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Chapter 1083 Marvelous Means


Pang Zhanlongs face paled.

He was the one closest to the strike.

He sensed an incredibly oppressive might from that attack.

Even he had to spend some effort to fend off this strike.

“Whats more crucial is that this attack seemed to be cast through a thunder method, isnt it

“That man can control the power of thunder and lightning

“Is it real power of a thunderbolt

“Or rather energy in the shape of a thunderbolt”


The members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family instantly altered their complexions.

Many did not expect the other party to attack so decisively.

What was more, the target of that attack was none other than Hu Qi the loser on the square below.

The power of this strike even made Hu Yuans expression slightly stiffen.

Needless to say, if no one helped him, Hu Qi would surely be killed.


Hu Yuans gaze turned cold.

Without another word, he prepared to make his move to block Zhang Hans attack.

But right at this moment, he suddenly found that the move he made was impeded by a wave of invisible energy.


Hu Yuans complexion changed completely.

“Go help him!”

The hundreds of cultivators beside him displayed their techniques one after another.

Pang Zhanlong, however, already rushed over.

Although he could not possibly get there in time, at such a close distance, he believed he could definitely save Hu Qi with his defensive secret skill.

Sadly, they had no idea what a formidable opponent they were dealing with.

With a stir of his mind, Yue Wuwei blocked out all their defensive moves.

As a result, Zhang Hans strike, the Thunderbolt Crocodile, darted straight at Hu Qi with crushing force.

“Ah! Help me!”

Hu Qis reaction was very fast.

He whipped out three different defensive treasures, which produced layers of energy shields.

He knew that at this critical moment, as long as he held the strike up for one second, Uncle Yuan would be able to save him.

He also conjured up mechanical troops!

The mechanical troops under Hu Qis control were all high-ranked.

The troops instantly shielded him.

Boundless firepower squirted at the horrible crocodiles mouth in the air.

“Kaboom, kaboom, kaboom…”

The sounds of gunfire were endless.

However, to their horror, that ferocious crocodiles mouth devoured all of the attacks fired at it, not leaving any rogue energy behind.

There was simply no way to stop it!

Hu Qis face was ghastly pale.

Up to the moment he was killed, he still did not understand what the consequence of making flirtatious remarks about the female family members Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han had in their presence was.


The King of Elves and his subjects were already stupefied by this scene.

This was their imperial palace.

They couldnt believe others dared to start a battle just like that.

“Hu Qi cant have been killed, has he”

“He got killed under everyones watch And all those forces failed to save him”

Even Zhong An, Irene, and the others felt their scalps turned numb when they saw this.

As their brains were racing, the expressions on their faces kept changing.


Hu Qi saw that all of his trump cards were of no help.

The appalling crocodiles mouth was already descending upon him.

He even felt suffocated and sensed that the air was particularly cold.


The Thunder Crocodiles huge mouth snapped shut.


The power of the thunderbolt slowly dissipated.

At the same time, Hu Qis figure also disappeared from the edge of the square.


Many people swallowed hard.

They were all left open-mouthed.

They couldnt believe it Zhang Hanyang had started it.

They found it even more incredulous that he and his people had killed Hu Qi right in front of Hu Yuan.

“Senior Zhang, youre as efficient as always.”

Li Mu gave a stiff smile.

From this moment on, the situation seemed to have become very clear.

War was unavoidable.


Nina was dumbfounded, too.

There were still tears in the corners of her eyes.

But now, she had completely fallen into a state of confusion.

“Theyve really started a fight.

“If anything happened to Uncle Zhang and the others, I would be the guilty one who dragged them down, wouldnt I”

The square quieted down.

But everyone knew that this was the peace before the storm.


Many people in the audience stand by the central square quickly retreated.

They backed far away from the battlefield.

If hundreds of people began to fight, the entire imperial palace of the Elemental Elf Clan would collapse.

At least, many of the people present could not remain intact.

The crowds were in a riot.

One after another, the spectators on all the squares got up and flew into the air, soaring higher and higher to get as far away from the battlefield as they could.


The tip of the sun had sunk below the horizon.

Night had already fallen.

“Rustle, rustle, rustle!”

Countless leaves began to fall, as though they had been cut off by wisps of killing intent.

Hu Yuans face was somber.

Flames of wrath were dancing in his eyes.

“Go to hell!”


As Hu Yuans body shuddered, a large number of mechanical troops emerged and aimed their weapons at Zhang Han and his people.

“Zhang Hanyang, how dare you!”

Hu Yuan said viciously, “Ive long planned to hunt you down.

Who wouldve thought that youd come to me first Ever since you chose to take down Hu Zhiqiang and Hu Bin, youve become the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys mortal enemy.

No matter who you are or which sect you belong to, you must die! All members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, listen up!”


“Kill them… Kill them all!” Hu Yuan ordered with a ferocious, “Im going to flay them alive and refine their souls!”

As he spoke, Hu Yuans aura grew increasingly stronger.

His vibe was overwhelming.

Even many Elixir Realm cultivators present were shaking in their boots.

The pressure Hu Yuan imposed was too mighty.

Just as his momentum reached its peak, Zhang Han said in a perfectly calm tone, “Are you done with your speech”

“Kill!” Beams of fiery light erupted from Hu Yuan.

Numerous mechas parts began to assemble and cover every inch of him.

A great battle was about to take place on the Roland Star wrapped in the darkness!

At that moment, the King of Elves was even more scared.

Not daring to say anything, he led his clansmen to retreat a kilometer.

“Fine, let them fight then.

At worst, well have to rebuild the palace.”

The issue about the dignity of his clan did not even cross his mind.

Right now, the priority was to survive.

“What, what should we do”

Ashen-faced, Mo Wen said, “Are we going to watch all of them get killed Zhang Hanyang, you are too impulsive, really too impulsive!”

He was extremely annoyed.

Had he known this earlier, he would have taken Zhang Hanyang and his people to wait in the other palace.

Even if they took action at night, they would not have to face this kind of danger.

Now, facing Hu Yuan and the others, their chances were simply too slim.

Mo Wen was so worried that he even overlooked that from beginning till now, Zhang Hans expression hadnt changed at all.

He only showed a hint of murderous look when Hu Qi made the unforgivable gaffe.

“Ill fight side by side with you,” promised Li Mu.

His hands were trembling.

It wasnt because he was afraid, but because he was nervous.

He was so anxious that his voice was quivering.

He urged, “Everyone, get ready to battle.

Since youve made this choice, you should have no regrets.”

It was as if he had prepared to fight to the death.

The atmosphere was too oppressive.

Even Mengmeng began to get nervous.

She looked up at Zhang Han and called, “Daddy…”

She wanted to know if they were still safe.

“Everything is fine.”

Zhang Han smiled and gave Mengmeng a reassuring look.

Then, he glanced up at Hu Yuan and said, “Since theyre done talking, Elder Yue, go ahead.”

Yue Wuwei was rendered speechless.

“I thought you were going to the battlefield yourself.

“I even looked forward to seeing if you could fight against Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage cultivators with your Elixir Realm Peak-Stage strength.”

Yue Wuwei wanted to test Zhang Hans strength.

But to his surprise, Zhang Han didnt intend to make a move at all.

If it werent for Hu Qis rude words, he might not have even displayed the Thunderbolt Crocodile.

“Hes using me as a hatchet man.”

In truth, Yue Wuwei was a little upset.

“You little cunning devil, do you really think you can boss me around


“For Mengmengs sake…

“Ill do your bid this time.”

Yue Wuwei gave Zhang Han a “you-figure-out-how-I-would-respond-yourself” look.

However, Zhang Han ignored him and looked at the battlefield with composure.


Intense firepower turned the sky into a sea of fire.

Strikes of all kinds were flying everywhere.

At a glance, one could see that more than a thousand attacks were darting here and there.

“Its over!”

The King of Elves smacked his forehead.

He did not mean that his imperial palace was over.

He was talking about Nina and those on her side.

“The attacks are too violent!

“Facing this kind of attack… everyone will die.

“Even their bodies will be destroyed.

“Perhaps the moment they showed up here, the outcome was already predetermined.

“Its a pity that the Cloud Shadow Skys Li Mu will soon become part of history.

He shouldnt have gotten involved in this,” Zhong An muttered in a tone full of sorrow.

In his imagination, the battle was not like this.

He thought perhaps they would be tit for tat at a certain moment.

However, today was not the time to fight.

Returning to their own base and turning this into a war among several forces was the best choice to make.

“You know very well that the Hu Yuan is powerful, and they plan to demonstrate their might to enhance their prestige this time.

Still, you dare to get involved in this.

“Li Mu, well, well, well, the choice you made today will cost you your life.

Thats all Ive got to say.”

Zhong An sighed deeply.

As one of the Eight Great Young Masters of the Cloud Star Area, Li Mu was someone that Zhong An admired greatly.

At the very least, he felt that Li Mu was a pretty good rival.

He thought it a pity that this awesome rival would lose his life due to his single wrong choice.


Pang Zhanlong raised his ax, unleashing beams of 1000-foot-long ax brilliance.

The ax brilliance slashed horizontally.

Endless firepower poured from the sky.

There was simply nowhere to hide.

“Daddy, Im scared.”

Chen Chuan was a little frightened.

“Dont be.

Its okay.” Chen Changqing was also slightly high-strung.

Still, he said in a relatively steady voice, “They are doing a show of fireworks for us.

Whats scary about that”

His words of comfort were somewhat lame.

Hearing this, many people sneered inwardly.

“He is about to die.

How could he still be in the mood to say things like that”


Just when everyone thought the dust was about to settle, a clear noise rang out.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out that Yue Wuwei had snapped his fingers.


After the snap of fingers, there came the splatter of a drop of water.

The sound was incomparably ethereal, which echoed in everyones heart.


Ripples spread out from Yue Wuweis finger.

They made no noise and carried no imposing momentum.

Nonetheless, the endless firepower, as well as the assorted strikes in the sky, all froze in place at this moment!

It was as if the space above the battlefield had suddenly been fixed in place by some energy.

The wind stopped blowing.

The leaves stopped falling.

And the moonlight bathed the square again.

“How, how is this possible”

Hu Yuans pupils contracted rapidly.

His heart seemed to have stopped beating.

He then looked at Yue Wuwei with fresh horror in his eyes.

“He controlled the whole place with a snap of his fingers

“What freaking supernatural power is this

“How could he freeze all those unstoppable attacks

“Impossible! This is impossible!

“What sort of strength is required to accomplish this

“Could, could it be that hes a mighty figure from a higher-ranked Star Area

“Hiss! How incredulous!”

In an instant, Hu Yuan felt a chill spread all over his body.

The eyes of the hundreds of people around him almost popped out in shock.

None of them could find their voice at the moment.

“Were screwed!”

That was perhaps what they all thought.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, the most frightening thing was to get on the wrong side of the forces from high-ranked Star Areas.

Those extraordinary cultivators possessed earth-shaking strength.

Their bodies were strong enough to allow them to travel in the universe without external equipment.

They could turn a planet upside down with a stir of their minds.

“Is he one of those mighty figures

“No! He cant be.

“Isnt it said that Zhang Hanyang and his people are from a remote corner of the Sea Dragon Star Area

“Then why is this man so powerful”

“Your firepower is very aggressive.

You should experience it yourself.”

Yue Wuwei snorted and raised his right hand.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh…”

Pang Zhanlong was the first to be sent flying into the frozen sea of attacks and gunfire.

The second one was Hu Yuan.

To his horror, he found that he couldnt move at all.


“Thank god Im wrapped in the mecha.

Such firepower cant break through my mechas defense, right”

All of a sudden, Hu Yuan realized that the light above the top of his head was exactly the ax brilliance fired by Pang Zhanlong!


As the beam of light sliced downward, his mecha cracked open.

“No!” Hu Yuan shouted desperately in his mind.

Next, a sense of misery washed over him.

“Oh, I thought I could survive.

Turns out that I was just hallucinating.

“In the face of such an opponent, how could I have a chance to live”

One after another, people in Hu Yuans league were thrown into the sea of fire.

The massive gunfire in the sky seemed to have become a furnace.

It burnt everything, including the tens of thousands of mechanical troops.

“Crack, blast, crack…”

Flames blotted out the sky.

Everyone looked up at the sky which appeared to have caught fire.

Nobody spoke.

A dead scene fell on the field.

Everyone stared blankly at the scene in front of them, not knowing how to describe their amazement.

Or to be precise, they were completely paralyzed by terror.

They were all at a loss.

Even the mysterious old man surnamed Guang felt the same.

He stood up in a trance.

The muscles on his face could not help quivering.

He had been sitting steadily in the audience stand through the whole event.

But at this moment, he could no longer sit still.

Even his eyes were full of horror.

“H-H-how powerful is he”

The old man surnamed Guang flickered his eyes at Yue Wuwei.

He knew that this figure in front of him was definitely not merely in the Yuan Ying Realm.

“Where did this mighty lord come from

“How terrifying he is!”

Before this battle broke out, he was highly confident that he was the strongest person on the scene.

But now, he felt that he had gone weak at the knees.

“The good thing is I havent openly taken a side.

Otherwise, I might end up as Hu Yuan did if I was not careful.”


The old man surnamed Guang exhaled a long breath.

His expression had turned grave and cautious.

“Theyre all dead”

It was not until then that the King of Elves realized what had happened.

He felt that his brain had gone a little numb.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family and its allies on the Roland Star had been wiped out.

They were killed by an unknown master in a second.

“Oh my God, the Sea Dragon Star Area will surely sink into turmoil.”

The King of Elves was too scared to say anything.

He just stood there and cast his eyes over the field.

Gradually, more and more people came to their senses.

The spectators burst into an uproar.

“Who is that man”

“What realm is he in”

“He killed Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage cultivators as well as Hu Yuan in seconds.

Could he be… one of those reclusive cultivators at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage”

“Im afraid even Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage cultivators cant be as powerful as him, can they At least, his strikes are at or above the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

If hes in the God Transformation Realm, these peoples deaths would be meaningless.

Because if they had known this, they wouldnt have fought him in the first place.”

“Its over.

Their forces and allies have been killed.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family has suffered another blow.

I bet they would not tolerate this.

Thats for sure.

They will dispatch some of their core fighters to take revenge.”

“For a top force like the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, it certainly has its backers, who are perhaps masters at the peak of the Yuan Ying Realm.

Then, the conflict will only become more and more intense.”


Countless voices of discussion reverberated across the field.

Mo Wen gazed at Zhang Han and the others in front of him in a daze.

“It turns out that theyve been unperturbed the whole time.

Princess Nina, you are safe now.

By befriending them, you may have seized the greatest opportunity in your life.”

On the other side, Irene patted her slightly numb cheeks.


She sighed, shook her head vigorously, and said with emotion, “Comparisons are odious indeed.

Nina, how on earth did you get to know such a powerful figure”

Now Princess Nina was safe, Irenes jealousy surged again.

“Life is so unfair!”

Chu Luoer, the social butterfly hidden in the crowd, turned slightly pale.

She recalled that when she went to strike a conversation with Zhang Han and his people a while ago, she even allusively scoffed at them.

Yet, they just ignored her.

Now she understood why—with the huge gap in status and strength between her and that group of people, they only saw her as a ridiculous clown.

After seeing their true strength, she was seized by a lingering fear.

If she had gone too far when she talked to them earlier, she reckoned that she might have been reduced to ashes as well.

The nearly 100,000 people present watched the battle from different directions.

Looking at the gradually dissipating flames, the crowd gradually quieted down.

Mengmeng was fascinated by the glorious battle.

She raised her head slightly and complimented Yue Wuwei, “Wow, Grandpa Yue, youre quite amazing.”

“Not bad, I guess.

You will be even mightier than me in the future,” Yue Wuwei stroked his beard and said coolly.

“Really” Mengmengs eyes lit up slightly.

“Of course,” Yue Wuwei said with a smile, “because you are the Heavenly Lord.”

“Well, I dont need that.”

Mengmeng puckered up her lips and said, “I have Daddy to protect me.

I dont need to be powerful.”

“Your dad”

Yue Wuwei cast a sidelong glance at Zhang Han.

“Humph! He is still a lemon.”

He made to ridicule this cunning devil.

But when he saw Mengmengs eyes suddenly turned a little menacing, his hair immediately stood on end!

He then ran through the words he wanted to say in his mind.

If these words were to come out, he knew Mengmeng would make him speechless with some sharp retort.

“Forget it!

“Ive never seen a girl so protective of her father.”

Then, he glanced at Yue Xiaonao.


Yue Wuwei sighed with emotion in his head.

“How come she is not protective of me at all”

“Well, not to brag, my dad does have some great powers.”

Yue Xiaonao looked at Mengmeng with a grin and added, “Except for his looks, he actually has many positive features.”

Yue Wuwei had no idea what to say.

His face became a little stiff.

After hesitating for a second, his face turned younger.

Now, he looked like a man in his 50s.

However, he still kept that lock of white beard.

After all, it gave him the bearing of an immortal.

What was the bearing of an immortal

In Yue Wuweis view, that lock of white beards was half of what composed it.

Seeing this scene, Lisas lips curved into a smile.

Since she had become Yue Wuweis wife, one could tell that she cared about how he looked very much.

It was just that Lisa did not talk much and was not good at expressing her feelings.


Chen Chuan stepped on the rattan chair and applauded.

“Awesome! Grandpa Yue, you are so handsome.”

“Yeah, perhaps.


I wanna keep a low profile.”

Yue Wuwei waved at Chen Chuan.

It was only when he saw the admiration in the boys eyes that he felt gratified.

“Elder Yue is indeed very powerful,” Zi Yan remarked with a smile.

“Now its finally peaceful again.

Nina, are you relieved now”


Nina pressed her lips and bowed to Zhang Han with solemnity, saying, “Thank you, Uncle Zhang.”

Yue Wuwei was bemused.

He felt like he was about to go crazy.

“Are you kidding me

“Did you have problems with your eyes It was me who defeated all the enemies just now, okay

“But why are you thanking him

“What the heck is going on

“I took efforts to fight them by myself.

But in the end, its Zhan Han who takes all the credit.

How is this reasonable”

Fortunately, Nina did not stop expressing her gratitude.

After she thanked Zhang Han, she bowed deeply for a long moment, which lasted at least three seconds.

Then, she bowed to Zi Yan and said, “Thank you, Aunt Zi.”

After that, she turned to Mengmeng and said, “Mengmeng, thank you, too.”

In truth, Nina was very touched.

“Well, we are besties.

You dont need to thank me.” Mengmeng generously waved Ninas thanks aside.

“And thank you, senior,” Nina looked at Yue Wuwei and remarked, bowing her head to him.

Yue Wuwei snorted and added with disgruntlement, “My surname is Yue.”


Nina seemed a little taken aback.

She then corrected, “Thank you, Senior Yue.”

“Youre welcome,” Yue Wuwei finally responded with satisfaction.

“All right, all right, lets not stand on ceremony,” Zi Yan remarked.

“This time, were here mainly to attend your Coming of Age Ceremony.

The secondary reason is that we want to visit more places in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Aside from the Lost Continent and the Dal Star we went to last time, we havent been to any other places.

Oh, right.

Now that were on the Roland Star, and the scenery at nighttime is very beautiful, why dont you take us to visit some beautiful places later”

“Sure,” Nina agreed.

Ninas mood took a swift upturn.

She had calmed down a lot.

After that, she also bowed to Zhang Mu and others to extend her gratitude.

“Will we have a fancy dinner this evening” Chen Chuan asked.

As soon as he said that, Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei exchanged a resigned look.

“Why does our son only care about food”

“Yes, there is a big meal.”

Nina hesitated for a second and glanced at the King of Elves out of the corner of her eye.

To be honest, she really hoped that her father would soon come over to greet and thank Zhang Han and the others.

Then, perhaps he would also explain his own difficulties to her.

If he said that he did this for the sake of the entire clan, she would certainly find it understandable.

However, her father appeared indifferent, or rather too scared to come near them.

Her father was supposed to be in charge of the accommodation and lodging arrangements.

But now…

Nina sighed softly in her mind.

She hesitated no more and looked at Chen Chuan with a smile.

“Later, I will tell them to prepare the fanciest dinner the elf clan can offer.”


I like meat, especially the trotters cooked by Uncle Zhang.

Those trotters are very tender and juicy.

I want to have some now.

Uncle Zhang, will you cook for Sister Mengmeng this evening” Chen Chuan looked up at Zhang Han and asked.

He had asked Zhang Han to make delicious food for him before.

But the answer he got was always: “Go to the restaurant!”

Everyone on Mount New Moon had noted that Zhang Han seldom cooked now.

He barely went to the kitchen unless Mengmeng wanted to taste his cuisine.

Later, Chen Chuan adopted a smarter strategy.

When he wanted to have the dishes made by Zhang Han, he would go to Sister Mengmeng.

As long as Sister Mengmeng ordered food, Zhang Han would go to cook whatever food she wanted.

“Chen Chuan, why are you still bothering your Uncle Zhang on this trip” Zhou Fei said crossly.

“Youd better behave yourself, or your Sister Mengmeng wont take you out to play.”

“Ah, well, Ill behave.”

Chen Chuan immediately jumped down from the rattan chair.

He ran to Mengmeng and said, “Sister Mengmeng, you gotta take me to play with you.”

“It depends on your performance.” Mengmeng snorted.

“Elder Yue,” Mu Xue blinked and asked curiously, “what realm are you in”

“Its a secret,” Yue Wuwei said softly.


Hearing this, Mu Xue curled her lips and said, “Never mind.

Anyway, youre very powerful.

Elder Yue, you should compare notes more frequently with my master now.

Otherwise, in a couple of years, my master will outrun you.

Then, you wont have a chance.”

“Well…” Zhang Mu cleared his throat as if wanting to say something.

But he swallowed the words back in the end.

“Good point.

Why dont we compare notes right now” Yue Wuwei suddenly became interested and looked at Zhang Han with a somewhat provocative look.

“What Do you dare”

“Xiaonao,” Mengmengs face suddenly became lukewarm as she said, “your dads beard has grown too long again.”

Yue Wuwei was bereft of speech.

Hearing that, Yue Xiaonao eyed Yue Wuwei and nodded seriously.

“Yes, its indeed too long.

Ill cut it when he falls asleep tonight.”

“You two girls, enough!”

Yue Wuweis face darkened slightly.

He looked at Lisa and said, “Dont you wanna rein Yue Xiaonao in a bit”

Lisa thought for a second and nodded.

“I think Mengmeng is right.

Your beard has grown too long again.

Xiaonaos idea is great, too.

When she cuts your beard after you fall asleep, Ill help her with it.”


Yue Wuwei felt the urge to roar.

“You guys just cant appreciate my immortal-like demeanor, humph!”

“Lets go off to play, Daddy.”

Mengmeng tugged at Zhang Hans hand and said, “There are many people watching us.”

“I see.”

Zhang Han caressed Mengmengs head and looked up at the sky.

In a bland voice, he said, “I will give you ten seconds to leave.

Those who are not involved…”

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh…”

When the 100,000 people around heard this, their countenance changed drastically.

“Is he going to start a massacre”

They instantly flew away as fast as they could, not even daring to pick up their aircraft.

“Theres something I want to remind you of.”

At this time, Liu Qingfeng suddenly took two strides forward to Zhang Han and said, “The Tiger Talisman Royal Family and about a dozen its allies have lost the fight and been annihilated.

Now, can we take over the fleets that are parked at the space station The fleets of more than a dozen forces comprise at least several hundred ships.

This way, we can save a lot of money.”

“Brother Liu, you are exceptionally sharp.” Zhang Guangyou laughed and said, “We would have missed such a good idea if you didnt point it out.”

“But theyve all fled.”

Yue Wuwei said, “When Hu Yuan and the others were killed, the fleets all ran away.”

“What a pity!” Liu Qingfengs expression stiffened.

Then, he shook his head and said with a sigh, “It seems that the spaceships are more sophisticated than I thought.”


Li Mu finally found a chance to take part in the conversation.

He hurriedly said, “All the people on the fleet and those who have disembarked carry positioning equipment with them.

With the technology of the Sea Central Star Area, aircraft can fly over automatically to the ones controlling them.

There are also magnetic ways to gather information.

Thus, as soon as Hu Yuan and the others died, the commanding teams of the fleets were alerted.

Two seconds later, they got the basic data of the attacks that just occurred.

Hence, its reasonable that theyve found out the danger and retreated right after that.”

“If you want fleets, we can just buy some,” Zhang Han said casually.


Liu Qingfeng nodded.

Then, he looked at Li Mu and said with a smile, “I have zero knowledge about fleets.

If I go to purchase some, will there be anyone teaching me all the information I need”


But every spacecraft has intelligent robots and a main intelligent system.

Except for some facilities necessary for manual control, everything can be carried out by intelligent machines.

However, many forces are worried that those who have built the spacecraft may leave loopholes in the intelligent system.

Thus, they give up fully automatic spacecraft and only use a subsidiary intelligent system to assist them.

Now, most spacecraft are still controlled by people.

“If you want to learn how to drive spacecraft, you can just ask the intelligent robot on it.

Its just that its very troublesome to study the intelligent system.

Generally speaking, people buy extra defensive systems to block unwanted signals and mend loopholes.

Through learning, you can gradually control it manually.

After that, you can cancel the authority of the main intelligent system.”

While he was explaining, Liu Qingfeng listened intently, and Xiao Ling, who was next to him, was recording what he said.

Sometimes, Liu Qingfeng strongly felt that Xiao Ling was an excellent secretary.

She was not only good-looking but very capable.

There was no task she couldnt handle nicely.

With the departure of the surrounding people, the old man surnamed Guang wanted to come over and ask them something.

However, he found that Zhang Han and his people didnt even care to look his way.

“Is it because the Guang family of the North Ice Star is not influential enough in their eyes”

He had some doubts.

But after doing some thinking, he decided to retreat within the 10 seconds as Zhang Han told them to.

Numerous aircraft were flying away in all directions.

The Roland Star and Elemental Elves deemed grand event, which was Princess Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony, had come to an end.

There were many twists and turns during the ceremony.

It had also caused many sensations.

At last, an unknown almighty figure appeared and brought the event to an end by annihilating Hu Yuan and all those strongest forces on the scene.

One could very well imagine how enormous of a shock this news would bring to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

During Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony, Zhang Hanyang showed up again and killed Hu Qi with one strike in front of everyone else.

Then, a mysterious old man appeared.

With a wave of his hand, even the sky changed color.

He alone crushed Hu Yuan and hundreds of other people.

People often lamented that the universe was eternal while all the other things in the world perished easily.

In the ups and downs of life, one might never know who could become the final victor.

Now, it was obvious that the final victor was Zhang Hanyang, whom everyone once thought was doomed.

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