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“I forgot what to say.”

Ye Longyuan furrowed his brows and murmured.

“Eh What did I want to say before It slipped my mind as soon as I saw Zhang Hanyang.

This is really odd.”

In the Thunder King.

Zi Yan also couldnt help but chuckle.

“Ye Longyuan is quite funny.

It seems that he takes great care in paying off his debt.”

“He owes Master money.

How dare he not pay it back” Mu Xue snorted.

“The woman sitting next to him is his Older Martial Sister, right Who is their master then I wonder what realm that woman is in,” Elder Meng said, scratching his head.

“She is in a very high realm.

Few in the Sea Dragon Star Area can rival her,” Yue Wuwei said.


As soon as he said that, many people present were staggered.

“She has no match in the Sea Dragon Star Area! Which level is she at then

“She is absolutely a mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm.

“Her strength is at least above the Middle-Stage.

“She appears to be a gentle and innocent girl.

But she turns out to be a mighty figure.

“Isnt this a little too incredulous”

“Elder Yue, how did you know her” Zi Yan asked with curiosity.

“Remember the time I visited Tiger Talisman Royal Family to ask them to film everything that happened on their side by themselves I met that girl there,” Yue Wuwei explained.

“Shes a member of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family” asked Zi Yan.

Everyone was stunned by this.

“I suppose she is perhaps a Guardian Elder.

But she is not a member of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.” Yue Wuwei replied, “I dont think she is a local of the Sea Dragon Star Area either.”

“Ye Longyuan just mentioned that he is leaving the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Is he going to the Heavenly Dragon Province” Jiang Yanlan deliberated for a moment and said, “Most of the Star Areas around the Sea Dragon Star Area are all at the same level.

Isnt it said that the Heavenly Dragon Star Province is the only highly-developed Star Area in this large region”

“Thats pretty much the case.

But I dont know which specific place he is going to.

The Cultivation World is very big after all,” Yue Wuwei said, shaking his head.

“Never thought that this boy would find his own opportunity as soon as he arrived in the Sea Dragon Star Area,” Zhang Guangyou said in amusement.

“Hes suddenly had an Older Martial Sister! There should be a story behind it.”

“The Sea Dragon Star Area is so vast.

Everyone will encounter some opportunities.”

“Luck is also a part of ones strength.”

Everyone made some comments.

Hearing their words, Yue Wuwei cast a glance at Zhang Han.

“The greatest two opportunities one can possibly get are namely to follow this brats leadership and to get to know me.”

Yue Wuwei stroked his beard.

In his imagination, he appeared to be a wise immortal at this moment.

Yet, when he glanced at the others from the corner of his eye, he found that no one was looking at him.

That was a bit awkward for him.

“Beep, beep, beep…”

Yi Hous communication device rang all of a sudden.

He answered the call.

Next, Li Haos and Liu Qingfengs images were projected.

Liu Qingfeng said, “Are you still on the Dilan Star Everyone, evacuate in 10 minutes and go to the Stone Star to reinforce the legion there.

Hu Tianshan has brought three detachments to attack you.”


Yi Hou then hung up.

At once, he issued the order.

“We just conquered this place.

Are we really giving it up so soon” Xu Yong said with a hint of pity in his tone.

The others were also reluctant to leave.

They had worked so hard to seize this place.

Many had died for this.

However, they had to abandon this planet before they even had a chance to celebrate this victory.

They couldnt help feeling a little disappointed.

What was more, those people were all from Earth.

Whether they lived in the Kunlun Immortal World, the worldlets, or the Ancient Mine, they all had their own territories.

No one would give up the lands of their sects without putting up a fight.

But after they arrived in the Sea Dragon Star Area, it seemed that there was no such thing as territory.

All they had was their headquarters.

Every time they conquered a place, they would move to the next destination.

Then, what was the point of fighting

“This is the way with the Principal Battlefield.

The most important places are 60 planets in total.

Both the sides are repeatedly fighting for control over those planets,” Yi Hou gave a wry smile and said, “in fact, what matters is not only how many planets weve seized but also the number of enemies weve killed.

At a point when the tide cant be turned, one side will back out.”

“If one side backs out of the Principal Battlefield, then the ultimate battle will begin, right”

“Thats right.

When the battle on the Principal Battlefield ends, the place where the ultimate battle will take place will be either the Cloud Star Area or the Sea Central Star Area.”

“Now, the critical issue is which side will win on the Principal Battlefield.”

So far, the war in the Sea Dragon Star Area had brought Zhang Mu and the others to fully grasp the meaning of cruelty, aloofness, madness, passion…

There were too many unpredictable factors in war.

Those people present would still feel lingering fear just by looking back on the battles they had participated in.

It was because they had already “died” many times on battlefields.

If it had not been for the defensive treasures that Zhang Han specially refined for them, they would have died for real.

When they discussed this, they counted the number of times their sixth-tier defensive treasures had been activated, which was also the number that they should have been either killed or disabled.

Mu Xues had been activated twice.

Zhao Fengs had been activated once, which proved that his performance was good and stable.

Instructor Lius had been switched on three times, Jiang Yanlans once, Chen Changqings twice, Ah Hus three times, Elder Mengs four times, Ninas once, Deep Flames five times, Zhang Mus four times, and Zhang Guangyous had been triggered six times, which was the highest among all.

Surprisingly, Leng Yues had also been activated five times, which was a relatively high number.

Leng Yue was very strong on the battlefield, but there were also powerful fighters on the opposing side.

As soon as they spotted her, they launched a surprise attack against her, which brought her out in a cold sweat.

She now understood that she could not underestimate any people in the world.

On the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys side, Hu Tianshan was the most powerful fighter.

Their group of elders was the second best.

They also had many talented disciples.

Too many of them had made their names known.

No matter how terrible the battle was, they were always able to escape unscathed or perhaps with some light injuries.

These were the so-called veterans.

As Mu Xue and the others became more and more familiar with this kind of large-scale war, they gradually stopped panicking and started to fight with ease.

They immediately set off for the Stone Star.

After all, the battle was still ongoing.

In the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Liu Qingfeng and Li Hao were sitting opposite each other, surrounded by several subordinates who were waiting to take their orders at any time.

They were enjoying a rare break.

Just as they started to have tea, several people came over from the house on the side.

They were Sun Ming and his group.

“Chairman Liu, we have done some rough researches on the price in the Sea Dragon Star Area in the past few days.

There is a lot of new things to take in.

But it seems that weve found some business opportunities.

Weve also organized the information and made this report.” Sun Ming walked up to Liu Qingfeng and remarked.

He looked a little emotional.

He didnt expect that one day, he would leave Earth and come to work in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

This was really surreal for him.

“Let me take a look.”

Liu Qingfeng took the file and quickly flipped through the pages.

Occasionally, his eyes lit up, while he kept nodding the entire time.

After browsing through the file, Liu Qingfeng said with a smile, “Well, good job.

Youre far-sighted.

This project is very promising.

It seems that youve really put in a lot of effort.”

“After all, this is our job,” Sun Ming said with a smile, “were in the rear, so we can not help you much with the war.

We can only do some researches.

I wonder when the war will end.”

“Itll end soon.”

After saying this, Liu Qingfeng showed a mysterious smile and instructed.

“Go perfect these details and start with the second step according to the development policy.”

“Okay.” Sun Ming nodded.

“Then well take our leave.

Oh, by the way, Chairman Liu, Xiao Ling has been busy over there.

It seems that you havent gone back to have a rest for three days.”

Liu Qingfeng fell silent.

After thinking about it, he said, “Ill go back to rest after finishing the work at hand in a couple of days.”


Sun Ming and the others turned around and left.

Liu Qingfeng shook his head slightly.

He had barely left this place these days.

When he had spare time, he merely took a nap.

It was because the updates of the battles were very important.

Also, he must do analysis, as well as plan and carry out the next steps.

These were all huge projects that would take a long time to complete.

Fortunately, Li Hao was there to guard this place.

Otherwise, Liu Qingfeng would be under too much pressure if he were handling this alone.

Liu Qingfeng was only working as an assistant.

As he was already so busy, one could imagine how swamped Li Hao was.

He practically had no time to sleep.

Yet, with Li Haos strength, this was no big deal to him.

Liu Qingfeng, however, sometimes felt tired.

“Whether or not the plan will work depends on our action in these two days.”

Li Hao laughed softly.

“Its Cloud Shadow Skys fortune to have you here.

I never thought you would be so perceptive about war situations.”

“Sect Leader Li, youre flattering me.

If it werent for your good strategy in the early stage, we wouldnt have hatched this besieging plan,” Liu Qingfeng said.

“Since the families in the Chaotic Region want to stay out of this war for the time being, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family has shown signs of defeat.

Hu Tianshans desperate struggle is nearing its end,” Li Hao said with sparkling eyes, “once we get the upper hand on the Principal Battlefield, we can launch a full-scale attack.

I estimate that Hu Tianshan and his army will retreat today to preserve their combat strength for the final decisive battle.”


He is indeed a powerful opponent.” Liu Qingfeng looked at the map projected in front of him and muttered.

It was as though his eyes could penetrate space and see Hu Tianshans army on the Principal Battlefield.

In fact, in cases like this, the commanders of both sides had already known which side would win halfway through the war.

Not every war would produce a miracle.

Nor would there be a godsend hero turning the tables on every battlefield.

This was exactly what the Tiger Talisman Royal Family was undergoing at the moment.

On the Principal Battlefield.

Hu Tianshans fleet landed on a planet and began attacking again.

This time, Hu Tianshan did not go out to fight in person.

He sat alone in his training room, staring at the projected image of the Principal Battlefield.

Many glowing red and blue dots were shown on the map.

A while later, he heaved with a sigh.

“Half of the territory is lost.

“The Principal Battlefield…”

He slowly closed his eyes.

But when he opened them again, coldness was glinting in them.

“Even if we are to leave in defeat, we must still kill as many enemies as we can!”


The red mecha zoomed out of the main vessel.

Three hours later, Hu Tianshan returned to the main vessel.

The blood in all his veins was boiling.

His subordinates, who had gathered around him, all gazed at him with admiration.

It was because Hu Tianshan had once again proved his might.

He won again!

He alone had changed the outcome of many battles.

It seemed that where there was Hu Tianshan, there was victory.

Peoples willpower on the battlefield could also be very terrifying.

When the desire to win repelled all the other thoughts, the soldiers would charge forward like crazy.

That kind of momentum could truly make the other side tremble in fear.

“We won!”

“We won a great victory!”

“Those bastards from the Cloud Shadow Sky have been scared by our fierce attacks!”

While others were immersed in the joy of victory, Hu Tianshan abruptly said something that changed the atmosphere.

“Send out this order.

All the forces on the Principal Battlefield shall return to the Sea Central Star Area.”


Silence instantly fell in the spaceship.

It was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

Everyone stared at Hu Tianshan in disbelief.

The look in their eyes seemed to be asking why.

But they didnt dare to pose the question when they saw that Hu Tianshan began to rest with his eyes closed.

Still, they hesitated.

In their eyes, both sides were still on equal footing on the Principal Battlefield.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family wouldnt necessarily lose.

Thus, why should they withdraw at this time

After thinking about it, Hu Tianshan eventually gave his many allies an explanation.

“Weve lost our edge on the Principal Battlefield.

If we dont leave now, we will lose more people.

Tell all of our allies to retreat to the Sea Central Star Area and preserve their strength.

We must ensure that the Sea Central Star Area is perfectly safe.

As long as we win the final battle, the Sea Dragon Star Area will still be in our bag.”


Although the others didnt understand how Hu Tianshan concluded that they were going to lose, they would not disobey his orders.

The orders were issued to all the forces in the alliance.

This affected the entire Principal Battlefield.

When the various allies first received the orders, they were shocked and bewildered.

Reluctant to give up, they tried to protest and defy the orders.

But after hearing the explanation some people gave them, they couldnt help feeling a little frightened.

“Weve occupied 60 planets on the Principal Battlefield.

We have the advantage there.

“But tellingly, the opposing party has quietly seized 79 planets on the Second Battlefield.

“Look at these planets that the Cloud Shadow Skys alliance has controlled.

If you connect these planets on the map, youll realize that they have besieged us.

If we try to flee, well still be thrown out of the secondary space by their firepower.

“If we dont retreat from the Principal Battlefield, we will be completely encircled.

From the energy waves we have detected, they are heading for the opening to launch a battle.

We have to leave before that.

Otherwise, our losses will increase infinitely.

Hu Tianshans decision is really wise and timely.

“Hu Tianshan is right.

If we win this battle in the Sea Central Star Area, the Sea Dragon Star Area will still be ours.”

Hence, the armies stationed on the various planets on the Principal Battlefield quickly retreated.

Although they all had some casualties, this wouldnt influence the overall situation.

This news brought cheers and celebration to the Cloud Shadow Skys alliance.

The Neutral Forces were astonished as well.

“The battle has finally come to an end.”

“How terrifying it was!”

“The Cloud Shadow Sky won!”

“The Sea Central Star Area will be the next battlefield.”

“I wonder who will win the final battle.

Now, with all things considered, the Cloud Shadow Sky has a 70% chance of winning.”

“But the Tiger Talisman Royal Family still has the support of the families in the Chaotic Region.

Thats their trump card.

I heard that the Guang family has disclosed that if war breaks out in the Sea Central Star Area, the families in the Chaotic Region wont just sit tight and look on.”

Hearing this, Liu Qingfeng also breathed a sigh of relief.

“I can finally rest for a few days.”

With a smile, he said, “Sect Leader Li, Ill go back then.”

“I plan to launch the full-scale attack in seven days.

What do you think” Sect Leader Li suddenly asked.

Liu Qingfeng was slightly taken aback.

Originally, Liu Qingfeng had set the time of the attack in half a month so that he would have some time to rest.

But he didnt expect that Sect Leader Li was in such a hurry to carry out the plan.

“Im worried that those in the Chaotic Region may bring about some changes if this war drags on.

Seven days should be long enough for us to get prepared,” Li Hao said.

“Then lets attack in seven days.”

Liu Qingfeng nodded.

The final battle that would decide which party would win was around the corner.

Some members of the families in the Chaotic Region had also learned about this.

One of the families issued a warning to the Guang family.

“If the Cloud Shadow Sky dares to attack the Sea Central Star Area, our family may take action to put a stop to it.”

Another family said, “Lets be lenient if it is possible.

Since the result of the war has already surfaced, the Cloud Shadow Sky might as well just give up.

Whats the point of fighting If the Cloud Shadow Sky Lord refuses to see reason, we can probably replace their current Sect Leader with a different person.”

In the face of the pressure, the Guang family was still indecisive.

They tried to smooth things over.

In the end, they had no choice but to send someone to contact Li Hao.

A total of ten days had passed during this period.

The situation over there might have already changed by the time their message arrived.

After the Tiger Talisman Royal Family retreated and the Cloud Shadow Sky won a great victory, many peoples nerves relaxed a lot.

“Ive learned a great deal this time.”

While taking large gulps of wine, Deep Flame said, “Im so lucky to have known you, Brother Mu.

Otherwise, I wouldnt be able to come to the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

“Haha, Brother Flame, dont mention it!”

Lord Nan Shan said, “Zhang Hanyang, I seem to be on verge of breaking through to the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

Is it a little too fast Could there be any problem”

“No, youre fine.”

“A total of 100,000 members of our Dark Shadow Clan have come here this time.

Each of them has increased their strength by 30 percent.

Many of them have advanced from the Elixir Realm Last-Stage to the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage.

The Spirit Battle Methods you gave us are really powerful.

We feel that it is very easy for us to cultivate in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

If were given one or two years, a group of us will be able to advance to the Yuan Ying Realm.”

Zhang Han replied.


Since you peoples strength has been repressed for a long time, your progress will peak now.”

Mengmeng put down the roasted trotter in her hand and asked.

“Daddy, when will I reach the Elixir Realm Ive already learned five soul sense secret skills.”

“Youll be here soon.

There is no rush,” Zhang Han beamed and said, “youre still young.

Just take your time to cultivate.”


The mood in Zhang Hans group was relaxing and lively.

On a spaceship owned by the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Shi Fenghou was adjusting his breathing with his eyes closed.

He was also mulling over some issues.

“The Cloud Shadow Sky won again.

Victory follows Zhang Hanyang everywhere.

Alas, from now on, I, Shi Fenghou, will not stand on Zhang Hanyangs opposite side.

Well, when can I pay back all those crystal stones I owe him”

Since there was no one he knew around here, he could only stay there by himself.

However, Ye Longyuans case was different.

“Older Martial Sister!

“Did you hear the news I told you the Cloud Shadow Sky would definitely win.

Now you know Im right.

“Let me tell you, Zhang Hanyang is very awesome.

He has never lost once so far.

He is sort of the blessed one.

“He hasnt even battled yet.

I still want to see how strong his current strength is.”

Ye Longyuan rambled on and on in front of Chu Qingyi.

Yan Chen and Su Beimu were rather speechless when they saw this.

It was sometimes true that two people who took a liking to each other would find the other party appealing no matter what he or she did.

Chu Qingyi found it okay for Ye Longyuan to talk to her like this.

But if Yan Chen and Su Beimu did the same, Chu Qingyi would tell them to cut to the chase.

Hearing Ye Longyuans endless comments, Chu Qingyi was not impatient at all.

She just sat on the sofa and looked out of the window with a calm expression.

“Isnt there still a final battle to fight” she remarked.

“Even when the final battle comes,” Ye Longyuan scratched his head and said, “Zhang Hanyang may not go out to fight.

Older Martial Sister, shall we wait until we see which side wins this battle before we leave”



Then well just sit back and watch the final battle.”

Ye Longyuan did not intend to fight on the battlefield anymore.

He felt it was fine to fight a few battles without letting anyone know.

But if he participated in a battle of this scale, it would probably embarrass his Older Martial Sister.

After all, she was still cooperating with the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

By now, Ye Longyuan had completely considered himself Chu Qingyis Junior Martial Brother.

The good news was that he did have found something special about the ring he had worn.

This was perhaps the so-called lucky chance.

The Star Areas around the Heavenly Dragon Star Province were not as developed as it was.

In places like the Sea Dragon Star Area, even Yuan Ying Realm cultivators were quite scarce.

However, in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, Yuan Ying Realm cultivators were everywhere, and even God Transformation Realm cultivators were very common.

The Heavenly Dragon Star Province was vast.

It had numerous sects and forces.

There were also many free cultivators not belonging to any sects as well as some chaotic areas subject to no rules.

People often said that the Heavenly Dragon Star Province was a place that conspicuously brought out a part of the magnificence of the Cultivation World.

It was even famous among other star provinces.

At this time, at a space station in front of a light-blue planet in a bustling subarea of the Heavenly Dragon Star Region, a large group was there to see off a small group.

“Lorry,” an old man with a kind face said with a smile, “you must thank our savior when you see him.

Pellet-refining masters like him are rare even in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Lotao, youd better behave yourself on this trip.

Dont put on airs just because the Sea Dragon Star Area is barren.”

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