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Chapter 1130 Entering Yuan Ying

“Rest assured, we have people in Sea Dragon Star Area, very powerful ones.

Even if we do not possess any power, we do have our boss.”

“The Sea Dragon Star Area is a world with developed technology.”

“Theres nothing to worry about.

Youll know when you get there.”

“Cant you see that many aircrafts parked behind us They are so fast that they can enter the universe.

Some time ago, scientists said that they have found traces of words on the moon.

Hehe, that was left by our boss when he took Mengmeng for a walk on the moon.”

They talked about all kinds of things, standing here and chatting.

“Theyre back!”

“The boss is coming.”

“Were finally setting off, haha.”

Everyone looked over.

Zhang Hans car was parked at one side of the castle.

“Im going to get changed.

Ill be quick.”

After saying that, Mengmeng ran away, jumped directly into the balcony on the third floor, and returned to her bedroom.

Yue Xiaonao and Nina were not going to change their clothes, and they still hadnt got their homework yet.


They walked to the crowd, and Yue Xiaonao stood beside Yue Wuwei and Lisa.

“Dad, Mom, I made it to the top ten,” he said.

“The results arent out yet,” said Lisa.

“Absolutely among the top ten.

Mengmeng and I have exchanged our answers, and theyre almost the same,” he said.

“You didnt cheat, did you” Yue Wuwei asked.


Yue Xiaonao was upset and was about to jump up to pull Yue Wuweis beard.

“All right, all right, I believe in you.

I believe in you.” Yue Wuwei hurriedly begged for mercy.


Only then did Yue Xiaonao let him go and smiled again.

“Alas, my exam results have improved again.”

Just as he was waiting for some rewards, Mengmeng jumped down from the balcony on the third floor.

She had changed into jeans, sportswear, and a hat, and carried a special school bag.

“Dahei, Little Hei, Tiny Tot!”

Mengmeng called out, and Dahei, lying at the back of the crowd, immediately responded.

“Woof, woof!”



The three brothers had been resting for a long time before they recovered their strength again, and they started to eat roast meat a few days ago.


Little Hei was the fastest.

It came to Mengmengs side like lightning and stood on her left.

Next, Dahei jumped into the air, turned two somersaults, and kept shrinking.

It slipped into Mengmengs schoolbag quickly, sticking out its head and yawning, as if this bag was quite comfortable to stay in too.

“Coo, coo.”

Tiny Tot was clumsy.

It squeezed through the crowd and finally ran to Mengmengs feet, and then became smaller and floated into the schoolbag.

The crowd burst into laughter.

“Why did you fight your way through the crowd when you can fly”

Mengmeng ran between Zhang Han and Zi Yan and said, “Im ready.”

“Then lets go.”

Zhang Han smiled.

“Han, Yan, and Mengmeng, do be careful when you go there.”

“Yes, all of you should be careful and come back safely.”

Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, and others came to say goodbye.

They were reluctant to see them leave and were a little worried.

After all, the Sea Dragon Star Area was an unknown place for them.

Humans were afraid of the unknown.

“Dont worry, everyone.

With me here, there wont be a problem,” Yue Wuwei said as he looked at the crowd.

Since it was a war, something unexpected might happen, and Yue Wuwei might fail at something.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, he could not control everything, but with his strength, he could avoid a lot of things.

For example, he could control Cloud Shadow Sky to prevent sneak attacks.

“Get in the aircraft.”

On their trip, Yue Wuwei seemed to have become a travel guide.

After that, everyone got in the aircrafts one after another.

Mengmengs Blue Butterfly was the most popular.

Yue Wuweis family, Nina, Zhang Mu, Zhang Guangyou, and the others crowded it.

They had their own ones, but they wanted to join in the fun.


The aircrafts energy modules operated.

They rose into the air, concealed themselves, and whistled into the distance.

“It will only take us 20 minutes to get to the Kun Xu World.

Hmph, we are going out again soon.”

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Nina sat together, while Little Hei rested at Zhang Hans feet.

As for Zhang Han, Zi Yan, Yue Wuwei, and Lisa, they sat opposite Mengmeng and the others.

After chatting for a while, they arrived at the Kun Xu World.

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao suddenly began to get cocky.

“Ha, its great this time!” Yue Xiaonao was complacent, shaking his head.

“Its strange.

What are they happy about”


Mengmengs big clear eyes were shining.

“I have good news for you.”

“What good news” Zi Yan asked.

“We will only have homework when we return to school.

This time, we dont have any homework, so we dont have to do any.

Haha,” Mengmeng said with a smile.

She loved to slack off.

“Alas, its the best without the homework.” Yue Xiaonao grinned from ear to ear.

“It seems so.

Youll only get homework when you return to school.” Zi Yan was stunned.

“Why dont we go back” Lisa asked.

“We cant.

There is no going back once you start.

Since we have already come out, how can we go back” Yue Xiaonao immediately said.

“Uh, well…”

Zi Yan seemed to be considering whether to go back or not.


Zhang Han suddenly burst into laughter.

Zi Yan was amused.

She compressed her lips and took out one exercise book after another from the bag next to her…

“I forgot to tell you.

Because we were going out, Id asked Teacher Bai for some homework for your winter vacation in advance.

Well, all three of you have one.”

“Huh” Mengmengs expression suddenly froze.


Yue Xiaonao was dumbfounded.

How could this be

Good heavens!

Aunt Zi was horrible!

Nina was stunned, and then she covered her mouth and chuckled.


Mengmeng was discouraged and pouted her pink mouth.

She leaned feebly back.

“The older the ginger, the spicier it is.

Mom, youre amazing.”

“Of course, in order to make your journey a more fun experience, I have to get prepared.” Zi Yan chuckled.

Looking at their expressions, Zi Yan felt amused.

“You guys want to play on every holiday,” Yue Wuwei said with a smile.

“Well spend a few days on the way there, and its enough for you to do your homework.”

“Its not easy to have a holiday, but I have to do my homework as soon as the holiday starts.

Its so annoying,” Yue Xiaonao grunted and said.

“Thats right.

At least we should be free for half a day,” Mengmeng said.


Yue Xiaonao was stunned.

“Oh my God, theres a traitor among us!

“Just half a day; what kind of fun is that!”


When you get on the spaceship and enter the secondary space, you can just do your homework when you are bored.”

“Why We three can play poker.”

Everyone was speechless.

In front of the Heavenly Knights Sect stood thousands of people.

There were some familiar faces among them.

For example, Shi Fenghou, Ye Longyuan, Su Beimu, and Yan Chen.

Most of them were the backbones of the Luo Fu Sword Sect, the Heavenly Knights Sect, the Shuiyun Sect, and a few other sects.

They represented supreme power and no one dared to go to the Sea Dragon Star Area unless they were at least at Elixir Realm Middle-Stage.

They had all heard that it was a very dangerous place, not to mention that they went there just to fight.

“When do we set off”

“They havent arrived yet.

It should be soon.”

“Eh Somethings approaching from over there”

Soon, someone keenly sensed that there was a group of things approaching quickly from the east.

What was it

Many people were shocked.


They all looked over.

Under the gazes of everyone.


The Blue Butterfly in the front displayed its beautiful appearance.

It was crystal clear and as gorgeous as a gem.

It was like a flying blue butterfly.


Then a second, a third…

Dozens of aircraft appeared in peoples sight.

Many people present saw it for the first time, and their eyes widened.

“What is it”

“An unmanned plane”

Under many curious gazes, Zhang Mu suddenly floated out for some distance from the leading blue butterfly.

“Everyone is ready to set off.”

Zhang Mu looked around and said in a loud voice, “We are going to fight this time.

The battle is very cruel, but it excites people.

Oh, it may be better to call itwar.

Unlike the Kings Domain, the Sea Dragon Star Area is extremely large.

There may be tens or hundreds of millions of people there.

Later, we will go to the Ancient Mine to meet up with the Dark Shadow Clansmen.

When were at the Sea Dragon Star Area, you all must obey orders.

There are also some other guests here.

You can go wherever you want, without any restriction.

The only thing you cant do is to join the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

You can explore and find opportunities.

Of course, that is only if you have a spaceship.

Without a spaceship, you cant travel through the universe with your capability.

Well, thats all.

To the Ancient Mine Plain and the Hidden Dragon Land!”

After that, Zhang Mu turned around and went back to the aircraft.

This time, the flying speed was not fast, and he led the way.

The other thousands of people flew at the back following him.

Many people were discussing in low voices.

If they were truly going to the Sea Dragon Star Area, how marvelous would the other worlds be

After entering the Hidden Dragon Land from the Ancient Mine Plain, they went south and were about to reach the Boundless Sea.

“So many people”


“Lord Nan Shan is also here!”

“There must be hundreds of thousands of people here.”

After they arrived at the destination, Zhang Mu appeared again.

Looking at such a long line, he sighed with emotion.

He didnt expect that one day he would participate in the big war in the Cultivation World.

“Lord Nan Shan.”

“Immortal King Zhang.”

“Lets go.

Lets enter the spaceship in order later,” Zhang Mu said.

“Where is the spaceship” Lord Liu came close and looked around curiously.

The others did the same.

They looked around but did not see any sign of a spaceship.

Seeing this, Zhang Mu showed a mysterious smile.

Before he could say anything…


The waves on the Boundless Sea coast were more violent than before.

The white fog lingering nearby suddenly dispersed.

Nine Thunder Kings and the 60 corvettes were exposed.


Many people were stunned.

“Is this a spaceship A spaceship that can travel through the universe”

“It looks so scary.”

“This big machine.

I wonder if its powerful.”

“Lets go and have a look.”

“Its so beautiful.

Its simply a mechanical giant.”

Everyone, including Lord Nan Shan, was a little dizzy.

It was the first time they had seen this thing, so they felt curious about it.

“There are a total of 69 spaceships.

Split into 69 units and enter them in an orderly manner.” Lord Nan Shans voice spread to every corner.

“Lord, where do we enter from” Lord Liu asked in a low voice.

“I dont know how to use this thing.

Where is the entrance”

Lord Nan Shan glanced at him.

“How would I know

“Well find out when we get there.”

Soon, the Real Kings arranged for 69 teams, including people from the Heavenly Knights Sect, to fly to the spaceships in the front in an orderly manner.

Lord Nan Shan, Lord Liu, and the others went straight to the Thunder King main vessel, which the aircraft had gone to.

There were people inside, and the aircraft went in from the side of the spaceships.

They went up to have a look.

As they flew closer, a gate was opened at the bottom of the spaceship.

“Lets go!”

Lord Nan Shan and the others quickly entered.

They were overthinking things.

There were people at the cabin door of every spaceship.

The most important thing was that some of them were many, while others a few.

Each spaceship had a limited capacity.

There was a total of about 210,000 people and these spaceships could hold them.

The rooms were definitely not enough and they could only sit outside quietly.

About half an hour later, everyone entered the spaceships.

They looked around, feeling curious about everything, especially the artificial intelligence system.

It was simply too awesome in their eyes.


Spaceships departed.

They were flying in the direction of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Yue Wuwei seemed to have turned into a lighthouse in the front main vessel, guiding the way forward for the ships in the sea in the night.

Wherever Yue Wuwei passed, the fog over the Boundless Sea would dissipate.

If one looked down from a high altitude, they would definitely find that in the vast white fog, a group of spaceships was constantly moving forward, as if they were going to cut the fog into two halves.

In the main vessel, Yue Wuwei looked out of the window at the scenery in front of him and said slowly, “Ask heaven and earth, who rules over the rise and fall of the world; look at the land, and who monopolizes the beauty In Jianghu, countless shadows of swords; they cant get rid of it the whole life.”

“Elder Yue, are you always thinking about those things” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Alas, the more I see, the more emotional I will feel.

Since ancient times, there have been many amazing figures in this world.

Well, Im talking about those ordinary people,” Yue Wuwei replied.

“Ordinary people can also do extraordinary things,” Zhang Han chuckled.

Mentally, Yue Wuwei might be much maturer than him.

He had experienced ancient times and seen a lot of things.

This was a kind of mental training.

In the Tribulation Stage, this kind of training would increase the possibilities by a lot.

At the very least, when undergoing the Heavenly Tribulation, the Inner Demon Tribulation wouldnt be very powerful, and the speed at which one comprehended some secret skills would also be ridiculously high.

Zhang Han looked at Yue Wuweis profile and moved his lips.

He wanted to ask him what realm he was in.

God Transformation Shadow Refining Integration Mastery Tribulation Stage

First of all, Zhang Han eliminated God Transformation Realm, and the rest of them were all possible.

After thinking about it, Zhang Han still didnt ask what it was.

Yue Wuwei might not answer even if he asked.

“You can all go back to your rooms.

Go and do your homework.

Break through to the next level.

It will take more than three days to go to the Cloud Shadow Sky,” Yue Wuwei said, standing in the farthest front.

“Well, were about to leave the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Han, go to the practice room and prepare to break through.

Ill protect you,” Zhang Guangyou said.

“Ill protect you too,” Zhang Mu said.

“Me too.”

“Ill also watch my master break through,” Mu Xue said.

“I also want to have a look.

“Im going to protect Daddy.” Mengmeng also joined in the fun.

Looking at everyones eager expressions, Zhang Han was speechless.

What was so good about watching others break through

However, if they wanted to see it, they could.

After all, this kind of thing was not important.

In the end, he went to a relatively large practice room.

Lord Nan Shan, Lord Liu, and the others also followed in.

There were more than 30 onlookers.

“What do they think theyre doing

“Watching a show”

“Keep your voices down, everyone.

Dont disturb my sons breakthrough,” Zhang Guangyou said seriously.


We wont say anything.”

“Just watch.”

Zhang Han touched his forehead.

Seeing Zi Yan smiling, he also smiled helplessly.

With a wave of his hand, the wall next to him projected the scene outside the spaceship.

The mercury alike surface of a sea , Clear Stream, and a giant waterfall.

Everyone was shocked.


At the instant he entered the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The rules of heaven and earth completely dissipated.

In fact, when they entered the Boundless Sea, this kind of rule was decreasing, but they could still feel the shackles.

It was a changeable rule.

When they returned from the outside world, they could not even feel the limited energy until they stepped onto the Ancient Mine Continent and then instantly suppressed it.

It touched upon the natural laws of heaven and earth.

It was too profound.


There was no suppression of rules.

There was a sudden muffled sound in Zhang Hans body, and his Qi surged outward.

The whole practice room was filled with a breeze.

It made people feel as if they were standing on the top of a mountain.

The cold wind blew in the air and they faced the sea.

“Hes about to break through.”

Everyone was nervous and looked at Zhang Han carefully.

At this time, Zhang Han was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed and the Athanasia Demon Gong was automatically running in his body.

There seemed to be a lot of energy hidden in countless meridians, which was constantly flowing into the spiritual force flow and circling.

The energy was nourishing Zhang Hans Elixir.

When the second cycle began, monstrous energy appeared in his body again and converged into the spiritual force flow to continue to nourish his Elixir.

The energy of the body was the energy of the Immortal Body.

Immortal Body was part of body refinement.

After continuous cultivation, the energy of the Immortal Body resonated with the cultivation method in order to break through to the Yuan Ying Realm.

However, Zhang Han was doing it passively.

Zhang Hans Elixir even vibrated slightly, as if it had become an egg that was about to be hatched.




Zhang Han went the opposite way.

He was not in a hurry to make a breakthrough.

He ceaselessly executed moves to suppress the Elixir!

Energy surged wildly, but no matter how hard it was, he remained motionless.

Ten inches Elixir represented infinite possibilities.

Now, Zhang Hans goal was exactly a ten inches Yuan Ying.

This was the most powerful Yuan Ying in history!

Once he broke through, he would be invincible with it!

In this way, Zhang Han began to repeat the cycle again and again.

In the room, Lord Nan Shan, Zhang Mu, and others were staring at each other.

Mengmeng didnt dare to speak.

She blinked her big shining eyes and stared at Zhang Han.

“Why hasnt he made a breakthrough yet”

He had been sitting there for half an hour.


Lord Nan Shan thought about it, waved his hand, and set up a soundproof cover, asking, “What realm does Zhang Hanyang break through to It has been such a long time.

It should be a big realm breakthrough, right Is he…”

“Going above the Yuan Ying realm”

“Uncle Zhang is about to be a God Transformation Realm mighty figure,” Nina said admiringly.

She still remembered clearly when Zhang Han took action.

In the Lost Continent, Uncle Zhangs physical body was able to withstand the attacks of the Snake-tailed Tiger and drive it away.

He had killed dozens of Yuan Ying cultivators, and had killed Hu Qi in front of everyone with Thunderbolt Crocodile strike at her Coming of Age Ceremony!

There was no doubt that Uncle Zhang used to be at Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

Now, he was about to break through to the God Transformation Realm.

Truly a legend of this generation!

What she didnt know was that her words made many people present have strange looks on their faces.

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