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“What about Sect Leader Li If the Trial Day comes and the other party attacks us, it will be too late for us to take action,” Jiang Bing said.

“No, Sect Leader Li could have escaped, but he didnt.

He trusts us completely.

Besides, he has his trump cards.” Liu Qingfeng thought for a moment and said, “Lets play it by ear.

If we make a statement now, it will only make things worse.

Maybe we will get in danger.

Without Zhang Han and the others here, we probably cant withstand the enemies.”

“Its still because were too weak!”

Yun Feiyang sighed deeply and said, “If we could take charge of our own affairs, things would not have turned out like this.”

“Dont belittle yourself.

We came to the Sea Dragon Star Area not long ago.

But weve achieved so much.

You guys are all very excellent.” Liu Qingfeng looked at everyone and smiled.

“Luckily, when Zhang Han and the others come back this time, well also see the outcome of the matter with those in the Chaotic Region.

We shall all just bear with this for another few days.”

“Fuck! I really want to lead our troops to kill those bastards in the Chaotic Region,” Lord Nan Shan cursed.

He was choked with resentment.

But there was nothing he could do about this.

Li Hao and Liu Qingfeng had long discussed this.

Since Zhang Han and the others were going off to a place in the Chaotic Region, if anything happened during their absence, Li Hao and Liu Qingfeng decided to go into hiding in time.

Yet, they didnt expect that the families in the Chaotic Region would really take on them.

The Ma family, Guang family, Xuan family, Bai family, and Lin family had teamed up.

This alliance had put them under too much pressure.

As days passed by, the condemnation of Zhang Han and the Cloud Shadow Sky raged unabated.

However, the sect leaders and elders of some forces had already been escorted by the five allied families to the Northernmost Star.

Many more forces that remained neutral in the war had sent out representatives to the Northernmost Star.

Most of them were led by their sect leaders.

They were going to watch the trial on the Northernmost Star.

Many forces in the Cloud Shadow Skys alliance felt that they had suffered for no reason.

They even hated Zhang Hanyang because he still had not shown up to handle this matter.

There were also sects like the Green Stone Sect who had contacted the five allied families.

They openly took back the planets they claimed to own and declared their ownership of the planets.

Soon, it was the day before the Trial Day.


Liu Qingfengs communication device rang all of a sudden.

Liu Qingfeng took a look at it.

“Theyre back!”


Everyones spirits were instantly lifted.

After the call got through, the image of the lounge in Zhang Hans Thunder King was projected.

“Something has happened.”

Liu Qingfeng quickly filled Zhang Han and the others in.

Zhang Han and his group, who were originally in a good mood, quickly changed their expressions.

Even Zhang Han knitted his brows.

But two seconds later, his frown relaxed.

Looking as composed as always, he said, “Tell those weasels, well meet them on the Northernmost Star tomorrow.”

“Okay!” Liu Qingfeng laughed.

He immediately announced this to the masses.

Another uproar broke out in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

“He showed up”

“Good! Very good! Zhang Hanyang replied! He will be here on time tomorrow.”

“Haha, looks like he has some sense of responsibility after all.”

“Its better for him to die alone than to drag everyone with him.”

Many of the forces implicated in this matter breathed a sigh of relief.

The leaders of the major families led by the Bai family smirked at one another.

The man named Bai Xi showed contempt in his eyes.

“Should I say hes foolish or pompous Originally, I had planned to launch a massacre.

However, since he has decided to come over and let me end his life, I shall spare his underlings.”

The one leading the representatives of the Guang family was Guang Shi.

He said in a sarcastic tone, “Maybe Zhang Hanyang thinks that he can talk to us as equals because he has a mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm protecting him.

Or does he really believe that we will be submissive and show him respect just because he had connections in the Heavenly Dragon Province”

“Elder Guang, we certainly wont do that.

I think he knows very well that he will die if he comes.

But since he dares to come, he may have some trump cards,” the elder who was here to watch the trial as the Wu familys representative remarked.

“His trump cards are not enough to save him.

No one can save him unless his backers in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province returned.

But those people left a couple of days ago.

They have crossed the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

They have king vessels, but Zhang Hanyang doesnt.

Moreover, even if they doubled back, they probably wouldnt dare to play tough before our 11 families in the Chaotic Region,” Guang Shi said with a sneer.

“I actually want them to come back,” Bai Xi said flatly.

“They have three king vessels.

Thats enough reason for us to detain them and seize the king vessels.

Such accidents happen in the Cultivation World all the time.”

Everyone felt a trace of killing intent from his nonchalant tone.

Only a few people present knew that Bai Xi slaughtered countless people when he was traveling in the universe back then.

He was rather bloodthirsty.

During the trial on the Northernmost Star, if Bai Xi wanted to take things too far, they might even have to try to stop him.

These people had all arrived at the Northernmost Star.

Many other forces were also discussing with one another.

Many who were traveling in the secondary space had not heard the latest news.

When they arrived at the Northernmost Star, they soon learned that Zhang Hanyang was coming.

Numerous people were stunned by the news.

Many people from the Neutral Forces cried out in surprise.

“Is Zhang Hanyang really coming”

“Things are getting out of hand.

He shouldnt have decided to come.”

“He will die for sure if he comes.”

“Im still surprised that hes promised to come.

It seems that there will be a good show today.

A bloodbath will occur.

Who knows how many people from the Cloud Shadow Sky can survive this”

Almost everyone believed that with the power they could gather in the Sea Dragon Star Area, Zhang Hanyang and his people would stand no chance at all if the five major families in the Chaotic Region teamed up to target them and the other six families in the Chaotic Region also got involved.

Zhang Hanyang and his people would certainly get killed.

The trial was really happening.

The sun was high in the sky above the Northernmost Star.

On an incomparably vast prairie, many temporary stands had been erected on both sides.

The Cloud Shadow Skys allies had been released for the time being.

They said many flattering words to the families in the Chaotic Region, but no one paid any attention to them.

Even Bai Xi felt it beneath him to speak with them.

There was a large steel platform in the center of the audience stand.

The platform was constituted by dozens of spaceships, which had undergone a transformation.

On both sides of the platform, which were 10 meters above the ground, there were several rows of chairs, where the representatives of the six families from the Chaotic Region were seated.

There were dozens of them in total.

The inferior seats were reserved for the people from the first-rate and the top second-rate forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The chief and several branch leaders of the Silver-winged Hall, the Snowfall Alliances representatives, the Sea Spa Alliances representatives, the Green Stone Sects sect leader and elders were all seated there.

Those who sat in the higher positions in two rows of chairs were also those who had higher prestige.

Some of the people that used to be in the Cloud Shadow Skys alliance even sighed in relief because they were allowed to sit there.

There was another row of seats in the front.

Bai Xi, the leader of the Bai Familys representatives, was seated there.

The representatives of the Guang family, Ma family, Xuan family, and Lin family were also there.

“Its almost time.

Lets get started.

Bring them here.”

Bai Xi waved his hand and gave the order.


Several subordinates brought Li Hao, the sect leader of the Cloud Shadow Sky, Mrs.

Li, Qingyan, many elders, and other core members from the sideway to the platform.

There were nearly a hundred people standing on the platform, waiting for the trial.

“Hu Xiao is almost here.

How about we wait for him” said Ma Zhanfeng, the leader from the Ma family.

“Well, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family has been destroyed.

But Hu Xiao doesnt seem eager to take revenge at all,” Bai Xi sneered.

He was short-tempered and didnt like to wait for others.

Thus, he was a little irked when he heard that Hu Xiao hadnt arrived.

But seeing Ma Zhanfengs fawning face, he decided to go easy on him.

“I will give you 15 minutes.

If Hu Xiao still doesnt show up, I will start killing.”

Li Haos eyebrows twitched slightly upon hearing these words.

The elders beside him were all silent.

In the audience stands on the prairie below, hundreds of thousands of people were talking about this trial.

“Bai Xi is going to start a massacre.

Zhang Hanyang is still not here Has he chickened out”

“Normal people wouldnt dare to come.

Lets just wait and see.

Bloodshed is sure to happen today.”

“Do you think that Zhang Hanyang is waiting for his backers in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province”

“Those people have just left.

Even if they turn around and come back… Well, dont forget where this place is.

The Northernmost Star is not far away from the 11 families.

Their reinforcements can come at any time.

No matter how powerful Zhang Hanyangs backers are, they cant beat the 11 families.”

“Who is that man who just spoke It seems that he is the leader of the five allied families.

Ive heard of Guang Shi.

He is very powerful and has a high status in the Guang family.

He is the spokesman of the Guang family.

But even he has not taken the seat of honor.

Who on earth is that Bai Xi”

“Bai Xi What did you say His name is Bai Xi Oh my god…”

Several senior members in the crowd were staggered when they heard this.

“You know Bai Xi”

“Hes an extremely terrifying cultivator,” an old man said in a shaky voice.

“If you upset him in the slightest, he will kill your whole family.

He already entered the God Transformation Realm two hundred years ago.

Its said that Bai Xi has not only lived in the Sea Dragon Star Area but also left traces in the five Star Areas in the vicinity.

Those who offended him have all been killed by him with his broadsword.

Bai Xi has a Daoist name, which is Evil Broadsword Bai Xi! His broadsword has reaped countless lives.”

“Evil Broadsword Bai Xi! Good Lord! Its him! He came out of the reclusive cultivation.

Holy crap, at least a million people will die this time!”

Those who knew a little bit of Bai Xi all turned pale with fright when they heard Bai Xi was also here.

The eyes of those who just learned about Evil Broadsword Bai Xi from their conversation also grew grimmer and grimmer.

They began to feel a little tense.


At this time, a burst of laughter sounded from the distance.

Before the man arrived, his voice spread out like thunder.

“Brother Bai, calm down.

I got held up on the way.

Im sorry.”


Everyone raised their heads and saw a figure rapidly approaching from afar.

“The Tiger Talisman Royal Familys Grand Master, Hu Xiao, is here!”

“I havent seen Hu Xiao for hundreds of years.

He looks much younger.

I dont know when he entered the God Transformation Realm, but the Ma family values him very much.

The Ma familys attitude has played a major role in getting the five families, including the Bai family, to team up and target Zhang Hanyang and the Cloud Shadow Sky.”

“He is Hu Xiao, a mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm! His Tiger Talisman Royal Family has been destroyed.

I bet he has a strong desire to kill his enemies.”

“I can even picture that blood would flow like rivers here.

The Sea Dragon Star Area is going to undergo another upheaval.

Not only the sect leader and the elders of the Cloud Shadow Sky but also all of its members may really be wiped out.”

In the midst of these discussions, Hu Xiao descended on the platform and cupped his fists toward Bai Xi.

“If you hadnt come, I wouldve started killing,” Bai Xi said flatly.

“Brother Bai and everyone else, thank you for waiting for me.

I founded the Tiger Talisman Royal Family myself.

However, it was destroyed just when I ended my reclusive cultivation.

Hahahaha, Brother Bai, I promise that the two of us can kill to our hearts content this time.

Ill wipe out not only the Cloud Shadow Sky but also all the forces that joined its league!”

Hu Xiaos voice was extremely cold and murderous.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Many members of the forces below the platform, including the chief of the Silver-winged Hall, altered their expression dramatically.

“Hu Xiao is too bloodthirsty!”

“Our Silver-winged Hall originally did not intend to participate in this war.

Later when we did, we only dispatched a small number of people to the battlefield.

We became part of the war because we had no choice.

I have already explained our difficulties to Senior Ma,” said the chief of the Silver-winged Hall.

He hurriedly looked at Ma Zhanfeng.

“Thats right.

Brother Bai, Brother Hu, do not get angry.

Some forces are unforgivable.

However, there are also some that got involved because they had no choice,” Ma Zhanfeng said with a smile.

It was as though some of these people on the platform were playing the good cop, while the others were playing the bad cop.

“From today on, our Silver-winged Hall will follow the orders of the Ma family and the other forces in the Chaotic Region.”

The chief of the Silver-winged Hall took a stance.

He had no choice but to lower his head since the other party was much more powerful than him.

In this crisis, the Silver-winged Hall had paid a great price to persuade Ma Zhanfeng to take its side.

The chief even felt that the gains given by the Cloud Shadow Sky could not make up for the price he had paid at all.

He also privately regretted participating in the war.

After all, no matter how insolent the Tiger Talisman Royal Family was, its power allowed it to be so.

But it also took him by surprise that the five families in the Chaotic Region had joined hands.

The chief of the Silver-winged Hall had originally assumed that his sect still had a chance to survive if only the Ma family was targeting the Cloud Shadow Sky.

However, another four families teamed up with the Ma family.

Who could contend against them Besides, the representatives of the other six families were also sitting over there.

Thus, he felt quite heavy-hearted.

“We, the Wood Harmony Sect, are willing to follow the leadership of the families in the Chaotic Region.”

“We also…”

The representatives of the forces that used to be in the Cloud Shadow Skys alliance stood up to declare their stance.

Even the Green Stone Sect and the other neutral forces had expressed their attitude on this matter.

Only a few forces that had nothing to do with this were acting as onlookers.

Li Hao sighed softly in his mind when he saw this scene.

As the saying goes, when a wall is about to collapse, everyone gives it a push.

Other than the families in the Chaotic Region, if Zhang Hanyang and his group didnt help, these forces alone were enough to destroy the Cloud Shadow Sky.

“Zhang Hanyang hasnt come”

Finally, someone from the six families in the audience stand said, “Hes making we people from the Chaotic Region wait for him.

How dare he put on airs like this”

“Perhaps he is too scared to come,” another elder said.

“Never mind.

Were just here to watch the show.

Wed better keep our mouth shut.

Let Bai Xi and the others decide.”

“Hahaha! If he is too scared to come, then we will start to kill his people.

We wont stop until he comes!” Hu Xiaos expression suddenly turned savage.

“If he still doesnt show up when all his people are dead, then well keep hunting him until we catch him!”

“In that case, lets begin.”

Bai Xis gaze was very calm.

He looked at Li Hao and said, “Everyone knows about the war that just occurred in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

I prefer to stop killing with killing.

The situation in the Sea Dragon Star Area is such that it is time to kill some people to warn the others and remind them of who has the final say in this world.”


A wave of overwhelming killing intent spread out.

“Li Hao!”

A bone whip appeared in Hu Xiaos hand as he bellowed, “Who gave you the courage to start a war with my Tiger Talisman Royal Family And who gave you the courage to destroy it”


Many peoples hearts contracted violently, for they knew Hu Xiao was about to attack.

At this precise moment, Li Hao slowly raised his head and revealed a faint smile.

He raised his right hand and pointed at the blue sky not far away.

“Who gave me the courage Ill answer you now.

Its him.”


“Swish, swish, swish!”

Hundreds of thousands of pairs of eyes flickered in unison to the place that Li Hao was pointing at.

Someone was coming!

“Its Zhang Hanyang!”

“He really dares to come Oh my god, cant believe hes come even though he knows hell die.”

“Now this is really a big deal.”

“How can Zhang Hanyang fend off Evil Broadsword Bai Xi”

“Haha, since he is prepared to die, we will just sit here and watch the good show.”

The hundreds of thousands of people on the scene were startled.

At this moment, the sun was hanging high in the sky.

Everyone was bathing in the sunlight.

If there were a beach and a sea nearby, having leisurely sunbathing here would be very relaxing.

Warm breezes were blowing gently.

However, no one felt the slightest bit of warmth.

They instead felt cold as if theyd fallen into an icy pit.

They were very tense as if sitting on tenterhooks.

Several Thunder Kings, which represented Zhang Hanyangs force, were slowly flying toward the platform.

Zhang Hanyang was really coming!

Truthfully, many people were awed by Zhang Hanyang.

“Is he going to face death unflinchingly”

If it were them, it would be almost impossible for them to come.

This was because choosing to come to the Northernmost Star was no different from throwing their lives away.

As for Sect Leader Li and the others, they were equally shocked.

“Actually, Zhang Hanyang and his people could have chosen not to come.”

Many elders, including Yi Hou, were lost in thought.

“If it were us, would we choose to come

“Maybe we would really need to mull over this.”

Facing the Thunder Kings, the adverse side was also awestruck.


Bai Xi was also a little surprised.

He had also thought that Zhang Hanyang and the others would not dare to come.

He had even planned to launch a massacre in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

However, Zhang Hanyang had come!

“Haha.” Ma Zhanfeng gave a contemptuous smile.

“Since youve come, then things are much simpler,” said Guang Shi.

His eyes turned slightly cold.

To put it bluntly, the Sea Dragon Star Area was dominated by those in the Chaotic Region.

Every few years, many sects would send them large quantities of cultivation resources as tribute.

The Cloud Shadow Sky, on the other hand, boldly declared war on the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

It influenced their interest.

This was also why the five families had joined forces and also why the other six families had come to watch the trial in person.

Since Zhang Hanyang was asking for doom, those in the Chaotic Region would fulfill his wish.

This was the attitude of the families in the Chaotic Region.

They had also been in touch with one another.

They all remained silent when they learned that the Lo family from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province had come.

But now, the Lo family had left.

With no backer, how could Zhang Hanyang fight against them

The people in the Chaotic Region always thought that they were the butchers knife, the rule-maker, while Zhang Hanyang and the others were the meat to be chopped.


When the five Thunder Kings arrived at the nearby area, no one, not even Bai Xi, was in a hurry to launch attacks.

The show had just begun.

When the Thunder Kings approached—

“Swish, swish, swish, swish!”

Dozens of aircraft flew out of the Thunder Kings.

They seemed to be few in number, but their momentum was very impressive.

Suddenly, a figure in black appeared in front of the aircraft and rapidly flew to the sky only a hundred meters high above the platform.

The small aircraft behind him transformed into a chair.

The Tiger God did the same when he descended upon the Eagle Wing Star.

The Tiger Gods enormous throne and his a-hundred-meter-tall shadow wrapped in flames gave off a very oppressive and powerful aura.

But the man ahead looked serene and calm.

Although the chair he sat in was just a normal chair, people still felt he was sitting on a throne.

This man was not the ruler of a clan.

However, he had the demeanor of a king ruling the world.

He glanced at the hundreds of thousands of people below indifferently.

This gaze seemed to be saying that all living things were at his mercy.

It also seemed to be saying that he was overlooking the whole world.

For the real overlord, he didnt need a throne or the flashy 100-meter-tall shadow.

He alone with a chair was enough to manifest his status.

The discussions in the whole venue gradually stopped.

There seemed to be no other sound except for the rustling sounds made by the breezes when they brushed the grass.

Li Hao laughed when he saw this.

Bai Xis gaze turned cold.

A murderous look began to fill his eyes.

Ma Zhanfengs face darkened.

Guang Shi frowned deeply.

The families in the Chaotic Region, including the six families that came to spectate, all looked quite somber.

“Were here to give you a trial and kill you.

However, after you came, you took a seat at the highest point of the venue and overlook all of us!

“Who gave you the nerve”


Soon, many people realized what was going on.

The hundreds of thousands of people gasped in fear.

“Dont you want to give me a trial Lets get started.”

Zhang Han calmly looked at the members of the several families on the platform.

His cool voice was like a bolt from the blue, striking the hearts of the hundreds of thousands of people present.


What he said was astonishing.

But when the audience came to their senses, many people were in an uproar again.

The head of the Green Stone Sect sneered and said, “How dare he puff himself up like this in front of the 11 families Humph, has he forgotten that hes the one undergoing the trial”

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