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“The Heavenly Devil Punch, combined with the attribute of the Yang Core Flame, will become the strongest individual attack.

With my physical defense coupled with this move, I am basically invincible in close combat among those in the same realm as I.

Perhaps only those special races with extraordinary talent are able to put up a fight against me.

“Its relatively easy to merge the Heavenly Devil Fist with the Yang Core Flame.

“The more troubling one is the Ghost Soldier.”

Zhang Han sighed softly.

The supernatural power called Ghost Soldier was the synthesis of Zhang Hans knowledge and comprehension of some peculiar moves.

The key to comprehending this power was more of a flash of inspiration, so Zhang Han felt he had not really mastered this style.

He turned out to be correct.

The next morning, after the family of three had breakfast, Zhang Han sat with Zi Yan for a while.

It was not until she and Zhou Fei went off to the company that he went to sit in the training room.

“Most of the Pear Facies Trees are sixth-tier spirit treasures.

Their Source Energy is extremely difficult to capture because its shapeless and colorless.

Only the people of the Jade Nether Clan have a special method to sense it.”

The information about the Pear Facies Tree surfaced in Zhang Hans mind.

“The Pear Facies Tree blossoms and bears fruit once every 300 years.

It can be refined into the Wispy Three Qi Pellet.

Its a valuable treasure.

Unfortunately, the Pear Facies Trees with Source Energy is one in a million.

There are only a handful of such trees in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.

But Yue Wuwei managed to get this kind of Source Energy.

He is really amazing.”

“I owe him a big one this time.

After all, hes given me five portions of third-tier Source Energy.”

Zhang Han sighed with emotion.

“Lets start the integration.”

Zhang Han slowly closed his eyes.

The Pear Facies Trees Source Energy was shapeless and colorless.

It would work perfectly with the Ghost Soldier.

It could not only increase the Ghost Soldiers ability of hiding so as to kill the target without him or her noticing, but could also extend the shooting range of this power.

This was also what Zhang Han valued.

It was just that this supernatural power was very strange.

Zhang Han needed to continuously break it down and reorganized it.

The workload of this task could be said to be the heaviest compared with the refining of the other four supernatural powers.


Suddenly, breezes rose around Zhang Han.

If one carefully felt the environment, one could find that Ghost Soldiers, which were as big as a flying knife, were looming around his body.

One day, two days…

Zhang Han sat in the training room for a good five days.

Other than mealtime, he basically never left the room.

Finally, on the fifth night, Zhang Han finished his cultivation.

He opened his eyes, which shone as brightly as diamonds.

“The Ghost Soldier!”


Zhang Han felt that two meters ahead of him, a Ghost Soldier suddenly came into being and moved in a flash, as if there were no air friction at all.

It seemed that it did not exist in the world.

Yet, it also seemed to be looming in the void.

“Its done.”

Zhang Han breathed a sigh of relief.

He stood up, stretched himself, and there was a crackling sound in his body.

“Im at the Elixir Realm Late-Stage now.

“The new power came much easier this time.

“Its almost on par with the power I got in the Yuan Ying Realm back then.”

Zhang Han simmered with laughter.

When he was in the Cultivation World, Zhang Han carefully made his way to the Yuan Ying Realm.

Then, he obtained a heaven-defying opportunity in the secret realm of the Extreme Icy Sea in the northern part of the Sea Dragon Star Area, which allowed him to comprehend the Treasure-searching Formulas.

Because of that, his strength soared from the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage to the peak of the Yuan Ying Realm in an instant.

If he wanted to, he could even advance straight to the God Transformation Realm.

“That kind of opportunity can only be found by chance.

“I wonder what Ill find in the Sea Dragon Star Area this time.

“If the time difference is the same as before my return, it means that the issue lies with the Saint Warrior Planet.

“If the time difference follows me and the whole Cultivation World returns to 500 years ago along with me, it would be creepy.

Is it some unknown power that has affected the whole Cultivation World Or is it only my time in a mess If it was the second case, according to the track of my last life, I would be able to get all the treasures I once got in that life.

“But if it was the former one, I wonder if there would be any legends of Han Yang Immortal in the Cultivation World, haha…”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and stopped dwelling on these complicated matters.

When he walked out of the room, it was already 11 oclock in the evening.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

He walked to the bedroom door and knocked before going in.

Rustling sounds were heard as Zi Yan got out of bed and ran to the door.

She opened the door just slightly and asked under her breath, “Who is it”

“Its a bad guy.”

Zhang Han also kept his voice low-pitched.

“Is Zi Yan in the mood for role play”

“My lover Come on in, my husband is not here tonight,” Zi Yan said with a suppressed laugh.


Zhang Hans face darkened.

“Since when has Zi Yan become so naughty

“It was time to teach her a lesson! A good one!”

Pushing the door open, Zhang Han moved his hands down Zi Yans waist, cupped her cute booty, and lifted her up.

“The big bad wolf is here to devour you.”

Zhang Han cackled.

“Gee, what are you doing” Zi Yan said coyly.

“I want you.”

Zhang Han held Zi Yan in his arms and plunged at the king-sized bed of romance.

Clothes were flying everywhere.

Shortly, the vibe in the room became hot.

Some suppressed moans and groans incessantly lingered on.

After a long while of passion releasing…

It was already one oclock in the morning.

“Why did it take long this time” Zi Yan asked.

“Wasnt it so every time”

“Oh, men!”

After saying that, Zhang Han quickly realized what Zi Yan meant and said with a smile, “Are you talking about Source Energy”

“What else could I mean”

“Ha… The combination of the third kind of Source Energy and my supernatural power is the most difficult one.

There are still two kinds left.

Another three days will do.

It will be New Years Eve in three days, right” Zhang Han asked.

“Yes,” Zi Yan replied, “Mengmeng has finished her homework today.

She kept saying that she wanted you to play with her.

Seeing that you stayed in the training room all day long, she was also afraid that you would be drained.”

“Shes my daughter after all.” Zhang Han laughed and said, “It wont take long.

Ill get it done before New Years Eve.”

“Dad, grandpa, Mu Xue, Zhao Feng, and the others have all done with the absorption.

Their strength has increased a whole lot.

All of them are at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage now.

According to Yue Wuwei, he will be with his family during the Spring Festival.

After that, he will lead the team to the Lost Continent for a months trial.

Not only the 100 people on the Saint Warrior Planet but some high-level cultivators in the Sea Dragon Star Area will also go there.

However, since so many of us are going, I guess we dont have much to worry about,” Zi Yan said.

Ever since Zi Yan had possessed that amazing power, she had spent more time learning about cultivation.

Thus, She now knew all about the Kings Domain, the Boundless Sea, the Northernmost Sea, and the Sea Dragon Star Area.

“Thats not necessarily true.

All the advanced forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area are in the Yuan Ying Realm.

They are in the real Yuan Ying Realm.

Those Grand Masters in the Kunlun Immortal World are only fake Yuan Yings due to the rule of suppression.

However, when they go to the Sea Dragon Star Area, they will naturally break through to the real Yuan Ying Realm,” Zhang Han explained.

“The Elixir Realm Last-Stage is the threshold.

Even though our people have all met the threshold, we still have to be scrupulous.

Given Yue Wuweis temperament, they can explore most of the places on the Lost Continent.

Well see when we get there.

If its possible, we can let them go out and look for opportunities themselves.”

“Oh, sure.” Zi Yan nodded.

“Then you should focus on your cultivation these days.

When Mu Xue finishes her cultivation in seclusion, Mengmeng will also be glad to go out with her.

The big girl and the little girl can also have a good time together.”

The next day, Zhang Han came to the training room again.

“The Yellow Lake Soil will be integrated into the Dark Blood Seal.

The Pluto Incantation and the Pluto Seal are two of my most commonly used powers.

They are also very good moves.

The merge with the Dark Blood Seal should be simple.

Itll take a day or so.

First, I shall integrate the Illusory Golds Source Energy into the supernatural power, the Overlapped Mountain.”

“One row of mountains, two rows of mountains.

The sky is high, the water is cold, and the mountains are steep.”

“I wonder how powerful the Overlapped Mountain will be when Im able to cast nine rows of mountains.”

“The Illusory Gold…”

Zhang Han embarked on a new journey of comprehension.

In just three days—

The Overlapped Mountain, the Heavenly Demons fourth style, and the Dark Blood Seal, the Heavenly Demons fifth style, were completed!

Zhang Han had absorbed and refined all the five kinds of third-tier Source Energy within 12 days.

Only the ones in this field could understand how unbelievably superb his efficiency was.

The Spring Festival was the most important festival in Hua nation.

On festive occasions, one thought of ones dear ones far away more than ever.

But during the Spring Festival, that worry did not exist.

Because everyone would go home and reunite with their family members.

When the whole nation was immersed in the festive mood, the atmosphere of the Spring Festival on Mount New Moon was particularly rich.

“Hey, hey, hey Little girl, youre being more of a hindrance than a help.

If you dont know how to paste spring festival couplets, just let others do it.

Look, the couplets are tilted.”

Mu Xue and Mengmeng were pasting spring festival couplets on the gate of the castle.

Seeing that the piece Mengmeng was pasting was not placed at the right angle, Mu Xue quickly stopped her.

“Humph! You call whom more of a hindrance than a help”

Mengmeng snorted loudly and pouted, saying, “Aunty Xue, you tell me, you dont paste spring festive couplets at your own place.

Instead, you came to my house and robbed me of my job.

You are more of a hindrance to me than a help.”

“What do you mean bymy place andyour place As a disciple, Im supposed to paste spring festival couplets for my master first.

Its perfectly normal.” Mu Xue curled her lips.

“Grandpa Mu just said that you have sided with outsiders instead of your own.

Youve almost become a girl of someone elses family,” Mengmeng retorted.

“You believe whatever others say.

Little girl, you are too gullible,” Mu Xue said with a smile.

“Who said that Thats not true.”

Mengmeng puckered her lips.

She picked up the top scroll, carefully smeared glue on it several times.

Then, she hopped on the chair with her right foot and pressed the top scroll on the top of the door.

“Look, its so straight.

Aunty Xue, the one you pasted is the wrong one,” Mengmeng said proudly, “I pasted two, and you pasted one, so its you who did it wrong.”

“Oh, the rule that the majority wins also applies here”

Mu Xue touched her forehead and took the one she pasted off.

She tweaked the angle to make it parallel to Mengmengs.

“Okay, its done.

Lets go paste couplets on other peoples door,” Mu Xue said.

“Where are we going” Mengmeng was stunned.

“Lets go to your Great-Grandpas place first.

If you help him paste the couplets, he will definitely give you a red envelope with money in it.

Come one, lets collect some money.”

“No, adults only give kids red envelopes when they come to pay a New Year call.

Aunty Xue, are you fooling me” Mengmeng then asked suspiciously, “Do you also want red envelopes”

Mu Xue did not know what to say.

“You caught me.

Never thought youd notice that.”

“Forget it.

Ill go back and paste couplets on my door.

See you at lunch.”

Mu Xue glanced at the back of the field and left quickly.

Her parents had also come here for the Spring Festival.

They were just here to join in the fun.

Few people in worldlets celebrated the Spring Festival properly.

They all lived in Mu Xues villa.

Zhou Fei and Chen Changqing also stayed on Mount New Moon.

They decided not to go back to the house of the Chen family for the Spring Festival.

Thus, a group of people from the Chen family had come here to accompany them.

The Zi family and the Liang family had their own manors, and most of their family members were also on Mount New Moon, which had become quite lively during this time of the year.

Lanterns and festive ornaments had been hung on the road lamps.

Some buildings had also been beautifully decorated.

On a lawn on one side of the Thunder Yang Tree, a luncheon was to be held.

Dozens of tables had been placed there, and all kinds of snacks had been put on the table.

The children all loved the snacks.

Halfway through the luncheon—

“Patriarch Luo, Patriarch Chu, and Patriarch Ma are here to send their greetings.”

“Chairman Liu has arrived.”

“Lei Tiannan, Ji Wushuang, Mo Chengfeng are here.”

“Lu Xiong and Lu Guo have arrived.”


The important figures in Xiangjiang arrived one after another.

Of course, some acquaintances also attended the event.

“Ha! Teacher Lu!”

Seeing Lu Guo here, Mengmeng felt very happy.

She ran straight over and greeted her warmly.

“Mengmeng, Ive heard that you are doing very well in the First Middle School.

Im very impressed,” Lu Guo said with a smile.

“Hahaha, thats actually no surprise.

Eldest Lady has always been very smart,” Elder Meng echoed with a hollow laugh.

“Its also thanks to you, Teacher Lu.

You taught me well.” Mengmeng giggled and said, “Teacher Lu, Grandpa Lu, come and sit here.

A lot of great food will be served in a moment.

Just Enjoy.”

After Liu Qingfeng arrived on the scene, he sat down by Liu Jiaran and Ah Hu and chatted with them for a while.

Then, he stood up and took a seat beside Zhang Guangyou.

He was not at all intimidated or felt uncomfortable due to the hierarchy in the martial arts world.

He was of straightforward, unsophisticated character.

Sometimes, people could see the demeanor of an ancient general in him.

His charm was also quite strong.

After chatting with Zhang Guangyou for a while, Liu Qingfeng greeted Dong Chen, Zhang Mu, and the others, then he looked at Zhang Han and asked, “Han, Ive heard about the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Its a very big world, isnt it Are you going to visit it soon”

“Well take off just these few days.

Maybe tomorrow if were fast,” Zhang Han replied.

“These years, my business has been getting bigger and bigger.

But the more I do it, the more bored I feel.

Well, is there any company in that Sea Dragon Star Area” Liu Qingfeng asked.

When he heard that there was a Sea Dragon Star Area and Zhang Han and the others were going there, he had a feeling that the Sea Dragon Star Area might be the place where the people on Mount New Moon would often visit in the future.

In the secular world, when his company had grown so big and so successful, the attraction of ranking among the worlds top rich people had greatly diminished to him.

With his vision and strategy, Liu Qingfeng already started to plan for the future.

Zhang Han was a little dazed when he heard this.

“I never heard of any company in the Cultivation World.

But if you want to start a company there, you may have a chance to try it in the future.” After being stunned momentarily, Zhang Han answered with some amusement.

To open a company in the Cultivation World He was really thinking out of the box.

Most people in the Cultivation World didnt know what a company was.

Even in the case of planets with technology, most of them were ruled by royal families or the alliance of several forces.

They controlled all kinds of resources.

The forces were comprised of various departments and subordinates, which functioned as teams.

Zhang Han had never seen the kind of company that the secular world had there.

The greatest truths are the simplest.

In a world governed by those rules and strength hierarchy, it was pointless to have a company there.

Nevertheless, if Liu Qingfeng wanted to have a try, Zhang Han felt that it could be a good idea.

At least, it would be much more convenient for him to go sightseeing in those places in the future.

But it was not the right time yet.


Liu Qingfeng didnt ask any more questions.

He gave a hoarse laugh.

He knew that the timing for that project had not come yet.

However, he was considering making some changes to his business plan.

“Running a company in the Cultivation World Uncle Lius idea is very…” Zi Yan smiled slightly and said, “very refreshing.

I think its nice.

If I have nothing to do in the future, I can go work in your company.”

“Hahaha, good.” Liu Qingfeng laughed.

“Han will be the boss of the company, and you will be the lady boss.

You can do whatever you want.

I just want to enjoy being a CEO.

After all, in terms of martial arts, my talent is really poor.

More importantly, compared with practicing martial arts, I like doing business more.

In the past, I sometimes lost money.

But since I boarded your big ship, everything has been going my way.

I no longer have that kind of exciting feeling about business anymore.

Recently, Ive had little work to do.

I just traveled a lot.

I felt like I was living like a retired person.

Later, I heard from Ah Hu that you might go to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Thats why I start to think about running a company there.

My daughter has married Ah Hu.

Han is Ah Hus boss, so Han is actually my boss.

If you dont mind, I can help you deal with your assets in the future.”

“Uncle Liu, youre being too polite,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“We cant be happier if a professional businessman like you is willing to help us.”

They were close friends, so there was no need to stand on ceremony.

Everyone could tell that Liu Qingfeng was serious about this idea.

After giving it some thought, they all found that it was quite feasible and interesting.

Most importantly, among those present, some really hated cultivation.

It was actually very practical to let them work in a company.

“Thats settled then.”

Liu Qingfeng picked up his wine glass and said, “Now Ill drink to everyone.”

After a while, Lei Tiannan and Ji Wushuang also came to greet Zhang Han and the others.

Seeing the growth of Mount New Moon, these people were really flabbergasted.

“Well, well, Ive resigned.

From now on, Im just Xiangjiangs nominal director.

Since Im all alone, do you have any place in Mount New Moon for me I want to get on the wagon,” Lei Tiannan said bluntly.

“Of course, welcome!” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile.

“I also want to be on the wagon, too.”

Ji Wushuang couldnt sit still anymore.

He was too embarrassed to say that out loud for a long time.

But during that battle between the Heavenly Knights Sect and the Wind Snow School, they picked the right side.

They talked for a short while.

Zhang Guangyou was very happy to see these acquaintances joining in.

Zhang Han also smiled at them the whole time.

Mount New Moon was getting stronger and stronger.

Its growth had become kind of unstoppable.

Sometimes, a sect like Mount New Moon could be the embryonic form of a super-powerful sect.

Although Mount New Moon was still a far cry from any super sects in the Cultivation World, the cohesiveness of this force was something those super sects had never had.

More and more guests showed up.

Everyone was here to express their blessings.

Seeing that there were so many people here, many of the guests left early to make room for the newly arrived.

Soon, all the high-ups in Xiangjiang and those who had something to do with Mount New Moon had paid their visit.

After that, the remaining people began to have a big party.

After dinner, Mengmeng ran to the magic paradise with Chen Chuan and a group of children.

They did a water fight against Dahei, who was already too full to walk around.

They had a really good time.

By 12 oclock in the evening, Mount New Moon was still brightly lit by festive lanterns.

The next morning, the family of three came out to pay their New Years respects.

“Happy new year, Great-Grandpa! I wish you to have all that you desire and become stronger and stronger this year.”

“Thank you, good girl.

Here is the red envelope for you and some gifts.”

“Happy New Year, Dad!” Zhang Guangyou approached Zhang Mu and winked, indicating that he should give him some treasures as well.

After all, it had been many years since Zhang Mu last gave him a New Year present.

“You want some as well”

Zhang Mus face froze.

“Why are you kicking up a fuss”

He quelled Zhang Guangyou with a look.

Mengmeng thought that she could play at home for a couple of days after New Years Eve.

To her surprise, right after they extend New Year greetings—

“Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz…”

Yue Wuweis voice suddenly sounded in the minds of those who had absorbed Source Energy.

“Go to the Kunlun Mountain Range immediately.

Five hours later, well head for the Lost Continent for the trial.

Those who are late will be deprived of their cultivation.”


Mu Xue, Jiang Yanlan, Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, Elder Meng, Xu Yong, Instructor Liu, Leng Yue, Chen Changqing, Zhang Mu, Zhang Guangyou, and Dong Chen gathered around Zhang Han in one minute.

“Is it about to start Are we going on the journey soon” Mu Xue asked excitedly.

“Yes, its about to start.

Everyone, go pack and prepare for the journey.

Well leave in two hours,” Zhang Han replied.


The crowd dispersed, mainly because they wanted to say goodbye to their families before leaving.

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