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Chapter 1118 Do You Want to Go to Space

“Alright.” Nina nodded.

“Huh Moving To which place” Mengmeng asked in a daze.

“Were moving upstairs,” Bai Yilin said.

“You are in the second year of junior high now.

We need to move into a different classroom.

From today on, our Class Eight will be on the third floor.”

“Got it.”

When the three of them entered the classroom, there were already more than 20 students sitting in their seats and chatting excitedly.

Since it was the first day of school, everyone was still in the mood for the summer holiday.

As if they had come to school to play with their classmates, everyone was in high spirits and had a lot to talk about with the others.

As the most popular student in the class, Mengmeng was welcomed by a lot of greetings as soon as she entered the classroom.

“Wow, Mengmeng is here!”

“Head of the Cloud Shadow Club, I missed you so much!”

“Mengmeng, where did you go to play during the summer vacation Why havent I heard from you the whole summer I wanted to invite you to my birthday party, but I couldnt get in touch with you.”

“Zhang Yumeng, did you miss me”

Mengmeng resolutely said no.

“Is she our new classmate”

“I also heard from Xiao Wu that someone is joining our class.”

“Shes so beautiful and tall.”

The whole class was in an uproar.

However, because Bai Yilin was standing at the classroom door, the romp was not too fierce.

By eight oclock, all the students had arrived in the classroom.

The bell rang, and Bai Yilin walked into the classroom.

“Did you enjoy your summer vacation”

“Yes, we did.”

“Then youll enjoy your second year in junior high even more.

Youll take more classes than you did in the first year.”


“Haha.” Bai Yilin laughed.

Then, he put on a serious face and ordered, “Everyone, stand up.”

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”

The students got up one after another.

“Pick up your schoolbags.

“Pick up your fighting spirit!

“Turn on your passion!

“And follow me! Lets go to the third floor and take over the new classroom!”

Bai Yilin was good at livening up the atmosphere.

After making that solemn speech, he led his students to barge out.

Their speed was quite fast.

From the side staircase, they went straight up to the third floor and walked into the new classroom.

“Its a little messy here.

Lets start cleaning up the classroom.

Ill divide you into three groups…”

Their efficiency was quite high.

It took them only 20 minutes to clean the room.

Many students were standing in front of the window, watching the freshmen go through the start-of-school ceremony.

Those students were standing on the sports ground, listening to others speeches.

“Alas, before we knew it, weve become second-year students.”

Nina was sitting in the clean classroom.

Her seat was the separate one near the podium, which Yue Xiaonao used to sit in.

It was the first time she had taken this kind of class, so everything was very novel to her.

She looked around at the classroom with curiosity.

In addition to Mengmeng and Xiaonao, the other students in this class were all ordinary people.

They were simple and lovely.

The lead teacher was quite easy-going and interesting.

This was Ninas first impression of Class Eight.

“There are still more than 10 minutes to go before this session ends.

Lets recapitulate what youve achieved in the first year of junior high school and then think about the future.

But before that, lets welcome our new member, Nina.

Come on, Nina, introduce yourself to everyone,” Bai Yilin looked at Nina and said with a smile.


Everyone applauded.

Bai Yilin was also a little bewildered about Nina joining the class.

The other advanced classes never accepted transfer students.

Even though some of the applicants were of high status, they were sent to ordinary classes.

But Class Eight was now taking in a second transfer student.

Plus, the two transfer students were both friends with Mengmeng, who brought them in on the first day of school.

Shaking his head slightly, Bai Yilin put away his emotions and looked at Nina.

Nina didnt have stage fright.

As Bai Yilin instructed, she got up, took a step forward, and stand on the podium.

Looking at the students in the room, she said, “Hello, everyone.

My name is Nina.

Im Mengmeng and Xiaonaos friend.

This is my first day in this school.”

It was a simple self-introduction.

After that, Nina did not say anything more.

But since she was really pretty, she was greeted by another round of applause.

After all, this was an era where beauty was of great importance.

“Nina, again, I want to say that youre welcome to join us.

Our last transfer student, Yue Xiaonao, has made rapid progress.

She was at the bottom in the first months examination.

But in the second month, her rank moved up to the middle.

In the third month, her grades were way above average.

In our class, she is the one who has made the greatest progress in the last term.

Nina, you should also study hard and try to get good grades,” Bai Yilin lectured.

After Nina nodded, he motioned for her to go back and sit down.

“Clap! Clap! Clap!”

Bai Yilin then clapped his hands and said, “I was in the office just now.

Well, the other teachers were all complaining.

Do you know why”

“No idea,” the students said.

“I suddenly found that language teachers are quite miserable, because other teachers often say to you that if you cant even understand this question, your language teacher must have not taught you well.

They may also say,If you cant understand a question this simple, then what on earth did your language teacher teach you” Bai Yilin said, showing an innocent look on his face.

His words invited a lot of laughter.

“In terms of the language course, the grades of our class are very good, which are still excellent even compared with the other advanced classes.

But you cant only work hard on the language just because your lead teacher is teaching it.

Mind you, your overall grades in mathematics have declined a little.

Students, do work harder in this semester.

Well, thats everything I want to tell you on the first day of the term.

Now, there are only 10 minutes left before class is over.” Bai Yilins eyes swept the room and subconsciously rested on Mengmeng.

“Zhang Yumeng, would you like to make an example for your fellows in summarizing your summer vacation”

“Summarizing my summer vacation Sure.”

Mengmeng stood up, walked to the podium, and quickly blinked her big shining eyes, which revealed a pensive look.

Her delicate little face was naturally eye-catching.

“In my summer vacation, I went to a very wonderful place.

I saw towering mountains that stretched for thousands of miles before me.

The grass and trees there were lush.

The clusters of flowers in the mountains were blooming.

The clouds were all over the sky.

The mountain peaks could be faintly seen in the curling clouds, which made it look magnificent but dangerous, mysterious but beautiful, upright but cold and proud.”

Since the language teacher was listening, Mengmeng knew she should use some big words.

Sure enough, after she said a few words, Bai Yilin gave her an approving look.

“The happiest part was, I went on a trip with my parents.

My friend, Nina, was also with us.

We left our footprints in many places and saw a lot of people and things.

To sum it up, the world is full of wonders.”

Those listening to her speech were a little lost, for she didnt say where she went exactly or what kind of fun she had in detail.

But they felt that this speech was very classy.

At the same time, they also began to think that if they were to be called out to make a speech, they should do a good job as Mengmeng did.

“Well said.

I think Zhang Yumengs summer vacation was a wonderful and happy time.

Who will be the next Yue Xiaonao, how about you”

As Mengmeng was walking back to her seat, Yue Xiaonao stood up and said, “I went to a very wonderful place during my summer vacation.

I saw mountains that stretched thousands of miles…”


The students suddenly began to murmur.

“Why is her speech the same as Mengmengs”

Even Bai Yilin was a little taken aback.

However, Yue Xiaonao directly pointed out, “Because I spent the summer vacation with Mengmeng.”

Well, that was a justified excuse.

Yue Xiaonao was indeed good at copying others homework.

She was even copying others speech now.

Surely she was wise in some sense.

“Good, good, very good.”

Dumbfounded, Bai Yilin commented dryly and then quickly changed his target.

“Bei Jinnan, tell us about your summer holiday.”

“I went to a very wonderful place for my summer vacation.

There were good food and drinks, French windows in all directions, fresh air, and…”

“Speak like a normal person,” Bai Yilin rubbed his forehead and urged.

“Well, I stayed home and played computer games.”

Bei Jinnans words tickled all the students.

“Good, good, very good.”

Bai Yilin felt rather helpless.

“The children in the advanced class are really difficult to train.”

Then, everyone began to make their summary in this style.

“I also went to a very wonderful place during my summer vacation.”

“I, too, spent my summer vacation in a very wonderful place…”

As the speeches went on, the class roared with laughter, which brought Nina to understand the pleasure of taking classes.

Of course, that was exactly Bai Yilins purpose.

He wanted his students to have some time to relax and enjoy themselves.

But during the study time, they would need to listen carefully to the teachers.

Combining exertion and rest was the best way to learn.

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Nina began to take classes on their first day of the new term.

While they were in school, Zi Yan and Zhang Han returned to New Moon Bay.

“Lets go to the company.

We havent been there for a long time.”

Zhao Feng, Zhou Fei, Sun Ming, and others were all on the ninth floor of the company.

After hanging out for many days, Zhou Fei couldnt help but come to the company to familiarize herself with work again.

“They are all here!”

Zi Yan entered the conference room and looked at everyone.

Surprisingly, Liu Qingfeng was also there.

Other than him, Ah Hu, Liu Jiaran, Zhao Feng, Liang Mengqi, Instructor Liu, Jiang Yanlan, Xu Yong, Leng Yue, the rest of the more than a dozen members of the security group, Sun Ming, and three core members of the company were also present.

“Hello, Boss.”

“Hello, Lady Boss.”

Everyone said hi to them.

Liu Qingfeng stood up to give Zhang Han his seat.

Seeing this, Zhang Han waved at him and sat down on the side with Zi Yan.

“I was just talking about something with them.”

Liu Qingfeng smiled and said, “The profits of Purple Moon Entertainment Company have always been good.


Sun has been running the company in an orderly manner.

I think highly of him, so I came here to talk about the issues of the group.

With our influence, it is difficult for our company to lose money here.

Why not let our younger generation take it over to practice their business skills Mr.

Suns son, Sun Dongheng, has been in the Entertainment Circle for a few years.

Ive seen him several times and feel that he is capable.

Thus, I recommend him to be Mengmeng Groups new CEO.”

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han burst out laughing.

Zi Yan blinked and said with a smile, “Uncle Liu, why do I feel that you are poaching”

“Hey, Im not poaching.

The company and the group are all yours.

I just want to give Mr.

Sun a different position,” Liu Qingfeng said with a smile.

“What position do you want to offer Uncle Sun” Zi Yan asked.

“Chief financial officer of the group!” Liu Qingfeng said.

“Thats within my expectation.”

Zhang Han nodded to himself.

He guessed it right.

There was no doubt that Liu Qingfeng was very good at judging people.

Sun Ming was well-organized and meticulous.

He never muddled through any task.

Also, he was honest and right-minded.

He would never do anything to cheat.

But generally speaking, he lacked the demeanor of a general.

After such a long time since they came back, only Liu Qingfeng could have such demeanor.

There indeed were many brilliant people, but Liu Qingfeng was quite exceptional.

Sun Ming would be great to work as the chief financial officer.

Liu Qingfeng and Zhang Han both thought so.

However, Zhang Han never cared about these trivial things.

He had his own views on many people and things, but he wouldnt say these views out loud.

However, there was a problem with this arrangement.

Zi Yan thought for a moment and asked, “Uncle Liu, did you tell him where you would bring him”

“I told him just now that this would be a big challenge,” Liu Qingfeng said seriously.

When it came to this matter, he naturally had to talk it out with the others beforehand.

After all, he was going to take them to other planets.

And they would stay there for some time before they could come back.

In Liu Qingfengs opinion, Sun Ming was the best candidate to manage the finance.

“I believe that I can handle this job.

Ill work hard and do my best.

Boss and Chairman Liu, thank you for trusting me.” Sun Ming shook his head with a smile and continued, “Since I started a new life, Ive already vowed to serve you, Boss.

Unless you dont want me to, I will continue to work for you.”

“Eh Uncle Sun, you dont need to stand on ceremony before us.” Zi Yan shook her hand and said, “Youve helped us so much.

We cant thank you enough.

Why would we not want you to work for us Dont think like that.”


Sun Ming nodded seriously.

He felt a little stressed.

After all, he was going to space!

He was going to visit other planets.

Just thinking about it made him a little flustered.

But the excitement and enthusiasm seemed to be burning from the bottom of his heart.

“The business has just started.

There are not many people we can use, but the workload is huge.” Liu Qingfeng thought for a moment and said, “The changes in personnel here will occur more frequently.

I also want to give the security group some crash courses recently.

Then, at least, we can get through the period of lacking manpower faster.”

“Okay,” Zhang Han replied, “you should ask them for their opinions.”

“Anyway, I would have enough help if they could assist me.

The Zi family, Wang family, Liang family, and Rong family are also good at business.

I have made a list of the first group of people that can come with me.

If all of them can come, the first step of my plan can be carried out smoothly.

The key is the safety of the Lost Continent,” Liu Qingfeng hesitated for a moment and pointed out.

The Sea Dragon Star Area was not a place where he could do whatever he wanted.

At the very least, he couldnt do that yet.

Thus, safety was a problem.

If all the people close to him went there, then the Tiger Talisman Royal Family sent a fleet there and bombarded their base… Well, Liu Qingfeng certainly didnt want to risk his familys and friends lives for his business ambition.

“We need to place a super large Heaven-earth Formation on the Lost Continent.

Ill find a way to make it happen later.

Based on the city planning, the escape route designed by Li Mu, and the vast space around the Lost Continent that spaceships could patrol, even if there are enemies attacking, we will have enough time to escape with the help of the formation and the security forces.” Zhang Han gave a positive answer.

He was not worried about their safety, for the forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area were not so powerful.

“Then there will be no problem.” Liu Qingfeng smiled and said, “Im going to carry out the plan.”

“With Uncle Liu here, we dont have to worry about anything,” Zhou Fei said with a grin.

“Elder Sister Yan, didnt you say you want to be a director for a change some time ago Now, we are going to have a big war with the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, arent we The Cloudy Shadow Sky and many alliances will be involved.

We also have the Dark Shadow Clan and the Elemental Elf Clan on our side.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family has mechanical troops.

If we record some of the battles, they can be made into a movie.”

Liu Qingfeng didnt know what to say.

“How could she treat war as a game”

“The Tiger Tally Royal Family has made quite a lot of moves.

They do want to kill us.

At present, our side is stronger, so they have quieted down.

But if one day they are strong enough, they will definitely attack.

Therefore, when the time is ripe, I will take the initiative to attack the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, which will also serve as a warning to others.

This is the first move we shall make to gain a foothold in the Sea Dragon Star Area!”

Liu Qingfengs eyes narrowed slightly.

His aura was easy-going, but there was a hint of aggressiveness in his eyes.

Although the Tiger Talisman Royal Family was powerful, Liu Qingfeng was no pushover either.

When the time came, he would launch a war that would influence the entire Sea Dragon Star Area!

After saying that, Liu Qingfeng chuckled and said, “In fact, making a movie out of the war is a good idea.

It can also be a recording of the war.

I feel that it wont be too long before the final battle arrives.

You can also start to prepare for the shooting.”

“Shooting a movie…”

“If were shooting a movie, I wont play a corpse,” Instructor Liu said, “I want to play the lead.”

“Forget it.” Jiang Yanlan rolled her eyes at him.

“I can also be a supporting role.” Instructor Liu immediately corrected himself.

“We can all be in the movie, right Then I want a part, too,” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

“Count me in as well.” Chen Changqing grinned.

Outstanding as they were, they still felt a little stressed in the prospect of having an interstellar war in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

However, the idea of turning it into a movie gave them a chance to channel the pressure.

“I just want to be a director to kill time.

In fact, it doesnt matter if I get to shoot a movie or not.

I dont want to hold up your business for this,” Zi Yan said seriously.

“No, it wont hold us up.

Youll just record this war.” Liu Qingfeng shook his head.

“But there is something tricky about this.” Zhou Fei sighed and said, “there are big villains in every film.

The problem is that we cant really film the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

If we keep taking close-ups when they are losing, wont they get mad and smash our cameras Besides, what if they choose to escape Look at those people in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

They are all very smart.”

“They wont flee without putting up a fight,” Liu Qingfeng said.

“Their power is deeply rooted in the Sea Central Star Area.

On the surface, they have 17 allies, but they must have more that we dont know yet.

They have sent some people to the Chaotic Region.

It is said that they have persuaded some Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage masters to join their league.

This game of chess has just begun.”

“There is actually a very simple solution.”

Zhang Han glanced at Zi Yan and laughed nonchalantly before saying, “If you want to film those people, just ask Elder Yue to step forward.”


Chen Changqing asked in a daze, “Can Elder Yue do that”

“Why not You have all underestimated him.

Oh, it can also be said that he has hidden his abilities very well.” Zhang Han chuckled.

He didnt even bother to ask what realm Yue Wuwei was in.

Anyway, Yue Wuwei wouldnt tell him.

However, as he was the butler of the Saint Warrior Planet, how could he be weak


Our life will get busy in the foreseeable future.”

Liu Qingfeng clapped his hands, stood up, and said, “Ill head to my next stop now.”

“Where” Liu Jiaran asked.

“The Heavenly Talisman Sect.”

“Why are you in such a hurry” Zi Yan asked, baffled.

“There is still half a year to go before our next journey to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Why is Uncle Liu already taking action”

“Ill talk things out with them in a week, and then Ill go to the Kings Domain.

Two months later, I plan to take people to the Lost Continent to have a look.

Ill try to reach an agreement with every party in a month.

Also, I have to get some other things ready.” Liu Qingfeng subconsciously looked at his watch.

Those in the Heavenly Talisman Sect were proficient in making talismans, Liu Qingfeng didnt want to miss this opportunity to cooperate with them.

Thus, he prepared to negotiate with them in person.

He, Xiao Ling, Ah Hu, and Liu Jiaran went to the back of the company and took a helicopter to the Heavenly Talisman Sect.

It was not too far away.

When Liu Qingfeng and the others arrived, the sect leader of the Heavenly Talisman Sect courteously came out to welcome them.

However, Liu Qingfeng dropped a bomb as soon as he arrived.

“Do you want to go to space”

“What are you talking about”

“I mean if you want to leave Earth and visit other planets.”


The sect leader was so startled that he almost coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Sun Dongheng was also shocked.

Sun Ming texted him to come to the company.

Half an hour later, Sun Ming came to the entrance of the company and saw Sun Dongheng.

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