are we going to explore the vast cosmos” Mu Xue, who was wearing black today, asked in an expectant tone.

“How do you know that we would go there” Zhang Han felt undecided on whether to laugh or cry.

“I enjoy the life here.

But when Mengmeng is on holiday, we may go out to have fun.”

“Hee-hee, this will be the first time Ive ever left Earth, so Im a little nervous and excited.” Mu Xue grinned.

She was as exultant as someone going abroad for the first time in life.

“Alright, lets go.

Well be back in a few days.”

Zhang Mu gave the order.

Looking at these people, he also felt a little emotional.

If it were the old Heavenly Knights Sect, the sect would not be able to attract so many talents.

The most surprising thing was that these people were all of the same minds.

When people were of the same minds, they could even move Mount Tai.

That was not just a joke.

“Zhang Han, my grandson, does have a strong persona charm,” he exclaimed in his head.

From the past few days he spent with Zhang Han, he had at least found that this grandson of his was very kind to his own people.

He never considered whether giving those people so many resources would be a waste.

He just showered them with frosty crystal stones, sixth-tier spiritual herbs, sixth-tier gems, and so on.

If it were any other sect, the leaders would definitely lock all the resources in the vault and ask the disciples to exchange them with the points they earned by doing tasks and the contribution they made to the sect.

However, in Zhang Hans case, he directly handed resources out to everyone.

Even in the entire Kunlun Immortal World, many people at the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage still did not have a sixth-tier treasure.

Those treasures were not common to find.

But in this group going up there, everyone had some.

Each of them had plenty of treasures and cultivation resources in their Space Rings.

When they were flying toward the Kunlun Mountain Range, Zhang Mu couldnt help sighing with emotion.

“Hans wealth is comparable to that of a first-rate sect.”

In the Top-grade Crystal Palace, there were a great number of top-grade crystal stones, sixth-tier spiritual herbs, sixth-tier gems, a herb garden, and many other treasures.

The resources Zhang Han had stocked up were really comparable to that of a first-rate sect in the Kunlun Immortal World.

“Hahaha.” Zhang Guangyou laughed.

Then, he said, “Didnt he just plunder the treasures of the Green Flame Sect and the Wind Snow Temple Adding the frosty crystal stone vein, the top-grade crystal stones and the sixth-tier treasures given by Lord Nan Shan, its not an exaggeration to say that my son is the richest man in the world.”


Jiang Yanlan couldnt help laughing.

“My master is the richest man in the world.

Thats amazing!”

“Of course he is!” Mu Xue said proudly.

“Master is a demon king! So is Maam! In the future, Mengmeng will also grow into a little demon king.

As for me, Ill become a super-powerful fighter.”

“Compared with other ordinary people, he is the richest, but dont forget that old man surnamed Yue,” Zhang Mu reminded, glancing at Zhang Guangyou.

“Oh! Thats right.

How did I miss that” Zhang Guangyou was stunned and shook his head.

“With his status, no one can be richer than him except for the Heavenly Lord.”

“Who is the old man surnamed Yue” Jiang Yanlan inquired, a little taken aback.

“He is a quite wondrous person.”

Zhang Mu didnt say anything, but Zhang Guangyous expression stiffened for a moment.

After thinking for two seconds, he said, “You are all key figures of our Mount New Moon and have faced life-threatening situations with us together.

Thus, I think its time to let you know about this.”

He sighed softly and looked as if he was going to disclose a shocking secret.

This made Sect Leader Mu and the others nervous.

What others did not know was that Zhang Guangyou only had half-baked knowledge of the secret.

Even though he didnt fully understand it, he could still recount what he had heard to others.

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