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“Its really a big-budget video.

Every frame of it costs a huge sum.

The special effect of this promotion video is mind-blowing.

I even have goosebumps.”

The subordinates all began to voice their views.

“The promotion video alone costs an arm and a leg.

Its not even a trailer.

From the promotion video, it can be seen that this movie is definitely a big-budget work.

The company probably has invested more than a billion!”

“Is Purple Moon Entertainment Company going to have a head-on competition with Hollywood in works with special effects”

“Wait! Although special effects are impressive, who are the protagonists Where is the female lead It didnt show any supporting roles either.

We only saw some scenes of the universe.

Why are they keep us guessing Even if its only a promotion video, it should have shown the leads.

Usually, this kind of video reveals a little bit of the main story, right Theres nothing like that in this video.”

“Did they intend to make it like this First of all, it video is made by their sophisticated and professional special effects production team.

Today, only a few leading Hollywood companies can make this kind of special effects.

If they just want to promote their special effects, its not necessary to make such a video.”

“Lets wait for their future announcement.

Now Purple Moon Entertainment Companys hyping this video, there will be news if they hired others teams for this.”

Listening to his mens discussion, the director sighed deeply and said, “I did some research on Purple Moon Entertainment Company a few years ago.

Their special effects team is not from Hollywood.

That team is very mysterious, working exclusively for that company.

I think the more likely explanation is that the team is having a comeback.

Anyway, Purple Moon Entertainment Company has made a big move this time.

It is conceivable that this video will soon become a hit.”

“Director, the name of the movie has been released! The video, too! According to Zi Yans and Hanyangs Weibo, the name of the movie is Interstellar War.”

“Its a big-budget science fiction movie!”

“Perhaps this is the rise of Hua nations science fiction works!”

Discussions like these were occurring in many entertainment companies.

Their sense of the changes in the industry was extremely keen.

From the video, they had all noticed something extraordinary.

Soon, the video spread to the world-class film giant, Hollywood.

The staff all fell silent after watching the video.

After moments of silence, a hot discussion burst out.

“Oh my god!”

“What the hell are these special effects”

“Every second of this video involves special effects.

Dont the people who made this video care about the cost at all Theyve made such a huge investment in this.

Wont they worry that they might lose money”

Purple Moon Entertainment Companys science fiction big-budget work soon made all the headlines and trending searches.

Even before the trailer was released, the Interstellar War had attracted the attention of countless people.

Undoubtedly, netizens did not forget the Pirates of the Caribbean.

When they first saw the video, they thought it was cool.

But when they saw that it was a work of Purple Moon Entertainment Company, they thought it was even cooler!

Their expectation rose sharply.

Many even searched online when Interstellar War would be released.

Unfortunately, they didnt find an answer.

Many even also called Zi Yan.

Hong Qitao and Tang Jiayi first congratulated her and then chatted with her for a few minutes.

There were also calls from the bosses of many large companies to congratulate Zi Yan on her comeback.

After hanging up the phone, Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han with resignation and asked, “Who do you think should play the male lead this time”

“Well, just document the real event.

This story is about Uncle Liu and Cloud Shadow Sky contending against the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, isnt it If you think the story lacks a beginning, you can tell Li Mu to shoot a few scenes.

I think that guy is quite eager to do things with us,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Brother Han, I just told Sister Yan about the main story.

I think the story will be wonderful if we base it on our experiences.

There is a huge jungle on the Roland Star.

We can shoot there.

If you want, we can also be on camera.

To introduce the main story, Li Mu can help.

Then, we can directly jump to the contention and switch the environment and background.

The rest will be relatively simple,” Zhou Fei said.

“I dont want to play a leading role.

But maybe I can make a guest appearance.

I want Li Mu and others to be in the movie.

What do you think, honey” Zi Yan asked.

“The point of making this movie is for you to have fun.

You can film it however you want.

Im at your service, too,” Zhang Han said with a chuckle.

“You only say things others want to hear.” Zi Yan smiled brightly.

She then flashed Zhang Han an amorous look, as if saying, “Ill reward you at night.”


Zhang Han laughed.


His phone rang while he was laughing.

Zhang Han seldom received phone calls.

He took it out and saw that it was from his precious daughter.

“How come youre calling me at this time Did something happen” Zhang Hans eyes narrowed slightly.

A large amount of his soul sense extended in the north.

Like sunlight pouring on the ground, in an instant, his soul sense crossed over Xiangjiangs south island and went all the way to the First Middle School.

After observing for a while, Zhan Han found that Mengmeng was calling him in the corridor during a break.

Now that everything was fine, Zhang Han withdrew his soul sense.

Mengmengs sweet voice also fluttered out from the phone.

“Daddy, my classmates and I want to have a barbecue at the bay this evening.”


Ill make arrangements for that.”

“Well, did you miss me” Mengmeng asked impishly.


“Bad boy, did you miss me”


Zhang Hans pupils shrank.

He almost spat despite himself.

“Where did this girl learn this way of talking from”

He couldnt help but feel mortified.

“No, I didnt,” Zhang Han replied, pulling a wry face.


He then heard the familiar coquettish snort.

He simmered with laughs.

In the end, he admitted, “Yes, I missed you, of course.

Youre my one and only precious daughter.”

“Thats more like it.

Its just that you didnt pass my test.

I was going to give you a kiss, but you missed the opportunity.”

“Well, can I make up for my mistake with another meritorious service”


“Ill prepare a very sumptuous barbecue for you.”

“Well, okay.

Ah, Daddy, its time for class.

I gotta go.


After that, Mengmeng hung up the phone directly.

Yue Xiaonao, who had heard the whole conversation, kept showing disdain on her face.

“Youre so clingy!

“I think Im gonna throw up!”

“Gee, I cant stand it!

“Mengmeng, you are your daddys precious little girl!”

Yue Xiaonao ridiculed Mengmeng repeatedly while she was on the phone.

Beside them, Bei Jinnan said with a smile, “Ive heard people call some guys mamas boy, but Ive never heard of a daddys girl.

Xiaonao, you cant criticize Mengmeng.

Its said on the Internet that girls often have a better relationship with their dads.

Youre also a girl.

How come youre not close to your dad”

“Because Ive grown up!” Yue Xiaonao squinted at them and said, “Only children go around and give others kisses.”

“Humph, you are obviously envious of me.” Mengmeng put away her mobile phone, glanced at Yue Xiaonao, and said, “Youre envious because your dad is not as good-looking as mine.”


“How hurtful it is!”

Yue Xiaonao flared up.

“Who said that My father can look quite attractive if he didnt keep that beard! Im serious.

You dont believe me because you havent seen him without a beard.

Every time I got rid of his beard, it grew back the next day.

Theres nothing I can do about it.”

“Well, thats right.

I meant that his beard makes him look not so good,” Mengmeng added.

“Ill make his beard disappear sooner or later!” Yue Xiaonao vowed.

Hearing their words, Bei Jinnan grew curious as well.

“What is Xiaonaos father like How long is his beard”

But Bei Jinnans mind didnt dwell on that for too long.

His eyes soon flickered to Nina as a smile spread across his face.

“Nina, youre so quiet and gentle.

I like this kind of girl.

So glad to have you here.”

“Swoosh, swoosh!”

Two sharp instantly gazes flashed at him.

“You mean we are not quiet and gentle” Mengmeng said lightly.

“Are you saying that we are loud and annoying” Yue Xiaoxiao showed a menacing look on her face.

“I, I didnt.”

“Whoosh.” Cold sweat streamed down Bei Jinnans forehead.

He only wanted to flatter Nina.

But somehow, he offended the other two big shots at a time.

“God, when can I ever pick up a girl”

Bei Jinnan instantly became dispirited.

Then, he meekly followed them back to the classroom.

The famous Bei Jinnan in this junior high school was really nothing in front of Mengmeng and her group.

But, of course, Bei Jinnan was even more famous for his status as Mengmengs escort, as well as his unique Beibeis-style warning.

After receiving Mengmengs call, Zhang Han began to make preparations for the barbecue.

After all, Mengmengs request was his priority.

Zhang Han directly called Zhao Feng.

“Xiaofeng, take some ingredients to the barbecue restaurant at the bay.

Well have dinner there in the evening.”


Zhao Feng was a very reliable disciple.

He directly fetched the barbecue menu and began to prepare ingredients based on the menu.

At four oclock, Zhou Fei and Chen Changqing went out to pick up Chen Chuan.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan had nothing else to do, so they drove to the First Middle School to pick up Mengmeng and the other two.

Since school was not over yet, they went shopping nearly.

Zi Yan saw people roller-skate in the square.

She then compressed her lips, looked at a couple of roller-skating with a smile, and said, “You once roller-skated while holding me in your arms.

It feels like it happened only yesterday.”

“I can also do it right now.” Zhang Han smiled.

“No, not now.”

“Its no big deal.

Lets go and roller-skate for a while.”

“There isnt enough time.” Zi Yan looked at her watch and said, “Mengmeng will be off school in 20 minutes.

If we started now, wed have to leave halfway through the fun.”

“Then well do it after dinner.

The evening is also our private time as husband and wife,” Zhang Han said softly.

The feeling of being cared about was very important to women.

At this time, Zi Yan felt a strong sense of happiness.

She was sitting on a bench in the corner of the square leaning against Zhang Han, while looking at the passers-by.

They were not doing anything special, but Zi Yan found it very romantic.

However, good times did not last long.

Five minutes later, a young couple sat near them.

In less than a few minutes, their voices became louder and louder.

The woman complained, “Today is our two years anniversary.

But you gave me nothing.

There are no surprises, no gifts.

You dont care about me at all.”

The man refuted, “Who said I didnt give you any gifts Didnt I just give you one”

The woman said, “You think you can please me with just a necklace”

The man said, “Then what do you want Tell me.”

The woman said, “Dont you know what I want”

The man said, “Is it a house A car Money”

The woman sneered.

Then, she got up and stalked away in a huff.

That drove the man crazy.

Fuming, he stood up to go after her.

Zi Yan sensed the wonderfulness of youth from this couple.

She blinked playfully and asked, “Do you know why that girl is unhappy”

“You know the answer What is it” Zhang Han inquired.

“His way of giving the gift must be wrong,” Zi Yan said.

“Girls dont just want gifts.

They also want romance.

Life needs a sense of ritual.”

Then, Zi Yan curled her lips slightly and said, “Most of the boys are careless.

Even if they are very caring and heedful, sometimes they cant guess a girls mind.

Why have you never been like that I seem to have even forgotten what it is like to be angry.”


Zhang Han burst out laughing.

He suddenly felt that Zi Yan was very cute.

“Why are you laughing What I said is not entirely right.

When I first came back to Huaxia, you were a male chauvinist through and through.

Eh No! You have such a high EQ, so you must have pretended to be a male chauvinist to make me angry.

Or is it because you didnt care about time then” Zi Yan thought of something and asked.

“Ahem, oh, Mengmeng has been dismissed from school.

Lets go pick her up.”

Zhang Han quickly looked at his watch, grabbed Zi Yans head, and strode toward the school.

Thus, this matter was left unsettled.

After school was over, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Mengmeng climbed to the back seat of the car and chatted in high spirits.

“Nina, this is your first day in school.

How do you feel about it” Zi Yan asked with a smile.

“I like it.

Its a very special experience,” Nina replied.

“Yeah, today is really special,” Yue Xiaonao said with a grin.

“Several teachers all asked Nina to answer questions, but she couldnt answer any of them.”

“Ill go back and study hard.” Ninas face blushed.

“Youve just come here.

Its normal that you cant answer those questions.

But with your intelligence and wisdom, you will definitely get good grades,” Zi Yan comforted her.

“I havent finished yet.”

As if trying to surprise them, Yue Xiaonao waited for a moment before continuing, “Nina doesnt know a thing about English or foreign language.

In math, she didnt even answer the most basic questions.

Later on, when the teacher posed a difficult question, Nina provided the answer right away.

She showed us how she used functional operations to solve the problem.

Our math teacher was dumbstruck after hearing her explanation.

It was so funny.”

“I know some mathematics.” Nina smiled too.

She was glad that she proved she was not completely ignorant on this planet.

Listening to their chatting, Zhang Han showed a smile on his face.

He found this very interesting.

An elf attending school here was also quite funny.

They left the school at 6 p.m.

and arrived at a barbecue restaurant in the bay area half an hour later.

Zhao Feng had already booked a private room, which was next to the railing on the open-air platform on the second floor.

The first floor was a street food stall.

This place was crowded and boisterous.

It was the first time for Nina to dine in this kind of place.

There was a hubbub of voices at the food stall on the first floor.

Some diners spoke so loudly that others would think they were having a quarrel.

Spittle was flying everywhere.

Nina eyed those people with annoyance several times.

“With them talking so loudly, the others would have to raise their voices to chat with one another, and the listeners have to listen very carefully.”

“Nina, barbecue is also very delicious,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“We have a lot of special local food.

Well take you to try them all during this semester.

With Uncle Zhang here, youll be able to taste the best cuisine.”

There was no doubt that Yue Xiao Nao was a foodie.

More indisputably, Zhang Hans delicious food had won her heart.

Yue Xiaonao also used to be a spoiled princess.

But now, she was obediently following Mengmengs lead.

That was rare for her.

In the beginning, she always demanded that she would be the leader and take care of Mengmeng.

But she no longer talked about it now.

Moments later, the barbecue meal was served.

There were beef kebabs, lamb kebabs, pork kebabs, ribs, cooked tendons, roasted pig trotters, roasted chicken feet, roasted chicken wings, roasted oysters…

It was too sumptuous.

Basically, everything that one could order in a barbecue restaurant could be found on their table.

The meal was, of course, palatable.

This was the first time that Nina had a barbecue.

She found the experience very special.

This kind of food culture seemed to be pretty wonderful, too.

Just as Zhang Han finished eating, his cell phone rang.

It was a call from Liu Qingfeng.

“Ive communicated with the Heavenly Talisman Sect.

They will cooperate with us in the sale of talismans first.

Thanks to your help, their attainments in talismans have improved a lot.

They are ready to gradually bring people to the Kunlun Immortal World, the Kings Domain, and the Lost Continent for adventures.

“The name list of the other forces will be ready by the day after tomorrow.

Next, we will give those on the list some training.

“Ill go to the Kings Domain tomorrow and talk to Lord Nan Shan and the others.

Theyll also give me a name list o those who can come with us.”

“Now Ive got enough personnel at the beginning stage of the plan.


Zhang Han was stunned by Liu Qingfengs report.

“How come youre that efficient”

“After all, we dont have much time left.

The situation in the Sea Dragon Star Area is constantly changing.

We have to take precautions ourselves,” Liu Qingfeng sighed softly and replied.

“Well, dont work yourself too hard,” Zhang Han said with emotion.

“No, I wont.”

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Han pondered for a while.

Then, he focused on chatting with everyone at the table.

Liu Qingfengs business plan had just been carried out, but the progress was rapid.

Seeing the steps he devised, even Zhang Han couldnt help exclaim that Liu Qingfeng was truly brilliant.

Liu Qingfeng always felt that there was not enough time to carry out his plan, for the situation in the Sea Dragon Star Area was too complicated.

On the surface, it might not seem complicated, because the competition was clearly between the Tiger Talisman Royal Family and the Cloud Shadow Sky, and the Tiger Talisman Royal Family was certainly targeting Zhang Hanyang and his people.

The war hadnt started yet, The entire Sea Dragon Star Area seemed to have entered a state of tranquility.

But many people knew that this kind of peace was just the eve of a storm.

In other words, all kinds of undercurrents were surging beneath the calm surface.

In the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Hu Tianshan and dozens of high-level members were standing before a burly man on the throne.

This man was the king of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

People called him Tiger God!

Comparatively speaking, Tiger God wasnt as famous as Hu Tianshan and the others.

There were even some people who had never heard of Tiger God.

But for elderly figures and those relatively powerful, Tiger Gods name had long resounded in their ears.

When his name was mentioned, everyone would look awestruck.

That was because Tiger God was mighty and fierce.

No less than 10 Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage cultivators had died in his hands.

The entire Sea Dragon Star Area once trembled in fear when Tiger God launched that carnage.

He had held others in such horror that their faces would pale the moment someone mentioned him.

Many forces didnt dare upset the Tiger Talisman Royal Family at all.

Now that hundreds of years had passed, Tiger God had already become a figure in legend.

The higher-ups of many forces surmised that he might be cultivating in seclusion to try to advance to the God Transformation Realm.

For all those years, Tiger God rarely appeared in the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

But the current situation drew him out.

“Your Majesty.”

Hu Tianshan said calmly, “According to those on the ancestral land, Grand Master is still dormant, but he may wake up in the near future.

The guardian said…”

Before he could finish his words, Tiger God, who was on the throne, suddenly opened his mouth to speak.

His voice was extremely hoarse and low.

“The Tiger Talisman Royal Family has been quiet for too many years.

It seems that the others have forgotten me.

“In this case…

“Then lets set the Sea Dragon Star Area… on fire.”


As soon as Tiger God finished speaking, scorching flames suddenly shot from his body.

Were these flames of rage

In the raging flames, Tiger Gods figure slowly dissolved.

Everyone present was shocked both physically and mentally.

“Is His Majesty going to wage a war


“His Majesty has been in secluded cultivation for a very long time, and the entire Sea Dragon Star Area has been peaceful for too long.

“Its time to have a great war.”

One of the subordinates cupped his hands to Hu Tianshan and reported, “Your Lordship, according to the latest news, Zhang Hanyang and his people have indeed disappeared from the Dal Star.

No one knows where they are now.

Another noteworthy piece of news is, Li Mu of the Cloudy Shadow Sky has brought a large number of fleets to the barbarian planet near the Dal Star, which is called Lost Continent.

Theyre building a space station there.

Judging from the scale, it will be the most advanced space station the Sea Dragon Star Area has ever had.

There are also various construction projects going on rapidly on the Lost Continent.

It seems that they are converting that place into their stronghold.”

As soon as these words were out, the expressions of several people around him altered slightly.

“Has the Cloud Shadow Sky already started to make their moves Or perhaps is the project on the Lost Continent just a cover”

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