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Cold perspiration ran down the backs of the representatives of the families in the Chaotic Region.

“We seem to have encountered tough opponents.”

Putting everything aside, the three king vessels alone had already demonstrated the meaning of invincibility.

The spaceships of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family seemed paper-made in front of the king vessels.

“We saw this going on the moment we arrived.

Its really…”

Lorrys father, Loshanwu, came to Zhang Han and remarked with mixed feelings.

“Its fine,” Zhang Han looked him up and down and said, “you may have come a bit early.”

“Hahaha, I think Im a little late instead.” Loshanwu laughed.

“When we came here just now, we saw some scenes and heard some words.

It seems that some people are throwing weight around.”

With that said, Loshanwu looked up at the people in the air.

His calm gaze made the scalps of those people from the Chaotic Region go numb.

Just as they were thinking about how to deal with this, the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys spaceships stirred.

In the spaceship where that woman was.

Seeing this, the woman couldnt sit idly by for another second.

“Even Tiger God has been killed.

Who else could be a match for him then”

“Gotta leave!

“Gotta leave now!

“Run! Quick!”

The woman shouted at the top of her voice.

“Activate the energy cabin.”

“Prepare to jump into the secondary space.”

“The 125-second countdown begins.”

Seeing this, many people on the spaceship considered retreating.

At this time, in the king vessel where Lorry was…



Spaceship Number HM-33576 has turned on its energy cabin and is prepared to jump into the secondary space.”


Loron raised his eyebrows slightly.

Dong Xiang, Lorrys mother, glanced at the spaceship in focus on the screen.

“Its the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys spaceship, isnt it Does it want to escape Block it first.”

It was a very decisive order.

“The Magnetic Cannon will be ready in five seconds.

Five, four, three, two, one!”

“Magnetic Cannon, fire!”

“The Souce Primary Cannon is activated and locked onto the target.”

The functioning speed of the king vessel was extremely fast.

In just seconds, the round king vessel in the middle fired 18 magnetic bombs.

The bombs turned into streaks of light and zoomed toward the fleet of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Next, they exploded in the surroundings of the spaceships.

Rays of faint light were flying about, freezing the spaceships attempting to jump into the secondary space.


“Alarm! Magnetic interference is severe.

The secondary space is blocked.

The spaceship cant jump in.”

“Alarm! The spaceship has been locked onto by the Source Primary Cannon!”

“Alarm! The spaceship is unable to defend against the Source Primary Cannon.

Alarm! The spaceship is unable to defend against…”

The series of alarms instantly turned the womans face ashen.

On the Eagle Wing Star.

After hearing Loshanwus words, Ma Long took a deep breath and said, “As the representative of the Chaotic Region, we welcome all of you with open arms.

I am Ma Long of the Ma family.

This battle was started by the Cloud Shadow Sky.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family has been fighting against it.

After the discussion among our 11 families, we decided to end the war.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family is innocent.

Even Tiger God has been killed by Zhang Hanyang.

We need him to account for this matter, or we wouldnt be able to report this to our seniors.”

His unspoken implication was that while he and the others respected and feared Loshanwu and his people, theyd better stay out of this war.

After all, how long could they stay in the Sea Dragon Star Area Once they left, the Sea Dragon Star Area would still be ruled by those in the Chaotic Region.

Moreover, if Ma Long and the others couldnt give their seniors a satisfying report on this, they would have to suffer.

Then, they would perhaps make things difficult for a certain someone.

This was a very subtle hint.

Ma Long merely said it as a slight reminder.

But his tone and attitude showed that he was already on the disadvantaged side.


Hearing his words, Zhang Han laughed out loud.

Looking straight at those people, he said sarcastically, “There are 11 families in the Chaotic Region.

Whichever of the 11 families refuses to accept this can step forward.

Is it you, Ma Long Or you, Guang Po Youre fence-sitters.

Youre self-righteous skunks.

Who gave you the nerve”


The more than 10 people from the Chaotic Region felt as if they had been struck by lightning.

When had they ever been humiliated like this

They really wanted to say that Zhang Hanyang was a dog taking advantage of its masters power.

But they didnt dare to.

On Chu Qingyis spaceship.

“Did you see that, Older Martial Sister”

Ye Longyuan exclaimed.

“As I said, Zhang Hanyang has never been defeated.

He is simply invincible.”

“The tide has been turned only because the people from the Lo family have come to help him,” Chu Qingyi said with a bewildered look on her face.

“had it not been for the people from the Lo family, they would perhaps have already attacked Zhang Hanyang.”

“Older Martial Sister, believe it or not, Zhang Hanyang wouldnt lose even if these people hadnt come.

I know it for sure.

He has many cards up his sleeve.

I even suspect that he can kill those at the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage,” Ye Longyuan said slowly.

His tone was very certain.

Hearing this, Chu Qingyi was even more curious about Zhang Hanyang.

“Zhang Hanyang seemed to be quite extraordinary.”

“Boy, dont be so arrogant.

This war started because of you in the first place.” Guang Po remarked, his eyes turning cold.

“Do you really want to wage war against those in the Chaotic Region” Someone asked.

“So what if I do” Zhang Han said.

“How dare you!”

These people from the Chaotic Region looked outraged.

These words made the tens of thousands of people present tremble physically and mentally.

“The people in the Chaotic Region are really mighty!

“But how could Zhang Hanyang be so aggressive in the face of those from the Chaotic Region”

Many people felt dizzy watching this.

The most disheartened ones were those in the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

After going through the battle just now, they didnt dare to belittle Zhang Hanyang anymore.

With a wave of his hand, Zhang Hanyang killed hundreds of Yuan Ying Realm cultivators.

The nine blood-colored dragons even caused a great disturbance on the entire battlefield.

“A man like him … is too terrifying.

“Now, it seems that even those from the Chaotic Region cant suppress him.

“Even Tiger God has been killed by him.

“Have we really lost in this war”

“Make your move.”

Zhang Han didnt want to argue anymore.

He said flatly, “They are just a bunch of flies.

Their buzzing is really annoying.”


Loshanwu was a little taken aback.

He was not used to being ordered around.

In the Lo family, his status was relatively high.

If the Lo family was a group, he was perhaps the boss of a subsidiary company of the group.

Usually, he was the one who called all the shots.

No one could defy him or anything.


Loshanwu prepared to order his people in the air to take action.

Before he could give the order, a disgruntled voice sounded from ahead of him and Zhang Han.

“Youre too used to bossing me around.

If I go out to fight just because you ask me to, wont I look like your underling”


“What the hell”

Loshanwus pupils contracted.

“Where did this voice come from”

He hadnt sensed the source of the voice at all.

He then released his divine sense outward from his body and carefully sensed his surroundings, only to discover some clues.

There seemed to be a trace of energy coming from the void of the universe.


The corners of Loshanwus mouth trembled slightly.

He instantly felt somewhat heavy-hearted.

“The cultivation of the person who spoke is stronger than mine!”

“Whats the difference” Zhang Han said matter-of-factly, “my words are Mengmengs words.”

“No! You are you, and she is her.

I can beat you, but I cant beat her.

How can your orders be the same as hers”

Those words sounded a bit ludicrous.

Zhang Han pulled a wry face and said, “Why dont you try beating me now I havent been beaten for many years.”

After a moment of silence—

“Humph! I wont take action unless Mengmeng asks me to,” Yue Wuwei said, as though he was throwing a tantrum.

“Well then, Ill tell my daughter.”

Zhang Han chuckled and attempted to fetch out his communication device.

But Loshanwu hurriedly said, “Dont bother.

Theres no need to go to all this trouble over such a small matter.

Well, Tianyi, deal with this.”

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

In the air, Loshanwus direct subordinate made a move right away.

He was at the God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage, but his strength was very close to the Last-Stage.

Without suspense, he vanquished all the people present from the Chaotic Region.

“Zhang Hanyang, how dare you!”

“No-no-no!” Ma Long immediately threw in the towel.

“Dont attack.

Lets talk this out.

We are just here to negotiate! Lets settle this amicably instead of resorting to violence… Argh!”

Guang Po hastily said, “The Guang family is on the same side as the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Were your ally… Argh!”

“How could you! Pfft!”

Tianyis strike was too fierce.

It was utterly impossible to fend it off.

Under everyones gaze, Tianyi, who went out to fight, made a thunderous attack and rushed toward his target with unstoppable momentum.

However, the people from the Chaotic Region werent pushovers either.

They instantly unleashed all kinds of defensive barriers.

Some even tried to flee.

However, to their horror, even their strongest defensive barriers were cut up as if they were made of tofu.

In just three seconds, the more than 10 people were wiped out.


Loshanwu thought for a moment and said, “Zhang Hanyang, its a bit messy here.

Shall we enter the spaceship and talk”


“Whoosh, whoosh!”

The two figures flew straight to the air.

During this time, Zhang Han only made two remarks.

He stopped in mid-air, turned to look at the whole silent battlefield, and made the first remark.

“Go on.”


The war began again.

However, those of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family were already too scared to fight.

The large army retreated rapidly like a receding tide.

They wanted to escape.

But then, Zhang Han made the second remark.


Lo, do you see the spaceship over there”

“Which one”

“The dark-green one.

Blow it up.”


Loshanwu notified his king vessel.

“Right ahead of you is a dark-green spaceship at the edge of the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys fleet.

Bombard it.”

“That spaceship was about to escape a moment ago.

Weve been aiming at it.”

“Source Primary Cannon, fire!”


A very thick beam of light carrying monstrous energy darted straight over.

Its route was a straight line.

On its way, it penetrated more than a dozen spaceships, including the Tiger Gods main vessel, making them burst into flames in the void.


“Weve been targeted by a Source Primary Cannon.”


There is no way to escape.”

“Alarm, its impossible to cast defense.”

“Alarm!” “Boom!”

The floating ball carrying the intelligent system was directly smashed by someone.

That person roared.

“F*ck! Whats the point of alarming me if theres no way to defend”

“Aaah!” the woman shrieked hysterically.


In the next second, this whole spaceship exploded.

Even the dust in it was burned.

The might of the Source Primary Cannon on the king vessel sent a chill down the spines of the people on all the spaceships on the scene.

“Its too mighty! The king vessel is simply too fierce!” Ye Longyuans eyes widened in amazement.

Chu Qingyi didnt look very surprised.

But when she shifted her gaze to those flying toward the Thunder King, her eyes revealed a trace of bemusement.

“It seems that Zhang Hanyang is actually more unusual than I thought.”

“Were finished!”

Many of the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys high-position members felt their hearts sink.

They all knew very well that Zhang Hanyangs words, coupled with this bombardment, had announced the destruction of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

No one would turn the tables.

Would the families from Chaotic Region come forward to help

That was impossible.

Those people were smart.

How could they offend a family from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province for the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys sake

“Dont kill me!

“I surrender! Hero, dont attack me!”

On the battlefield, one of the fighters was almost scared to death when he realized that he really couldnt run away.

“I cant escape, nor can I withstand the attacks.

“What should I do”

This man was quite clever.

He threw away his weapon, held both of his hands high, and then lay on the ground.


“This worked! No one harmed him.”

Therefore, gradually, the troops of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family began to surrender.

The majority of those who were still battling were either their inner-door disciples or those in the outer rings.

Between being killed and surrendering, of course, most people would choose the latter.

Lord Tiger God had died, and Hu Tianshan was nowhere to be found.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family was finished.

Because of this, more and more people surrendered.

The Cloud Shadow Sky didnt mercilessly hunt down these people who had abandoned their helmets and armors and quit fighting.

Their force continued to advance on the enemies like crazy.

There were, after all, many who would fight to the death.

They were all high-position members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

They knew that they would not be spared even if they raised the white flag, so they decided to fight to the very last moment.

Unfortunately, they were only able to shine bleakly on the battlefield before they were crushed.

The rout was like a landslide.

If both sides had fought without reserve, the battle would have lasted for a very long time.

But sadly, those of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family no longer had any desire to battle.

On the fringe of the Eagle Wing Star, a figure was looking up at the sky.

His eyes were following Zhang Han and the others.

He sighed softly and muttered.

“Its over.”


Wings seemed to have grown out of his back, which appeared to be made of pale white mists.

The wings flapped slightly.


In an instant, he directly overtook the speed of sound by 10 times.

Turning into a streak of light, he flew toward the sky from the ground and went straight into a spaceship in the Cloud Shadow Skys fleet.

This man was Shi Fenghou, who had just entered the Yuan Ying Realm.

His speed had become freaking fast.

As for why he could fly so fast, well, he was the only one who knew the best.

It was because… something strange had also happened to his Yuan Ying.

His Yuan Ying looked like an angel.

Well, he would never admit that it was a human-faced bird.

To his amazement, a pair of wings had grown out on his back.

Perhaps the only cultivation path that he would take in this life would be the path of extreme speed.

When Zhang Han and the others returned to the Thunder King…


Mengmeng ran to Zhang Han first.

Then, she looked at Loshanwu and the others with curious eyes.

At this time, an exquisite aircraft had left the king vessel quickly reached the Thunder King.

Lorry and the others arrived right after them.

“Hello, Uncle Zhang, Aunt Zi, and Mengmeng.” Lolita greeted them with a smile.

“Hello, Lorry,” Mengmeng waved her small hand and said, “so glad to see you.”

“What a pretty little girl!” Loshanwu laughed and then introduced the woman beside him to the others.

“She is my wife, Dong Xiang.

This time, we are here solely to thank you for saving her life.

If it werent for you, my wife might have…”

“Thank you.”

Dong Xiang bowed to Zhang Han.

Zhang Han smiled and said, “Youre welcome.

This is also thanks to Lorrys good fortune.

She was the one who managed to refine the Supreme Soul-gathering Pellet.

Its her credit, too.”

“But she certainly couldnt have done it without your formula and secret skill,” said Loshanwu with a guffaw.

“You dont have to stand on ceremony.

You just helped us a lot,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Its nothing.

Dont mention it,” Loshanwu waved his hand repeatedly.

After exchanging some greetings, they came to the lounge and took their seats.

At this time, Yi Hou suddenly said, “So it turns out that Hu Tianshan has gone to the Cloud Shadow Sky!”


Everyone was slightly stunned.

“Why has he gone to the Cloud Shadow Sky”


Yi Hou pressed a button on his communication device.

An image was projected in an instant.

The projection showed a barren planet in the void of the universe.

On the surface of the planet, many people were fighting.

One of them was Hu Tianshan, who was in his red mecha!

From the beginning of the war to this moment, Hu Tianshan had not been defeated once.

However, he was losing in this battle.

If he lost, this defeat would mean… death.

Li Hao and Liu Qingfeng appeared in the projection.

“Were so lucky to have some distinguished figures helping us.” Li Hao laughed out loud.

“I never thought the Guang family would take that kind of attitude.

It looked like they had already given up on our Cloud Shadow Sky.

But surprisingly, the situation changed.

Now, we are about to attain total victory.


It could be seen that Li Hao was very excited.

Liu Qingfeng was also smiling.

“I guessed that Hu Tianshan would bring some of his men here, so Sect Leader Li and I waited to intercept him on the way.

It turned out that he really came.

Ive already informed Hu Tianshan of what has happened.

He gave up the chance of escaping and took his people to fight on the surface of the planet.

This will be his last battle.”

“Boom, boom, boom…”

Li Hao had dispatched many legions here for the fight.

Still, it was hard to defeat Hu Tianshan.

But this hero was nearing the end of his life.

The ones fighting along with Hu Tianshan became fewer and fewer.

However, there were still many people on Li Haos side.

Dozens of Yuan Ying Realm cultivators attacked Hu Tianshan at the same time.

Strong as Hu Tianshan was, he gradually fell into a disadvantageous position.

“Eh Isnt that Hu Tianshan”

Zhao Feng and the others came back and saw the projection.

Chen Changqing then asked.

“Where is Hu Tianshan battling”

“Somewhere else.” Yi Hou gave a simple reply.


Chen Changqing looked at the projection in front of him and shook his head.

“This may be his last battle.”

“This is perhaps the only battle Hu Tianshan lost,” Instructor Liu sighed with emotion and said, “he is indeed a great fighter of our time.”

“Oh, right,” Liu Qingfengs voice suddenly said, “you can show this scene on the battlefield at your place.

This way, we can avoid a lot of unnecessary casualties and crush the Tiger Talisman Royal Family faster.”

“Okay,” replied Yi Hou.

He then ordered the intelligent system of the Thunder King to synchronously project the scene to the void outside.

The crystal stones in the energy cabin burned rapidly.


Rays of light shot out as an enormous image was projected into the void above the Eagle Wing Star.

“Its Lord Hu Tianshan!”

“Where is he fighting”

“Lord Hu Tianshan seems to be losing, too.”

The entire battlefield grew silent.

The members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family who were trying to flee halted in their tracks.

Those who were attacking froze as well.

They felt that there was no need to continue chasing after the enemies.

The spaceships in the air had already given up on escaping.

With the three king vessels standing in their way, unless they all fled at the same time, whoever moved first would be destroyed at once.

They had given up on this war.

All of them had yielded.

Everyone raised their heads to look at the projection.

Hu Tianshans long broadsword was still fierce.

He boldly wielded his broadsword, killing the enemies charging at him.

But the enemies were too many.

He couldnt possibly overpower them!


The left shoulder of Hu Tianshans mecha had been set on fire.

“I lost!

“I really cant win this time!”


His mechas right shoulder and right leg were both injured.

The huge mecha stumbled and almost fell.

Fortunately, it propped the long broadsword on the ground to support itself.

“I lost.”

Hu Tianshan slowly raised his head and looked at the front, where the camera was located.

In fact, he was looking at the spaceship that Liu Qingfeng and Li Hao were riding.

“The Tiger Talisman Royal Family has lost,” Hu Tianshan said in a calm voice.

It seemed that he had accepted reality.

He turned his head and looked around.

He had already lost all of his subordinates.

“Im very glad that there is a camera recording this battle.”

Now that Hu Tianshan was like an arrow at the end of its flight, the surrounding Yuan Ying Realm cultivators stopped attacking while panting.

“Ill die today.

“However, I, Hu Tianshan, will go down in history.

“Future generations will know Im a hero with eternal glory!


With a burst of wild laughter, an energy gem suddenly appeared in the center of Hu Tianshans left palm.

He crushed it with great force.


The ground beneath his feet began to tremble violently.

The energy in the rocks began to gather.

Hu Tianshan began to be petrified from his feet and the tip of the long broadsword touching the ground.

“Sizzle, sizzle…”

Leaning on the long broadsword in his right hand, Hu Tianshan straightened his body and slowly looked forward.

In merely three seconds, the entire mecha was petrified from the outside to the inside.

He had become a stone statue.

Even though he died today, his name would go down in history.

Hu Tianshans legend was bound to be well-known.

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