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“That palace over there should be Tiger Gods place.”

Yi Hou pointed to the side.

“Lets take a walk in those cities.”

They entered their aircraft.

Mengmengs Blue Butterfly was the most popular aircraft.

Apart from Nina, Mo Wen, and Li Mu, Lorrys family was also on it.

As for the spoiled Lotao, Loshanwuu didnt bring him with him.

Instead, he told him to stay in one of the king vessels.

Dozens of aircraft directly entered the atmosphere of the Dragon Base Star and landed in the nearest city.

At this time, the city seemed to have become completely empty.

There was no one on the street.

Even many of the buildings, such as clothes shops and restaurants, were deserted.

As they flew through the city, they occasionally saw some special buildings and went in to take a look.

Just like this, they visited several cities and eventually landed on a top-floor viewing platform to have “dinner”.

The night was about to descend on the Dragon Base Star.

When it was getting dark, Zi Yan and Mengmeng both felt sleepy.

They returned to the Thunder King to rest.

The Thunder King then flew to the Eagle Wing Star.

This flight took two hours.

When they arrived, they found that Li Hao and Liu Qingfeng were also there.

The two landed on the planet just moments ago.

In the face of the current situation, Li Hao issued one order after another.

“Except for the high-position officials, all the remaining members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family shall join various sects in batches and work on the mining projects on the Barren Star in the Chaotic Region.

The working period is 10 years.

After that, those people will be granted freedom, or be allowed to transfer to other sects.”

“Notify the entire Sea Dragon Star Area that the war has ended, the people in the Neutral Forces and other sects can travel in the Star Area without worries.”

“The high-position officials of all the sects in the Cloud Shadow Skys alliance will have a high-level meeting in an hour.”

The so-called high-level meeting was more like a meeting to divide the spoils.

In this war, they had conquered the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Those who followed the leadership of the Cloud Shadow Sky would also obtain more planets, especially the ones with rich resources.

Because of the war, many people had fled to the Neutral Forces.

It was no exaggeration to say that after the refugees flooded in, those cities were as crowded as the train stations on the eve of the Spring Festival.

All the cities were thronged with people, for the population had increased too sharply in a short time.

People had even set up all kinds of tents outside the cities.

Now that the war was over, the residents on those planets plagued by the war could also go back home.

This contention had attracted all parties attention.

An hour later, the spoils-dividing meeting began.

The leaders of the various sects all attended the meeting.

“After this war, we seized 653 planets with rich resources and 1,835 ordinary planets.

According to the distribution of the Star Areas, our alliance has 87 forces.

As for the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys alliance, there are still 69 forces.

They have all signed a post-war treaty, which dictates them to annually provide us with a certain quantity of cultivation resources in the next 30 years.”

On the surface, it seemed like there were only a few more than a hundred forces involved in the war.

However, the truth was that the number of the Neutral Forces was even larger.

There were also a lot of forces that had not participated in the war.

Those forces had formed the current structure of power in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.

“Based on the record of the war, each sect will obtain varied rewards in proportion to the contributions it has made.

According to the Star Areas the various forces are located, the details for the rewards have been made into a chart.

Everyone, please take a look.

“The Liaochen Sect will take three planets with rich resources and 29 ordinary planets, located in the Heavenly North Star Area.

Every force had received the rewards it deserved.

The most stunning reward had been given to Zhang Hans group.

It was put under Liu Qingfengs name.

Liu Qingfeng would take over all the planets that used to be ruled by the Tiger Talisman Royal Family and even the territories of several sects.

Basically, Liu Qingfeng had planets he owned in every Star Area.

However, the chief of the Silver-winged Hall was not happy.

It was because his force didnt get many rewards.

This had something to do with their indecisive attitude at the beginning of the war.

What upset him was that, in terms of territory, many sects had surpassed the Silver-winged Hall.

Now, everyone was studying the map of the Sea Dragon Star Area, pondering over their own interest.

After all, they were members of different forces.

Even though this war was over, maybe tomorrow, some of the forces present would stand on opposing sides.

Be it the planets they had obtained or the ones others had obtained, the high-position members were all studying their own territorys maps.

They soon noticed some small problems.

“Why have the planets in the center of our sects territory been given to the Silver-winged Hall This doesnt make sense, does it”


Then lets make some changes.”

Li Hao tried to satisfy everyone.

But there were too many forces.

How could they all be satisfied In the end, he only managed to give them equal treatment.

After getting the spoils of the war, everyone had a feeling of content.

The meeting alone lasted for a good 10 hours.

After the spoils were divided, everyone took off.


The alliance disbanded right away.

The life in the Sea Dragon Star Area had returned to normal.

But it was certain that there would not be such a large-scale war again.

Another peaceful era was awaiting them.

After the meeting, Liu Qingfeng went to see Li Mu.

He told Li Mu to send people to go to the Lost Continent and continue with the previous construction plan.

At the same time, Zhang Han also received a piece of news.

The woman who contacted the Tiger God earlier and held that item was a member of a force on the Dal Star…

Therefore, a fleet and the group of people to work on the construction site headed for the Lost Continent together.

It could be imagined that the Dal Star was about to have a new owner.

The next day, Liu Qingfeng and Li Hao had a long chat.

They made decisions on a series of matters.

The various planets allocated to Liu Qingfeng were temporarily occupied by the people of the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Many outstanding disciples of the Dark Shadow Clan, the Heavenly Knights Sect, the Luo Fu Sword Sect, and the Shuiyun Sect were sent to each of the planets to manage the affairs there.

Liu Qingfeng would still keep the management team under his direct control.

At the same time, a notice was released.

Many cities on the planets would be open to newcomers.

People were welcome to come and settle down there.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Familys planets were equivalent to first-tier metropolises on Earth.

In an instant, many people were attracted to those planets.

Liu Qingfeng planned to build the tallest and largest building on each of the planets, which would be the planets common signature.

He referred to those as branch companies.

Sun Ming and the others also began to get busy.

They were temporarily stationed on the home planet of the perished Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

“Zi Long, from now on, you will be responsible for the mining projects on the Barren Star in the Chaotic Region.

You will be appointed as the director of the Mining Department.

The number of people for this work is set at 100,000 for now.

Ill send you 10,000 members of the Dark Shadow Clan.

The rest of the 90,000 workers will be recruited by yourself.

The payroll will be released later.”

“What Ill hire the workers myself” Zi Long was dumbfounded.

“Zi Hu, I appoint you as the deputy director of the Mining Department.

Youll have 100,000 people working for you.

Likewise, Ill give you 10,000 members of the Dark Shadow Clan.

You will hire the rest of the 90,000 employees by yourself.”

Liu Qingfeng released one piece of news after another.

“Sun Ming, you are the chief financial officer of the group.

You should find a way to hire your employees on your own.

From now on, the financial affairs of the group will be in your hands.”

“I wont let your down!” Sun Ming promised.

“The president of the trading branch company will be Yun Feiyang,” said Liu Qingfeng.

“Sir, I dont want to take the job,” Yun Feiyang immediately declined.

“Becoming the president Its both time-consuming and energy-consuming.

Oh my God, my scalp goes numb at the thought of it.

No, I cant be the president.”

“Eh Then you can recommend someone for the job.” Liu Qingfeng smiled.

“I recommend Wang Xiaowu to be the president of the trading branch company,” Yun Feiyang said without hesitation.

Well, friends were the people to be thrown under the bus.

“Me No-no-no.

I recommend Jiang Bing,” Wang Xiaowu said at once.

“Huh” Jiang Bing was stunned.

“Well then, Jiang Bing will be the president.”

Liu Qingfeng put down his foot on this.

He then turned around and said, “Yun Feiyang, I appoint you as the general manager of the human resource department of the trading branch company.

Wang Xiaowu, youll be the general manager of the foreign affairs department of the trading branch company.”

Yun Feiyang and Wang Xiaowu were rather speechless.

“Whats going on We refused to be the president.

Now, well just become the presidents subordinates

“Good heavens!”


Yun Feiyang seemed stumped for words.

Just as he wanted to refute, Liu Qingfeng said with a smile, “You dont want to be a clerk, do you”

“No, the position of the general manager is good.

Well, very good.” Yun Feiyang was startled and immediately changed his reply.

“What about you, Wang Xiaowu” Liu Qingfeng asked with a smile.

“I have no objection.

Its just the foreign affairs department, right Its easy to handle.

Im definitely up to the job.” Wang Xiaowu immediately answered.

“Very good.

Looks like youre all very motivated.”

Liu Qingfeng then issued more personnel appointments.

“Lord Liu, I appoint you as the president of our group in the Sea Central Star Area.”

“Yes!” Lord Liu agreed without hesitation.

“Lord Wu, you are the president in charge of the Heavenly North Star Area.”


After appointing all the presidents of the group, Liu Qingfeng announced some more appointments.

“Zi Qingtian, I appoint you as the president of the company producing medicinal pellets.”

“I will do my best not to let you down,” Zi Qingtian promised.

Back then, he was still the patriarch of the Zi Clan.

Over the years, he had not treated Zi Qiangs family very nicely.

He had always done as his wife told him to.

It was not until Zhang Han, the son-in-law, joined Zi Qiangs family that he and his wife realized that some people could climb really high on the social ladder.

After Zi Qiang forgave all of what he did, Zi Qingtian was actually very touched.

People all made mistakes.

What really mattered was that they were willing to correct their mistakes afterward.

Zi Qingtian had changed.

Although his wife was still snobbish, she did not dare to talk about some of the business with Zi Qingtian.

At this time, Zi Qingtian felt a little stressed when being appointed the president of the company producing medicinal pellets.

It was a very important position after all.

In fact, the so-called presidents of the group would only take control of their respective teams.

They were all people who had high cultivation but might not have much power.

As for those who were good at doing business, they were made the presidents of the branch companies.

The announcement of personnel appointments was still going on.

Obviously, Liu Qingfeng had made thorough preparations for this.

“Wang Dong, I appoint you as the president of the company in charge of mineral resources.”

“Chairman Liu, I dont have much time for business because I need to cultivate.” At this time, Jiang Bing said hesitantly, “are you sure you want me as the president of the trading company How about I take a job like that of Lord Liu and the others”

“That will work, too.”

After thinking for a while, Liu Qingfeng looked at all the people present.

He sighed inwardly.

“I really need more competent people.”

Some could not measure up to his recruiting standards.

Some could, but he didnt give them any job offers.

For example, Zhao Feng was very outstanding.

Yet, he was Zhang Hans first disciple and his butler in life.

His role was very important.

Liu Qingfeng couldnt steal him from Zhang Han.

Jiang Yanlan was also very capable.

Xu Yong, too, was not bad.

As for Mu Xue… Well, she couldnt do the job, for she didnt care about these things.

After taking a look at each person in the crowd, Liu Qingfeng finally rested his eyes on one person.

“Huh He is quite good!”

“Liang Hao.”

“Yes, Chairman Liu.”

“I want you to be the president of the trading company,” Liu Qingfeng smiled and said, “you were a very famous businessman in Shinport back then.

Zhang Li will also be there for you.

You two can travel in the Sea Dragon Star Area while doing business.

What do you think”


Liang Hao looked at Zhang Li.

Regarding doing business, Liang Hao was very sharp and discerning.

Later, he went to Xiangjiang and married Zhang Li.

After that, he gradually showed his true nature.

He attached great importance to Zhang Lis opinions.

He told Zhang Li that she would decide on all the trivial matters, while he would decide on the major ones.

However, all these years, the two had encountered no major matters.

“Then just take the job.” Zhang Li whispered.

Her voice was very low, so it wouldnt look like she was bossing Liang Hao around.

After all, she wanted to protect his macho in front of others.

“Okay, thank you for your appreciation, Uncle Liu.

Ill definitely manage the trading company well.” Liang Hao immediately smiled.

“There is also an entertainment company.”

Liu Qingfeng said, “Zi Haoran, you will be in charge of the entertainment company for the time being.

Relatively speaking, the entertainment company only makes up a small part of the group.

Just take it as an experiment.

Dont be stressed.

In terms of the entertainment industry, this company mainly works for Zi Yan and Zhou Fei.

If there is anything, just do your best to cooperate with them.”

“I see,” Zi Haoran said with a smile.

“Next, Ill select the managers of the various departments and the directors.

Ive made a chart.

Everyone can have a look.

As for the companies locations, you can randomly pick some buildings on each planet.

But Ive put a lot of thought into our office building.

I call it the Octagonal Building, similar to the Eight Diagrams.

It has eight sides.

Each side is a branch company.

Combined together, they constitute our Heavenly Group.

Never mind, let me show you the picture.”

Liu Qingfeng chuckled and pressed a button on the remote control.

Suddenly, a three-dimensional image popped up.

“The front building is the Heavenly Group, which is an office building.

The building on the side is a shopping mall, and next to it can be an auction hall or a party hall.

There is a residential area, where everyone can stay and cultivate.

The park in the front is also open to the public.

The whole building is very safe.

Its equipped with 137 energy cabins.

At that time, the companies on each planet will be protected by Heaven-earth Formations.

Even if a war suddenly breaks out, these Heaven-earth Formations will hold up the attacks for some time.

Oh, of course, if the enemy has a king vessel, everyone must escape as soon as possible.

There are aircraft for emergency use in various places.

Before you go to your respective working places, youll need to go through some training in this aspect.

I hope you will take the training seriously.

“As for the key members, you can choose from the people we brought here.

Our initial goal is the establishment of our group.

First, you should familiarize yourself with the Sea Dragon Star Area, such as the price here and other kinds of information.

In about a month, I will go back to Earth.

If the situation in the Sea Dragon Star Area stabilizes, I will bring everyones family members here.

Well, thats it.”

In the end, in the conference room on the Dragon Base Star, Liu Qingfeng declared a series of personnel appointments and the business goals.

Many excellent people had been given important positions.

Liu Qingfeng had racked his brains to figure out the personnel arrangement for the management team.

Still, he felt he was too short-handed.

But this was not an urgent matter.

Liu Qingfeng believed that it would not be long before a dominating group would shine brightly in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Even Li Hao, as well as some elders and key members of the Cloud Shadow Sky, were also on the Dragon Base Star.

The streets here were spotless.

There were many high-tech cities worth visiting.

Since it was announced that some of the cities were welcoming new residents, throngs of people had been bustling to those planets that used to belong to the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

The space stations were packed all the time.

It could be said that every person had to pass through a series of checkpoints before they could enter the cities.

The former Tiger Talisman Royal Familys major planets were the most popular.

This was because in terms of both cities defense and overall security, the cities there were all top-tier in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The first step new residents had to take was to identify their identities.

They had some kind of proof similar to the ID card.

There was a very sophisticated ID system in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The second step was to choose the city and residential area they wanted to live in.

Every residential area had been recorded in the system.

Depending on the grade of the residential areas, the rental price would be different.

All the residences were for annual rental.

The rent was 1,000 crystal stones a year.

On the Dragon Base Star, there were five cities opened to the public.

Each city had about 10 million rental places.

Thus, the Dragon Base Star alone had 50 million places in total.

The annual profit was 50 billion crystal stones.

Of course, this was only in theory, for there were not so many crystal stones in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Thus, mortgages were in need.

The residents had to hand in some cultivation resources, energy stones, and the likes as payment.

This was just the housing market on the Dragon Base Star.

The rent here was the highest, but it was also the most popular place.

The rents on the other planets varied.

Those planets were not as crowded as the Dragon Base Star.

Even so, Liu Qingfeng had practically raked in huge benefits from the Sea Dragon Star Area.

These tricks he played were basically the methods the major forces used to control sub-planets.

Seeing that Liu Qingfeng even used this gimmick on the main planets, many people turned up their noses at him.

Cultivators all had a temper.

For the home planet was also open to a large population of migrants, if there was any upheaval, the loss would not be merely meager.

By far, basically, each planet had been managed with the help of a squad of the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Everyone was swamped.

The people Liu Qingfeng appointed were at a loss at first.

Even though there were many things they didnt know, they had to soldier on.

After all, it was never too old to learn.

If they kept learning and working hard, things would soon pick up.

At this time, Liu Qingfeng had just finished the meeting.

In a manor beside the conference room, people were having an open-air barbecue on the green lawn.

Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot were sitting on the edge, roasting a 10-meter-long giant-horned black pig.

The others were sitting at a long table a short distance away.

“Geez, stop following me.”

Mengmeng turned around and cast a murderous glare.

The one she glared at was Lotao, who came here with Loshanwu to have fun.

Even Lorrys second grandfather found this boy a handful.

Lotao was amazed the moment he saw Mengmeng this morning.

He immediately said many flattering words to her.

Then, he asked as if nonchalantly, “Do you have a boyfriend”

Loshanwu instantly dragged him aside and gave him a good beating.

The dark look on Zhang Hanyangs face also frightened Loshanwu.

Since Loshanwu also had a daughter, he understood how Zhang Han felt after hearing what Lotao said.

Thus, he beat Lotao up and made him howl in pain.

After that, Lotao restrained himself a bit.

“I want to play with you and your friends for a bit.

This place is boring.

I cant play with those adults anyway,” Lotao called after Mengmeng.

“Who wants to play with you” Yue Xiaonao said, “we are girls.

Why are you trying to wedge yourself into our girls party Cant you go hang out with Mr.

Li Mu and the others there”

“Exactly.” Mengmeng snorted.

“Lotao, come here,” Lorry said helplessly.

The girls all shunned Lotao because he wreaked havoc outside when they were playing in the Game Capsules.

“Why cant boys and girls play together If you want, just see me as a girl,” Lotao said in an unruffled tone.

He followed the girls everywhere.

However, he had no interest in Li Mu or the others.

He didnt even spare them a few glances.

Finally, they came to the center of the lawn.

“Beat him!”

Mengmeng suddenly winked at her besties.


She flipped his hand and threw a palm-sized fireball at Lotao.

Yue Xiaonao flung her palm downward.

A light-colored palm print about one meter in length instantly bore down on Lotao.

If he didnt defend, he would definitely be slammed into the ground.

“Haha, it cant work.

Im stronger than all of you!”

Lotao roared with laughter.

Young as he was, he had already reached the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

He unhurriedly set up a defensive cover.

The fireball and palm prints were both neutralized.

“You want to play with us But you dont seem sincere to be friends with us at all,” Mengmeng said.

“Showing sincerity doesnt mean I have to get beaten up.

Besides, havent I already been beaten up” Lotao replied.

“Lotao, dont pester others too much.” Lorry couldnt resist rolling her eyes.

Lotao snorted.

“Im not pestering you anyway.”

Lorry didnt know how to refute that.

After being silent for a while, she eventually uttered to the girls.

“Beat him up.”

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