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Chapter 1084 Hoping to Curry Favor with the Strong

Most guests had left, leaving the Elemental Elves staring at one another at a loss.

Mo Wen turned around and walked up to Zhang Han and his people.

“Thank you.

Thank you so much.”

He then looked at Nina beamingly and said, “Seventh Princess, its over.

The trouble is all over.”

“Uncle Mo Wen, sorry to make you worry,” Nina compressed her lips and said.

“Dont be.

Its only natural that I was worried about you.”

Mo Wen glanced at the thousands of elf royals behind him out of the corner of his eye, but he didnt say anything.

“Uncle Mo Wen, can you arrange a banquet for me I want to hold one in my palace,” said Nina.

“Of course,” said Mo Wen with a smile.

“Rest assured.

Ill definitely present the finest banquet we can offer.”

“Thank you, Uncle Mo Wen.” Nina nodded slightly.

Then, she eyed the King of Elves and the other elves at the rear.

Her pupils froze for a second, yet she eventually chose not to say anything to them.

She turned to look at Mengmeng instead and said with a smile, “Ill take you to a few fun places.

Lets go to my palace first.

I want to change out of this outfit.”

“Nina, you look great in this outfit,” Mengmeng looked her up and down and commented.

“But its quite uncomfortable,” replied Nina.

“Well then, lets go change.”

Mengmeng nodded.

Thus, she and the others flew directly to Ninas palace and ignored the King of Elves and his subjects.

Some plants in this place had been damaged.

But the buildings were basically fine.

That was because the previous battle occurred at a low altitude.

Seeing that they prepared to leave, the King of Elves raised his hand, and his lips moved as if wanting to say something.

However, in the end, he withdrew his hand.

He felt rather helpless.

He was well aware that Nina was very sad when he gave up on her.

However, since he could safeguard either the entire Elf Clan or Nina, as the king, he had to choose the former.

In this case, once the choice was made, he would certainly suffer some losses.

After Nina and the others left, a more than two-meter-tall male elf standing beside the King of Elves said in a deep voice, “Seventh Princess actually left without asking for permission.

She even took the liberty to entertain guests on behalf of us elves.

Looks like she has truly grown up after the Coming of Age Ceremony.”

There was an edge of sarcasm in his voice.

Elemental Elves attached great importance to etiquette and stuff.

Ninas arbitrary decision had struck some elves nerve.

After the male elf spoke, two female elves also echoed his view.


Princess Nina is already an adult after the Coming of Age Ceremony.

But why does she still seem ignorant about the basic rules”

“If you ask me, Id say shes just putting on airs.

With those powerful cultivators backing her up, she knew we wouldnt dare to object.

Is this a warning she sent us Did she do this on purpose” The second female elf said sourly.

“How come Nina knows such mighty figures”

Their words made the King of Elves face darken slightly.

He was the king.

His majesty shall not be challenged.


At this time, Mo Wen, who was about to leave, deeply furrowed his brows.

He looked straight at the male elf who was more than two meters tall and reprimanded, “Its more impolite to speak ill of others behind their back.

Why didnt you say those words to their face just now They saved Nina from Hu Qi.

We all know what kind of person Huqi was.

Thus, theyve done a great grace to us.

We naturally should do everything we can to repay the saviors.

Its only normal for Nina to entertain them.

Why did you make it sound like Nina was overstepping the kings position If you dont like what she did, why dont you go to invite Zhang Hanyang and his people to the banquet yourselves”

“What did you say” The male elfs expression changed slightly.

He said angrily, “I was just kindly reminding His Majesty.

I only pointed it out when there were no outsiders around.

If people of foreign clans saw that our Seventh Princess made the decision without consulting His Majesty, His Majesty would look bad, wouldnt he”


The man sneered and continued, “Mo Wen, Ive noticed that your mentality has also changed after your last excursion.

Has your nature changed because youve been carried away by the extravagant life in the outside world Well, youre right about one thing.

Now those people are in our territory, it should be His Majesty who leads everyone to entertain them.

You can go prepare the banquet, only that it shall be held in the imperial palace.

When the banquet starts, some key disciples of our clan will go to keep them company.”


As soon as these words came out, many peoples expressions changed slightly.

This was especially the core members.

Their eyes glinted non-stop.

There was no doubt that there were some mighty cultivators among Zhang Hanyangs group.

Zhang Hanyang and that aged man were particularly powerful.

The aged man had the strength to kill Hu Yuan and hundreds of other cultivators in seconds.

Even in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area, people with that kind of power could be counted on ones fingers.

The banquet could be a great occasion to cozy up to them!

Whoever got on friendly terms with them would have great opportunities.

They had all seen that even Li Mu from the Cloudy Shadow Sky meekly followed them around as if he were their attendant.

Now that the lofty Young Master Li had been currying favor with the group, there was no need to hesitate more.

As the Cloud Shadow Sky and Zhang Hanyangs force had teamed up, if they could join in, they might become part of another major alliance in the Sea Dragon Star Area!

“Good thinking.”

Mo Wen shook his head and turned around to leave.

Right at this moment, the core members voiced their thoughts.

“Your Majesty, I think its a good idea.

Now that theyre on our Roland Star, Your Majesty is supposed to entertain them personally.

As the seventh princess, Nina has made contributions to our clan by making friends with those people.

We can totally regard this banquet as a celebration.”


Its also a celebration for Ninas successful Coming of Age Ceremony.”


Their words easily persuaded the King of Elves.

He said, “Mo Wen, go make the arrangements and set up the banquet in the imperial palace.”


Mo Wens eyes froze.

He wanted to turn a deaf ear to the order, but he knew he couldnt.

He spun around to face the King of Elves and said with a hold fist salute, “Your Majesty, I think its better not to be hasty on this matter.

Please let me ask Zhang Hanyang and the others first before making a decision.”


At this moment, the King of Elves became the dignified king again.

He said calmly, “They came here for Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony.

Since their strength and status have reached a very high level, we naturally need to send the core members of the royal family to welcome them personally.

Nina can show them around.

When the banquet is ready, you can bring them directly to the imperial palace.”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Mo Wen answered.

Then, he turned around and left without looking back.

When he was far away, he let out a deep sigh.

He could hear that the elves behind him were in hot discussion.

“Indeed, its our Elf Clans luck to have made friends with Zhang Hanyang and the others.


“Zhang Hanyangs mind is unfathomable.

He does everything as he pleases and doesnt seem to care about obeying rules.

Would he come to the imperial palace

“Would he do it for Ninas sake

“This is giving me a headache.”

Mo Wen didnt know what to do.

Since the King of Elves had made the decision, he could only act according to the order.

He walked toward the Elf Clans kitchen and started arranging the banquet according to the highest standard.

“Your Majesty!”

After Mo Wen left, the more-than-two-meter-tall elf spoke, “The impact of todays event is just too huge.

If the Tiger Talisman Royal Family is enraged, our Elemental Elf Clan will not be able to keep ourselves out of trouble.”

“You people, come with me.”

The King of Elves did not want to discuss these matters in public.

Hence he waved his hand, motioning for more than 20 core members to follow him to the imperial palace, where they took seats.

“Given what has happened today, Mu Bu, send people to keep an eye on the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“The Tiger Talisman Royal Familys alliance is extremely powerful.

Fortunately, the Cloud Shadow Sky is also involved in this.

Otherwise, the situation we face would be more dangerous.” The King of Elves knitted his brows.

“Thats not necessarily the case.”

A queen wearing her hair into a bun smiled and said slowly, “That old man is exceptionally strong.

He is at least at the peak of the Yuan Ying Realm.

Even the Tiger Talisman Royal Family would not dare to rashly provoke such a big shot.

Plus, no one knows their origins.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, such powerful figures are rare.

Most of them are from some reclusive families.

Well, if that group of people comes from a reclusive family, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family cant do anything about them.

They can only swallow their pride and admit their defeat.

Since theyre close to Nina, we naturally can get to know them and befriend them as well.”

“Thats right,” someone echoed.

“Were in dire need of a strong and stable backer.

Zhang Hanyang and the others happen to be such a powerful force.

We can also read a lot from Li Mus attitude toward them.

With the Cloud Shadow Sky also in the league, even if anything bad happened, they would take action faster than us.

It seems that Princess Nina has made real contributions this time.”

“Nina is our Elf Clans prettiest princess.

She also has such good luck and sharp vision.”

“Now that Zhang Hanyang and his people are here, we shall give Zhang Hanyang a warm welcome.

We can also send some of Ninas royal sisters over to accompany them.

I think those people are here for Ninas sake.

Maybe one of them wants to marry her.

If we unite with them through marriage…”


The King of Elves and the core members of the Elf Clan began discussing the matter.

They even thought of all the ways they would use to entertain these guests over the next few days.

Nina, however, knew nothing about this.

If she had known, she wouldnt have felt any reflections.

After all, she was used to the way with the elves.

At this time, Zhang Han and the others had just arrived at Ninas palace.

Generally, the palaces of the royals did not welcome guests of the opposite sex.

But now, Nina had begun to get sick of those codes of etiquette.

“If one behaves in a polite manner, does it prove that one is outstanding


“It only says that person is good at hiding his or her real thoughts.

“Mengmeng always speaks her mind.

When she wants to go somewhere to play or have something to eat, she just does it.”

The feeling of being free had been constantly appealing to Nina.

She envied Mengmeng very much, particularly because Mengmeng had parents who doted on her so much.

Now Yue Xiaonao had joined the group, Nina could tell that she was also a carefree person.

Gradually, Nina no longer wanted to live by so many rules.

Freedom was something that many people pursued.

However, only a handful of people could truly be free.

“Mengmeng, Xiaonao, Uncle Zhang, Aunt Zi, Im going to change my clothes first.

You can have a seat here and relax,” said Nina with a smile.

“Okay, go ahead.” Zi Yan nodded gently.

The palace looked like a large villa with a wooden spiral stair.

Nina was walking toward the stairs to go to the second floor.

Right at this moment, Chen Chuan blinked and ran over, his eyes fixed on Ninas dress.

“Sister Nina, Ill go change with you.”

“Ah” Nina didnt grasp what he meant.

She was stunned for a moment.

Then, when words sank in, her pretty face turned red with a blush.

“Pfft…” Chen Changqing almost choked on his saliva.

He widened his eyes in shock.

“Son, what are you doing Flirting with Nina”

Zhou Fei locked her rounded eyes on Chen Chuan with a murderous look.

In a stern voice, she shouted, “Chen Chuan! What did you say Get over here! Now!”

Chen Chuans spirit was instantly sapped.

He scurried to Zhou Fei and stood upright.

“What did you just say” Zhou Fei said with a somber face.

“This boy is becoming more and more naughty.

If I dont give him some discipline, he would really go wild, wouldnt he”

At this time, Mengmeng didnt say anything either.

Everyone was looking at Chen Chuan.

They figured that he just wanted to go upstairs to play.

After all, at his age, he couldnt be attracted to Nina because of her good looks.

Yet, little did they know that certain things were destined from the moment two people crossed paths.

“Mummy, why, why are you so mad at me”

Chen Chuan pouted, feeling wronged.

He said under his breath, “I just thought that Ninas dress was very pretty.

I wanted to let Mummy wear it and take some pictures.”


After learning what he was thinking, Zhou Fei felt both annoyed and amused.

“Well, its a good idea, but…” Chen Changqing chimed in, “you have to ask us about this kind of issue first.

If you want to borrow Ninas clothes, you should first ask her for her permission, instead of following her to her room when she goes there to change.

Hasnt Daddy told you that because boys and girls are different in genders, there are many things that you cant do to girls Have you forgotten that”

“No, I havent.” Chen Chuan wove his hands together and whispered, “I cant kiss a girl or hug her.

To hold hands with a girl, I have to ask her first.

Anyway, I dont want to kiss, hug Sister Nina, or hold her hand.”


Ninas face became even redder.

She couldnt stay there and listen any longer, so she hurried to the second floor.

“Your son is very interesting.” Yue Wuwei simmered with laughter after watching this.

His eyes kept drifting toward Lisa, as if saying, “Shall we work hard and try to have a son”

Lisa, yet, pretended not to have seen that.

“You cant behave like this next time.” Zhou Fei rolled her eyes grumpily and sighed.

Then, she looked at Chen Chuan and continued, “Be a good boy with good manners.

You should be as well-behaved as your Sister Mengmeng, understand”

“Sister Mengmeng…”

“Is she well-behaved

“She seems to be very naughty, too.”

“Okay, I see,” Chen Chuan muttered and nodded seriously.

“You just made your Sister Nina blush.

You must be punished.

Give me your hand,” Zhou Fei ordered.

“Mummy, be easy on me.”

Chen Chuan timidly stretched out his right hand.


Zhou Fei whacked his palm three times.

The sound was loud, but it did not really hurt.

Even so, Chen Chuan looked extremely aggrieved.

He stood there in silence as if he was about to cry.

When Nina had changed into a light blue outfit and came down, Chen Chuan was still quite gloomy.

Mengmeng then kicked Chen Chuan in the butt and said, “Enough, stop acting.

Lets go out to play.”

“Where are we going to play”

Chen Chuan raised his head.

There was no sign of grievances on his face at all.

His eyes were sparkling with excitement.

He couldnt wait to go out and play.

“How would I know where to go Just come with me.

Dont ask so many questions.” Mengmeng rolled her eyes at him with exasperation.

“Well, okay.” Chen Chuan instantly shut his mouth, for fear that Sister Mengmeng would get upset and refuse to take him out to play.

With Chen Chuan, Mengmeng, and Yue Xiaonao around, the atmosphere in the group was always lively.

Children loved playing.

Sometimes, they reminded the adults of their childhood.

Then, they would sigh with emotion about how fast time flew.

Seeing Zhang Li was staring at the kids with a bright smile, Liang Hao smirked and whispered in her ear, “I think its time for us to consider having children.”


Zhang Li nodded shyly.

But what she said next dismayed Liang Hao.

“Lets have children when were done having fun in the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

Liang Hao did not know what to say.

“Good Lord! The Sea Dragon Star Area is so big.

When will you ever be done having fun here”

When Liang Hao and Zhang Li were together, Zhang Li was often the one who made all the decisions.

But Zhang Li did not have a larger say because she had Zhang Han, Zhang Guangyou, and other powerful figures backing her up.

Nor was it because Liang Hao lived in the home of his wifes parents, which made him seem a little financially dependent on his wife.

Instead, it was due to their characters.

When Liang Hao returned to Xiangjiang back then, he already showed that he was gentle, elegant, and considerate.

Zhang Li, on the other hand, was casual, unruly, and sometimes scatter-brained and forgetful.

She had her own way of doing things.

Since the beginning of their relationship, Liang Hao had listened to her in everything.

Over the years, he had become more and more used to it.

He couldnt help it.

If Zhang Li was not there to call the shots, Liang Hao wouldnt know what to do.

Hearing the two of them murmuring at the back, Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali turned around to look at them.

“What are you two whispering about”

Zhang Guangyou said in a dissatisfied tone, “Sneaky couple, I know youre not discussing the one thing you really should work on.”

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