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“Never mind.

Its time to go back and call my father.”

Li Mu returned to his room, sat on a chair, and dialed Li Haos number with his communication device.


In just three seconds, the call got through.

Beams of fluorescent light flickered on the other end of the room as Li Haos projection emerged.


“Ive heard about it,” Li Hao said straightforwardly.

“At Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony, Hu Yuan brought a total of 19 allies there.

Hu Qi almost became Ninas fiance.

However, a mysterious elder from Zhang Hanyangs group suddenly rose to the situation.

He killed Hu Yuan and other 431 people with one move.

What kind of strength does he have Many speculate that he is a master at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

Some even say that he is a mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm.

Do you have any news about him”

“What Ive learned is pretty much the same.” Li Mu laughed wryly and continued, “I didnt expect the news to spread so fast.

I guess more than half of the people in the Sea Dragon Star Area already know about it, dont they”

“Yes, they do.” Li Hao nodded.

Before Li Mu could ask, he voluntarily said, “The Tiger Talisman Royal Family has remained silent.

They havent adopted a stance on this matter.

But someone saw their main vessel flying toward the northern frontier.

Its suspected that theyve sent people to the Tiger Dragon Star to consult their Grand Master.

After all, the impact of this matter is too huge.

Anyway, do you know how strong that senior in Zhang Hanyangs group is”

“No idea either.

But for what its worth, I can tell that seniors strength is unfathomable.” Li Mu forced a smile and said, “The key part is, I cant judge his power through observation at all.”

“How strong is Zhang Hanyang” Li Hao inquired again.

“Im not sure.

I cant tell.

Perhaps he is at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

Anyway, he toyed with Pang Zhanlong, a fighter of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, with a secret soul sense technique,” Li Mu informed.

“What a strange group! Could they have come from that extremely chaotic place” Li Hao muttered in confusion.

“By the way,” Li Mu said, “there is an incident you might be interested in.

As I said last time, Senior Zhang cares about his family very much.

This time, to make his daughter happy, he even helped Nina with very subtle and clever means.

At first, he argued with the King of Elves.

After talking for a while, he forced the King of Elves and the other elves to apologize to Nina with his overwhelming strength.

This way, he eventually resolved awkwardness between Nina and the King of Elves side.

Actually, I dont know how to express this clearly.

But its safe to say that Zhang Hanyang cares about Mengmeng a lot.

And that senior is Mengmengs butler.

To be honest, I dont quite understand this.

With his strength, why is he Mengmengs butler”

“He is Mengmengs butler” Li Hao frowned slightly.

After deliberating for two seconds, he said, “That is to say, Zhang Hanyang is the core of their team, isnt he”

“His family of three is the core,” Li Mu corrected.

“From my observation, that senior is very respectful toward Mrs.


By contrast, he often teases Senior Zhang and calls himlittle cunning devil.

I feel he is very close to Senior Zhang.

However, Senior Zhang cares most about his daughters and his wifes mood.

Theyre both very important to him.”

“I see.

You do your best to look after them over there… and entertain them.

When will they come to our Cloud Shadow Sky” Li Hao probed.

“I dont know.

But I guess they would stay here for no more than a couple of days.

They may need to buy some fleets.

It seems that they are interested in the high-end main vessels produced by the Snowfall Alliance,” Li Mu said.

“The Snowfall Alliances products They are quite expensive,” Li Hao said.


But they have tons of crystal stones.

I figure that the number might be exorbitant.

Oh right, Father, Senior Zhang may have been to other Star Provinces before, because he has a good knowledge of everything.

He also said that the main vessels built by the Snowfall Alliance could be regarded as fine products in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

“Hes even been to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province” Li Hao suddenly laughed.

“Im getting more and more interested in him and his group.

Its highly probable that this Senior Zhang isnt an ordinary person.

Its your fortune to befriend them, so you must cherish your friendship with them.”

“Yeah, its my fortune, only its a pity that Im not a woman.” Li Mus tone suddenly became a little bitter.

“Nina has already shared a room with Mengmeng.

The two are like real sisters.

But Mengmeng is not so friendly to me.

Neither she nor her besties are interested in me.”

He thought that his father would comfort him after hearing this.

Yet, there was a huge gap between imagination and reality.

With a smile unfurling from the corner of Li Haos mouth, he taunted, “Its not too late to change your gender, is it”


Li Mus face turned extremely dark and he hung up at once.

On the other side, Li Hao was laughing heartily.

“Why are you laughing What made you so happy”

A beautiful woman came over with a cup of tea.

“Im laughing at Li Mu,” Li Hao said with a chortle.

“How is my son doing on the Roland Star” asked the beautiful woman.

“Pretty well.” Li Hao held the teacup the beautiful woman handed him and took a sip, then said, “He is on good terms with Zhang Hanyang and the others.

Among that group, there is a senior who killed Hu Yuan and many others with one move.

I reckon he is very likely to be in the God Transformation Realm.

A man like him is almost invincible in the Sea Dragon Star Area, unless someone from an advanced Star Area comes.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Familys allies are all waiting to see Tiger Talisman Royal Familys stance on this matter.

I think they may make a move, but it may not be a big one.”

“Uh-huh.” The beautiful woman nodded slightly.

“If they decide to take action, I will too,” Li Hao said abruptly.

“Whether its for the sake of Li Mus opportunities or for making friends with them, I dont really care.

Since Zhang Hanyang knows the Highest Clouds Sketch and can perform the Dragon Shadow, it proves that he is in a certain kind of relationship with the senior members of the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Whats more, as he has taught Li Mu his skill, it means he is not in a bad relationship with them.

In this case, its also very important to make friends with him and his people.

Theres only one thing that I worry about—we know too little about them.

In the Cultivation World, we should always be cautious when making friends.

What do you think”

As soon as he finished speaking, the beautiful woman contemplated for a moment.

Then, she said with a smile, “Just let Li Mu handle this.

Hes already grown up.

As long as he has your support, itll be enough.”

“Youre right.”

Li Hao nodded.

Then, the two of them began to chat.

But their conversation was still centered on this matter.

After all, the deaths of Hu Yuan and the others were as shocking as a magnitude twelve earthquake.

The news quickly swept throughout the Sea Dragon Star Area.

When the masses learned of this matter, they did not believe it at first.

Soon, they became suspicious and taken back.

In the end, they were overwhelmed with shock.

“What realm is that old man in on earth”

“Zhang Hanyang He and his people have just stirred up trouble on the Lost Continent.

I cant believe they made trouble again! And the one who suffered a hefty defeat is still the Tiger Talisman Royal Family!”

“Why do I feel that the world is about to be thrown into chaos Given the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys domineering style, its impossible for them to grin and bear this.

Perhaps theyll really display their true power the next time they make a move.”

“I didnt take it seriously at first.

But now, I can only say that this is a real fierce battle between well-matched parties.”


All sorts of discussions could be heard throughout the Sea Dragon Star Area that night.

This news was so appalling that the whole Star Area had not been astonished like this in the past hundred years.

From the news, many forces also smelled danger.

It seemed that the Sea Dragon Star Area that had been peaceful for a long time was about to fall into chaos.

Many people took joy in the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys misfortune.

Some others bemoaned the upcoming hard times and miseries.

In short, there were all sorts of people in the universe.

They all had their own feelings about this matter.

On that day, words such as Zhang Hanyang, the senior, a suspected God Transformation Realm master, and the Tiger Talisman Royal Family became the center of peoples attention.

Zhang Han, however, didnt care about this at all.

At this time, he was soaring in the sky along with Zi Yan, overlooking the beautiful scenery on the surface of the Roland Star.

“Honey, do you love me”

“Yes, I do.”

“How much do you love me”

“I love you very very much.”

“Humph, be more specific.”


Zhang Han coughed lightly and pondered on what sweet nothings he should say.

Actually, he was a little amused, because Zi Yan clearly knew how much he loved her, but she still liked to ask that kind of question.

Seeing that Zhang Han did not speak, Zi Yan pouted her sexy pink lips.

“Wow, look at your lips.

I can even hang my coat on it.”

Beamingly, Zhang Han held out his fingers and scraped Zi Yans tender lips.

“Answer me,” Zi Yan reminded him.

“My love for you is as high as the sky and as deep as the sea.”

“How tacky!”

“I mean the skies and the seas of all places.”

“Its still tacky.”

“Then you tell me one thats not tacky.”

“Well, my love for you is as high as the sky and as deep as the sea.”

Zhang Han was lost for words.

He thought Zi Yan was being a little naughty.

But then, Zi Yan stuck out a finger and pressed it against Zhang Hans chest, saying, “I mean the sky and the sea in your heart.”

It was the exact same remark, but she gave it an artistic vibe.

Zhang Han willingly admitted his defeat.

“If you fly a bit further ahead, it will be daytime.

We can watch the sunrise,” Zhang Han said, smiling.

“Yeah, the sky is getting brighter.

Have we been out for two hours” Zi Yan looked at the sky and became a little stunned.

Time always flew when she was with her beloved husband.

“Yes, about two hours.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Lets go back after watching the sunrise.

Im a little sleepy.” Zi Yan yawned.


They continued to fly forward.

The sun rose from the horizon, illuminating the earth which was covered with green plants.

“I feel that this place is not as big as Earth.” Zi Yans beautiful eyes blinked quickly as she looked at the surroundings.

“Yes, this planet is much smaller,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“In the Cultivation World, some places are large, while some are small.

Take the Roland Star as an example.

The environment here is very good.

The spiritual Qi is rich, which makes it a place suitable for cultivation.

It may not be big, but its still a very habitable planet in the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

“The environment on this planet is very beautiful and appealing.” Zi Yan nodded slightly and then snuggled up to Zhang Hans arms.

“I never thought one day, we could come to such a wonderful place like the Cultivation World to have fun.

A few years ago, my biggest dream was just to win an Oscar.”

“Youre so cute.” Zhang Han pulled a wry face and said, “Judging by our ages, we are almost like newborns in the Cultivation World.

Dont sigh with emotion like the elderly.

In fact, if you want to have fun, you can do that to your hearts content, just as Mengmeng does.”

“Me Fooling around like Mengmeng” Zi Yan sniggered and said, “Im a mother now.

My daughter is already 13 years old.

I have to be steady and collected.”

“Since youre still making such remarks, it means that you are not steady or collected yet.” Zhang Han wrapped an arm around Zi Yans waist and said, “The Cultivation World is very large.

We will explore every inch of it in the future.

The Sea Dragon Star Area can only be regarded as our temporary foothold.

Lets do some sightseeing here first.

After familiarizing ourselves with the environment, we can go visit other places.”

“Well, its nice to have you around.

Lets head back.

I need some sleep.”

Zi Yan yawned again.

“Lets go.”

“Swoosh, swoosh!”

The two head back at an extremely fast speed.

As Zi Yan wanted to sleep, Zhang Han flew at his fastest speed.

Less than half an hour later, they returned to Ninas palace and entered their well-decorated house.

They lay on the bed.

In moments, Zi Yan fell asleep.

Zhang Han began to cultivate the Great Void Thunder Scripture and the Athanasia Demon Gong like usual.

His progress was relatively slow.

In fact, when he lived on Mount New Moon, on the days when Zi Yan went to work and Mengmeng attended school, he would cultivate all day long.

With his vision, knowledge, all kinds of comprehensions, and understanding of cultivation methods, the speed of his cultivation was very impressive.

However, after coming to the Sea Dragon Star Area, he had much less time and energy to spare for cultivation.

He only cultivated at night for a short while, so his progress was quite slow.

Nonetheless, Zhang Han had done a lot of thinking on his way of cultivation.

“The Great Void Thunder Scripture and the Athanasia Demon Gong were both introduced to me by that mysterious master.

“These two cultivation methods are both perfectly compatible for my body.

“Through all these comprehensions, I obtained the most suitable supernatural power for me.

It can be said that the Athanasia Demon Gong has become a way of cultivation that is exclusive to me.

But Im still far away from acquiring the Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

Ive absorbed the Sources of the five elements.

Yet, I cant understand how to generate the Immortal Body of the Five Elements at all.

“Is it that the time hasnt come But Ive pretty much absorbed all of those Sources.

“Could it be…”

Zhang Han suddenly opened his eyes.

A trace of confusion and a wry smile could be seen in his eyes.

Without a doubt, the Immortal Body of the Five Elements would enter the ranks of the Sacred Bodies.

The Immortal Body was strong, but it was still not mature enough, though almost no one had experienced the formidable power of Zhang Hans Immortal Body yet.

However, that kind of power could impose indefinable pressure on others.

His body was not just immune to fire and water.

It also could devour the worlds energy and become a Sacred Body, laying grounds for its future evolvement into the Immortal Body of Yin and Yang.

Right now, his supernatural powers of the five elements were namely the Air-shattering Hand of the Water Element, the Heavenly Devil Punch of the Fire Element, the Ghost Soldier of the Wood Element, the Overlapped Mountain of the Gold Element, and the Dark Blood Seal of the Earth Element.

Zhang Han already had supernatural powers of five different elements.

Still, he felt that there was still a long way to go before he could upgrade his Immortal Body.

He brooded carefully.

All of a sudden, an idea flashed through his mind.

He discovered a theory.

He thought he could try bringing five different kinds of elements into each of his five supernatural powers.

For instance, he could have the Air-shattering Hand of the Water Element, of the Fire Element, and so on.

To make each of his five supernatural powers contain five kinds of elements, he had to absorb a total of 25 kinds of Elemental Sources.

Excluding the five he already had, he still needed 20 kinds more.

“Wouldnt that be too much”

Zhang Han was a little dazed.

How many elements one had was not the problem.

Sometimes, if one could exercise enough control, one could devour low-grade elements to nourish high-grade ones.

With every kind of Elemental Energy one mastered, the pressure on ones body would multiply.

The workload of managing those Element Energies would also be extremely heavy.

Even with Zhang Hans profound comprehension, he still hesitated for a while.

It could be imagined how difficult this was.

“Its a bit challenging.”

Zhang Han took a light breath.

His eyes flickered.

He had to weigh on this matter.

Not to mention the Sources of different elements, just the work of absorbing all the energy was enough to make his scalp tingle.

“Id better put a pin on it.

Now, keeping Zi Yan and Mengmeng company is more important.”

Soon, Zhang Han gave up the idea for the time being.

He decided to practice the Great Void Thunder Scripture first.

As for the Sacred Body, he would revisit the idea as he progressed down his way.

Anyway, in the Sea Dragon Star Area, there was nothing that involved a high-end thing like the elemental energy in the Cultivation World.

“Does Elder Yue know something about this

“If I had all the elemental energy at hand…

“It would save me a lot of time and energy.”

“Knock, knock, knock.”

Zhang Hans Thunder Soul Sense wafted out.

It turned into a palm and knocked on the stable enchanted cover Yue Wuwei had conjured up.

“What do you want me for in the dead of the night”

Yue Wuweis soul sense drifted out and spoke to Zhang Hans soul sense.

“There gotta be a lot of Elemental Sources on the Saint Warrior Planet, am I right” Zhang Han said bluntly.

“What are you up to” Yue Wuweis voice sounded guarded.

“My daughter is the Heavenly Lord,” Zhang Han said proudly with the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

Yue Wuwei fell silent.

“Why is he repeating the truth to me in the middle of the night”

“What do you want”

“Ive had an idea for the next step of my cultivation.

So I want to consult you first.”

“Dont you already have five kinds of Sources” Yue Wuwei was a little baffled.

“Thats not enough.

According to my idea, I need 20 more.”

“Pfft… Dont even think about it.” Yue Wuwei felt a headache was on the way.

“If you asked me before, I could still give you some.

But the timing has passed.

Youve missed the opportunity.

Since Mengmeng has already become the Heavenly Lord, I no longer have the authority to allocate Elemental Sources.

Do you really think that I, the butler, have the power over everything There are many huge secrets on the Saint Warrior Planet.

Even I only know a little about them.

Those things are beyond my control.”

“Thats to say, those matters are all controlled by your masters will, arent they”

“Thats right.

Master has left several wisps of his will on the Saint Warrior Planet.

However, its not like theres no chance for you to obtain more Elemental Sources.

If you can subdue Masters will, youll be able to get some.

It just so happens that I know one of the wisps of Masters will controls some Elemental Sources.”

“Where is it”

“In the depths of the Northernmost Sea.”

Zhang Han was rendered speechless.

Now he also understood that the Northernmost Sea was no joking matter.

It was actually a somewhat advanced place.

“Can you go there” Zhang Han asked at last.


I can also take you there with me.

Its just that with your current strength, you cant pass the test there.

Masters will is extremely horrible.

You will die if you are not careful.”

“Got it.”

Zhang Han then withdrew his soul sense.

He furrowed his eyebrows.

“Seems that I still need more time to prepare before I try to uncover the secrets on the Saint Warrior Planet.

“It will become much simpler once Mengmeng begins to take control of the bead that represents the Saint Warrior Planet.

“Id better wait and adjust myself as the circumstances require.”

Zhang Han collected his thoughts, turned around, and gazed at the gorgeous woman beside him.

With a tender smile on his face, he closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep.

When most people were sleeping, Mengmeng and the other two girls were still having a good time.

It was indeed more fun when the three of them played the same game in separate Game Capsules.

After a long time, the three girls finally came out of the Game Capsules.

“Ah, the day already broke!”

Yue Xiaonao was stunned.

“Yes, its morning.

Didnt you see the time displayed in the game world” said Nina.

“It showed time I didnt notice.” Mengmeng pursed her lips.

“I didnt sleep at all last night, so Im still a little muddle-headed now.

I cant play games again tonight.”

“When are we having breakfast” Yue Xiaonao asked.

“Ill tell others to prepare breakfast now.

Uncle Zhang and the others will also wake up soon,” Nina said with a smile

She then walked out of the palace.

There were two subordinates stationed at the entrance.

“Lorain, go notify the kitchen to prepare breakfast.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

About an hour later, a hearty breakfast was delivered to Ninas palace.

During this period, Zhang Han and the others got up one after another.

They washed their faces and brush their teeth.

It was their habit.

They preferred to do it in the normal way, even though they could clean themselves with a simple spell.

During the meal, Zhang Han glanced at Mengmeng and asked, “Did you play games for a whole night yesterday”


Mengmeng was taken aback.

Her big clear eyes stopped blinking.

“Yeah, we played for a whole night.

That game was awesome,” Yue Xiaonao said carelessly.

“Umm, well,” Mengmeng muttered, “the Game Capsules didnt show us time.

When we came out, it was already dawn.”

“Youre so fun-loving,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

He didnt mean to blame her.

“Mengmeng, its fine that you like to play games.

But you should take time to rest as well.” Zi Yan tucked Mengmengs hair on the temple and cautioned, “Your body may still be able to function despite the lack of sleep.

But if your brain didnt get to rest for a long time, you would become deranged.”

“Well, I see.

I wont play games tonight.

I will just go to sleep,” Mengmeng said with a happy smile.

In her family, as long as her mummy didnt raise any objection, everything would be fine.

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