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“Do you know the real name of our planet” Zhang Guangyou asked mysteriously.



Its called Saint Warrior Planet.”

“Whats Saint Warrior Planet”

Zhang Guangyou was stunned for a moment.

Then, he gave a light cough and replied, “Its a relatively powerful planet in the Cultivation World.”

He was also wondering, “Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han talked about the Saint Warrior Planet many times that day, but they didnt explain that what it was.”

“The details are not important.

You just need to know the name.

Apart from being called Saint Warrior Planet, this planet has another name—the Heavenly Taoist Site.”

“Whats the meaning of the Heavenly Taoist Site” This was also new to Jiang Yanlan, so she was confused.

As a higher-up of the National Security Agency, she was more well-informed than regular people.

But she had never heard of such a thing before.

“Its the place where a mighty figure once stayed to comprehend Taoism.

Now that he has left, the Heavenly Taoist Site is wanting in an owner.

Therefore, other people have the chance to compete for the ownership of the Heavenly Taoist Site and become the Heavenly Lord.

The participants need to go through a trial, which will take place on the Lost Continent.”

“Do you know where the Lost Continent is”

Zhang Guangyou said with a smile, “Its in the Cultivation World, very close to our planet.

Of course, the trial there will be highly challenging.

You have to be at or above the Elixir Realm Last-Stage to enter the trial.

But for nearly a hundred years, many of those with good aptitude have not reached the Elixir Realm Last-Stage, such as you youngsters.

Hence, recently, high-grade relics and precious treasures may suddenly appear somewhere.

Thats why Han told you to go out and look for more opportunities.

The ones who find the opportunities may accelerate to the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.”


“Is this true”

“Youre not kidding, are you”


Dong Chen, Sect Leader Mu, and others all looked at Zhang Guangyou in shock and disbelief.

“Is he drunk” they doubted.

“Its true.” Zhang Mu confirmed in a deep voice.

“It kind of depends on luck.

Im telling you, you should be mentally prepared for failure.

Dont put too much attachment to this trial.

Even if you didnt get many resources, Han can take you somewhere better in the future.”

“I see,” Dong Chen said, nodding.

“So thats how it is.

Does this mean that the news weve heard is the news of our entire world Does the Heavenly Taoist Site, that is the Saint Warrior Planet, only refer to the secular world or the whole planet”

“The Ancient Mine, the Kings Domain, the Kunlun Immortal World, the secular world, the relics, the Boundless Sea, the Northernmost Sea, and all the other places are part of the Saint Warrior Planet.

This is a characteristic name.

That mighty figure named it the Heavenly Taoist Site after he refined the Saint Warrior Planet.

You can call it whatever you like,” Zhang Mu replied.

“He refined the Saint Warrior Planet What kind of strength does that require” Instructor Liu cackled.

“He refined a whole planet Good heavens.”

“His strength must be very, very strong.

As for how exactly he achieved that, you may know when youre enough.

Its useless to know the details now, and we dont have the answers anyway.”

Instantly, the atmosphere on the scene was a little weird, and everyone fell silent.

More than two hours later, they entered the Kunlun Immortal World and found a beautiful place to stay.

They then lay out the frost crystal stones, as well as the Energy-gathering Magical Pellet and other treasures.

“Many of you have an eight-inch dantian, and some even have a nearly nine-inch dantian.

You must do your best to gain insights during this breakthrough.

The insights would hit you the moment you made the breakthrough.

And you will see your moves and secret skills in a new light.

This may become the starting point of obtaining a supernatural power.”

Zhang Mu gave them advice on breaking through to the Elixir Realm based on his own experience.

Then he began to patrol the field to protect these people while they sat cross-legged, trying their best to reach the Elixir Realm.

About 50 kilometers away in the west of the forest where they were training in seclusion—

There was a sect called the Silver Star Sect.

This sect was not large.

In the East Domain, it was just a second-rate sect that was very close to becoming a first-rate one.

Yin Shan, the head of the Silver Star Sect, was not less famous than Li Qingyan and Gao Chuan.

He had been at the peak of the Elixir Realm for decades.

There were nearly a thousand disciples in the sect.

Most of them were at or above the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage.

The three elders in the sect were also at the peak of the Elixir Realm, all of whom were Yin Shans relatives.

At this moment, in the square at the center of the Silver Star Sect—

Yin Shan, the three elders, and all the other higher-ups of the Silver Star Sect had gathered together, forming a group of about 50 people.

In front of Yin Shan stood around 70 people.

The one in the lead was Shi Fenghou.

Some disciples of the Wind Snow Temple were also behind him.

There were still more than 10,000 people in the Wind Snow Temple.

That number was quite large.

In fact, the surviving elders or those in high positions had all considered whether to assemble the remaining members and establish a new sect.

But they didnt dare to do that.

If they really did that, they might upset Zhang Hanyang.

Who could be able to stop him if he took Moon Empress to their place and start a massacre again

After thinking about it, they all concluded that staying safe was their priority.

Power and wealth were indeed alluring, but those things wouldnt be of any use if they were dead.

Therefore, the more than 10,000 people attempted to join other sects.

The funny thing was that the top sects all turned them down, for they were afraid of getting into trouble.

Many disciples of the Wind Snow Temple started to feel hopeless.

If no sects wanted them, they could still choose to be free cultivators.

However, they would have no way to exchange task points for resources.

There were actually free cultivators in the East Domain.

And the number of them was not small.

Nevertheless, these disciples of the Wind Snow Temple were used to the convenience provided by the sect.

If they became free cultivators, even when they obtained some treasures, they would have to go to the market to exchange these for money or other goods they needed.

At the prospect of dealing with all the scheming and tricks in the world on themselves, their scalps immediately went numb.

Many of them went to second-rate sects to try their luck.

Eventually, one sect agreed to accept some of them and took in 500 disciples at a time.

The other sects all took a wait-and-see attitude.

Later, they found that after Zhang Hanyang and his men went down to the inferior world, they did not show any intention to come up again.

The Deep Valley did not care about others affairs.

Its members only focused on building a sect in the old location of the Wind Snow Temple.

All of a sudden, those sects found that they had worried for nothing.

Thus, the sects began to accept those people as their disciples.

That was how the scene occurred in the Silver Star Sect.

“Shi Fenghou the Little Roc, Ive heard so much about you!”

Yin Shan narrowed his eyes and sized Shi Fenghou up.

“Sect Leader Yin, you flatter me.” Shi Fenghou cupped his hands in respect.

Now that Shi Fenghou was about to reach the Elixir Realm Last-Stage, he had his confidence and pride.

Even when facing Yin Shan, he would not bow and scrape.

He thought that even if Yin Shan didnt take him in, there were many other sects that wanted him.

Anyway, Yin Shan was still very glad to recruit disciples with good aptitudes like Shi Fenghou.

“Now youve picked my Silver Star Sect, you can have your place here.

But you shall all start from scratch.

You can go to Light Gates or other places to fulfill tasks or cultivate.

Shi Fenghou, you will be living as an ordinary disciple for the time being.

When you make it to Elixir Realm Last-Stage, you can join the Battle Hall.”

“Thank you, Sect Leader.”

Shi Fenghou cupped his hands again.

“Hall Chief Song, take them to rest and arrange a nice place for them to stay.”


Hall Chief Song was one in charge of the Law Enforcement Hall.

He was at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

He was in his 50s, beefy and strong.

But he seemed quite gentle.

Hearing this, he nodded and led Shi Fenghou and the others out of the side door to the west of the sect.

“Servants, bring these people to settle down in the West Wing Courtyard and brief them about the rules of the sect.

Shi Fenghou, come with me.

Youll live in the West Dragon Courtyard, which is the area of the Battle Hall.

Although you are not a member of the Battle Hall yet, I sense that you are not far from the Last-Stage, am I right” said Hall Chief Song with a smile.

“It wont be long before I make the breakthrough.” Shi Fenghou nodded.

“When you enter the Last-Stage, with your unparalleled speed, you can make a lot of achievements.

You will earn resources faster as well.

Itll be a virtuous circle.

Maybe you will surpass me in the near future.

The Silver Star Sect treats its disciples quite well.

As long as you can make contributions, the sect will give you your due.

Just remember one thing—do not violate Sect Leaders orders.

Thats all….”

Hall Chief Song seemed to be implying something.

When he said this, he paused and gave Shi Fenghou a meaningful look.

“Do not violate Sect Leaders orders”

Shi Fenghou brooded for moments.

“Does that mean that Yin Shan is a petty, narrow-minded man Is he the kind of person who would get vindictive for the smallest grievance”

“Ill bear this in mind.

Thank you, Hall Chief Song.”

No matter what, it was a kind reminder.

Shi Fenghou cupped his hands at him with gratitude.

“Bang, wham, bam…”

As the two were walking down the flagstone path, they suddenly heard clear bangs from the right side, followed by two cries of pain.

Hall Chief Songs expression stiffened when he heard the noise.

“Wed better hurry.”

They quickened their paces.

When they passed a five-meter-high wall, they saw at someplace 100 meters away on the right side, a red-haired boy who seemed 15 or 16 years old was holding a long cudgel, a fifth-tier spiritual treasure, and beating a disciple on the ground with it.

That disciple was already badly maimed.

While hitting the disciple, the boy cursed, “You loser, Ill beat you to death! How dare you break my All-commanding Ball!”

“Young master, that ball was broken because it hit the Dreamy Demon Stone.

I didnt do it.

Please stop hitting me!”

“You did it! How dare you deny it!”

“Wham, wham…”

Shi Fenghou glanced at Hall Chief Song.

“Why do I feel this brat is kind of a bully”

After they went far away, Shi Fenghou asked, “That kid is only a Grand Master.

Why didnt that disciple use defense”

“If he did, the boy would beat him harder.” Hall Chief Song curled his lips.

“Didnt you see the two people standing behind them They are called Left Eagle and Right Eagle.

They reached the peak of the Elixir Realm three years ago.

Their only work is to keep Yin Hao safe and travel with him.

Yin Hao is Sect Leaders only son.

Thus, Yin Hao has been spoiled since he was a child.

No matter what trouble he makes in the sect, Sect Leader will smooth things over and let him go unpunished.

Somehow, the boy has become so mean and hot-tempered.

Last year, because of something trivial, he attempted to kill three disciples of the sect.

Those three disciples were also tough.

They found an opportunity to fight back at Yin Hao, but Left Eagle killed them all.”

“Isnt him simply a naughty brat”

Shi Fenghou frowned.

“It seems that this Yin Hao had long exceeded the notion ofnaughty.

Is he silly or arrogant Id say he is both.”

“A naughty brat”

Hall Chief Song was a little taken aback.

Then, he shook his head and said, “In the sect, in addition to obeying Sect Leaders orders, you should all heed this Yin Hao.

Except for Yin Shans relatives, this boy is not afraid of anyone.

He has been running amok in the sect for many years.

Disciples all avoid him when they see him.

Even in the past two years… Well, anyway, you just need to be careful around him.”

Shi Fenghou didnt finish with what he wanted to say but quickly wrapped up.

Yet, looking at his expression, Shi Fenghou sneered.

“Well, is that brat the one who specifically targeted the sects female disciples”

Hall Chief Songs eyelids trembled.

He hastily glanced around and waved his hand to cast a sound-proof enchantment.

After that was done, he finally let out a long breath.

“How did you know I dont think the news about those incidents has been disclosed.”

“Ive read a few books on Chinese medicine in the secular world.

so I know a little about how to diagnose people by looking, listening, questioning, and feeling their pulse.

Judging by that the boys countenance and movements, I can tell that he is a little drained from the inside,” Shi Fenghou answered nonchalantly.

“Well, I never thought you would even have this skill.” Hall Chief Song sighed, finding it a bit strange.

“When one reaches the God Realm, one will have the soul sense, which is quite useful in investigations.

But Shi Fenghou didnt use his soul sense just now.

He found out about the truth at a few glances.

It proves that he also knows a lot about observing others.

Thus, he is learned and versatile, isnt he”

“Yin Hao is 16 years old now.

Last year, he took a fancy to an 18-year-old female disciple in the West Phoenix Courtyard.

He tried to have her.

The woman escaped from his grip and went to Hall Chief of the Law Enforcement Hall.

The matter was then brought to Sect Leader, but Sect Leader just mildly criticized Yin Hao.

On the third day, the female disciple went out for a mission and disappeared.

Later, I overheard Left Eagle and Right Eagle talk about it.

They caught her and locked her in the backyard of the main hall.

Sect Leader must have known about it.

But he didnt care about these female disciples.

He even thought that it was a great honor for them to be in bed with Yin Hao.

During the past two years, about seven female disciples have been missing.”

Speaking of this, Hall Chief Song paused again.


Shi Fenghou sneered again and said nothing.

Hall Chief Song didnt have anything to say either and silently led him to a courtyard.

“Youll live here.

Today, you can just rest.

Ill give you a tour in the sect tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Hall Chief Song.” Shi Fenghou cupped his hands before his chest.


Hall Chief Song smiled and turned to leave.

When he returned to his residence, Hall Chief Songs eyes turned shady.

After a good 10 minutes, he sighed softly and mumbled, “Can I manipulate him to kill that little b*stard”

After this first meeting with Shi Fenghou, Hall Chief Song already planned to get rid of that boy through Shi Fenghous hands.

However, he was not sure whether Shi Fenghou was savage enough to do it.

Nor did he know whether he would take his bait.

The one sure thing was that Shi Fenghou appeared to be quite indifferent toward this matter.

He could not see through Shi Fenghou at all.

Likewise, Shi Fenghou did not see through Hall Chief Song.

He was not sure whether Hall Chief Song was really kind or had an agenda.

But he did not care.

After all, he was here just to cultivate.

“The Wind Snow School, the Wind Snow Temple… It has happened twice.”

Sitting in the courtyard by himself, Shi Fenghou looked a little emotional as he muttered, “Is there really no way to survive after upsetting Zhang Hanyang”

Even the mighty Wind Snow Temple had been brought to its demise.

That was also a huge blow to Shi Fenghous confidence.

He had cultivated hard for such a long time, but he still hadnt reached the Last-Stage.

By contrast, Zhang Hanyang fought head-on against those at the Peak-Stage the moment he entered the Kunlun Immortal World.

His wife even suppressed Grand Masters in the Yuan Ying Realm with a wave of her hand.

That was dreadful.

“Why is cultivation so simple for them”

Five days later.


Mu Xue, who had been cultivating in seclusion for five days, snapped her eyes open.

Some kind of green light was lingering around her.

The Demon Dancing Sword materialized in her right hand.

As soon as she struck out with the sword, a faint black mist suddenly appeared around her.

Then it turned into a streak of sword light, which moved under the control of Mu Xues mind.

One moment, it disappeared.

The next moment, it reappeared more than 100 meters away on the left, then disappeared in a flash.

“What a ghostly move! Good job!”

Zhang Mus eyes lit up.

He clapped his hands with excitement.

“Yeah, I guess its okay.

Grandpa Zhang, Ive learned from the best.

Its all thanks to Master,” Mu Xue said with a bright smile.

At this moment, the aura she was emitting was already in the Elixir Realm.


Instructor Liu exhaled a foul breath.

Carrying a sixth-tier mace in his right hand, he looked at the small mountain 500 meters away with a grimace and yelled, “Take my blow!”

He hurled the mace forward.

In an instant, the shadow of a 50-meter-high hammer appeared.

“Kaboom! Kaboom!”

The top of the mountain was knocked off.

The mountain was instantly 20 meters shorter.

The power of Instructor Lius attack was indeed powerful.

“Hahaha, how nice! Im also an Elixir Realm cultivator now!”

Instructor Liu was in a splendid mood.

In the next two hours, Zhao Feng, Dong Chen, and the others finished their cultivation in seclusion one by one.

Their auras had all become strong and profound.

All of them made breakthroughs.

“Well done.

Now, you should consolidate your cultivation here and spar with each other.

Well go back in two days.

When you have almost mastered the secret skills, Ill take you to a Light Gate.

Its time for you to experience the Bone Demon World.”

Zhang Mu smiled faintly.

“Bone Demon World Whats that like” Mu Xue asked.

“Its… a very brutal and cold-blooded world,” Zhang Mu replied.

At this news, they all gingered up.

Mu Xues eyes flickered to Jiang Yanlan.

She urged, “Come on, were Masters female disciples.

Why dont we spar with each other”

“Sure! Bring it on!” Jiang Yanlan snorted.

Then, they both spun around to face each other and started the duel.

“Zhao Feng, its time to show you an instructors real strength.” Instructor Liu held the mace and rushed to Zhao Feng.

“Brother Mu, now is the time to seek your advice.”

Dong Chens aura was kind of like that of an immortal.

His face and eyes were as calm as a peaceful lake.

With his hands behind his back, he marched over as if a king addressing his people.

Like that, he approached Zhang Mu step by step.

But before he had time to use his secret skill—

“Bang, swoosh…”

“Youre far too weak,” Zhang Mu drew back his fist and taunted.

Dong Chen flew back hundreds of meters before he regained balance and skidded to a halt.

Then, he muttered discontented, “You just wouldnt give me any face, would you Now I cant beat you, Ill go beat your son.”

Saying that, he sprinted straight to Zhang Guangyou.

But to his astonishment, Zhang Guangyou, who was no match for him in the past, turned out to be incredibly fierce today.

The two were soon locked in a fight.

It was hard to tell who would win.

Looking at the expanding melee, Zhang Mu carefully observed everyones performance.

He abruptly realized that the strength of this group of people had surpassed that of the disciples at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage in the Kunlun Immortal World.

They were not much inferior to many of those outstanding disciples at the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage.

“Why is that”

Zhang Mu frowned in confusion.

He himself had worked hard for a long time before he broke through to the Elixir Realm Early-Stage.

It was a process fraught with hardships.

However, these people became almost matchless among those in the Elixir Realm Early-Stage as soon as they reached that level.

“Lets take a break.” Zhang Mu waved his hand and said, “Guangyou, come here.”

“Whats up I was just starting to enjoy the fight,” Zhang Guangyou complained, wiping the sweat on his forehead.

“How big is your Elixir” probed Zhang Mu.

“You want me to gesture again”

Zhang Guangyou gestured with his hands and said, “Its this big.”


Zhang Mu suddenly coughed.

Two seconds later, he said in a muffled voice, “Tell me the truth!”

“Its really this big.

According to the measuring standard you said, this is really how big it is.” Zhang Guangyou gesticulated again.

“No way.

Last time you told me it was seven inches wide.

Now youre gesturing an eight-inch one.

You think you have an eight-inch Elixir How can that be You believe you can become a Grand Master in the Yuan Ying Realm in a few years Are you carried away by your little breakthrough” Zhang Mu was a little angry.

“But, but mine is really this big,” Zhang Guangyou murmured.

“My Elixir is one size smaller.

Am I not as talented as him” Dong Chen scratched his head and made a gesture.

Zhang Mu looked even more stunned.

“Seems that mine doesnt shrink at all.

Instead, its grown bigger.” Mu Xue stretched out her hands and gestured as well.

Zhang Mus face darkened even more.

“That happened to me, too.”

Jiang Yanlan, Zhao Feng, Instructor Liu, and the others also gestured in succession.

Eventually, Zhang Mu suddenly looked at a loss.

He felt that all he could see were pairs of hands constantly gesturing in front of him.

“Whats going on”

Zhang Mu closed his eyes.

According to their statement, the smallest Elixir they had was seven inches wide.

The largest one was Mu Xues, which was close to nine inches wide.

“Come on, who are they kidding”

“There must be something wrong.”

Zhang Mu seemed to have been frustrated.

He opened his eyes and saw that these people were all looking at him.

His face fell despite himself.

“Why are you looking at me Hurry up and spar!”

“All right, all right.”

The crowd dispersed and continued to spar with one another.

They were constantly experiencing their own surging strength.

This kind of feeling was too gratifying.

No one but themselves could really understand how great this felt.

The day passed just like that.

When the night fell, Zhang Mu felt that these people were almost all done comprehending their new powers, so they could go back early.

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