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Chapter 110 Here Li Fan Came

“Dont belittle yourself, Qingqing.

I love your gruff voice.” Zhao Dahu gently patted Yu Qingqing on her shoulder.

“Get out!”

Yu Qingqing punched in Zhao Dahus shoulder.

Although she did not exert all her strength, Zhao Dahu still stepped backward.

“Ah, why did you hit me” Zhao Dahu said pitifully.

“You bitch deserves a whacking.” Yu Qingqing waved her fist and stepped into the restaurant.

The crowd entered the restaurant and sat down.

Liang Mengqi was a little absent-minded.

Although she did not want to admit she lost in appearance, she sensed clearly that Mengmengs mother indeed looked better than her!


Liang Mengqi sighed lightly as Zi Yans beautiful eyes flashed in her mind.

“Shes gorgeous…” Liang Mengqi pouted.

“Who are you talking about” Yu Qingqing did a double take.

“Madame! She is more beautiful than me…” Liang Mengqi said in a somewhat lost tone.

“Oh, oh, I didnt see her clearly just now.

She seemed like a super pretty woman.” Yu Qingqing agreed.

“You also think she looks better than me, dont you” Liang Mengqi curled her lips.

“Er…” Yu Qingqing grinned and said, “Not really.”

The instant she was going to explain, Zhao Feng on the opposite side coughed softly.

He could not bear to see Liang Mengqis depression, but he was glad at the same time.

The reason… was self-evident.

So he answered, “Mengqi, youre also wonderful.

Beautiful as madame as, she isnt attractive to anyone.

Maybe some people deem that you are better than her.”

“Really” Liang Mengqis depression was relieved to some extent.

“Of course, from my point of view, you are as beautiful as madame.” Zhao Feng nodded his head.

“Its none of your business! Youre annoying.” Liang Mengqi rolled her eyes at him.

Zhao Feng felt embarrassed, shaking his head with a wry smile.

But after his comfort, Liang Mengqi was much more relaxed.

She was in a trance and said, “Eh Why I am vaguely familiar with madame I feel that I have seen her somewhere.

Qingqing, do you think so”

“No.” Yu Qingqing answered outright.

“Dont be too nervous, Mengqi.

Perhaps you have seen a beautiful woman similar to madame.” Zhao Dahu said.

“Well, thats true…” Liang Mengqi mumbled.

She did not see madames face clearly but just remembered her bright big eyes since they just glanced at each other.

While Zhao Feng shook his head, smiling.

Of course, Liang Mengqi was acquainted with madame.

After all, she was Zi Yan, who was famous in those years, so it seemed weird if Liang Mengqi was not familiar with her.

Breakfast in the restaurant was as usual.

People lined up one after another and Zhang Han was making breakfast in the kitchen.

Moreover, Sun Ming also brought gifts to Mengmeng every day, which made Mengmeng have a certain fondness for this affable uncle.

Wang Qiang and Wu Liying came to here every meal as well.

Apart from bringing their grandson that time, they did not bring anyone else.

Who had changed most was Sun Dongheng.

Now he was willing to work hard in the company and accompany Sun Ming whenever at his leisure, which gratified Sun Ming.

He was so glad to witness his sons changes in the last period of his life.

On this day, however, there were two other people who were happier than Sun Ming.

They were Li Fan and Xue Qian who were going to Zhang Hans restaurant.

“Shall I wear this suit Is it formal” Xue Qian asked, dressed in a black leisure suit.

“Fine, its quite good.” Li Fan answered casually, and then said, “Is my newly bought suit ok Do you think this blue tie matches”

“Its okay.

Its almost nine oclock.

Lets go now”

“Lets go!”

The two dressed up seriously as if they had gone to a blind date.

Then they went out and drove a black Land-Rover to Zhang Hans restaurant.

“We are almost there.

The restaurant is right ahead.

Look, that restaurant is there.

Mengmengs casual restaurant.

That is it!”

Li Fan drove the car into the parking space in front of the restaurant.

“My god!”

When they were about to get off the car, Xue Qian patted his forehead vigorously.

“Whats the matter” Li Fan stunned for a moment.

“Its the first time we come here, do we need to buy some presents”

“Ah! Well, but… We dont know what Mr.

Zhang likes and how to send them” Li Fan hesitated, wincing, and said, “Why dont we buy some fruit I dont think Mr.

Zhang is short of money.

Sending other gifts may not catch his fancy, so just buy some fruit to show our kindness.”

“I think so; lets go there and buy some fruit.”

The two muttered for a moment and drove out.

Li Fan bought two bags of fruit in the supermarket on the front side of the street.

Since he did not know how to select, he brought whatever at a high price under the introduction of the staff, such as imported bananas and imported apples.

After getting into the car, Li Fan drove to the restaurant again.

He parked the car and the two headed for the restaurant.

They looked a little anxious when they were about to enter the restaurant.

At 8:30, the diners in the restaurant left in succession.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei left earlier under peoples gazes at 8 oclock when they finished eating.

In the meantime, they had an appointment to come over at night.

They had no time at noon, for the album was about to be released and they would be really busy these days.

While Zhao Feng, who was free in the morning, stayed in the restaurant and sat in his chair playing with his mobile phone.

In fact, he was pondering how to deal with Tang Zhan.

From the beauty kept by Tang Zhan, he knew there was a back room in the study of Tang Zhans No.78 Mansion on New Moon Bay Road, which contained a lot of important things.

She discovered it at the risk of life, so the news was very valuable.

However, it is difficult to get into Tang Zhans well-protected mansion.

Furthermore, Tang Zhan hardly invited people to visit his mansion.

Even if there was something important, it would be handled in the head office.

Tang Zhan had begun to suspect his identity recently, which seemed like a dangerous signal.

So Zhao Feng had to dawdle in New Moon Bay temporarily for a period of time.

Li Fan and Xue Qian pushed the door and came in when he was in meditation.

“Were not open now.” Zhao Feng came to himself, looked up at the two persons and said coldly.

The sign was right in a doorway.

In general, people would see it before they came in, so there were few cases that customers entered the restaurant at the wrong time nowadays.

“Oh, hello.

Im Li Fan.”

Li Fan considered he was Zhang Han after confronting with Zhao Feng.

He, therefore, walked over with a huge smile on his face and even stretched out his hands on the way, attempting to shake hands with Zhao Feng.

“I dont know you.” Zhao Feng gave a bland response and wanted to ask if they were looking for the boss.

Li Fan laughed before Zhao Feng asked, “Mr.

Zhang, you do have short memories.

I was the one who called you the day before yesterday and I come here to talk about the song with you.”

“Im not the boss, are you looking for him” Zhao Feng peered at Li Fan, stood up and said.

After learning that the two men were to look for the boss, Zhao Fengs presented more amiable.

“Boss We are looking for Mr.

Zhang Han.” Li Fan winced, saying.

“Then Ill call him for you.

Please wait for a while.” Zhao Feng nodded and stepped directly towards the stairs.

Zhang Han was busy doing Mengmengs hair after helping her take a bath and dress.

“Och, PaPa, you are so stupid.

Ive been sitting for so long.

Im really tired.” Mengmeng said, pouting.

The girl knew it would have been finished if MaMa did the hair.

“It will be ok soon.

Oh, darling, dont move.” Zhang Han chuckled and said.

He had learned to tie plaits for Mengmeng, but it also took time to practice.

Zhang Han wanted to tie more beautiful and complicated braids the first time, so he spent a little more time.

“Hum! My little buttocks are almost numb.” Mengmeng said with a snort.

“All right, all right; its almost done, the last step.”

Zhang Han changed his position, sat in front of Mengmeng, combed her fringe and hooked her hair with a small flower pin.

“Come on, hows this hairdo” Zhang Han held Mengmeng and came to the mirror.

“Ah!” Mengmeng was totally shocked when she saw her hairstyle.

The hairstyle was still similar to Mickey Mouses, except that two balls of hair were looser, with larger circles, and her hair was divided at the side, which fully showed Mengmengs lovely and beautiful cheeks.

Mengmeng was very happy when she caught sight of herself in the mirror, asking childishly, “Is the little princess inside really me”

“Yes, the little princess is Mengmeng.” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Ho ho, Mengmeng has turned into a little princess.

PaPa is so great!” Mengmeng hugged Zhang Hans neck jauntily and kissed him several times on the cheek.

“Ha, ha, ha…”

Zhang Han burst out laughing.

The happiest moment he thought was when Mengmeng kissed his face happily.

It was a kind of psychological satisfaction, genuine rejoicing.

“PaPa is the best.

Mengmeng is so beautiful, ho ho…”

Just as the laughter was overflowing on the second floor, Zhao Feng came up and felt a warmth in his heart in such atmosphere after seeing this scene.

“The fathers love is like a mountain!”

“Awesome as the boss is, he can do anything in front of his daughter.

Hes indeed great.”

Zhao Feng deemed that sometimes redoubtable fathers may also be severe because they hope their children could be stronger than themselves in the future.

Therefore, strict education was indispensable for children to get ahead.

This was human nature.

But Zhao Feng saw another kind of paternal love from Zhang Han.

Warm fondness.

Under such circumstance, a slight mistake was likely to spoil the child, but it seemed that the boss had never considered this matter.

Zhao Feng shook his head slightly and stopped thinking about these.

He looked at Zhang Han and laughed, “Boss, there are two people downstairs looking for you to talk about the song.”


Zhang Han nodded, holding Mengmeng, and went to the first floor with Zhao Feng.


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