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A young cultivator in the Yuan Ying Realm took out an electronic instrument and started drawing lots.

More than ten minutes later, the team was divided into three groups, with five people in each group.

After that, they began to decide the order.

It took them a total of ten minutes to complete all this.

In fact, it was unnecessary for them to draw lots.

They just wanted to show respect to the old man in the Yuan Ying Realm since he made the suggestion.

It was a tacit understanding.

Their men didnt go too far yet for being afraid of getting killed by Hu Zhiqiang halfway.

Hu Zhiqiang didnt say anything but showed an indifferent expression.

Doane and the other five or six people moved closer to Hu Zhiqiang.

They wanted to be on his side as they felt the atmosphere was weird then.

The force behind them was originally allied with the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Seeing that, Mo Wen and other several people of the Elemental Elf Clan all smiled bitterly.

Just now, they were studying what to do, and Hu Zhiqiangs face was full of murderous intent.

However, these people were scheming against each other now.

They were really selfish.

Some people of the second group and the third group said, “Elder Nu, you five are drawn to be in the first group.

You can go now.

We second group will set off two hours later.

It will take six hours in total.

Dont take too many treasures away.

Were going to play this game for at least one round.”

While cooperating with Elder Nu, they also wanted to warn him not to be too greedy.

If Elder Nu did not leave some sixth-tier treasures for them, they would be on the side of Hu Zhiqiang.

Such a loosely formed alliance.

None of them cared about others.

Since there were not so many sixth-tier treasures in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area, anyone who could get one would be a star in his force.

“Ok,” Elder Nu said with a smile.

Five cultivators in the Yuan Ying Realm flashed into the secret realm after exchanging the treasures they used to show their locations.

The valley fell into silence then.

All forces were trying to contact their people on Dal Star.

A multi-sided game began.

Zhang Han and his companions knew nothing about it.

Of course they didnt know.

They got here two hours ago following Li Mu.

“The secret realm is just there.” Li Mu pointed to a place in fog calmly and said, “We once went there and found that there were strange beasts everywhere, even some ones in the Yuan Ying Realm.

We were not powerful enough to fight against them and just left.

It is a secret realm on the west side of the river.

Theres no need to withhold the information, so we spread the news.

If you are interested in the secret realm, you can just go to explore it.

But cultivators who are at or havent reached the Elixir Realm Late-Stage had better not go there,” Li Mu said.

Hearing his words, the almost one thousand people present got surprised.

“Strange beasts in the Yuan Ying Realm were everywhere”

“There arent even many strange beasts in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

How could there be so many on the Lost Continent”

“Thats weird.

Since there are so many strange beasts, I wont go there.”

“Well, me neither.

Anyway, I have seen a lot.”

Except for very few cultivators at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage, some bold ones at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage, Zhang Han and his companions, others of the group of almost one thousand people just stayed outside.

Before entering the secret realm, Zhang Han turned his head and gave Li Mu a deep glance.

His look gave Li Mu a weird and creepy feeling.

Zhang Han just wanted to say: Youd better not play tricks.

When I started cultivating in Cloud Shadow Sky, you were not born yet.

Li Mu did not get his meaning but felt a little… weirdly scared.

That feeling made him extremely annoyed.

He talked to Yi Hou before repeatedly, “He is an unknown powerful cultivator from an unknown place.

Extremely powerful.

He owns over three kinds of supernatural powers.

Those people have a lot of sixth-tier treasures.

Are they from…”

Yi Hou immediately got his meaning.

That was why he was so silent and didnt say anything.

Princess Nina was very smart.

She could also understand Li Mu.

As soon as they entered the secret realm, they were surrounded by fog, but the atmosphere was different.

The secret realm was not large, and there were exits in all directions.

After looking around for a while, Nina approached Zhang Han and whispered, “Uncle Zhang, Li Mu hasnt entered and maybe he was waiting for Yi Hou.

They must have informed their own forces about what happened yesterday.

Maybe there are many powerful cultivators from the east side of the river waiting for us when we go out.

There are about 30 or 40 cultivators in the Yuan Ying Realm on the Lost Continent and nearly 100 cultivators in the same realm on Dal Star.

They represent different forces.

The situation seems to be getting more and more chaotic.

I am afraid that Uncle Mo Wen cant get this under control.”

In the end, Nina looked a little embarrassed.

She froze for a moment thinking that Mo Wen would ask her why her good friend made such big trouble for the Elf Clan.

Nina didnt know how to explain it.

But she knew that she liked to play with Mengmeng.

“It doesnt matter.

The more forces, the better.

Id like to meet them all.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“But there will be many cultivators in the Yuan Ying Realm,” Nina said with a concerned look.

“Well, Nina, dont worry.” Mengmeng took her hand and said, “Since my father has said so, it will be surely all right.

And my mummy is also very powerful.”

“Okay.” Nina nodded slightly.

But she still felt worried as she did not know how to explain to Uncle Mo Wen.

Nina followed her heart and said, “Though there will be barriers ahead, I wont regret it.

Its the first time Ive known that family members can be so happy without worries.

I like the feeling of being with you guys.

It doesnt matter even if its a little troublesome.”

Then she stopped thinking about those things and smiled at Zhang Han, Mengmeng and Zi Yan.

Nina, the Seventh Princess of the Elemental Elf Clan, had her own unique beauty with pointed ears and big bright eyes.

She looked even more beautiful when smiling.

“My master has told you that you can mention his name when other cultivators want to cause you trouble.

It will help you buy some time.

Dont be afraid.

We will be here again,” Mu Xue said.

“Wait!” Deep Flames expression slightly changed.

He pointed to his right front and said, “Theres a spirit beast over there!”

“Yes.” Zhang Han also saw it and said with a smile, “Its a kind of spirit beast that doesnt hurt people, which is called Grass Dragon.

It looks a little similar to a dinosaur but much smaller and feeds on grass.”

“It really looks like a dinosaur,” Mengmeng looked over and said.

Her big eyes lit up slightly.

Mengmeng had only seen computer-generated dinosaurs on TV in the past.

She didnt expect to see a spirit beast similar to a dinosaur.

Although it was only about one meter high, she was still surprised, looking at it curiously.

“Whats its stage” Mengmeng asked.

Dong Chen smiled and said, “If you like it, I can catch it for you.

And you can take it as your toy.

How do you think”

Dong Chen thought the plant-eating spirit beast wouldnt be powerful as he didnt sense any Qi of it.

He just got the chance to show his power in the secret realm.

However, no one expected that they had underestimated the power of the Grass Dragon.

“Okay, Uncle Dong, go and get it,” Zhang Han said, the corners of his mouth twitching.

Zi Yan knew that he was trying to suppress a smile.

Could it be that the Grass Dragon was not so weak as they thought…

She suddenly looked toward the small Grass Dragon, seeing Dong Chen approach it step by step, with confidence and even a victorious smile on his face.

Bang! Swoosh!

When he was less than 20 meters away from the Grass Dragon, the Grass Dragon opened its mouth and then… With a muffled bang, Dong Chen flew backward, looking as miserable as he could.

Zhang Mu became speechless.

“Huh” Mengmeng was also stunned.

Mu Xue and Jiang Yanlan couldnt help laughing.

They all knew that it was common that Dong Chen, the famous Grand Elder of Heavenly Knights Sect, enjoyed the limelight in public and suffered in private.

It was normal for him to be beaten up for no reason.

But Nina and her two subordinates were still stunned.

He went up to the Grass Dragon aggressively but ended up flying backward.

Was it because he was not powerful enough

About ten seconds later, Dong Chen went back depressingly with a few leaves on his hair and asked in a low voice, “What the heck is going on”

“You just rushed forward before I told you that it had reached the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage,” Zhang Han smiled and said.

“What” Dong Chen said in surprise.

The others were also shocked.

They didnt expect that the seemingly weak Grass Dragon was actually at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

“Are strange beasts at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage here” Zhang Mu said with a worried expression, “If we run into some, we wouldnt beat them definitely.

I didnt expect that we could meet strange beasts at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage on the west side of the river.”

“Lets just move on.

There shouldnt be so many strange beasts at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage,” Zhang Han said and then led the team to walk ahead.

“We are still in the mountain.

Its unknown how large this secret realm is.” Deep Flame took a light breath and said, “The air is a little humid.

I seem to get the smell of the swamp.”

“The soul sense can be seriously suppressed in the secret realm.

Lets go ahead and check,” Zhang Han said and led the team forward.

The Grass Dragon seemed to be so bored that it followed them on one side, eating grass and walking leisurely.

“Why are you following us” Mengmeng looked at it in confusion and said, “Do you want to play with us”

However, it just ignored her and continued to eat the grass.

“Daddy, why does it always follow us” Mengmeng asked.

“It must be bored,” Zhang Han said.

Grass Dragons were not ferocious if they did not get provoked.

“Nina, are there such dinosaurs on your planet” Mengmeng asked.

“There are some similar ones, but not so powerful.

Most of them are at the Innateness Stage or in the Elixir Realm,” Nina thought for a moment and answered.

“Oh, oh.” Mengmeng looked toward the Grass Dragon again and muttered, “Its not as cute as Dahei, Little Hei and Tiny Tot.”

In her mind, they were the best spirit pets.

They didnt see another spirit beast after walking forward for an hour.

Deep Flame just shook his head repeatedly and said, “Its really strange.

Why cant we meet any other spirit beasts”

“Did this Grass Dragon scare other spirit beasts away” Zhang Mu said hesitantly.

It seemed to be the only possibility since the Grass Dragon always followed them.

Hearing that, they all looked toward Zhang Han.

About the Lost Continent, they knew nothing but Zhang Han knew everything.

“Yes, this Grass Dragon has scared them away.

There have been eight strange beasts around us since we set off.

But they didnt come closer after seeing the Grass Dragon,” Zhang Han said.

“What Eight strange beats.

Why didnt we see them” Zhang Guangyou touched his stubbled jaw and said in confusion, “In this place, I can see things 500 or 600 meters away, and can only sense those about 200 meters away.”

“I can sense things 300 meters away, but I can see everything with my naked eye,” said Deep Flame.

“Me, only over 100 meters,” Dong Chen also responded.

“Hehe, over 200 meters.”

Most of them could only sense things 200 to 300 meters away.

Then, they looked toward Zhang Han.

“How far can you sense” Zhang Mu asked hesitantly.

“Dont say that you can sense as far as cultivators in the Elixir Realm do.”

Watched by several people, Zhang Han thought for a while and finally replied, “Not far.”


“Just a few kilometers,” Zhang Han added.

Zhang Mu was speechless.

The atmosphere became a little gloomy and weird suddenly.

But it got lightened a few seconds later.

They all were used to that.

Nina looked at Zhang Han strangely and thought, “Its unbelievable that Uncle Zhang can sense things a few kilometers away in the secret realm.

I can only sense things 700 meters away.

How far can I sense after I reach the Yuan Ying Realm”

Actually, she could sense things at least two kilometers away if she reached the Yuan Ying Realm.

Zhang Han didnt say the range his soul sense could reach in detail for fear that he should knock their confidence.

They continued to walk forward.

Half an hour later, Zhang Han stopped and said, “Its indeed a swamp.”

“Daddy, the Grass Dragon stops following us,” Mengmeng suddenly pointed to the side and said.

They then turned their heads and saw the Grass Dragon slowly walk, wagging its tail.

It seemed that it didnt want to walk forward anymore.

“Will it be dangerous ahead” Zhang Mu asked in a low voice.

The atmosphere became a little tense.

“I am not sure what will happen either.

Lets go and have a look first,” Zhang Han said.

He didnt sense anything.

There were few spirit beasts and less strange beasts around.

They continued to move forward and reached to an open field after more than ten minutes.

“Its a little creepy,” Zhang Guangyou exclaimed.

In front of them were still mountains, but the terrain was relatively flat, with withered trees and damp weeds.

In the faint mist, the field looked like a Deadland.

While on the land behind them were lush flowers and trees that could usually be seen in summer.

It was weird that vibrant and lifeless scenes could be seen at the same time.

“Daddy, the place is scary.

Do we have to go there” Mengmeng held Zhang Hans hand and whispered.

“Wed better go there to check whether its safe.

This place cant be safer than those ahead.

If it werent for the Grass Dragon that followed us all along, those strange beasts we met would have attacked us,” Zhang Han replied.

“Its unknown whether there will be a swamp ahead and whether we will get lost in it,” Zi Yan quickly blinked her eyes and said worriedly.

“No.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Its not so dangerous as we expect.

Lets go and have a look.”

On this trip, Zhang Han planned to help everyone broaden their horizons.

Sometimes, he would talk less, but sometimes, he would talk more, telling them some general knowledge that they should pay attention to.

“Well,” Mu Xue said casually, “we need to worry about nothing but just follow my master.”

Hearing her words, everyone felt relaxed.

Since there were so many things that they had never seen before, they became a little nervous unconsciously.

As they continued to move forward, the fog became thicker and thicker.

After about half an hour, Zhang Han stopped and said, “Cool Breezes!”

Zhang Han showed blueish light in his eyes.

Then he waved his right hand and got dozens of top-grade crystals.


Ninas eyes widened.

She got shocked after seeing so many crystals.

“Oh my god, there are dozens of top-grade crystals!

“Gosh, hes really rich, isnt he

“To set up a magic formation with top-grade crystals

“Oh, no!

“Isnt it wasteful to do so”

Nina thought that it was too wasteful.

Although she normally didnt lack crystals, she had never used up so many ones at one time.

Dozens of top-grade crystals meant hundreds of thousands of low-grade crystals, which was a great fortune.

Those two people of the Elf Clan who came with her got extremely shocked.

Even Elemental Elf King would not use crystals that way.

The others were not surprised as they didnt think top-grade crystals were so precious and uncommon.

What followed Zhang Hans formation was continuous fresh wind.

It blew the thick fog within a radius of two kilometers ahead.

Then, the world became clear as if thick clouds were blown away.

In the swamp fifty meters in front of them were numerous floating ghosts without specific forms.

“Ah!” Mengmeng got shocked when she saw them and shouted, “Ghosts! Daddy, Im scared!”

Then, she ran into Zhang Hans arms.

It was the first time she had seen such strange things.

She was so scared that her little face turned pale.

“Dont be afraid, its okay, its okay.” Zhang Han patted her on the back and said softly, “It doesnt matter.

These ghosts are different from those on TV.

They basically have no consciousness and are very easy to be eliminated.” He didnt expect that Mengmeng would be so frightened.

Zi Yan was also a little scared.

She even felt a little jealous when she approached Zhang Han and saw that Mengmeng was in his arms!

The fear in Zi Yans heart dissipated when she saw that Mengmeng was really frightened.

Then she gently touched Mengmengs face and said, “Daddy and Mommy are with you.

Whats there to be afraid of”

“Im, Im afraid that they, they will eat people.

We cant hit them, but they can hit us,” Mengmeng whispered.

“Who said that” Zhang Han patted his forehead and said, “Well, I should have taken you to see these dark creatures in the past.

I have told you that they were really easy to be killed.

If you perform the Fireball Skill and cast one out, many of them will be killed.”

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