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“This is none of my business.”

Zhong An, Hall Master of the Silver-winged Hall stood up and retreated, too.

The leaders of the other dozen or so forces looked at one another and departed with their people all together.

With Wei Fan, the overbearing Hu Bin, and Li Mu who was eyeing the treasures covetously, the other forces knew that there wouldnt even be any leftovers for them to share.

The more than a thousand people sitting on both sides also rose into the air and distanced themselves from the square.

If it was a battle between Elixir Realm Last-Stage cultivators, a square this large would be enough.

However, the upcoming battle was between the Yuan Ying Realm masters.

They thought theyd better fly farther away.

At the very least, they had to be out of the shooting range of the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys mechanical troops.

“Just you guys” Zhang Han asked again, looking deeply disappointed.

“You seem to be very confident,” Wei Fan said disdainfully.

“Who gave you the courage to act so cool even in front of me Ive been in the Sea Dragon Star Area for decades.

But this is the first time Ive seen someone like you.”

“I mean, I can take down you people before my warm-up round ends,” Zhang Han said calmly.

“Hahaha.” Hu Bin suddenly burst into laughter.

“Everyone, listen, kill them but dont damage their Space Treasures.

Also… Princess Nina, please take your clansmen and leave.”

“Dont mind me, Prince Hu Bin.

With all due respect, as your uncle, Hu Zhiqiang, is not here, youre no match for him,” Nina replied flatly.

“Im no match for him” Hu Bin laughed wildly again.

The woman he fancied just claimed that he was no match for him in front of so many people.

That made Hu Bin outraged.

Because of Ninas words, the more than a thousand people in the surroundings fell into an uproar.

“With such a large number of mechanical troops and those mechanic martial artists, how could Hu Bin be no match for him”

“With those troops, Hu Bin can even hold Wei Fan back for a while.

That man is surely in Yuan Ying Realm, but if he is trapped here, his people will still die when Hu Zhiqiang returns from the east side of the river.”

“Who would have thought things could go this far The one error they made was that they showed their sixth-tier treasures in front of Hu Bin and the others.

And they even exhibited so many of those.

Although they also have a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator, that cant guarantee their safety.

Because those in the Yuan Ying Realm arent necessarily invincible.”

“What a waste! They also have several knockouts on their side.

Now, those cuties are gonna die, too.”


As for as they were concerned, Zhang Han and his men had already lost.

“Ill give you 10 seconds to get out of here!”

Hu Bins voice was cold.

He looked steadily at Nina and started the countdown.





Without waiting for his countdown to end, Wei Fan suddenly made a move.

He drew circles with both hands and soon conjured up a red wheel.

The wheel seemed to weigh a ton.

Slowly, he shoved it forward.

“Bloodthirsty Wheel!”

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

Waves of staggering pressure spread out.

It was the power of the Yuan Ying Realm.

The blood-colored wheel suddenly zoomed over horizontally and rose higher over the square.

It kept expanding.

In an instant, it became a huge blood-colored wheel with a radius of 500 meters.

After it was enlarged, the crowd suddenly found that there were countless fine threads in the round wheel as if blood vessels.

With the round wheel hovering over their heads, everyone felt the rhythm of their heartbeats had been controlled.

“Taste the power of my Bloodthirsty Wheel!”

The blood color in Wei Fans eyes grew thicker, and his laughter seemed to come from the highest heaven.

His sinister voice always made people involuntarily feel cold, as if they had fallen into an icehouse.

“It looks okay, but its power is too weak.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly, and beams of red light flashed across his eyes.

He cast the Dark Blood Seal of the Earth Element!


A round mark with a diameter of only five meters appeared.

Compared with the round wheel in the sky, it looked way smaller and weaker.

However, the patterns on the Dark Blood Seal were hundreds of times more intricate.

The daunting pressure it contained made Wei Fans face pale with horror.

“No, its impossible!

“How could there be such a move

“Supernatural power! This is the supernatural power of a dark cultivation method!”

Wei Fans eyes were full of disbelief, and he even relaxed his control of the Bloodthirsty Wheel.

Yet, whether he exercised control or not, he could not stop the Dark Blood Seal from suppressing the Bloodthirsty Wheel and sucking away its energy.

It was devouring the Bloodthirsty Wheel!

In Wei Fans eyes, the Dark Blood Seal seemed to have sprung to life and was having a meal!

Hu Bin was baffled.

He was kind of in a daze.

When ones strength reached a certain level, others could take clues from ones aura or other signals one released.

Hu Bin also sensed an extraordinary aura from Zhang Hans attack.

It was too terrifying.

“Who is he on earth”

Hu Bins heart was thumping violently.

He was nervous now.

The nearly one thousand people around were even more stunned.

They had never expected that Wei Fans attack could be so easily undone.

“That man is really a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator! But why doesnt he emit the aura that Wei Fan has”

“Which subarea does this mysterious master come from Why havent I heard of him before”

“Seems that an earth-shattering battle is about to take place here!”

“Hold on! Look, that blood-colored mark is glowing with red light!”

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Everyone looked over.

They saw that after absorbing all the energy in the Bloodthirsty Wheel, the Dark Blood Seal suddenly began to shine brightly.

Wisps of glistening red smoke permeated the air.

“Hiss, wheeze…”

Wei Fan took a deep breath.

His face was already rather grave.

Looking at Zhang Han, he slowly said, “I admit that Ive underestimated you, but you cant defeat me with just one supernatural power.”

“Is that so”

Zhang Han suddenly revealed a smile.

The Dark Blood Seal!

As if a giant spider web, the boundless beams of red light instantly bore down on Wei Fan.

At the same time, Zhang Han made a gesture with his left hand.

The image of an enormous golden mountain materialized in the void and dived at Wei Fan in a flash.

“Still not enough!”

Wei Fans aura rose fiercely.

An energy ring appeared over each of his hands.

One of the rings hovered in front of him, and the other charged at the heavy mountain above.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The energy fluctuations were extremely violent.

“What a powerful attack!”

Looking at the two rings that were about to crack, Wei Fan showed astoundment in his eyes.

“Who are you on earth Given such strength you have, you are certainly not an ordinary man.

Are you actually from another Star Area”

Wei Fan locked his eyes on Zhang Han.

What he didnt know was that danger was approaching quietly from his back.

“The dead dont need to know the truth.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and didnt want to say a word to Wei Fan.

Suddenly, a jet of cyan light flashed past and vanished instantly.


The Ghost Soldier carrying the Source Energy of the Wood Element had entered Wei Fans body, which was not heavily guarded.


Wei Fans eyes slowly widened.

His eyes were no longer shockingly blood-colored.

Instead, there was real blood in his eyes.


Up until the moment Wei Fan died, he still couldnt believe that his opponent was able to kill him with one strike.

What was the Yuan Ying Realm

For those in Yuan Ying Realm, their body might be destroyed, but their Yuan Ying, that was the primordial soul in the form of a baby they condensed, could live forever!

Once the body was ruined, one could possess another person, take over that persons body, and be reborn.

That was also the main reason why the death rate of cultivators in the Yuan Ying Realm was quite low.

Wei Fan felt that he had given his opponent enough credit for what he was capable of.

Yet, to his shock, his opponent could actually kill his Yuan Ying with one strike!


Wei Fan wanted to lean back and laugh.

However, as soon as he gave one laugh, he abruptly turned into a mist of blood and slowly dispersed into the vast world.


Like a bolt from the blue, this scene struck all the people present dumb, which also caused an eerie silence to descend over the place.

A good 10 seconds later.

Those watching the battle from the periphery of the square burst into an uproar.

“W-W-Wei Fan is dead Hes been killed just like that”

“But he was a famous cultivator at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage! Did this really happen”

“Then how powerful is that man who killed him”

Many people gawked at Zhang Han in disbelief.

So did Li Mu and the other leaders.

They even felt their scalps go numb.

“Good lord!”

Li Mus blood had run cold.

He felt that he was making a choice between life and death a moment ago.

Zhong An had a strange look in his eyes.

“This mans strength is terrifying.

Hes at least at the peak of Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage.

Now… Ive just broken through to the Yuan Ying Realm.

Im definitely unable to withstand even one strike of his.


For a long time, Zhong An had absolute confidence in his strength and always faced every situation calmly.

He hadnt even gone to the east side of the river yet.

Because he planned to explore this land by stages.

Other people didnt even know that he had made it to the Yuan Ying Realm.

He thought that he could finally display his power and stand in the limelight during this trial.

However, before the exploration of the first secret realm even began, he already suffered a heavy blow to his confidence.

“Well, theres always someone better out there.”

Zhong An once again retreated dozens of meters.

At this moment, his thoughts were kind of in a muddle.

The rest of the more than a dozen forces also retreated several dozen meters.

It was not until they felt they had put a long enough distance between them and the battlefield that they stopped retreating and looked at one another.

“Hu Bin is going to deal with those people, so, will that man attack Hu Bin”

The tense atmosphere started to sweep through the field.

Logically, they reckoned that given the daunting reputation of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, the other party might let Hu Bin go.

Besides, the reason he chose to kill Wei Fan first was that he wanted to kill the chicken as a warning to the unruly monkey, wasnt it

But the people thought it might be more appropriate to say that the man just killed the unruly monkey to warn the chicken.

Because even though Hu Bins identity was noble, his strength was much weaker than Wei Fans.

“Uncle Zhang is so powerful!”

Nina cast many glances at Zhang Han with a dazed expression.

When she saw him fight against the Snake-tailed Tiger at close quarters, she already believed that he was incredibly mighty.

This time, she figured that Zhang Han would eventually defeat Wei Fan after a fierce battle and then leave with the others unscathed.

However, the event took a totally different path from what she had imagined.

As it turned out, no sooner had Zhang Han made a few moves than Wei Fan was killed.

This battle once again renewed Ninas understanding of Zhang Hans strength.

She now realized that Zhang Han was exceptionally strong, and he seemed to be comparable to her father and the seniors in his league.

“You are actually a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator!”

Hu Bin inhaled deeply.

He felt wobbly and exhausted.

It was a sensation of defeat.

“You can leave now.

Ill pretend that nothing happened today.”

Hu Bin waved his hand.

His mechanical troops might be able to compete with Wei Fan and hold him up.

Even if the man in front of him didnt have the supernatural power to launch massive attacks, he might still have a chance to win.

But he no longer wanted to continue the fight.

With his few technological weapons, even if he defeated the Yuan Ying cultivator in the end, he would also suffer heavy losses.

Thus, he decided to quit the battle despite his yearning for sixth-tier treasures.

But wasnt there still a chance in the future

Those people were going to the secret realm.

When his uncle, Hu Zhiqiang, came back, his goal could still be achieved.

Therefore, Hu Bin immediately said, “I didnt know that you were a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator before.

You know, an innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth.

When I saw all those sixth-tier treasures you had, it was hard not to get tempted.

But I acknowledge that you have the strength to protect your sixth-tier treasures.

Thus, I lost this time, and all of you can leave.”

Hu Bins words did not surprise anyone.

“If it were me facing this situation, I would bow my head as well,” Li Mu echoed.

Then, he thought to himself, “But the other side has such valuable treasures.

No one has really given up on taking the treasures.

Tonight, Hu Bin will definitely ask Hu Zhiqiang to come back.

I shall also contact Yi Hou, the 100th elder.

If I tell them that this man has killed Wei Fan in seconds, Hu Zhiqiang and Yi Hou may not be able to secure a win.

It seems that some people on the east side of the river will come out to fight for the treasures.”

“He who understands the times is a wise man.” Zhong An looked at Hu Bin with a trace of admiration.

Although they were all equally famous masters, Zhong An was relatively older than the others.

He didnt want to compete with those youngsters for anything.

Ever since he advanced to the Yuan Ying Realm, He had regarded himself as a senior and considered others his juniors.

If Li Mu and Hu Bin knew about it, they would probably curse him in their heads.

“How could you pride yourself on being a senior in front of us Youre no more than a few years older than us!”

The nearly a thousand people around the field had basically the same thought.

“How could a man stand under the low eave without lowering his head”

“That master killed Wei Fan in seconds, so he must be extraordinary.

Maybe he really came from a more developed Star Area.”

There was an old man in the crowd, whose eyes were full of emotion.

“Ive traveled across more than a dozen Star Areas.

According to what Ive heard and seen, in the dozens of Star Areas nearby, Yuan Ying Realm cultivators are all regarded as the top-notch ones.

It is very likely that this man is from another Star Area, who has stopped by this place during his travel.

Judging by the six-tier treasures those people have, they are definitely members of one of the top forces.

“Prince Hu Bin seems to be in trouble.

He has provoked a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator.

If that cultivator chooses to fight him, he will suffer severe losses.”

“Whoever comes to the Sea Dragon Star Area has to show some respect to the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Thus, I dont think the other party will start a fight.”

As soon as that remark came out, the one who made that remark was immediately proved wrong.

Zhang Han looked at Hu Bin with nonchalance and said in a level voice, “You think Ill do what you tell me to Who do you think you are Are you the biggest saint or something”


That one remark clearly showed that Zhang Han didnt want to settle this amicably.

“What do you want Are you really so conceited as to believe that you can resist the Tiger Talisman Royal Family Although youre in the Yuan Ying Realm and possess incredible strength, our Tiger Talisman Royal Family also has many Yuan Ying Realm cultivators.” Hu Bins face was rather somber, and his tone became cold.

“The Tiger Talisman Royal Family How imposing!”

Zhang Han chuckled.

Suddenly, he stretched out his right hand.

The Air-shattering Hand of the Water Element!


The space around Hu Bin was sealed.

At the same time, a pale palm was instantly formed, which crushed toward Hu Bin.

Hu Bin was inside the mecha.

At this moment, the mechas alarm was abruptly set off.


“It has been detected that the space is vibrating.

There are 1325 points of original force.

The mecha cant escape.

The mecha cant escape.”

“Compressed energy has been detected.

There are 3570 points of original force.

It can cause devastating damages to the mecha.


Compressed energy has been detected.

There are 3570 points of original force.

It can cause devastating damages to the mecha.”


Hu Bins helmet automatically unfolded and covered his head, but the warning was still being repeated.

The sound of the alarm seemed to have become the only sound in the world.

Hu Bin, however, felt that his mind was totally blank.

All he could think about was the few words lingering in his mind.

“Cant escape.”

“Devastating damages.”

“Crack, crack, crack, crack!”

The next second, the huge palm clenched Hu Bins mecha and crumbled it.

Just like that, under everyones gaze, the prince of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family was killed by that palm.


The pupils of Li Mu and the others contracted with trepidation.

“That man is really fierce and ruthless! He even killed the prince of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family without any hesitation.”

“Prince Hu Bin!”

Several screams of horror rang out from the surroundings.

“Good heavens, the prince is dead! Then, how could we subordinates have a chance to live

“Even if we ran away right now and escaped from that mans attack, we wouldnt be able to survive Hu Zhiqiangs wrath!”


In an instant, thousands of machines fired at the same time.

The various machines launched all kinds of attacks that blotted out the sky, making the entire sky instantly become dark.

Densely packed bullets and bombs flew everywhere.

If there were people with trypophobia who saw this scene, they would probably faint in an instant.

But even without trypophobia, Zhao Feng and the others were still frightened by what they had seen.

“If it were me who faced such firepower alone, I would probably get killed.”

“To deal with the mechanical troops, the best way is to use large-scale attacking methods.”

Zhang Han glanced at the people around him.

As soon as he finished speaking, his pupils suddenly turned into two marks shaped like a flash of lightning.


The Star Map and the Thunder Sea!

Zhang Han merely performed the Star Map and the Thunder Sea that carried no elemental attributes.

If the people on the scene felt that the sky darkened when he cast his first strike, then, at this moment, they felt as if they were floating in the void.

A sea of staggering whirlpools of thunder and lightning appeared out of nowhere.

The whirlpools spun ceaselessly.

Their speed kept picking up.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

The thousands of mechanical troops couldnt fend off such an attack at all.

Muffled explosions sounded and reverberated through the whole place, as though endless firecrackers had been set off during the Spring Festival.

Small mechanical weapons fell to the ground like raindrops.

In just three seconds, there were already several piles of broken mecha on the four corners of the square.

Still, the Star Map and the Thunder Sea didnt manage to destroy the four red mecha that were more than 10 meters high.

Although the alarm kept ringing, the four mecha could still keep afloat in the air to defend themselves.

But this way of defense consumed energy very rapidly.

Nevertheless, Zhang Han didnt want to waste any second waiting for his enemies to run out of energy.

“Overlapped Mountains!”

Shadows of four 10-meter-tall mountains emerged and smashed the four red mecha from above.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

In less than 10 seconds, the thousands of mecha were all destroyed.

And not one innocent person was injured or anything.

Yet, looking at the scene in front of them, all the spectators could not come to their senses for a long time.

“Lets go.”

Zhang Han grabbed Zi Yans and Mengmengs hands again.

He flickered his eyes at Li Mu, who was floating in the distance with a stupefied look, and said flatly, “Dont forget to lead the way for us tomorrow.”


Li Mu instantly regained his senses.

He was so shocked that he didnt even dare to think about disobeying him.

He immediately cupped his hands before his chest and said in a very respectful tone, “Tomorrow, I, Li Mu, will be here on time, waiting for you to arrive.

Im so sorry that I failed to recognize that you are a person of such stature.

Please forgive me.”


Zhang Han chuckled.

Then, he whipped around and led the way to the gate.

“This is the… well… the no-name who has just been stopped at the door and denied entrance to the main residence.”

The whole field was so quiet that even the sound of a needle falling could be heard.

Everyones eyes were fixed on Zhang Han and his fellows until they left the mansion and walked out of Cloud City.


It was not until then that the people in the mansion let out a sigh of relief.

“Theyve really stirred up a hornets nest.”

“Just now, he, he, he looked like an Immortal King, no, a Demon King that just descended in this world and is completely unstoppable.

What was that attack he launched It was too horrible.

The mechanical troops were wiped out as soon as they encountered it Now, who else on the Lost Continent can be a match for him”

“Who is he on earth Wait! That man just mentioned that he stole the wine in that cultivators name.

Its Zhang Hanyang! His name is Zhang Hanyang!”

A sudden exclamation came from the crowd.

“Zhang Hanyang”

Li Mu knitted his brows.

“Ive never heard of this name before, but he is really mighty.

Even Yi Hou, the 100th elder of my sect may not be his match.”

“Hes too strong.”

Zhong An sighed and then made a long speech for the first time.

“What he dealt with Wei Fan, the strikes he displayed must be supernatural powers.

For we cultivators, even those in the Elixir Realm can hardly obtain a supernatural power.

It majorly depends on luck.

Only those with great luck can acquire a supernatural power even sooner.

So far, Ive only obtained two kinds of supernatural powers after venturing across two highly dangerous secret realms.

However, every move he just made was a supernatural power.

Whats more, his countenance hadnt changed once through the whole battle.

Even in the face of the members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, he was still that calm and collected.

Its conceivable that he still has more trump cards up his sleeves.

I believe its correct to say that the people on the Lost Continent who are able to fight him can be counted on ones fingers.”

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