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Chapter 103 Food Agents Comment

Although the blond mans words were not malicious, it felt that he was complimenting Michelin.

The question in his tone seemed to be saying that this restaurant was not comparable to others, which made Liang Mengqi unhappy, so she directly retorted.

“Em… Thats okay.”

The blond man smiled and took a cup of milk and walked back to the table.

When he was sitting, he took out his mobile phone and recorded on the notebook:

Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant

Food: 100

Dining environment: 60

Service: 30

Wine: 0

This was the comment on this restaurant, 100 points was the full score, and 60 points was the passing score.

It could be seen from this that this person was a gourmet critic.

He was the Michelins food agent!

The Michelin restaurant was the restaurant of the Michelin Red Collection for restaurants around the world.

It was also a very authoritative restaurant in the world with high honors, and countless restaurants wanted to receive this honor.

Because of the star level, it represented both fame and wealth.

The Michelin restaurant was judged by getting at least one representative of Michelins knife and fork mark.

This mark was the basic standard for the Michelin Guide to the restaurant, ranging from the highest five sets of knives and forks to a set.

This was to show the comfort of the restaurant.

Five sets represented a luxurious traditional style, four sets for supreme comfort, three sets for very comfort, two sets for comfort and one set for basic comfort.

The Michelin star level was judged by a group of screened “food agents” who were called “inspectors”.

Every time an inspector went to a restaurant or hotel to judge, he needed to conceal his identity to sneak into the accommodation and comment.

The scoring items they needed to refer to included food in the restaurant (60%), dining environment (20%), service (10%) and wine (10%).

Originally, this blond man was going to someone elses restaurant, but when he saw the popularity of Zhang Hans restaurant, he couldnt help walking over and planned to taste the food to see if the restaurant had the taste of a star-rated restaurant.

It was also difficult to rate the Michelin-starred restaurant.

It was judged by a number of food agents and 12 visits a year, which could be finalized after review by Michelin headquarters.

Because of the complexity and seriousness, it was authoritative.

The star-rated restaurant had a total of three grades, and one star represented a good restaurant worth parking to taste.

The two stars represented the first-class cooking, providing excellent food and wine; it was worthwhile to detour, but the cost was not low.

The three stars, the highest-rated restaurant, represented the perfect and top-notch culinary cooking, and it was worth a special trip to enjoy the superb cuisine, the selection of fine wines, the zero-defect service, and the elegant dining environment.

But it cost a lot of money.

However, the Michelin restaurant, in China, was only found in Hong Kong and Macao, and there was no Michelin-starred restaurant in the mainland.

It might also because the food was too various and complicated so that the food agents did not know where to start with.

As a food agent, the blond mans work was also a kind of travel and enjoyment.

After recording the notes, he took a sip of milk.

Slurping… Slurping…

When drank the first sip, the blond man couldnt stop himself.

He was a little bit stunned after drinking off.

So he picked up the phone again and felt that the comment was just not realistic, and there was no remark.

So he re-wrote it:

Food: 1000, Note: Super delicious, unimaginable taste, taste buds of supreme enjoyment, more delicious than most three-star restaurants.

Dining environment: 50.

Note: The facade was small, the location of the diners was crowded, and the comfort was unqualified with the stranger in the same table.

Service: 20.

Note: The bosss service was bad, making the diners to serve and pay themselves.

And the restaurant adopted the membership system, and what the nonmembers could eat was less.

The top ten membership cards were a million each and the last ten were ten million each.

Wine: 0.

Note: No drinks available.

This experience was very special for the blond man, and the meal was very delicious.

It was too delicious to let him give a score ten times higher than the full score.

In the ordinary peoples view, it was a family-friendly restaurant environment, but in his eyes, it was disqualified and only got fifty.

The twenty of service was still a friendship.

If the food was not really delicious, he wanted to give zero.

The food was delicious and the service was not good, which made the blond man feel a little uncomfortable.

He obviously wanted to praise this restaurant, but he couldnt tell lies; otherwise, the other agents would make fun of him when they came here

As a food agent, he was also very professional, and it was impossible to disclose to the restaurant staff that he was a Michelin food agent.

However, looking at the attitude of the boss and the diners, it seemed that they would not take care of him, even if he told them his identity.

“Since when had Michelin become unpopular”

There were some doubts in the blond mans heart.

To know that it was a world-class authoritative restaurant rating.

If a restaurant was judged, the turnover of the restaurant would soar, which meant gaining both fame and wealth.

But it seemed the boss of this restaurant didnt have any idea.

Didnt he have a great ambition Even the payment he let the diners put their money at the bar, and did not ask the diners whether to pay by card or cash.

This service was simply bad!

If the food was extremely delicious, the blond man must jump and leave some disdained words, but now he was reluctant to leave.

“It was a pity that if the environment and service here were like three-star restaurant, then this restaurant was definitely one of the best star restaurants in the world.”

The blond man sighed and when he wanted to sit down for a rest, a customer in front of him who had just come in coughed softly and said,

“Brother, you have been sitting here for a long time, are you still eating or not There are a lot of people waiting in line outside.

Please dont waste others time.

Dont you know the rules of this restaurant Nonmembers should not rest for more than five minutes after meals.

Please respect everyones feelings, thank you.”

The blond man glimpsed a little, and then his face became red.

“What happened”

“As soon as I had finished the meal, Im kicked out of here”

For a time, his emotions were extremely complicated, shocked, angry, depressed, and confused.

At the same time, there was also a shame that he really delayed others time.

His expression was stiff and his lips squirmed a few times.

In the end, he did not say anything.

He stood up suddenly and walked over to the computer counter to ask Zhang Han,

“How much is the noodle soup”

However, in his sight, the boss went straight to the stairs and went to the second floor.


“Ignored me What attitude! What did you mean”

The blond mans heart suddenly burst into flames, he stood here with his eyes staring and didnt know whether to stay or leave.

He was completely confused.

This was not because Zhang Han ignored him but because he did not notice him.

There were so many people in the restaurant.

He didnt call “boss” first, so Zhang Han did not know that he was asking.

“Noodle soup is 300.

And you calculate the price of the rice you have eaten yourself, then put the money there.”

Fortunately, Liang Mengqi knew the price of the restaurant.

Since the noodle soup was sold out, it must be the same price as the egg fried rice.

The blonde man licked his mouth after hearing the words, and he didnt say anything for a while.

He took out the wallet and counted a dozen of them directly on the bar.

He turned and left cleanly.

“Bad! Bad! Its just bad! What is this service”

“The customer is God, but why he is like God in his restaurant”


“Never come next time! With this attitude, Ill never come even the food is delicious!”

After leaving the restaurant, the blond man muttered for a while and returned to his accommodation.

He was used to having a noon-napz but he didnt fall asleep this afternoon.

When he closed his eyes, the scene in that restaurant came to his mind.

What was more interesting was that at night, he was going towork in another restaurant.

But when he went out, he said hesitantly,

“Huh What is the taste of fried rice and noodles”

“It seems that I eat a little quickly at noon, now I forget the taste.

What should I do”

“No, I need to taste again.”


So at six oclock in the evening, he came to the restaurant and lined up to eat.

Although he said no, his body was very honest.

Of course, this was what happened afterward.

The sight returned to the restaurant.

After the blond man left, the people behind knew that the restaurant had new food.

Almost everyone had noodle soup, even those who didnt like noodle soup, and they couldnt help serving themselves a meal with the sound of eating noodles.

As soon as they ate, they had known why people didnt care about table manners.

The taste was too delicious, not only delicious but also very tasty.

The noodles slippery, moist, gluten, and taste, were the enjoyment for peoples taste buds.

On the second floor of the restaurant.

“Ouch, Im stuffed.

Are these noodles The taste is indescribable.

Brother-in-law, my admiration for you is like the flowing water which never ends.

You are so amazing!” Zhou Fei said with a little laziness.

After she finished eating, she was soft on the sofa.

She ate so much that she felt weak, but she looked at Zhang Han with much admiration.

“Ho… I failed to control myself either.

Im too stuffed.” Zhang Li fell next to Zhou Fei with happiness.

“So delicious, this is the best pasta I have ever eaten since I was a child.

Huh, you are scheming, you just want to conquer us by delicious food.” Zi Yans beautiful eyes looked at Zhang Han with glimmer.

She also ate two bowls of noodle soup.

After eating happily, she felt more relaxed.

She leaned back on the sofa to take a break and didnt want to move.

“Ah ah ah.”Mengmeng fell on his slender legs, she patted her little belly and said with her mouth beeped, “All up, PaPa, huh, it is because of you that Mengmengs belly gets bigger.

What should I do Im going to be ugly.

Awww! I dont want to become like this.”

Mengmeng patted her stomach, it was a little bulging, which shocked her.

The little princess was very narcissistic.

“Thats OK.” When Zhang Han saw Mengmeng, he couldnt help smiling and said, “The food in Mount New Moon is digestive, so Mengmeng you dont worry about being fat.

Of course, do not sleep after eating like a pig.”


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