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“Nina, have a good rest and enjoy your journey this time.

You used to cultivate in haste, and this time, just relax and enjoy it,” Mo Wen said with deep emotion.

“I know, Uncle Mo.” Nina smiled and nodded.

It was normal for her to go out for a few months, and sometimes, she would go out to cultivate and practice for almost a year.

So they didnt feel that upset about her departure.

It was time to say goodbye.

Zhang Han looked at Lorry, who looked nervous not far away.

“Ill give you the formula of the Supreme Soul-gathering Pellet.

The formula includes some common spiritual herbs.

If you want to cure your mother, you will need some top-grade spiritual herbs at the fifth-tier at least,” Zhang Han said with a glint flashing across his eyes.

Lorry immediately relaxed her mind and felt that the information of the formula was forced into her mind.

It was so complicated that she was stunned.

Without checking the formula immediately, Lorry was moved and bowed to Zhang Han again.

“Thank you, Mr.


“Thank you, Mengmeng.”

This time, she also thanked Mengmeng, as if she had understood something.

“Youre welcome,” Mengmeng responded.

Mengmeng found this trip very fulfilling, but she had lived on Earth for a long time, and now, she really missed Mount New Moon and her home.

“Lets go.”

“Lets go home.”

“Lets go.”

“I dont want to go back,” Chen Chuan whispered.

“Ill have to go to primary school after I return.

Its boring to go to primary school.”


Zhou Fei kicked Chen Chuans ass.

Mengmeng burst out laughing after seeing this.

“Hey, dont you know that even I have to go to school How could you refuse to go to school” she thought.

Just as they were about to get into the aircraft…


Zhang, take care.

Please come to visit us again when youre free.

Ill handle the affairs about the Lost Continent,” Li Mu said in a hurry.


Zhang Han turned to look at him.

He found Li Mu to be quite amusing.

After thinking for a while, he waved his hand.


A ray of light flew towards Li Mus head.

“This is… Hiss!”

Li Mu took a deep breath and suddenly thought of something, his eyes full of surprise.

It was Dragon Shadow!


“Am I finally going to get it” he thought with joy.

Li Mu was so excited to get the secret skill, Dragon Shadow.

“Cloud Shadow Sky!”

“The last Heavenly Demon Sound, hahaha…”

Zhang Han smiled and entered the aircraft with the others.

The aircraft then took off and headed toward the space station.


Li Haos expression changed slightly.

“Heavenly Demon Sound.”

“Does he know Heavenly Demon Sound” Li Mu was dumbfounded.

“Oh no, you must be joking.

I just got the Dragon Shadow, then you showed me the Heavenly Demon Sound.” he thought.

The last time when Zhang Han left, he displayed the Dragon Shadow.

This time, he didnt perform it.

“Heavenly Demon Sound, invisible, soundless, and colorless, is a kind of magical sound attack.

Its very hard to dodge it, so using this skill will have an amazing effect.

Since Mr.

Zhang could make a Heavenly Demon Sound, he must have mastered this skill,” Li Mu murmured.

“I agree.” Li Hao showed a complicated expression.

He sighed softly and said, “Ive met countless people, but Ive never seen such a strange cultivator as Zhang Hanyang.

In fact, I feel that his father and even his grandfather are like my juniors, but when Im faced with Zhang Hanyang, I feel even more nervous than when Im faced with my master…”

With the last sentence, Li Hao sighed.

He couldnt understand why even he was affected by Zhang Hans temperament.

Not far away from them, Loron and his companions had also boarded their aircraft, with different expressions on their faces.

At this time, they, coming from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, no longer felt superior to Zhang Han and his companions and only had admiration and respect for them.

“I dont know when Ill be able to see them again after they go back home.

I dont know if Ill have the chance to repay their kindness either.

I owe them too much.” Lorry pursed her lips and stared at the aircraft not far away that was entering the Thunder King.

“Im wondering what kind of place Mr.

Zhangs hometown is to have produced an extraordinary talent like him,” Lyu Qi said.

“When I first met him, I had a feeling that he didnt take the Heavenly Dragon Star Province seriously.

Now, I finally know I was right.”

“I think maybe they…” Loron did not finish his words, but muttered to himself in his heart, “Maybe they come from the mysterious place that the head principal had mentioned”

“With his achievement in pellet refining, he could wander around the Cultivation World freely.

The Heavenly Dragon Star Province is too small for him,” Lorry thought.

Only she had learned how strong Zhang Han was in the field of pellet refining.

Though she didnt know that much about Zhang Hans ability, she still admired him.

“Lets go.

Well meet again if fate allows it,” Luo Hong said.

“Moreover, I have a feeling that the day that we meet each other would come soon.”

The Cloud Shadow Sky was still surrounded by clouds of various shapes.

Above the clouds, one could see several birds flying freely in the sky.

No one knew where these birds were going, but somehow, their cries were heard in the sky, as if they were singing a song of departure.

“It really cost me a lot this time.” Liu Qingfeng sighed with emotion.

He fiddled with the small machine given by Li Mu and drew a picture in the air in front of him.

The picture was about a prosperous city.

The city looked very beautiful, and the crescent-shaped building in the center stood towering and was huge.

There seemed to be a sign hanging on the building, which read as New Moon City.

There were many high-rise buildings, villas, manors, and even square shopping malls in other areas of the city.

Liu Qingfeng was fascinated by the vivid, three-dimensional picture.

“Have a look, guys, to see if you have any suggestions.

This is the New Moon City that were going to build.

During the following days, we can study this building plan, and if we dont have any suggestions, then we dont need to inform Li Mu.

He will lead people to build it directly.”

Mengmengs stronghold in the game Bone Demon World was named New Moon City as well.

The construction of the city was about to start in Lost Continent.

There was no inaugural ceremony.

The design of the city was based on everyones ideas.

The name of the city was given by Mengmeng.

As time went by, Li Hao, Mo Wen, and others were stunned by Mengmengs status in the group.

She was just a little girl, but she could decide where they would go and decide many other important things.

In their eyes, it was ridiculous that such a little girl had such authority.

But later, they realized that it was Zhang Hanyang who gave her such power.

Zhang Hanyang would go anywhere she wanted to go no matter what others were doing, and he didnt care if others would join them or not.

He would get everything she needed for her.

This made Nina envious.

At this moment, she was looking at the three words “New Moon City”.

The city was well-planned and looked beautiful from all angles.

Looking from the front, one would find that the building at the center of the city was crescent-shaped, and looking from another angle, one would find that the building was in the shape of a full moon.

Its shape would look different with the change of angles.

It was quite unique.

“I think its beautiful and perfect.

No change needs to be made.” Ah Hu looked at the picture and shook his head, indicating that he had no suggestion.

“Its very beautiful with a sense of technology.

At the same time, there are also some retro buildings in it,” Liu Jiaran said.

“Its okay, but I think there should be a sea,” Zhang Li said casually.

“It will be great to enjoy the sea view in the spring.

Why dont we build a sea in the city”

“Isnt there a lake already” Instructor Liu pointed to the left side of the city.

“This lake is too small,” Zhang Li replied.

“The Lost Continent doesnt have a rich water source, and the land itself isnt big either.

Where could we build a sea for you” Zhang Guangyou said grumpily.

“Enjoy the sea view Nonsense! Why dont you stay out of this and just focus on having a baby”


Zhang Li got angry and snorted.

“Youre really disappointing.”

“Could he stop mentioning having a baby Does he think that except for having a baby, nothing is worth thinking” she thought.

“Ahem, were working hard to make a baby.” Liang Hao patted his chest.

“This is none of your business,” Rong Jiali said and rolled her eyes at Zhang Guangyou to defend Zhang Li.

Then, she said to Zhang Li, “Ignore him.

You dont need to feel anxious about this matter.

Take your time and bear it in your mind.”

“Got it,” Zhang Li replied and tied her hair into a ponytail.

“We have picked a name for the city, and now, we should pick a name for our company.

The New Moon City is open to the world, and should we also name our company as New Moon” Liu Qingfeng looked at Mengmeng and said, “Little Princess, its time you pick a name for the company.”


Mengmeng was chatting with Nina and Yue Xiaonao.

After hearing the words, she was stunned and replied, “I have no idea.

Why dont you ask my daddy”

“Then…” Zhang Han replied.

However, before he could finish speaking, Zi Yan couldnt help laughing and then interrupted him.

“Stop trying.

I bet youre thinking about naming the company after Mengmeng.

Youre always so perfunctory.”

“Well, haha.”

Zhang Han looked embarrassed and forced a smile.

His expression stunned the people around him.

“So he is really thinking about naming the company after his daughter!” they thought.

“Then, you pick a name,” Zhang Han said.

“Well,” Zi Yan thought for a while and couldnt think of one.

“Its easy.

Mengmeng is the Heavenly Lord, so why dont we call it the Heavenly Corporation” Yue Wuwei suggested.

“The Heavenly Corporation and the Heavenly Group What do you guys think” Liu Qingfeng asked.

“They sound good.”

“Okay, we will use these two names then.”

The names were decided.

“The Lost Continent, the headquarters of the Heavenly Group, and the New Moon City.”

Liu Qingfeng looked at the picture in front of him with his eyes glinting.

He used to be very composed, but at this moment, he couldnt help but feel excited.

They were finally going to establish a company in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

“Then, let me briefly tell you the future development direction of the company” Liu Qingfeng looked at the crowd and asked with interest.

“Okay.” Zi Yan smiled and was ready to listen.

“Firstly, we will invest 3.15 billion crystal stones in the project, of which, 2.53 billion will be used to buy aircraft, 0.57 billion will be used to build cities, industrial parks, and space stations.

The cost will be high.

The construction of the space station of the highest end in the Sea Dragon Star Area will be quite costly, while that of the buildings in the city will be inexpensive.

Besides, we also need to build some infrastructures as well.

With its early scale, the city could accommodate one million people for quite a long period,” Liu Qingfeng smiled and said.

“Secondly, we dont have that many people, so I plan to… let Lord Nan Shan and Lord Dong Gu join us.

There are millions of people in the Kings Domain, and the two lords have taken side with us, so there is nothing to worry about in this respect.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ah Hu smiled and said, “Youre right, dad.

We dont need to worry.

The people in the Kings Domain, including Lord Liu, all admire you very much.

In their eyes, youre a legend.”


Liu Qingfeng let out soft laughter and lowered his head before saying, “Thirdly, now we mainly depend on the intelligent system to operate the aircraft, and we need to train some people to operate the machine.

I think we could select some disciples from the Heavenly Knights Sect and train them.

We still have enough time for that, so there is nothing to worry about in this respect as well.

“Fourthly, we need a team to exploit the metal resources, Energy Stone resources, and crystal stone mines on the barren planets of the Chaotic Region, and I think we could assign this task to the branch of the mining resource company.

“Fifthly, after the mining resource company starts to thrive, we could start to establish some other companies, such as a medicinal pellet company.

Six Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect and people of the Pellet-refining Peak are talents in this field, but they are not enough.

Besides, I heard that the probability of them failing and ruining the furnace is very high.”

While speaking, Liu Qingfeng looked at Zhang Han with questioning eyes, as if he were asking, “Didnt you teach Six Elder and those talents how to refine pellet just as how you taught Lorry”

Facing his questioning eyes, Zhang Han was amused and he replied, “I gave them a scroll containing the formula of ten thousand kinds of medicinal pellets a few years ago, and they are yet to master them.”

He was suggesting that they really had no gift in this field though he wanted to teach them.

It was no exaggeration to say that Lorry was way more talented than Six Elder in pellet refining.

He could teach them how to do it, but there was nothing he could do if they couldnt comprehend even the basic knowledge.

“Well, Six Elder and people from the Pellet-refining Peak have made great breakthroughs in recent years.” Zhang Guangyou cleared his throat and said, “The stock of the medicinal pellets in the Heavenly Knights Sect has been increasing year by year, and we have some talented disciples.

We should give them more time to cultivate.”

“Well, thats right.” Liu Qingfeng said helplessly, “They havent met Zhang Han for a long time, and they only learned little from us.

But it doesnt matter.

We have some cultivators in the Kings Domain and Kunlun Immortal World who know how to refine pellets.

These people are enough.

We will hold many auctions.

With the rich resources on the Saint Warrior Planet, we could easily make a splash and make a fortune by auctioning any good stuff from the planet.

Besides medicinal pellets, we could also auction talisman, which is consumable and would sell like hotcakes.

I remember that the Heavenly Talisman Sect is on good terms with the Mount New Moon.”

“Yes, their sect leader is very kind.” Zi Yan nodded slightly.

“Im just wondering if theyre interested in this business.”

“If they have learned about the vast world outside, they certainly will be interested,” Liu Qingfeng said firmly.

“Regarding this matter… Yanlan, go to talk to their sect leader later.”

“Okay,” Jiang Yanlan replied.

“Apart from all these, we could also consider showbiz.

There arent many celebrities in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

We could copy the showbiz mode on Earth, which is quite developed, and train some people to be movie stars and singers.

There are many ordinary people in the Sea Dragon Star Area, so if we could run the business properly, we would earn a lot from this,” Liu Qingfeng added.

“In addition to showbiz, we could establish some trading companies as well.

We need to expand our business outside the Sea Dragon Star Area and to our neighboring Star Areas.

When the time comes, we could do importing and exporting business in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

“Of course, we could run many other companies, and I wont count them one by one.

In short, the business scope of our group is very huge, and at the very start, we need to focus on opening some banks.” Liu Qingfengs words made everyone stunned.

“What Banks”

“Yes, banks.

There are many things we need to prepare to open some banks, and we have to take our time.

Many forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area treat other forces as enemies, but were different.

We will try to maintain a good relationship with all the forces so that our bank business could thrive.

I hope that you guys will cooperate with me, including you, boss.”

Liu Qingfeng looked at Zhang Han with a smile.

“Kid, its time you make your efforts,” he thought.

“Okay, as long as it wont hinder me from taking care of my little daughter,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.


Mengmeng was stunned by the words.

She pursed her pink and tender lips, finding the words to be quite strange.

“Little daughter Humph, Im no longer a little kid,” she thought.

After hearing Liu Qingfengs plan, everyone realized how strong he was again.

The plan was detailed and well-made, taking everything into consideration and utilizing everything they had, ensuring that they could gain the most benefits.

The last part about the plan was opening banks, giving the plan a perfect ending.

After they established their own banks in the Sea Dragon Star Area, the Heavenly Groups status would remain unshakable.

Of course, to do that, they still needed strong forces to protect them.

After all, all kinds of accidents might take place in the Cultivation World, and it would never be wrong to strengthen oneself.

Trying to obtain more resources was an important way to strengthen oneself.

“Alas, Im going to do my homework.”

After talking for a while, Yue Xiaonao sighed and began to do her homework.

She had no choice but to keep her words since she lost.

She was a girl of her words.

“Well, I may do it later.”

She looked at her homework for two seconds and put it away.

She thought doing homework was very boring.

“Nina, you have never been to Earth before, right Its a wonderful place, just that you will find your schoolmates to be very childish.

If were in the same class, we could compete against each other in exams,” Yue Xiaonao said with a serious face.

“Exams” Nina was slightly stunned.

“Whats that”

“Well, the students on Earth have to take exams to see if they have mastered the knowledge.

There are math classes, literature classes, foreign language classes, and so on,” Yue Xiaonao replied.

“What are those classes” Nina was even more confused.

“What is one plus one” Yue Xiaonao asked.


“And two plus two”


“This is mathematics,” said Yue Xiaonao.

“So this is math, and math is about calculation.

I understand now.” Nina nodded.

“Have you studied math before”

“Yes, Ive read a book about mathematics,” replied Nina.


Thats what we study at school.

Lets compete in the exams, and… haha,” Yue Xiaonao said with a sly smile.

It sounded like she wanted to make a bet with Nina, but she didnt speak it out, possibly because she was afraid of being scolded by Lisa.

“By the way, Nina, most people on Earth are ordinary people who dont know anything about cultivators, and some of them know martial artists,” Mengmeng thought for a while and chimed in.

“But martial artists are not as strong as cultivators.

After we arrive there, we cant use our cultivation skills in public or we would cause a stir and the National Security Agency would have to clean up the mess for us.”

“Got it,” Nina replied with a smile.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

She understood that.

“After we arrive, we can go to the amusement park and zoo to see the animals and take a yacht to see the fishes in the sea,” Mengmeng said.


“Yes, theyre like the spirit beasts,” Yue Xiaonao cut in, knowing that there were different ways to refer to those things.

“Like there are ordinary people and cultivators, there are ordinary animals and spirit beasts.”

“I see.”

“I love animals.

Wu Ming told me a story about animals.

He said that if we met a black bear in the forest, we must lie down immediately and pretend that were dead.” Yue Xiaonao glanced at Wu Ming and continued with a mocking smile, “Once I met a bear, and I did as he told me.

But the bear tried to bite me.

He then argued that thebear he referred to was the one that had eaten its fill.

If I hadnt been that strong, I would have been killed by that bear.”

Wu Ming didnt know what to say.

“Well, it was just a story that I heard from someone else.

I didnt say its true,” he thought.

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