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Zi Yan struggled to conjure three Sea Moon Fans.

The mechas energy consumption rate greatly increased and only 10% of it was left.

At the same time, Doane and the others had not so much energy left either, only about 30%.

They had reached the critical point of escape.

They became hesitant about continuing to fight.

If they chose to fight, they would have to face Zhang Hanyang.

Zi Yans face turned a little grave.

But she looked at the people in front of her as if nothing had happened and said, “I am good.

They can do nothing to me.”

Sea Moon Fan!

This time, Zi Yan attacked with half of her strength.

The Sea Moon Fan about three hundred meters long swept forward.

“Well.” The eyes of Hu Zhiqiang, Duane and the others lit up as they said, “She cant resist finally!”

Everyone at present seemed to have heard that more than once.

“Kill! Kill! Kill them!” Some people of Hu Zhiqiangs group shouted.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Persistence was the true way.

Those people fought fiercely again.

After Zi Yan conjured three Sea Moon Fans about three hundred meters long, her face seemed to be paler.

She breathed heavily and fell into Zhang Hans arms, looking like she couldnt fight anymore.

Seeing that, Zhang Mu and Deep Frame looked at each other.

They really appreciated Zi Yans awesome pretending skills from the bottom of their hearts.

Later, Zi Yan struck out with Sea Moon Fans about 150 meters long.

At that time, Hu Zhiqiang, the famous mechanic martial artist, did not have any troops left but the red mecha on him.

The battle continued and the people around were stunned.

They couldnt tell who would win in the end as there were so twists and turns.

The most powerful one among Zhang Hanyangs group could hardly hold on any longer.

At the same time, the mechanical troops of Hu Zhiqiang had all been destroyed and the energy of Duane and the others was almost depleted.

The onlookers couldnt really figure out who would win.

“Kill them!” Hu Zhiqiang shouted.

This time, they all launched powerful attacks and quickly fended off the Sea Moon Fan about 150 meters long, seeming too strong to be stopped.

There was already a glimmer of victory in their eyes.

“Were finally about to win!” Duane said.

He couldnt be more excited.

Only they, among all the people present, knew how difficult it was to win that battle.

Li Mu, who stood behind, sighed, “Such a pity.

We almost won but still failed to defeat them.”

“I dont think so.” Yi Hou said with doubt in his eyes, “Zhang Hanyang looks like a fierce beast staring at its prey.

He might be about to attack.”

“Really” Li Mu forgot to observe Zhang Han and was a little surprised when hearing that.

It was true that Yi Hous observation was extremely detailed.

Just as he expected, Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han as she felt that Zhang Han pinched her waist, and asked, “Honey, are you going to start”

That pinch was not for flirting as they were in a fight.

“Well, lets end this fight.” Zhang Han suddenly showed a faint smile with light shining in his eyes and answered.

“Oh no!”

“Its a trap!”

“Retreat quickly!”

The faces of Hu Zhiqiang and others changed dramatically and they all shouted.

But it was too late.

They finally got into the trap that Zi Yan and Zhang Han had long been setting up for them.

With a crack, the Star Map and Thunder Sea, and the Air-shattering Hand of the Water Element merged into one with doubled space restricting power.

Hu Zhiqiang and the others were trapped in the middle of the Thunder Sea.

It was impossible for them to quickly break the formation.

It would take them at least two seconds.

But less than one second later, with a buzzing sound, a huge Sea Moon Fan more than 600 meters long appeared out of nowhere.

Doanes face turned pale.

He looked at Zi Yan in disbelief and said, “You…You! You were pretending! How dare you set a trap for us!”

At that time, Zi Yan looked as calm as in the beginning.

Her expression didnt change at all.

“Haha.” Zi Yan laughed coldly.

Clap! Clap! Clap…

Hu Zhiqiangs expression suddenly became calm.

He continuously applauded and said, “Good, good, we lost, but do you dare to kill us I have brought a fleet here, one leading ship and forty-seven frigates.

If I die, the fleet will destroy the Lost Continent.

Then none of you can escape.

Do you dare to kill me”

The expression of all the people at present suddenly changed at the words.

How vicious!

“A few minutes will be enough for us to escape from the Lost Continent,” Zhong An of Silver-winged Hall said calmly.

“Zhong An!” Hu Zhiqiang took a deep look at him and said, “Are you trying to take advantage of my situation”

Just then, they fended off Zi Yans first Sea Moon Fan.

But someone had been injured.

Then the second Sea Moon Fan was launched.

Hu Zhiqiang felt a sense of desperation but said, “Haha, I will take all of you down with me!”

“Stop struggling.” Zhang Han suddenly said flatly, “You said that because you dont want to die.

Those dozens of fleets cant even dissipate the storm here, not to mention destroy the Lost Continent.”

“You dont believe what I said” Hu Zhiqiang could no longer maintain his calm expression but looked mad, saying, “I am from Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

If you dare to kill me, there will be no place for you in the Sea Dragon Star Area! And you will face the endless hunt from my family.”

“And from my sect!” Duane said in a fierce voice, “Our sects are allied with Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

We will deal with our enemy together.

If you stop, theres still room for negotiation.

If you still try to kill us…”


Zhang Han cast another spell and made a huge soundproof cover over them.

Hu Zhiqiang and Duane were stunned and said, “Have you really made up your mind to kill us”

They got so angry thinking that they would be kill by a stubborn guy who didnt even negotiate with them.

“Sea Moon Fan!”

“Sea Moon Fan!”

“Sea Moon Fan!”

Five huge Sea Moon Fans more than 600 meters long each fell down one after another.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

The last attack made a deep pit that was dozens of meters deep in the ground.

Then the smoke filled the air.

Zhang Han waved his hand and said, “Thats enough.”

What followed their attack was the death of Hu Zhiqiang and his followers.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The strong hurricane with loud sounds formed by the aftermath swept in all directions, mixed with grass, trees and flying sand and stones.

However, none of the hundreds of people present moved.

They just stared at the scene in front of them in surprise.

When the smoke dissipated, many people said, full of uncertainty, “They are all dead”

“Yes! They are all dead!” An old man in the crowd looked at the pit that was dozens of meters deep and said bitterly, “I seem to have seen some scenes.

Under the third attack, their fleshes were destroyed, and before the fourth attack was launched on them, their Yuan Ying had been destroyed by the aftermath.

That was terrible.

The attack couldnt be stopped and was really powerful.”

“Does the Tiger Talisman Royal Family ever have such a miserable moment”

“Hu Bin and Hu Zhiqiang are all dead.

Tiger Talisman Royal Family may suffer the turbulence.”

“Such a large mechanical corps has been completely destroyed.

Who are they Zhang Hanyang…”

“Hu Zhiqiang just said that when he died, his fleet would launch an attack,” a young man who looked pale said.

“Hiss!” People there all got shocked and gasped.

“If they are really going to attack, can they break the outer storm” Li Mu looked at Yi Hou and asked.

“I dont know,” Yi Hou answered.

“Should we run away now” Li Mu asked.

“No need to hurry.

They seem to be very confident in the power of the outer storm as they look as calm as before.” Yi Hou said solemnly, “If they dont run, we dont have to panic.

Even if the main ships energy cannon hits the storm, we still have time to response and run away.”

“Ok.” Li Mu nodded and looked at the more than 20 people in front of him again.

His eyes were full of emotion.

No one knew what he was thinking.

There were nearly one thousand people who had watched the battle.

Only those who belonged to weak forces panicked.

It was about more than ten seconds later that they relaxed, seeing that members of Cloud Shadow Sky and Silver-winged Hall were still calm.

They could just stand behind the two forces no matter what happened and neednt to worry.

“Maam, youre invincible!” Mu Xue run to Zi Yans side smilingly and said full of admiration, “I will be satisfied if I can be half as powerful as you.”

“Then you need to work hard to cultivate,” Deep Flame said playfully.

“Hey Old man, you may not be as powerful as me a few days later.

Youd better worry about yourself,” Mu Xue glanced at him and said grumpily.

Deep Flame became speechless.

He didnt understand why Mu Xues emotion changed suddenly

But the others were not surprised.

Zhang Mu explained with a smile, “Mu Xue thinks only her masters family of three are awesome.

By the way, what she said is also the truth.”

Deep Flame showed an expression of grievance and thought, “Why did you also tease me”

“A complete victory!” Zhang Guangyou came over, patted Zhang Han on the shoulder and said, “Weve left a legend in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Next time when we come here, we should be prepared.”

They had offended one of the super forces, Tiger Talisman Royal Family, though they didnt make troubles for them at the very beginning.

Zhang Guangyou thought that was the helplessness in life.


The elegant Mo Wen swallowed his saliva and became cautious.

He gently touched Ninas arm with his fingers and asked in a low voice, “Are they your friends”

“Yes,” Nina answered directly.

“I like to play with Mengmeng.

We are good friends.

Oh, by the way, Mengmeng is the daughter of Uncle Zhang and Auntie Zi.”

“Why did you ask me about this” Mengmeng looked at Mo Wen in confusion.

“Well, just curious,” Mo Wen waved his hand nervously and said.

Actually, he thought Mengmeng was not an ordinary girl as her parents were the most powerful cultivators in the whole Lost Continent.

They were peerless talents and no one dared to provoke them.

“Well, Nina and I are good friends.

I will take her to our place to play in the future,” Mengmeng said seriously.

“Okay, okay.” Mo Wen responded repeatedly with his heart beating fast.

It was so good that Nina was friends with such mysterious powerful cultivators daughter, who wanted to invite Nina to her hometown to play.

“Where is it Is it very high-end” Mo Wen wondered.

However, it was uncertain whether Nina could go or not.

At least the Coming of Age Ceremony should be held for her firstly.

How to deal with Tiger Talisman Royal Family was also a problem.

Mo Wens mood fluctuated and became quite complicated.

Other people of Elemental Elf Clan also kept silent and didnt know what to say.

Even their king didnt seem to be so powerful.

“Honey, the treasures are just in my hands.

They want to but cant get them.” Instructor Liu proudly patted his mace and said to Jiang Yanlan.

“Put it away.

Stop showing off,” Jiang Yanlan stared at him and said.

Then Instructor Liu put his mace away directly.

Then people around Zhang Han began to discuss.

Under the watchful eyes of the public, none of them left.

At that moment, they had really believed that the 21 cultivators at Yuan Ying stage in total, including Hu Zhiqiang and his followers, all died there, which was shocking.

“Master, where are we going to play next” Mu Xue asked wittily.

“Play Are you influenced by Nina Do you only know playing for fun” Zhang Han said between annoyance and a desire to laugh, “In the next few days, you can move around the west side of the river.

In fact, your cultivation can already enable you to go around alone.

Ill give you guys a week to go around the west side of the river and then Ill take you to explore the east side.”

His words made Li Mu and the others expressions change slightly in an instant.

Without any hesitation, Li Mu moved to the front of the crowd quickly.

Mu Xue and others looked toward him simultaneously.

Then Li Mu felt the pressure and became a little nervous.

However, he still kept calm and cupped his hands to Zhang Han, saying, “Mr.

Zhang and Mrs.


I am Li Mu of Cloud Shadow Sky.

Please forgive my previous bad attitude when we met in Cloud City.”

Then he glanced at Yi Hou.

Yi Hou immediately got his hint and walked to his side, also cupping hands and saying, “Since you want to explore the east side of the river and we have several safe cities there and know a few cities that havent been explored, I can show you the way if you are interested.”

“Of course, we members of Cloud Shadow Sky are also hospitable.” Li Mu glanced at the wine thief Wu Ming and said smilingly, “There are several kinds of local drinks in Cloud Shadow Sky.

We gave some to your brother not long ago.

Those are relatively ordinary wines.

We still have some for treating honored guests.”

“Ahem, ahem…” Zhang Guangyou gave a seemingly inadvertent cough.

Then the corner of Zhang Hans mouth trembled.

“Thats a good reminder.

Do you mean that if I dont agree, you will be unhappy” Zhang Han thought.

Zhang Han also wanted to satisfy his father, who loved drinking, and let him taste the good wines in the world in the future.

Coincidentally, he also wanted to ask the members of Cloud Shadow Sky whether his old friends in the Cultivation World from Cloud Shadow Sky were still alive since a thousand years had passed.

“Thats fine,” Zhang Han nodded and said.

Then Zhang Guangyou laughed happily in an instance.

However, his laughter only lasted for a second.

Mengmengs words made his smile freeze at once.

“Daddy, I still want to play with Nina,” Mengmeng said to Zhang Han in a low voice.


Before Zhang Han could say anything, Li Mu hurriedly said, “We are also in a good relationship with the Elemental Elf Clan.

Since you are friends, I can take the Seventh Princess with us if she would like.”

“Thank you very much, Young Master Li Mu.

I am glad to be with you guys.” Nina replied with a smile.

Mo Wen was speechless but thought, “Well, Li Mu, Im still here and also at Yuan Ying Stage.

Why do you ignore me I can also show them the way, too! Whats wrong with you”

The feeling of being ignored was really bad!

“How should I address you, Mrs.

Zhang” Yi Hou looked at Zi Yan and said with smile.

At first, he didnt pay much attention to Zi Yan.

But when he looked closely at her, he suddenly felt she was stunning.

That was mainly because Zi Yan was powerful, which made her appear even more elegant and beautiful in Yi Hous eyes.

In his opinion, a womans beauty depended on not only her appearance but also more on her cultivation.

There was no doubt that Mrs.

Zhang in front of him was very powerful as she could launch dozens of supernatural attacks in succession easily.

“My Maams Taoist name is Moon Empress,” Mu Xue said initiatively with a proud look on her face.

Her master was the great lord and her Maam was also very powerful.

As their disciple, she needed to work hard to cultivate!

“Moon Empress…” Yi Hou was slightly stunned and murmured.

He quickly cupped his hands at Zi Yan and said politely, “Greetings, Moon Empress, I am Yi Hou, the 100th Elder of Cloud Shadow Sky.”

The way he greeted Zi Yan was much more courteous than that he greeted Zhang Han.

In his mind, Zhang Han might be the cultivator at Yuan Ying Stage, but he didnt show so powerful strength as Zi Yan did.

That kind of endless attack was too shocking.

However, Zhang Han didnt care Li Mus attitude.

He had no interest in flattery things.

“Greeting, Moon Empress, Zhang Han, I am Zhong An of Silver-winged Hall,” Zhong An said.

He, who was a man of few words, just led the crowd forward and greeted Zi Yan and Zhang Han.

Seeing that scene, almost those with high status and at Yuan Ying stage all went to greet them.

“Greetings, Moon Empress and Mr.

Zhang, I am An Feng of the Red Feather Sect.”

“Greetings, I am Yuan Xing of the White Crane Sect…”

The continuous greetings caused many discussions among the onlookers.

“All the stars twinkle around the moon.”

“No one here can be Zhang Hanyangs match.

Its not a bad thing for them to greet him if they want to continue the trial.

Nothing special.”

“Well, we dont even have the qualification to greet them.”

“There be another several powerful cultivators in the Sea Dragon Star Area like Zhang Hanyang and Moon Empress.”

“Tiger Talisman Royal Family, Silver-winged Hall and Cloud Shadow Sky are the most powerful three forces.

Zhang Hanyang and Moon Empress have destroyed one of them and also have the strength to destroy the other two.

Fortunately, Young Master Li Mu and Zhong An have never shown any hostility through it all.

Otherwise, Zhang Han and Zi Yan, who are so decisive, will not spare them.”

“Well, Li Mu and Zhong An are wiser than people know about them and know how to stay unchanged to meet changed conditions.

Though they liked sixth-tier treasures, they were not impulsive as Hu Bin, who just forced the owners outnumbered by them to stay but got killed in the end, and caused the death of Hu Zhiqiang.

He was the real sinner.”


The discussion continued and everyones attention was focused on the group of people who were surrounded by the major forces.

“As a rest stop, our stronghold should be the best place.

We have a newly built wide-scale villa with improved surrounding environment.

Shall we go there and take a rest first Its about one hundred kilometers northwest of Cloud City,” Li Mu looked at Zhang Han and asked, after seeing that almost everyone had greeted him.

At that time, he was very humble.

In fact, he was also a little nervous.

It was not until Zhang Han nodded and said yes that he breathed a sigh of relief.

Members of Cloud Shadow Sky, Zhang Han, Nina and the others flew into the air quickly and went straight to Cloud Shadow Skys stronghold.

Two hours later, they arrived.

That was not the place where Wu Ming stole wine but one occupied by Li Mu a few days ago.

The environment around was nice, and he built some buildings and gardens by himself.

At first glance, it was a good place with pleasant scenery.

Li Mu was quite good at enjoying life.

“Servants, tell chefs to cook the best dishes to entertain my distinguished guests and take out all the treasured wines.” Li Mu waved his hand and gave his order.

At once, many people started to move and get busy cooking, serving them the wines and decorating the dining hall.

There were about 200 people in the entire stronghold.

Most of them didnt know what had just happened and wondered in confusion, “Why did Young Master Li Mu invite those people to come here”

“Isnt that man Zhang Hanyang He killed Hu Bin yesterday.

Why is he still alive Has our Young Master Li Mu formed an alliance with him”

“It cant be.

Cant you see that Princess Nina is with them.

Well, do you think our young master has a crush on her Princess Nina is also a very famous beauty.

Although she doesnt have high status as our young master, they are still suitable for each other.” The servants gossiped with each other.

However, when they learned from their companions that Hu Zhiqiang of Tiger Talisman Royal Family, Doane and other cultivators at Yuan Ying Stage had all been killed, they all got shocked.

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