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Chapter 1117 Going to School

Hearing Bei Jinnans words, Mengmeng was momentarily stunned.

Then, she said, “Beibei, I think that your thought is too dangerous.

Youre just in the second year of junior high.

How can you think about dating girls”

“I figure its okay for second-year students to start dating.

Dont we have a couple in our class Theres one in the neighboring class as well,” Bei Jinnan whispered.

“If you dare to hit on Nina, I will hit you,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“Sorry.” Bei Jinnan hurriedly admitted defeat.

There was no other way.

The girls in his grade were too powerful, especially Yue Xiaonao.

She was unbeatable either in a row or a real fight.

Being a male student of Class Eight, Grade One, Bei Jinnan was under a lot of pressure.

They would soon be in the second grade of junior high.

When the new term started, Zhou Lei, Bei Jinnans only rival who used to be in the third grade, would go to senior high.

Bei Jinnan knew that he had no male opponents in their junior high school now.

But nothing seemed to have changed.

He still had no chance to be with the girl he wanted to pursue.

As for those he didnt pursue, he would never date any of them even if they wooed him instead.

“Beibei might become a love rat in the future.”

Yue Xiaonao said with contempt, “Look at him.

All he thinks about is dating girls.”

“Thats right!” Mengmeng echoed, “Thats why I said his thought is dangerous.”

“Haha, that was a joke.

I was just joking.

Whats more, I havent met that new classmate yet.

How could I already fall for her” Bei Jinnan laughed.


Lets gather in the Novice Village.

Ill take you to kill enemies,” Mengmeng said.

“Mengmeng, you havent logged on for more than a month.

Several gangs have been bullying us during this time.”

“Lets go take revenge.”

With the return of their leader, the atmosphere in the team instantly changed.

Just now, they were still cowardly trying to figure out how to play in raid instances.

But now, they were no longer interested in raid instances anymore.

How could it be more fun than going out to fight

Just like this, the team started gaming.

After they flattened a village, Nina joined the group chat.

“Here comes our new classmate.”

“Your names Nina Which country are you from Is it a western country”

“How old are you”

The endless questions overwhelmed Nina.

“How could I tell them I came from the Roland Star

“I couldnt say that Im from the Elf Clan either, right”

“These are all secrets.

Why ask so many questions”

Mengmeng replied before Nina could.

“Then how old is our new classmate” a student asked again.

“Fifteen years old.”

“Is she pretty” Bei Jinnan inquired.

“She is a knockout!” Yue Xiaonao said, “Nina is taller than you.

She is 1.7 meters tall.”

“What She is 1.7 meters tall” Bei Jinnan was stunned.

In the First Middle School, there were some girls who were taller than him, but Bei Jinnan found none of them good-looking.

But tall girls usually seemed slim.

“If the new classmate is half as pretty as Mengmeng, Ill… Ill pursue her.”

The randy Bei Jinnan began to think about picking up girls again.

After reaching puberty, he really wanted to have a girlfriend.

He had never kissed a girl yet.

Just as Bei Jinnan was daydreaming with a stupid look on his face—


A flash of saber light zoomed across the screen.

“What the f*ck! Who the hell killed me The killer is from the Sky-detonating Faction.

Mengmeng, avenge me!”

“Get him!”

A chaotic battle began.

At first, the other party didnt see who was coming at him clearly.

But after several of them were hacked to death by Mengmeng with just one move, they began to cry in shock.

“The number one Princess Mengmeng on all servers Shes back!”


The channel was noisy with more than a dozen people talking at the same time.

It was a little chaotic.

Nina didnt know anyone, so she had no idea what was going on.

But she found that this game seemed so simple that it was kind of boring.

Only then did Nina realize that It turned out that the fun of this game was that the team members could communicate and gang up on others.

They played until nearly 12 oclock.

The three girls then went back to their own rooms.

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao went to bed.

As for Nina, she sat cross-legged on the balcony and stared at the moon for a while.

“The starry sky here does not resemble that in the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

Nina noticed something.

“Those stars there look like a spoon.

“That star is so bright.

“Its time to cultivate.”

After admiring the sky for a while, Nina slowly closed her eyes.

The moonlight shining on her seemed to sparkle like stars, which danced around her happily.

After cultivating for a while, Nina felt that one days cultivation here was equivalent to 10 days cultivation on the Roland Star.

The spiritual Qi here was shockingly rich.

This was the Thunder Yang Treasure Land after all.

“Uncle Zhang has a complete Thunder Yang Treasure Land.

“He is so awesome.”

In the latter half of the night, when she was cultivating, she occasionally sensed that people were going back to the villas from the dense forest at the back of the mountain.

“There seemed to be a Thousand-formation Image over there.

“Uncle Zhang is not only good at pellet refining but also formations.

He has received a lot of compliments for his knowledge in formations.

“Also, Elder Yue, Uncle Liu Qingfeng, Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, as well as Mu Xue and Jiang Yanlan, who are Uncle Zhangs two female disciples, and the others are all very powerful.”

Nina found such a team quite unique.

Most importantly, the atmosphere in the team was fascinating.

Everyone was carefree.

They were unfettered people.

The next morning.

At about eight oclock, Mengmeng drowsily went to the balcony and called out to the villas not far away.

“Nina, Xiaonao, its time for breakfast.”

“Ah, Im coming.” Yue Xiaonao showed up on the balcony.

She was brushing her teeth.


Nina responded and went to wash up.

They went downstairs, walked into the castle, and saw breakfast in the restaurant on the fifth floor.

“So glad that I can have the breakfast Uncle Zhang cooked again.” Yue Xiaonao grinned and said, “My dad is bad at cooking.

His food is not as delicious as Uncle Zhangs.”

Yue Xiaonaos naturally smiley face was very endearing.

Zi Yan smiled and said, “Come here often if you like the food here.

Youre also welcome to live here for some more time.”

“Alas, my days here are numbered.

My mom will force me to go back in a few days,” Yue Xiaonao sat on the left side of Mengmeng and mumbled in response.

She clearly understood what would happen in the near future.

“Nina, are you satisfied with living here” Zi Yan looked at Nina and asked softly.

“If youre not used to your villa, you can modify it into a wooden house or something else as you please.”

“Thank you, Auntie Zi.

Im happy with the house.

But… I didnt know people here pay with the local currency.

I dont have any such currency, so you have to pay for everything for me.

Im embarrassed.” Ninas pretty face turned slightly red.

“Its nothing.

Nina, dont stand on ceremony,” Mengmeng muttered.


Amused, Zhang Han said, “I understand.

The Elf Clan usually has a lot of rules and values them very much.

But in my place, there arent so many rules.

Just enjoy yourself.

You can take your stay here as a vacation.

Dont worry too much.

You may have noticed that in this world, money only exists in the form of numbers.

Its useless for cultivators.”

“Thats right.” Zi Yan smiled and said, “You can go out to have fun today.

Mengmeng, take the girls to the bank and get a bank card for Nina.

Also, buy Nina a mobile phone.

She hasnt had one yet.

Today is the last day of the summer holidays.

Enjoy your last day off.

After that, you should go to school and work hard.”

“Well, I see,” Mengmeng responded.

Then, they began to have breakfast.

“Nina, try that.” Yue Xiaonao pointed to a dish and said, “There are milk-flavored steamed buns made by Uncle Zhang.

Theyre delicious.”

Nina savored the breakfast.

She liked the taste of the mixed congee very much.

The moment she took a bite of the milk-flavored steamed bun, the yummy fragrance of milk diffused in her mouth.

As she looked at the various dishes on the table, Ninas admiration for Zhang Han deepened.

“He is an all-around father!

“But my father, the King of Elves, has never cooked for anyone.”

Mengmengs appetite was just average, but Yue Xiaonao ate much more.

Nina, however, ate like a bird.

After eating for 10 minutes, everyone fished their breakfast.

Then, the three girls went out to have fun.

Zhao Feng drove them to the bank.

After they entered the bank, they were led straight into the VIP room.

The clerk opened a bank card for Nina at the fastest speed and informed her that the card had 30 million yuan on deposit.

Nina blushed with embarrassment.

Zhao Feng laughed inwardly.

“Perhaps the days Nina spends here will become her most special memories after she becomes the Queen of Elves.”

Then, they went to buy Nina a mobile phone and some other daily necessities.

At half-past nine, Zhao Feng drove them straight to Disneyland.

“This is the amusement park.”

“The amusement park” Nina took several looks but found the park not that thrilling.

It looked quite beautiful, and there were too many people here.

It was the start-of-Term season.

Many people came to have fun on the last day of the summer holiday.

It would take a long time to wait in line no matter which rides they wanted to take.

“Eh Arent they Beibei and Xiao Wu”

Yue Xiaonao suddenly spotted Bei Jinnan and another classmate named Xiao Wu on the other side.

They were accompanied by Wu Zhaokong, whom she met at Ah Hus wedding.

Bei Jinnan then turned to look their way as if he had sensed this gaze, or perhaps it was because he was looking around for attractive girls.


He was startled.

But the next moment, Bei Jinnans eyes lit up, and he walked over quickly.

“Mengmeng, hahaha, Xiaonao, we met here.

What are the odds”

Bei Jinnan seemed very relaxed.

However, his older brother, Wu Zhaokong, was under enormous pressure.

He came over as if walking on eggshells.

Then, he looked at Zhao Feng, bowed slightly, and respectfully said, “Master Feng, nice to meet you.”

Ah Hu had been given the title “Master Hu”.

However, since Zhang Feng was Ah Hus older brother, Wu Zhaokong could not address him as Brother Feng, because that was not in line with the order of seniority.

“Just call me by my name.”

Zhao Feng was not used to being addressed like this.

In the past, ones title would indicate ones status.

But now, nobody cared about that anymore.

Zhao Feng sighed with emotion in his head.

He thought of his old buddy, Gu Chen.

It seemed that they hadnt contacted each other for a long time.

Sometimes, once one made a decision, one would never cross paths with some people that used to be in ones life.

“How would I dare”

Wu Zhaokong thought for a moment and called out, “Brother Feng, I didnt expect that such a big shot like you would accompany the juniors to have fun in an amusement park.”

Hearing this, Zhao Feng calmly replied, “She is not a junior but the princess of Mount New Moon.”


“Crap! Ive said something I shouldnt!”

Wu Zhaokong felt his forehead begin to burn, as though sweat would soon bead on his forehead.

He let out a dry laugh and said, “Yes, yes, I saw her at that wedding.

Its just that I dont know much about her exactly.”

The two of them chatted casually on the side.

At this moment, Wu Zhaokong, who knew a bit of the real situation, was rather nervous and edgy.

He would be okay if he just stood there in silence.

But he wanted to get along well with Zhao Feng so that his status would rise sharply.

Thus, even though he knew it was hard to befriend such a big shot, he still could not help trying to strike up a conversation.

On the other side, Bei Jinnan and Xiao Wu didnt have so many worries.

“Mengmeng, long time no see.

Youve grown taller again,” Bei Jinnan looked at Mengmeng carefully and said with a smile.

“Gee, youre getting more and more beautiful.”

“Yes, youre all good-looking.

Youre all pretty girls,” Xiao Wu said.

“Shall we hang out together”

“Who wants to hang out with you” Yue Xiaonao curled her lips.

Xiao Wu was stumped for words.

“Is this our new classmate, Nina”

Bei Jinnan finally shifted his eyes to Nina.

Nina was wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of black shorts.

Her slender, fair-skinned legs were exposed, which made her look very sexy.

Her face, though was not as breathtakingly beautiful as Mengmengs, was also enchanting.

Everyone would want to take a second look at her once they spotted her.

“Throb! Throb!”

“Oh no!”

Bei Jinnans face changed dramatically.

Clamping his hands over his chest, he said, “My heart is pounding for Nina.”

“Get lost!”

Yue Xiaonao glared at him.

“Dont even think about that.

Or Ill beat you up.”

“Yes, Xiaonao, Ill do as you tell me.” Bei Jinnan knew exactly how good Yue Xiaonao was at fighting.

But, of course, he also knew that she had a sharp tongue but a soft heart.

She wouldnt hit anyone unless she was truly angry.

For Bei Jinnan and Xiao Wu, Yue Xiaonao was one of the few in the class who could get along well with them.

Yue Xiaonao did not say anything.

She let the boys follow them as they went to line up at the first scenic spot in the front.

“Mengmeng, why not introduce Nina to us” Bei Jinnan said.

“Well, okay.” Mengmeng said lazily, “Her name is Nina.”

“Thats all” Bei Jinnan was stunned.

“What else do you want me to introduce” Mengmeng asked instead.

“Ahem, er, its okay.” Bei Jinnan gave a hollow laugh.

He didnt dare to argue with Mengmeng.

The point was that he couldnt win anyway.

He put on a solemn look and extended his hand to Nina, saying, “Hello, my name is Bei Jinnan, Im in the same class as Mengmeng and Xiaonao.”

“Nice to meet you.” Nina shook hands with him.

“Where did you go to school before” Bei Jinnan asked.

“I…” Nina didnt know how to answer that.

Mengmeng then said, “Why do you have so many questions”

“Oh, I just want to find something to talk about.

Maybe she used to be in the same primary school as me,” Bei Jinnan laughed and answered.

“You can stop thinking about that.

Didnt we tell you yesterday that Nina is not a local” Yue Xiaonao replied blandly.

“Will Nina attend the First Middle School until graduation” Bei Jinnan posed another question.

“We dont know yet.

Anyway, she will definitely be here in the new semester,” Mengmeng said casually.


Bei Jinnan nodded.

With classmates to chat with, waiting in line wasnt so boring anymore.

However, Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Nina attracted a lot of attention from the surrounding crowds.

After playing for more than three hours, they had a western meal and continued to take more rides in the afternoon.

It was not until five oclock that they returned to Mount New Moon.

Then, they had dinner, played games for a little while, then went to bed.

The summer vacation drew to a perfect end.

Nina felt that her life in Xiangjiang was quite special.

After all, she had never been to a place like this.

Although there were also civilizations with primitive science and technology in the Sea Dragon Star Area, the people there soon lost their old features after coming into contact with the Cultivation World.

However, that seldom happened.

Moreover, it was said that the few civilizations with primitive science and technology that had been heard of were only comprised of ordinary people.

Plus, no planet had several subsidiary worlds as Earth did.

On Earth, there were the Ancient Mine, the Kunlun Immortal World, the Kings Domain, the Boundless Sea…

All that indicated that this was a high-end planet.

However, no matter how hard Nina tried to figure it out, she would never guess that this planet was the legendary Saint Warrior Planet.

The next day, at six oclock, Zi Yan got up and went to Mengmengs bedroom.

“Are you still sleeping in Get up, school starts today.”

“Hmm, what time is it” Mengmeng did not open her eyes but wriggled on her bed, asking in confusion.

“Its seven oclock,” Zi Yan said mischievously.

“Oh, its still early.

Let me sleep for another 10 minutes… Huh What time is it again”

After Zi Yans answer sank in, Mengmeng quickly sat up.

When she looked at the clock hanging on the wall, she felt like going crazy.

“Mummy, you shouldnt have tricked your little girl!”

“How old are you Are you still little Get up, quick.

Your father is preparing breakfast.

After breakfast, he will send you to school.” Zi Yan smiled, sat on the edge of the bed, and held Mengmengs two fingers to drag her out of bed.

Mengmeng put on her slippers and trudged to the bathroom to wash up.

On her way, she yawned and muttered, “Mummy, what hairstyle shall I wear today”

“Ill just wear your hair into a ponytail,” Zi Yan said.

“Its too simple!”

Mengmengs vague voice came from the bathroom as she began to brush her teeth.

In the other two rooms…

Nina got up early, or it could be said that she didnt sleep at all.

She was cultivating in the latter half of the night.

She didnt want to waste a second sleep, because her cultivation speed here was 10 times faster than elsewhere.

Although she couldnt feel it clearly here because of the strength suppression in the world, she found that this rapid way of cultivation could really help her comprehend the realms.

“Were leaving at seven oclock.

Its six oclock now.

Shall we wake Xiaonao up”

Nina checked the time.

After hesitating for a moment, she stood up to get Yue Xiaonao out of bed.

As expected, Yue Xiaonao was still sleeping soundly.

Nina called her name for five minutes before she finally woke up.

After washing up, Mengmeng came in and told them to have breakfast.

“We need to carry our schoolbags today.”

Mengmeng raised the schoolbag in her hand.

“Oh, my schoolbag is still at home.”

Yue Xiaonao was stunned, but she was not worried.

She unhurriedly took out a pearl and said, “Dad, bring me my schoolbag.”



Rays of light burst out from the pearl, forming a hazy white door on the side.

Yue Wuwei walked out from the door, put down her schoolbag, and then left with a smile.

He came and went in a hurry.

Nina was dumbstruck when she saw this.


She was frightened.

“Oh my god, he can travel in space Isnt it said that only those in the legendary Mastery Realm can do that”

“Ah! Could Elder Yue be… Gosh… hes really powerful!

“Is it the magic of this pearl Is it a treasure that can conjure a Space Portal Oh, maybe its all thanks to the pearl.

“But this sort of treasure is also extremely rare.

This is strange.”

Ninas heart was filled with shock.

It took her a few minutes to calm down.

It was 6:50 a.m.

after they finished breakfast.

“Lets go to school.

Our lead teacher, Teacher Bai, is very funny…”

They went out.

The three girls sat in the back seat.

As they were all slim, the back seat looked quite spacious for them.

Zi Yan sat in the passenger seat.

They chatted and laughed all the way to the school.

When Mengmeng and the other two arrived at the door of their classroom, they found that Bai Yilin was already standing by the window in front of the door.

“Zhang Yumeng, I havent seen you for the whole summer, but youve grown taller and prettier.

Yue Xiaonao, you should eat less.

Your face seems to be a little chubbier,” Bai Yilin said with a smile, looking very easy-going.

“Is this the new member of our class”

“Hello, Teacher Bai.”

After greeting Bai Yilin, Mengmeng said, “Sir, this is Nina.”

“Good morning, Teacher Bai,” Nina said, smiling.

“Hello, welcome.”

Bai Yilin smiled and said, “Youre very tall.

Now weve got a new member who is also very pretty.

Very good.

Go into the classroom first.

Nina, you can grab a chair on the podium and sit beside Mengmeng.

Were going to move in a while.”

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