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“As we all know, every kind of the Five Thunder Yang Treasures has its own special power.

Among them, the Thunder Yang Sand is the most mysterious and rarest.

Today, 40.5 kilograms of Thunder Yang Sand, which consists of 810,000 tiny grains of sand, will be auctioned here.

The Thunder Yang Sand can not only nourish spiritual herbs…”

As the female auctioneer was making the introduction, Zhang Han said in a daze, “Turned out that that man was just a bit late.”

“The treasures arrived.

Thats all that matters.” Yue Wuwei chuckled and said, “Congratulations.

Your Thunder Yang Treasure Land is about to be completed.

Haha, the person who got the complete Thunder Yang Sand should have had a great opportunity.”

“Daddy, whats so good about the Thunder Yang Treasure Land” Mengmeng took a drink of juice and asked.

“It has a lot of wonderful uses.

Well, the most practical benefits are that on such a land, the ingredients are more delicious, people can cultivate faster, the spiritual Qi is richer, and the energy is gentle.

Ordinary people who live on the Thunder Yang Treasure Land can live for more than 300 years.

It has a set of its own circulation system.

After the five treasures of the Thunder Yang are gathered, the Thunder Yang Tree, which is the major treasure, will be upgraded to a top sixth-tier spirit treasure, which is very close to the seventh tier.

It will then bloom and bear fruits.

If an ordinary person eats the fruit grown directly from the Thunder Yang Treasure Land, he or she can directly enter the Innateness Realm and advance to the Elixir Realm very soon.

Even if that person doesnt cultivate or gain any other opportunities, he or she will still enter the Yuan Ying Realm in five years.

“The quality of the Thunder Yang Flower, the Thunder Yang Crystal, and the Thunder Yang Grass will be improved as well.

They are materials that can be used to refine high-grade medicinal pellets.

We can go pick the plants regularly.

The things growing on the Thunder Yang Treasure Land are all renewable.

For example, if I smash a piece of Thunder Yang Crystal, after being nourished by the Thunder Yang Treasure Land for some time, it will soon grow into a whole piece again.

The Thunder Yang Crystal in the Thunder Yang Treasure Land is a kind of supreme-grade crystal with many functions.

The Five Thunder Yang Treasures follows the natural rules of the five elements.

Thunder Yang Treasure Land is indeed a precious land.”

Zhang Hans long introduction made Mengmeng dumbfounded.

She even stopped drinking juice.

Her beautiful and bright eyes were unblinking as she digested the information her father had told her.

The others were all stupefied.

“What did you say”

The heart of the King of Elves pounded nervously.

“Is, is it true

“If one takes the Thunder Yang Fruit directly, one would directly enter the Innateness Realm and soon reach the Elixir Realm.

In five years, one would advance to the Yuan Ying Realm without effort.

Isnt this cheating or what”

Li Hao looked somewhat stunned.

“Zhang Hanyang actually has the Thunder Yang Treasure Land Holy moly, how is this possible Thats a treasure land!”


Li Mu even directly spat out the tea he had just drunk.

He was deeply shocked by what he heard.

“The Thunder Yang Treasure Land only exists in legends.

In the entire Sea Dragon Star Area, no one has seen or heard of such a treasure land in thousands of years.

“You gotta be kidding!”

As for Mo Wen, his mind went a little blank.

Several words flashed through his mind repeatedly.

“Big shots! They are all big shots!”

There was also extraordinary splendor in Ninas eyes.

“Uncle Zhang is really amazing! Cant believe he could create the legendary Thunder Yang Treasure Land.”

That extraordinary splendor was actually the look of admiration.

It had nothing to do with romantic love.

Mengmengs strong reaction last time had given Nina quite a turn.

She also remembered Mengmeng scowled at her and yelled, “I take you as a sister, but you want to date my dad”

Mengmeng then spun around and left, not even giving her a chance to explain.

Mengmeng would never react like this unless someone violated her taboo.

Nina pulled a wry face at that time.

She had never considered that at all.

Zhang Hans words stunned quite a lot of people.

After he said that, the auction began.

“Please bid for the Thunder Yang Sand.

The starting price is 300,000 medium-grade crystal stones.”

That equaled 30 million low-grade crystal stones!

All the people present looked astonished.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, very few people could pay 30 million low-grade crystal stones at a time.

“Room No.

6 bid 350,000 medium-grade crystal stones.”

“Room 10 bid 370,000 medium-grade crystal stones.”

“Room 1 bid 390,000 medium-grade crystal stones.”

“Room 4 bid 400,000 medium-grade crystal stones.”

This time, no one looked at the screen.

All the forces who could compete for the Thunder Yang Sand were sitting in the private rooms above.

The female auctioneer announced their bids one by one with a melodious voice.

The numbers represented large amounts of crystal stones.

“Room 400 bid 500,000 medium-grade crystal stones.”


A lot of gasps were heard from the ground below.

Someone directly raised the price by 100,000 medium-grade crystal stones.

It was equivalent to 50 million low-grade crystal stones.

This was truly a fierce wealth competition.

After the bid of 500,000 medium-grade crystal stones was made, the other private rooms all fell silent.

The female auctioneer was about to announce that this was the highest bid and the Thunder Yang Sand was sold.

Just then, others began to bid again.

“Six hundred thousand medium-grade crystal stones! Room 9 bid Six hundred thousand!”

“Seven hundred thousand medium-grade crystal stones! Good heavens! Room 400 bid seven hundred thousand! This will break the record of the price for single transactions in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area!”

“Eight hundred thousand! Room 9 bid eight hundred thousand medium-grade crystal stones!”


The crowd was instantly in an uproar.

“Its just the Thunder Yang Sand.

Is it really worth so many crystal stones”

“Who is selling the Thunder Yang Sand That person is going to make a fortune!”

“Eight hundred thousand medium-grade crystal stone.

Its scary.

Whos in Room 9”

“Its not scary.

Its stupid.

The Thunder Yang Sand is not that precious.

I wont buy it even if the price is only 500,000 crystal stones.”

“The point is that you dont even have 500,000 crystal stones.”


Various discussions sounded throughout the venue.

In Room 400, a hint of confusion and anxiety flashed through Lorrys eyes.

“Who is it

“Why compete for the Thunder Yang Sand against me

“It isnt worth that much anyway.

“Is someone deliberately making things difficult for me

“But they dont know that the people in Room 400 are actually my people and me.

Had they known, how could they dare to bid”

The Luo Family was a top force even in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

What was more, Lorry was an outstanding student of the Dragnet Academy.


Lyu Qis face darkened.

He could no longer sit still.

He stood up and looked at Loron.

He was not in charge.

But if Loron gave him a hint, he would rush out to confront the opponent right away.

“Nine hundred thousand!”

Lorry operated on the bidding machine.

“Room 400 just bid 900,000 medium-grade crystal stones!”

The female auctioneers voice was slightly shaky.

She was about to seal an all-time-high deal the entire Sea Dragon Star Area had ever had.

Then, she would also obtain a generous commission.

She was going to be rich!

Thus, she couldnt help but get excited.

“One million medium-grade crystal stones! Room 9 bid one million!”

As soon as this price came out, all the people present burst into an uproar.

“One million medium-grade crystal stones.

These are worth 100 million low-grade crystal stones.

Who are those people in Room 9 and Room 400 on earth”

“Theyre all trying to outbid each other for the Thunder Yang Sand”


Zhang Han also looked a little bemused.

“When has the Thunder Yang Sand become such a hit”

“Someone is trying to outbid us.”

Mengmeng pouted.

After thinking for a moment, she added, “Daddy, if you dont have enough crystal stones, you can use mine.”


Zhang Han was stunned at first, but then he burst into laughter.

“Mengmeng, why are you so cute”

Zhang Han suddenly felt that the million medium-grade crystal stones were well spent because Mengmeng talked to him with that cute expression, not to mention that the bid could earn him the Thunder Yang Sand.


The others looked shocked.

The others referred to Li Mu and the rest.

“Zhang Hanyang, if you dont have enough crystal stones, I have quite a lot here,” Li Hao said straightforwardly.

“I have some too, though not much.”

After some thought, the King of Elves decided to make an effort to draw their attention.

Thus, he offered to give them some crystal stones, but he didnt dare to be too generous.

“No.” Liu Qingfeng smiled and said, “He has more than enough crystal stones.

A million medium-grade crystal stones are nothing to him.

He can even pay 10 million.”

“Yes, this guy is rich.” Yue Wuwei curled his lips, looked at Mengmeng, and said, “Girl, dont be swindled by his appearance.

You dont know how deep his pocket is.”

“Huh” Mengmeng was dazed.

She then snorted and mumbled, “You are more like a swindler.”

“Thats right.”

However, Yue Xiaonao didnt defend him.

Instead, she even said in a dissatisfied tone, “You always say that you look like an immortal.

But truth is, that lock of beard on your chin makes you look like a fortune-teller.

And you look like the kind that sucks at fortune-telling.”

Yue Wuwei didnt know what to say.

“Cant you give me and Zhang Han the same treatment

“How come you all defend Zhang Han but taunt me”

Their conversation made Li Mu, who was next to them, rather speechless.

“What the heck is going on Zhang Yumeng doesnt know how rich her family is”

“The auction is adjourned!”

The sect leader of the Koro Sect came up in person.

The high bides had even scared him.

After coming to the stage, he said in a loud voice, “Because the bids of the auction are too huge, we have to first verify if both bidders have the ability to pay the price before we consider whether the next auction will continue.

Please forgive us if this offends you.

Next, I will send people to Room 9 and Room 400 respectively.”


There were more and more murmurs of discussions on the scene.

In less than a minute, there was a knock on the doors of the two private rooms.

Six elders entered the two private rooms respectively.

Half a minute later, they came out and said something to the sect leader of the Koro Sect.

Everyone clearly noticed that the elders who came out of the two private rooms had strange looks on their faces.

It was as if they had seen something terrifying.

“Who on earth are inside the two private rooms”

“Thanks for the two bidders cooperation.

Its been proved that they can afford to high prices.

Lets continue with the auction,” the sect leader of the Koro Sect said in a clear voice and retreated to the side.

The enchanting female auctioneer took a deep breath and spoke loudly, “At present, Room 9 has bid one million medium-grade crystal stones for the Thunder Yang Sand!”

“Room No.

400 bid 1.2 million!”

“Room No.

9 bid 1.5 million!”

“Room 400 bid 1.7 million!”

“Room 9 bid 2 million!”

“Good Lord!”



The crowd completely dissolved in an uproar.

Many people began to roar.

“D*mn it, they are rich but stupid!

“How can the fifth-tier Thunder Yang Sand worth 200 million low-grade crystal stones”

In Room 6, Hu Tianshan suddenly laughed.

“I think I know who are in Room 9.”

“The Cloud Shadow Sky!”

“Zhang Hanyang!”

One of the people behind him said, “It must be Zhang Hanyang.

He is indeed loaded.

He has just spent several billion crystal stones on 10 Thunder Kings and 60 corvettes.

Now he wants to spend hundreds of millions to buy the Thunder Yang Sand.

He is really generous.”

That voice was filled with mockery.

In their opinion, how could the Thunder Yang Sand be worth such a price

“Room 4 offered 2.05 million medium-grade crystal stones.

Now the highest bid is 2,050,000.”

“Room No.

9 bid 2.2 million!”


Lorrys face turned pallid.

“Are we really going to lose

“Who is the other bidder

“How could this happen”


Lyu Qi suddenly kicked a chair away.

“Ill go to Room 9!”

“Thats right.

Senior Lorry, lets stop bidding.

So what if they get the Thunder Yang Sand Theyve targeted us like this.

We can just snatch it from them later!”

“We must teach them a lesson!”

The juniors looked rather sullen.

They felt as if they had been provoked.

“Two million two hundred and thirty thousand medium-grade crystal stones!”

“Room 400 bid 2.23 million!”

Lorrys hand trembled slightly.

These were all the crystal stones she had.

She had even counted in the value of the medicinal pellet to be auctioned off.


At this moment, Loron couldnt sit still any longer either.

He left the private room and appeared on the venue.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Thousands of gazes converged on him.

Loron showed his bad mood on his face.

Staring coldly at Room 9, he said in a booming voice, “Im Loron from the Luo Family in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

I wont leave without the Thunder Yang Sand.”


His words astonished everyone.


“The people in Room 400 are from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province!”

“The Heavenly Dragon Star Province The Luo family” The King of Dwarves suddenly stood up and said, “The Luo family is also very powerful in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

It is a first-tier force.

How could they come here”

“Theyre from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province” Hu Tianshans countenance changed slightly.

With his eyes gleaming shrewdly, he said, “Can we manipulate them into killing Zhang Hanyang and his people Obviously, this old man is in the God Transformation Realm.

Zhang Hanyangs group also has someone in the God Transformation Realm.

If they fight… No, it wont work.

I dont have the capital to manipulate such a powerful master.

What a pity!”

“The auction is almost over.”

“Now the people of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province have shown themselves, who dares to stand in their way I bet the people in Room 9 are scared out of their wits.

Dont you see that even the sect leader of the Koro Sect doesnt dare to say anything”

“How could he have the nerve to say anything He wants to earn more crystal stones, but he has to be alive to spend them.

If he offends those from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, even if this old man doesnt take action now, when he brings the news back, the Luo family can totally send a few people here and destroy the Koro Sect in seconds.”

Since Loron had made an appearance, it meant that he was determined to win.

In the Cultivation World, the strong could dominate the weak.

thus, he didnt feel ashamed.

Instead, he was even angry with the people in Room 9.

“What makes you think you can compete with us”

“What are you waiting for” Loron flickered his aloof eyes to the female auctioneer on the stage.

“I, I announce that the auction of the Thunder Yang Sand is…”

She broke off, for she couldnt find her voice.


A monstrous aura swept across the entire venue.

The power of divine sense struck the stage.

It was Lorons aura.

He was very upset.

The female auctioneers face paled.

She quickly tried to divert everyones attention.

“Room, Room 9 just offered 2.4 million medium-grade crystal stones.”

The female auctioneers voice was extremely low

She was afraid of infuriating the man in front of her.

Even the sect leader of the Koro Sect did not dare to say a word.

His face was written with horror.

“D*mn it, dont fight here!”


Lorons overwhelming divine sense swept toward Room 9.

At the same time, his voice said, “Do you really think I dont dare to kill anyone”

“You do”

Suddenly, another booming voice sounded on the venue.

Hu Tianshan, the sect leader of the Koro Sect, the Silver-winged Hall, the King of Dwarves, and other heavyweights on the scene all sensed that two waves of invisible, enormous energies clashed and fought in midair!


A muffled sound rang out from Loron.

His body, which was suspended in the air, trembled violently.

He looked at Room 9 in trepidation.

Waves of shock raged in his heart.

“This, this…

“Our divine senses just clashed… With that, the other party has defeated me

“Who exactly is the other party

“What kind of person can crush me like this

“Even in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, not many people can do this!

“Who is he

“How could this be

“Could it be that Ive really lost


“Ive lost for sure.

“Im no match for him.

“Could this be… fate

“Lorry, sorry I cant help you seize your only chance.”

Loron sighed inwardly.

His fierce aura withered at once.

“Since its an auction, you have to follow the auction rules.”

That booming voice said, “I hope that you can offer more crystal stones, so this auction will be more interesting.”

“I see.”

Loron took a deep breath and said, “We gave up.”


Lorry felt her brain vibrate.

She almost fell apart at the news.

The rims of her eyes turned slightly red.

The female auctioneers excited voice sounded from the stage.

To Lorry, it was the ring of despair.

“The fifth-tier Thunder Yang Sand has been sold to Room 9 for 2.4 million medium-grade crystal stones!”

“I hereby announce that the Koro Sects auction has come to a perfect end!” the sect leader of the Koro Sect immediately stepped onto the stage and declared.

There were actually a few more auction items left.

But he was really scared.

If he let the auction continue, something unexpected would occur and ruin the Koro Sect.

Right now, he was very worried.

After all, no force in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area could afford to affront those from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Hence, he decisively ended the auction.

“I cant risk offending any bidders.

There are too many big shots here.

“Anyway… the Thunder Yang Sand has been sold for 2.4 million medium-grade crystal stones.

Ive made a fortune!”

The higher the item was sold, the more commission the Kore Sect was able to get.

The person who put the Thunder Yang Sand into an auction should be even happier, for he had earned a huge profit from this auction.

He wouldnt have to worry about expenses for cultivation resources for the next few decades.

After the auction ended, various items were delivered to their highest bidders.

Lorry watched helplessly as the Thunder Yang Sand was sent to Room 9.

“Uncle Loron, how could this happen” Lyu Qi was very puzzled.

“They also have a God Transformation Realm master,” Loron said helplessly, “and that masters strength is above mine.

Theres no way we can have the Thunder Yang Sand.

Lorry, we still have a few days left.

We can only pray that we will find that mysterious place.”

Lorrys eyes were red around the rims.

She bit her lower lip and said, “Uncle Loron, you have searched in the Chaotic Region for days and visited several forces.

But you didnt find it or hear anyone who knows where it is.

The Sea Dragon Star Area is quite large.

We cant possibly find that place in a few days.

The Thunder Yang Sand is our only chance.

Uncle Loron, can you help me find out who is in Room 9 I want to go there and talk to them.

Yes, Ill go there in person.”

“This…” Lorons expression turned bitter.

He might have offended those in Room 9 with his domineering attitude just now.

“If we go there to bother them again…

“Lets hope they wont get angry.”

Loron asked himself whether he was sure he could keep Lorry safe if there were a fight.

He thought the answer was positive.

Thus, after deliberating for a moment, he sent a message to the sect leader of the Koro Sect through the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

The sect leader of the Koro Sect instantly heard that Loron was inquiring about the identities of the people in Room 9.

His face paled a little with fright.

“They surely wouldnt let this go!

“What should I do

“I cant say no to him!”

Resigned, the sect leader of the Koro Sect informed his subordinate.

An elder came into Room 400 to hand over the spiritual herbs Lorry bought from the auction.

Just then, the elder bent over and told Lorry, “Ive found out that the people in Room 9 are Li Hao, the sect leader of the Cloud Shadow Sky, the King of Elemental Elves, as well as Zhang Hanyang and his people.

Since someone in that room is willing to pay 2.4 million medium-grade crystal stones on the Thunder Yang Sand, the bidder is Zhang Hanyang without a doubt.”

“Zhang Hanyang”

Loron frowned slightly.

He fell silent.

On the other side, in Room 9, the atmosphere was not as tense as Loron had imagined.

The people inside even thought of Loron as an onlooker.

“Eh Doesnt that man look a bit familiar”

Mu Xue thought for two seconds and said, “Isnt him the old man who came with the red-haired man and the others who sat next to us that day on the Dragon Horse Star”

“Yes, he is.” Chen Changqing nodded and said, “Never thought he and his group were actually from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

“Heavenly Dragon Star Province! Impressive!” Instructor Liu muttered.

“Dont overrate the Heavenly Dragon Star Province,” Zhang Han smiled and remarked.

“The families in the Chaotic Region can also gain firm footholds if they went to live in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

The Heavenly Dragon Star Province is not mysterious.

Its just that its fundamental strength is much stronger.”


Boss, following your lead, well all be able to go to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province in the future,” Instructor Liu said, laughing.

“Theres no hurry to go to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

You should get familiar with the Sea Dragon Star Area first.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

At present, what he pursued was being stable!

In fact, if Zhang Han went to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province now, his cultivation speed would be faster in that there were more opportunities and fancier secret realms there.

The Sea Dragon Star Area couldnt offer those things.

Still, the Sea Dragon Star Area was still a good place for them to temper themselves for several years.

It could serve as a very good transition point.

Although the average strength here was not high, not everyone could go on adventures in this Star Area.

In fact, sometimes, ones choices could be pivotal.

Lei Tiannan, Ji Wushuang, Gai Xingkong, Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, and the others had all made their own choices.

It was precisely because of the choices they made that they became who they were now.

They would often exclaim with emotion that they had picked the right backer to rely on.

For example, Lu Xiong, who preferred an easy and comfortable life, did not join Zhang Hans team.

But his granddaughter was wiser in making choices.

She chose to date Elder Meng and so got on the wagon.

As the saying goes, when a man rises to power, his whole family benefits, too.

This saying was not groundless.

“Your Excellency, this is the Thunder Yang Sand.”

The First Elder of the Koro Sect came in and said cautiously, “My friend is a little flattered.

He said before that no matter who got the Thunder Yang Sand, he would give that person a discount of one million medium-grade crystal stones.

Thus, you just need to pay 1.4 million medium-grade crystal stones.”

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