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Chapter 107 Show No Respect

While Liang Mengqi and others were just having dinner, it finally came to the blond mans turn.

On entering the restaurant, he was shocked.

“Is it braised chicken It smells good.

What kind of chicken is this”

The man with blond hair named Pearson.

He was in the catering department, which was admittedly unpromising, but he was interested in it.

Sparing no efforts at university, he came out in front of the study of catering, catering management, cooking techniques, nutritional diet, pastry making, and food reviews in his year.

He had been working for Michelin for five years since he was directly recommended by his university after graduation.

He had been to every famous place in the world and even among the food agents, he was an authoritative figure.

The more authoritative he was, the stricter he became.

He worked conscientiously, having the ability to distinguish between well-cooked and poorly-cooked food.

Besides, he could explain why it was delicious or not.

In the past five years, he recommended dozens of Michelin-starred restaurants and disqualified more than a dozen Michelin restaurants.

He was really loved and hated by people.

In Zhang Hans restaurant, however, he was completely stunned and felt that he knew nothing at all.

The egg-fried rice was so savory, and he did not why the noodles in noodle soup were as fine as hair and tasted fantastic.

Furthermore, he drank three cups of milk at noon on account of its fragrance.

It was the thing that happened to him for the first time.

Now, his stomach could not help growling when he smelled the aroma of chicken in the air.

It smelt so good! It was too exaggerating!

“What kind of chicken is it” Pearson said involuntarily.


“How can it be so fragrant”

“Is it an Australorp”

“Or is it a Bresse Chicken”

Australorp was introduced from Italy during the period of the Republic of China.

It had black and shiny feathers, black beak, shins and toes.

Its soles of the feet were white and wings were strong enough to fly.

It was good in quality and was delicious.

Bresse Chicken was a kind of chicken produced in the Bresse region of eastern France.

It had the bright red crest, white feathers and blue steel feet, whose color was similar to the French flag.

Therefore, it was reputed as Frances national chicken.

It was recognized as the chicken of the best quality in the world.

The dominant character was its tender meat, which was soft and juicy, as if it were about to melt.

There were some chickens that were famous for their fragrance now, of which only a few were better.

However, it seemed that neither Australorp nor Bresse Chicken had the same fragrance as the chicken in the restaurant!

At this time, Zhao Feng reluctantly ate the last piece of chicken.

After hearing the mans words, he turned to him and said, “This is just a common native chicken.”

“No way!” Pearson arched an eyebrow.

He was serious about professional knowledge, so he retorted, “Im very clear about the taste of native chickens, this kind of chickens flavor is not strong but slightly introverted, but the scent in the air is heavy.

There are three ways for the fragrance to waft: respectively, the Maillard reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars, the thermal decomposition of fat…”

Pearson had studied about chickens flavor before, so he could drone on for 10 minutes.

But some other people were reluctant to listen to his long speech.

“Brother, what are you doing”

The man sat opposite Pearson at noon reminded him again.

“My friend is still waiting in line behind you, do you want to eat If not, let my friend sit here first!”

The man said rudely, pointing to the unoccupied seat on his opposite side.


Pearsons facial muscles froze.

He received malice in this restaurant, not only from the boss but also from other diners.



Didnt nonmembers have human rights here

People had to demean themselves to have a meal.

How did that happen

Regardless of the bad service of the restaurant, Pearson was particularly uncomfortable seeing that other people were in full agreement with the mans words.

Pearson shrugged his shoulders and said, curling his lip, “Of course.

I want to eat.”

Pearson went straight to the kitchen bar after he finished.

“I should sample both egg-fried rice and noodle soup carefully again.”

Pearson filled his plate with egg-fried rice and noodle soup and walked back to his seat.

He ate a mouthful of egg-fried rice at first.


“Thats correct…”

Pearson enjoyed a mouthful of rice, narrowing his eyes.

Then he filled a spoonful of clear soup.

When he drank it, he exclaimed, “Oh… Delicious!”

“The noodles are really tough and chewy, ho!”

Pearson began to enjoy his dinner, but as he ate, his eyes converged on Liang Mengqis side again.

The chicken in their bowls was almost eaten at this time.

Even Zhao Dahu, who ate slower, was robbed of two pieces of chicken, one by Yu Qingqing and the other one by Liang Mengqi.

“I dont know what the chicken tastes like… If I could sample one, so…”

An idea suddenly hit Pearson, which was getting stronger and stronger.

Finally, Pearson couldnt resist standing up and walking over to the members table.

“Excuse me, uh… I, is this chicken and other dishes only for members” Pearson was slightly incoherent and could not find a good starting point to ask.

“Isnt the rule written on the door” Zhao Feng frowned slightly and said, glancing at him.

It seemed that the man had a lot of things to do in the restaurant.

The restaurant ranked second in Zhao Fengs heart at present.

The first was his undercover operation to defeat Tang Zhan.

If someone dared rock the boat in the restaurant, he did not mind letting him know how his nickname “maniac” came from.

Perhaps because of his deterrent force or his acidness, Pearson was a little awkward.

After thinking for a while, he said, “Hum… May I ask is there any other way to sample the food for members, such as paying more”

“Members dishes are only for themselves.

If you want to eat, you can buy a membership.” Zhao Feng said coolly.

Hearing it, Liang Mengqis eyes brightened.

She said, “Yeah, just buy a membership, and I can go upstairs to call the boss.”

For Liang Mengqi, she had always been curious about Mengmengs mother.

In addition to curiosity, she also wanted to measure with her.

She was quite confident about her beauty.

Moreover, she was curious about the relationship between Zhang Han and Mengmengs mother.

Did they divorce or not

She knew Zhang Hans temperament that he definitely did not lie.

The boss said he was unmarried before, so there must be some secrets.

If the boss and the landlady had a good relationship and a nice family, Liang Mengqi would not say any more.

On the contrary, if the two were divorced, Liang Mengqi did not mind marrying Zhang Han with a baby.

This thought germinated with her after much deliberation.

She could go after the things she liked, what was she afraid of

At present, she heard Pearsons question.

If he applied for a membership card, she could take the opportunity to go up and have a look.

“Membership card… I cant afford it.” Pearson scratched his head and replied.

“Oh, then you cant eat.

It is the rule.” Liang Mengqi curled her lips and said.

They continued to eat and no one paid any attention to Pearson, which made him feel so embarrassed.

“Erm…” Pearson hesitated for a while, finally gritted his teeth and said, “I am a…gourmet.

I want to taste the bosss dishes.

I think my evaluation will bring fame and gain to him.”

However, Zhao Feng and others did not listen to him anymore, while several people at the white dining table on the back side chuckled seeing him.

“Im a gourmet, too! I also want to have a try.”

“Im a scientist.

I also want to try the bosss food and analyze the structure of such delicious food!”

“Haha, its so hilarious.

You can bring fame and wealth to the boss Do you think the boss needs them Cant you see that the restaurant only opens for three hours a day If it were open all day, it could do a roaring trade!”


A few words left Pearson speechless.

Pearson was filled with mixed feelings.

He blushed and said firmly after taking a deep breath, “I, Pearson, am a food agent of Michelin-starred restaurants!”

Although his job was a secret, he deemed that it did not matter to reveal his identity if he could enjoy the dishes here.

For fairness In the last resort, he did not rate for this restaurant any longer.

He believed that if it rated by others, it would also receive favorable comments.

After saying that, Pearson waited for peoples exclamation.

But after a moment of silence, a burst of laughter passed over.

“What is Michelin Can I eat it” A man at the white table played a joke on him.

“So what if youre a food agent”

“Do you think this restaurant needs the title of Michelin”

A few words shocked him instantly.

He had never expected that these people showed no respect for the title of Michelin.

Fortunately, Liang Mengqi and other members of the table did not say anything, otherwise, Pearson would begin to suspect his life.

The members who were acquainted with Michelin, especially Sun Ming and Wang Qiang, took a strange look at the person.

They knew that getting a Michelin star rating not only could raise the restaurants reputation, but also could help it gain wealth.

But they did not say much.

They were all aware that this restaurants owner was not in accordance with a normal person, so Michelin might not be attractive to him.

Liang Mengqis eyes, however, lit up after hearing what he said.

She quickly got up and said, “Youre a food agent! Hum, why didnt you tell me before, Ill call the boss!”

Liang Mengqis words made Pearson much more comfortable and also made him feel his sense of place in this restaurant for the first time.

It was always better not to be ignored.

Soon, Liang Mengqi walked to the second floor.

When she stepped onto the stairs, she combed her hair and felt slightly nervous.


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